DIY Weird Back To School Supplies You Need To Try!

DIY Weird Back To School Supplies You Need To Try!

Ugh, I wonder [? realizes ?]
that this entire class pulled an all-nighter to
study for this dang test? Wait. Seriously, this
is only one-sided? OK, that’s D. Oh, this
is easier than I thought. I’m done? If you finish early,
you may sit quietly. Oh, thank god. [WHIP CRACK] [MUSIC PLAYING] [WHIP CRACK] [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey guys! It’s Rachel! I decided it’d be fun to do some
strange DIY school supplies. But more excitingly, guess what? It’s back to school time,
so I decided it’s time to do a back to school giveaway. I’m giving away a MacBook Air. The only rule for
this giveaway is that you must be
subscribed, because I want to give back to my
subscribers for back to school. If you’re already
subscribed, then you’re already automatically entered. This giveaway ends
on August 30th is when I’m going to
announce the winner. Also let’s see if we can
get this video to 200,000 for back to school supplies. And comment below which school
supply is your favorite. Let’s get on with this video. For this first one, you’ll
need a plain white backpack and blue and red Sharpies. And a stick or
something to make sure that you draw straight lines. Draw a straight blue
lines horizontally across the entire backpack
and leave about an inch and a half of space in between. Now take a red Sharpie and
draw a long vertical line across the entire backpack. Don’t forget the little top
flap if you have a top flap. [MUSIC PLAYING] This next DIY, you need a
notebook and a pool floatie. Pool floaties are
legitimately the perfect size to fit in a notebook. So there’s a little
part of the pool floatie that won’t get
affected if you cut it. So just cut along that line. And since it’s still too
big, cut the top floatie off and then it fits perfectly. Then take some maximum
strength glue and glue the heck out of that
floatie onto the notebook. Press it down with a Q-tip so
you don’t get glue on yourself. And then once it’s dry,
just blow it up and bam, you got a pillow notebook. For this one, you
need a rotary cutter. So make sure you have
a parent help you. It’s very dangerous. You could cut yourself. And then take a flash drive. Take the flash drive
apart like this. Measure up how long the
eraser needs to be cut and then cut the top off. And then measure how big the
hole needs to be and then draw lines around it. And then just
carve out a hole so that the flash drive will fit. And then do the same
for the other side, but you just need a thin
line to get the ends through. And then bam, you have
a flash drive eraser. [MUSIC PLAYING] This one’s good if you
have empty products. Take your nail polish and then
take the brush off, and then take some nail polish remover. Clean out the top and the inside
of the nail polish container. Just the bottom though. And then take a highlighter
and get the bottom piece off. You can usually just
bite it off or something. And then take a rotary cutter. Cut along the top. Keep doing that until
it pops off like this. Measure to see how
much ink you need to cut off, but make sure
you don’t cut off the side with the hole in it. And take some glue and glue
it to the inside of the nail polish container. Now take the top and pop it
in right in, and you’re done. For the lip gloss, just
take the rubber stopper out and then clean out the inside
of the lip gloss with a Q-tip. Take the brush part
off with a tweezers. You’ll need a marker. I used a mini marker with this. And then just take the inside
out and cut the top off like you did with
the other things. And then glue it inside the
lip gloss container, and then glue a little bit around the top
too and then just stick it in. Just fold a plain
white t-shirt in half and take a circular object and
make a circle and cut it out. Take the circle
apart, glue around it, and then put the other half
of the t-shirt back on. And if you want, you can
glue it down like this to make it more steady. Then take transfer
sheets and Google some pictures of whatever. I’m going to do
pizza and emojis. And just make sure you have
a transparent background of a circular object and
then print it full size to fit the whole page. Make sure to print out two
pictures to put on both sides. [MUSIC PLAYING] My life! [BEEP] It’s not even printing anything! [BEEP] I am so done. [MUSIC-SARAH MCLACHLAN, “ANGEL”] [WHOOSH] Cut the picture out and iron
it down the opposite direction. Once it’s cooled down,
just peel it off. Cut two little holes
inside the middle of it, so that you could fit your
pencils in just like this. And do that for
the rest of it too. Now you could use Velcro,
but I prefer a magnet. So just take some
adhesive magnets and stick them onto the
opposite ends of this. Let me know in the
comments below which DIY is your favorite. So I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. If you haven’t seen my
previous two videos, click those down below. And subscribe right
over there if you’re not subscribed already. OK, bye! I love you so much! [KISS]

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  1. Who watches these but doesnโ€™t do them? (I just never have the right supplies)
    Edit: I LOVE the notebook backpack so clever!

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