Do Not Buy Smart Luggage

Do Not Buy Smart Luggage

Smart Luggage or $400 Bomb? Worst Tech Product
Ever! Hey guys, how’s it going, Matt here. And if you’re like me and you enjoy traveling,
you know that it can also be kind of a headache sometimes. So, on the market I’ve seen a lot
of things called smart luggage, so I decided to go ahead and pick one up. So, this is the
Bluesmart suitcase. It retails for $399, now, it is a nice piece of luggage, but that’s
a little bit on the steep end for carry on suitcases. So, today we’re gonna go ahead
and check out and see if it’s actually worth that steep $400 price tag, let’s go. So, the
Bluesmart has three main features. It has a built in 10,000 milliampere hour battery
as well as a scale so you can actually weigh your luggage right there, and then it also
has 3G and GPS built in, so you can track your luggage if you actually lose it. So,
the first and kinda main feature of the Bluesmart is the built in 10,000 milliampere hour battery,
so that will charge an iPhone 6s Plus about three times. And you just charge the battery
inside the suitcase with micro usb. However, there is one caveat, and that is that in order
to make this work, you need to run a wire on the inside of the suitcase to house the
battery. Now, this poses a little bit of a dilemma because that means when you go through
TSA, it legit looks like your suitcase is a bomb. I haven’t had this thing yanked once,
not twice, but three separate times they’ve thought that I legit was a terrorist and bringing
a bomb through the airport with my Bluesmart. So, the next feature of the Bluesmart is it
actually has a built in scale that you can read on the app. This is a little counter
intuitive though because you’re actually usually carrying on this bag, so weight restrictions
don’t apply as much. If you were checking this bag, or you usually have to be underneath
50 pounds, it would make a little bit more sense, but for a carry on bag, the scale’s
almost pointless. It works, it’s good if you don’t have anything else to use, but I’ve
found that sometimes it can be kind of rangey in the weights that it gives me. So, it’s
there, it’s nice to have, but definitely not something that needed to be included in the
suitcase. So, the third and kind of biggest feature of the Bluesmart is the ability to
track the suitcase wherever it goes. So, inside the suitcase is GPS as well as Bluetooth LE.
Now, this claims that it means if you ever go out of range of your suitcase, that you’ll
be able to whip open the app, say where’s my suitcase, and it will tell you exactly
where it is, however, this is not the case. And I’ve actually read a lot of reviews online,
and I’m not the only person with this problem. It seems as though just about everyone who
owns this cannot for the life of them get the GPS feature to work. So, basically, you
can track the suitcase, but only when it’s within range of the bluetooth on your phone.
As soon as you leave that range, it doesn’t show up. So, I mean, if you wanna know the
suitcase is 10 feet away from you, it’s a great feature. Other than that, garbage. Alright,
so after hearing all that you’re probably wondering well how is the Bluesmart in terms
of just being a piece of luggage? And, to be totally honest, it’s not that good. So,
on their website, it claims you get 34 liters of space, but keep in mind that you have your
wires, your battery, other components inside here that are actually taking up some of that
34 liters. So, in comparison to my other carry ons, it definitely is not as big. And while
this is a rigid suitcase, you have to remember that if you’re trying to shove an extra t-shirt
or an extra pair of shorts in here, it’s not gonna have much room to expand because it’s
so rigid. So, you get about two or three days worth of clothes in here and a pair of shoes,
but definitely not as much as you would with a regular carry on. So, there is one kind
of nifty feature about the Bluesmart, and that is the ability to lock and unlock the
suitcase with bluetooth using the app. So, you just click a button and the suitcase is
locked. You click a button and it’s unlocked. Now, don’t forget though, if you lose your
phone or if your phone dies, you’re kinda out of luck. How are you supposed to unlock
your suitcase? It comes with a set of keys, but they’re not the most convenient and you
don’t really wanna carry these around. That’s not the point. Like I said in the beginning,
this isn’t the cheapest piece of luggage. This retails for $399, and as you probably
know, you can find luggage a lot cheaper. So, I decided to go ahead and take this into
my own hands. I got this suitcase here, which is about 130 bucks. And for this build, you
only need a couple things. The first is our infamous battery pack here. This is 22,000
milliampere hours, so it’s more than double what the Bluesmart has, and this is a tiny
battery pack. So, pretty simple, you just take it, put it on. We got some duct tape,
really doesn’t need to look pretty. You know, the Bluesmart may have that, but remember
here, we’re saving about 300 bucks, 200 bucks so looks aren’t of the first concern. And,
you know, TSA might give you a bit of a hard time, but just tell them that hey, you were
ballin’ on a budget, and this was all we could work with. So, once you’ve got that on, you
know, really really really be sure not to cover up the ports, but really really tape
it down. – [Voiceover] Security passengers are reminded
that all carry on articles may be– – Now that we’ve got it all taped up, let’s
make sure we can actually charge our phone here. Step one to creating our DIY Bluesmart,
plug that in there, plug the phone in. She’s charging. Alright, and now you’re probably
wondering well, how am I supposed to track my suitcase? First of all, don’t forget the
GPS does not work on the Bluesmart, so I went ahead and I picked up a tile. If you don’t
know what this is, it’s just a little bluetooth dongle. And basically you can tape this right
in here too. You sync it up, she’s beeping, tape that in there, perfect. Then sync it
up with your phone, and you can locate your luggage anywhere it is in the same way you
could with a Bluesmart. There you have it, that is your DIY Bluesmart luggage, it’s got
a battery pack, it’s got a thing to track it with. I don’t know what else you could
need. And, in all honesty, it looks a little bit better. This is gonna run you under 200
dollars. The suitcase is about 130 bucks. You can get this battery pack for 30 to 40
dollars, and a tile is about 15 bucks, all up all in, you’re still under half the price
of a Bluesmart, and it’s a good looking piece of luggage. Happy travels. So, yeah guys,
that’s pretty much it. Thanks so much for watching. Be sure to please get subscribed.
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39 thoughts on “Do Not Buy Smart Luggage

  1. I stopped the video at halfway through. He convinced me enough how stupid this bag really is! Especially packing a battery and getting pulled over by the TSA! No one wants that! It’s funny how putting a flashing light on something that’s never needed one before and then telling everyone it’s traceable by using your smartphone, basically BSing you all the way through will make people buy this Sh—. It’s sad, because many don’t even know better what questions they should be asking, to save themselves from these snake oil salespersons!

  2. heh hawaii airport the hotel with the whales gave it away i know old vid but heh it was a smart vid heh 😉

  3. Anything is smart nowadays. Personally, I use a smart rubbish bin. It opens when you step on this small flap thingy.

  4. He gave a very futuristic tip, most of the smart luggage companies are dead as airlines have put restrictions of smart luggage.

  5. Great review and you saved me some money. All I really wanted was the charging feature, but it didn't dawn on me until your video to just buy a power bank.

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