DIY MULTI POCKET HANDBAG 가방만들기 | Big Size Crossbody Bag Sewing Tutorial [sewingtimes]

DIY MULTI POCKET HANDBAG 가방만들기 | Big Size Crossbody Bag Sewing Tutorial [sewingtimes]

28㎝(11″) →24㎝(9½″)

100 thoughts on “DIY MULTI POCKET HANDBAG 가방만들기 | Big Size Crossbody Bag Sewing Tutorial [sewingtimes]

  1. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍

  2. Hi my Sewing Friend, I love your big cross body bag. It is very well done!! (It was worth the wait, too!!) I always enjoy it when you surprise me. I thought you were going to finish the inside edges with a bias binding. It was brilliant! I really like the outer pockets and also the inside elastic one. It is a very unexpected/interesting shape. I can see you work very hard. I hope you can rest sometimes. Please have a nice day & Take care.

  3. Lovely bag. The front pockets look a bit scary but simple at the same time (when you do them 😀). It will be challenging but I'd like to try to make it 💜👍

  4. Очень функциональная и красивая сумка! Очень оригинальный дизайн! Красотища, я очень-очень хочу такую! Excellent, good idea's!!!🌹🌷🌸😍 Thank you very much!!!🌷

  5. I am trying to make the template of the bag.. Bt measurements are not matching to yours… Can u mention the measurements for the front side pattern..

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  7. I have problems with the pattern. I did everything like you show, but when I set aside 5 cm, 14 cm and then you have 2 cm to the end, I have about 4,5 cm between that 14 cm and 2 cm
    There are should be 18 cm instead of 14 cm. I think.

    I’m begging you – check it out please(((

    And also you have screen mistake with measurements. 16:10
    That a big piece of fabric can’t be 43*6,6 cm. I think there are 66*16 cm

  8. Preciosos trabajos, felicitaciones desde mi Paisito Uruguay! !!! Un gusto ver tús vídeos! !!!! Felicitaciones nuevamente! !!! Besotes muchos! !!!

  9. Gracias por compartir, en este momento dice de la noche, acabo de terminar mi bolsa, quedó hermosa, es para mi hija que hoy 20 de septiembre cumpleaños, sin entender tu idioma, con tus señas y medidas la pude hacer, 🌹

  10. Сколько терпения и аккуратности! Замечательная сумка, непростая в исполнении, но объяснено хорошо!

  11. Ciao complimenti per il lavoro. Potresti per cortesia però correggere le misure della parte frontale? C'è qualcosa di sbagliato….. grazie per la condivisione!!!

  12. Спасибо большое. Ещё бы если бы переводы были, но может и так пойму. Я искала такое, обожаю много карманов.

  13. Ciao e complimenti per tutti i tuoi lavori che pubblichi. Avrei bisogno di una borsa come questa ma più grande con tasche anche laterali con zip …dovrebbe contenere tutto il materiale che mi serve per il mio cucito: un set di 32 piedini per la macchina da cucire, forbici spilli righe e altro. Quando puoi…ti ringrazio in anticipo! Sei bravissima e crei lavori meravigliosi 🙂

  14. Have you ever tried the Bosal, you can get for hand bags. It’s a foamy type interfacing, and it really gives bags lots of structure. You can buy it off of Amazon. I love my bags I made out of it.!

  15. Очень понравилась сумочка, как раз искала как такую сшить! Большое спасибо за мастер класс! Только на Вашем канале нашла, что искала. У Вас очень интересные модели сумочек и косметичку, понятное объяснение. СПАСИБО!!!

  16. Спасибо большое, очень красивая сумочка,подробное видео по пошиву!

  17. 영상보고있으니 빠져드네요 크기를 좀 작게 만들어보고 싶은데 그렇게하면 옆면 사이즈 계산이 안될것 같네요 꼭 만들고 싶은 가방에 추가되었어요 감사합니다~~^^

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