Do older travellers stay in backpackers hostels? Is there an age limit?

Do older travellers stay in backpackers hostels? Is there an age limit?

Regardless of my age, I love staying at a
backpackers and I feel right at home here. Hi my name’s Joe, from England and as you’ve
probably guessed, I’m a little bit older than the average backpacker. Today I’m going to
tell you the reasons why I choose to stay in a backpackers as opposed to a hotel. The
first reason being hostels are cheap! Also the staff in the hostel, and the other guests
are really helpful with so many different things, such as sightseeing, general knowledge,
advice, inside information that you would never find out on your own without their help
and guidance. Hotels are friendly, but they’re not open like the kids here. “Oh hello, where
are you from?”You know, in a hotel people just go “morning…” Just this week alone,
I’ve had help with transport in and out of the city, discounted tickets, discount meals
like fish n chips -very nice. And I’ve also had a free haircut, I’ve been used as a model
around at the local hairdressers shop. All down to the hostel -fantastic! In a hotel,
I’d say “morning Mr. Lucas” and he’d just walk away. In a good backpackers you’ll find
everything you’d need. Right down to an iron, ironing board, internet. Showers- clean and
fresh, fresh bed linen whenever you need it, cooker, kitchen, everything – TV room. If
you need it, it’s normally there for ya. Being in a backpackers is a great way to meet people
from all parts of the world. There’s organised events, there’s barbeques, days to the beach,
nights out with free drinks. That’s that touch isn’t it -that openness. Of course there isn’t
a minibar or room service, but if you’re like me and you can live without that sort of thing,
a backpackers is a great place to be -for anyone, regardless of age. On my travels I’ve
met loads of people around my age, all having a good time at a backpackers. So if you are
thinking about it, give it a go -you won’t be disappointed.

8 thoughts on “Do older travellers stay in backpackers hostels? Is there an age limit?

  1. Young and the young at heart – great way to put it. I plan to stay in hostels when I get old too, they're the best =)

  2. I'm 65 and I recently stayed in a hostel in Prague and the other two occupants were a guy older than me and a female from the Philippines! You never know.

  3. Thanks for the info, I am 62 and I can't get anyone I know interested in going to Europe, much less doing it back pack style, So I am considering going alone

  4. I am 47 and stay in hostels all the time! I did 4 weeks last summer in Uruguay and loved it as usual. GREAT staff and so helpful with all your needs. Cheap accommodation and great locations as well. I also do hotels sometimes too and it's really hard to meet people in them! Thanks!

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