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Hi everyone. I’m Whitney and I post sewing, crafting, and cooking videos here on my YouTube channel today me going to show you how to make a wet bag that is the perfect size to fit in a purse or diaper bag I use mine to hold dirty cloth diapers but you can also use them to hold wet swimsuits
clothing fabric kitchen towels reusable pads or makeup wipes and a whole lot more wet bags are made
from the same waterproof fabric that cloth diapers are made out of so the bag
will hold any and all smells and liquid inside of it
without leaking out into the contents at your bag or
anywhere else so to get started you need a piece
of PUL which is polyurethane laminate that measures 22 by twelve and a half
inches and a zipperr at least 14 inches long
the longer the zipper the easier it will be to sew the bag together lay the zipper face down on the colored or
printed side of the PUL it should be on the 12 and a half inch side
sew about 1/8 inch from the zipper teeth
to attach then flip the zipper over and top stitch it
along the fabric edge to secure the seam aloowance next bring the side with the zipper up
and lay it face down with the other short edge sew next to the zipper teeth like before flip t right side out and top
stitch along the fabric edge you will need to unzip the zipper so you
don’t accidentally sew the front to the back you should now have a loop of fabric with the zipper in the middle
with it flipped inside out position it so the zipper is one or
two inches from the top open the zipper part way then sew down
both sides of the bag be careful when sewing
over the zipper tape and backstitch that area to reinforce
trim the excess zipper and the corners to reduce the bulk then turned back right sides out through
the zipper opening. pop it in your dryer on medium heat for 10 to 15 minutes to
seal up the needle holes to make sure it doesn’t leak near the stitching and you’re done I was actually able to squeeze 7 pocket
diapers and seven inserts into this bag so it does actually hold quite a bit
even though it only measures about 10 three-quarter inches by 11 and a half
inches so I hope you like this project it is
definitely a useful one don’t forget to hit the like button
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