DIY Underwear | Get Thready With Me #2

DIY Underwear | Get Thready With Me #2

Hi, it’s Annika here! And did you know that
making your own underwear is really, really easy? [intro music] So, I never have to buy
underwear again because I kinda perfected a method of creating my own. And they’re
actually way more comfortable than any store-bought underwear I’ve ever owned! So, you want
to learn how to create your own underwear? [music plays] Well, let’s get started. The
first thing I did was to grab my most comfortable pair of underwear. Please excuse how scungy
and worn-out these are — these also happen to be my most comfortable pair and I want
to copy that comfiness into a new generation of underwear. Now, I’m going to make a pattern
piece for underwear. I don’t have pattern paper, so I drew my pattern onto wrapping
paper. I traced out the back half of the underwear first. You’ll notice I’m only tracing
one side of the underwear, and you’ll see why that is later. Then I flip the underwear
over to the gusset bit and I trace this out — making marks where the gusset begins and
ends so that I make my underwear the right length. I match up this mark with the gusset
end and I flip my underwear over once again so that I can now trace around the front part
of the underwear. I trace around the front part of the underwear, which is smaller than
the back section by tucking the back section out of the way. Now you’re about to see
why I only traced around half of the underwear. But first, I’m going to draw a line exactly
down where the middle of the underwear would be. Then I’m adding a seam allowance at
the sides of both the front and back piece. And I’m also just adding a little bit extra
to the length. Then I’m going to cut out this half of the pattern I drew. Now, to make
sure my underwear would be completely symmetrical, I’m folding this half of the pattern over
the line I drew up the middle. And then I’m tracing around this half. Then I simply cut
out this other half, and this is my finished pattern piece! Now, you could just use half
of this pattern and cut on the fold, but because I am working with very stretchy fabric, I
just prefer to use an entire pattern piece. And then I just folded it up here to make
sure that it’ll make sense as underwear. And, yeah, that totally looks like underwear!
So, yay! So, now this pattern is finished, and it could be used to make low-waisted underwear.
But I actually want to make this particular pair of underwear high-waisted. So, I copy
my pattern piece but add an extra couple of inches on both the front and the back of the
underwear to make a high-waisted pattern piece. Then I do the same thing I did with the other
pattern piece to make sure it’s all symmetrical… And I cut it out. To make my underwear, I
place the pattern onto my selected fabric. Now, the fabric I’m using is soft cotton,
jersey material — much like stretchy t-shirt material. If it’s a one-way stretch fabric,
then the stretch much go in the direction your waistline. I pinned my pattern piece
onto the fabric to stop it from moving around, and then I traced around the shape using a
fabric marker. And then I cut the shape out. Then I folded the fabric together, right sides
together — like this, so then it looks just like a pair of underwear. And I pinned it
to hold it in place. Now, you can use a zig-zag stitch here or use an overlocker, if you have
one. Just make sure you are removing the pins as you go. Then I turned it the right way
round and I have what looks like just like a pair of underwear, which is pretty damn
exciting! Now it’s time to add some lace trims to get rid of that raw edge. Measure
the amount of lace you will need by wrapping the lace around your legs in the spot that
the underwear will sit and your waist. I then placed the lace right-side down on top of
both of the leg holes and the waistline, just like this. Now, where you sew depends how
much lace you want peeking out of your underwear. If you want a lot of lace peeking out, then
sew closer to the edge. But if you want less lace peeking out, then sew this side of the
lace. I wanted a fair amount of lace peeking out, so I’m going to sew directly down the
middle. But you need to make sure the lace is lined up with the edge of the fabric all
the way around. To sew the lace unto the fabric, I used a narrow zig-zag stitch. And I sewed
the lace on, while pulling it gently, all around the leg hole. Now, you should two ends
of the lace free, so that when you’ve sewn all around the leg hole, you should have something
like this. I sewed these two ends together using a zig-zag stitch and I cut the excess
lace off. Then what you need to do is flip the lace over to the inside of the underwear
and then sew across the top, again using a zig-zag stitch. Where you sew here is really
up to your own personal preference and taste. If you don’t really want a visible stitch,
sew with a narrow zig-zag stitch close to the lace. I didn’t mind a more visible stitch,
so I sewed further away from the lace. But, as long as you are catching the lace on the
other side of the fabric, it doesn’t really matter — it just depends on what you want it
to look like. And that’s it! This is what they look like finished! And these are some
other pairs I’ve created — some high-waisted, and some that are more of hipster style, along
with my favorite. A plain pair of white underwear made from an old t-shirt that I added a Raggedy
Ann iron-on applique onto. So, thank you so much for watching and for supporting my channel.
And if you enjoyed this video or found it helpful, then hit the thumbs-up button and
I’ll see you all for my next video. Bye!

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