DIY Monogram Towels 2 Easy Ways ✂️ Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine | SEWING REPORT

DIY Monogram Towels 2 Easy Ways ✂️ Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine | SEWING REPORT

welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer
Moore we are going to be monogramming towels two ways the first method involves
hooping and I’m using this kitchen towel it doesn’t have very much of a pile and
I’m folding it in half to create sort of a guideline form a hoop placement so I’m
using a marker to mark the center here and then I’m actually going to measure
up a few inches from the bottom and make a perpendicular line I’m using a
tearaway stabilizer and water soluble stabilizer for this project so I’m
lining up the tearaway stabilizer under the hoop and you may need to do a lot of
adjustments to place the hoop just right I’m using a four by four inch hoop for
this particular project because the monogram isn’t very big and now I’m
putting my water-soluble topper in there all right so that’s what it should look
like when you have your project tubed and now we are going to start
embroidering I’m using the brother PE 800 I’ve had this machine for a couple
of months and I absolutely love it the only issue I’ve had occasionally is
sometimes the thread will get snagged between the end of the spool and the
spool cap but that’s not a big deal to me and I really love this machine I’ve
got a bunch of other videos on it if you’re interested and this particular
design I got a large bundle I got 10 monogrammed thoughts for 10 dollars from
an Etsy shop called magic hoop and I will link it below this is the exquisite
monogram and I think it looks so classy and cool and it only takes a few minutes
per monogram the placement for this towel I’m putting the monogram Center
front towards the bottom and it doesn’t take very long and it’s a super easy
project to do I got this set of 4 kitchen towels from Target they’re 4 for
4 dollars which is a pretty good deal and I find they don’t really leave poop
marks so that’s good and this is what they look like when they’re all finished
perfect for gifting the second method we’re doing this out of the hoop because
you and tells that our thicker I found this
wash away stabilizer and I am a fan you hoop this alone and it washes out
completely so when you look at the project you won’t see any stabilizer
sticking out so I’m marking Center gridlines with my air soluble marker
here and that’s the towel it’s from Ikea and I’m gonna protect the hoop with
painters tape because we’re gonna be spraying this temporary adhesive spray
on to the stabilizer had to do an instant replay that was just too sexy
and I hope you like my Trader Joe’s bag and as like a booth spraying booth so
now we’re taking off the tape and I lined up the towel fold it in half and
made sure that it lined up at the same spot at the hoop just so they all kind
of match but I wasn’t super exact about it and now I’m making sure it’s padded
down to the temporary adhesive and I’m cutting out my water-soluble topper and
again I’m using my quilting basting pins I like that they’re curved it helps get
it through the stabilizer better and I just think it’s a little easier and you
do have to be careful when you are putting your hoop under your embroidery
machine just so you don’t catch it on like the needle or any of the parts so
now we’re gonna start this design and I’m doing the initial C these are
actually a gift for my mom and the process goes fairly smoothly I did use
the larger hoop the 5 by 7 hoop just so I would have enough room to work with
and make sure that the towel could be stuck down pretty well and that seemed
to do just fine so again this is the design being stitched out watch that
machine every second because the minute you walk away I’m telling you
something’s gonna happen and I’m a fan of these towels they’re from Ikea and
I’ll link them below but they’re very affordable and now you just have to take the pins
out rip the topper off and trim your loose threads on the front in the back
time to unhook and rip off the stabilizer and I’m a fan of this
adhesive because it didn’t really leave a residue and it was easy to remove the
stabilizer and this is what it looks like when it’s all finished I hope you
enjoyed this video two ways to embroider monogrammed towels one with a hoop one
without a hoop if you enjoyed this video be sure to hit the like button and
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i’m jennifer moore and i’ll see you again in the next video you

14 thoughts on “DIY Monogram Towels 2 Easy Ways ✂️ Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine | SEWING REPORT

  1. Bought this machine as soon as you shared it ! Try using the smallest size spool cap for your set of thread (I bought all the same supplies you have ) I’m noticing the bigger cap on a smaller sized spool of thread is causing problems . Switching helped a lot ! Having the cap be close to the spool size I’m noticing is key ☺️

  2. Hi Jennifer, thanks for th great review. I haven't had the tangle issue with the Sulky spools yet. But there is a blurb about using the thread spool insert on the mini king spools in the guide. It's the small grey thing. Has that helped any?

  3. Ok, so I’m super new to this… like haven’t even turned my machine on so forgive my ignorance but what is the benefit of doing the towels one way or the other?

  4. This is absolutely amazing. Love your video. I’ve never done this before I don’t have a machine… I have never sew 🧵 before … did this take a few minutes to embroider these amazing towels? Wow incredible mam…. what do I need to get started what exactly should I buy to embroider a towel like this …I see you have links in description can you just give me some insight to starting a complete novice should I read any books or do anything to start?

  5. Hi Jennifer
    Is there any way to use the stabilizers more economically? It just seems that a lot is wasted as it has to fill the whole hoop, even if it just for a small monogram.
    My machine is arriving tomorrow with the thread and stabilizer pack. I am SOOOO excited, can’t wait.
    Your videos have got me raring to go. Love the embellishment ones 😍

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