Hey everyone, today I’m
going to share with you my weeknight evening routine, and I’m really excited
to share this with you, because, some of you have not a lot, but some of you have been
requesting more routines, like weeknight, weekday, beauty, whatever, and I feel like this is the sequel to my A DAY IN THE LIFE OF
AN ANESTHESIOLOGIST’s videos, in that, I’m sorry this is
loud, let me turn that down, in that I get to share with you what happens at the end of the day. So I am excited to bring this to you, and I’m going to share a
little bit of my routine, it’s always different from day to day, but I’m going to share with you the main high points of the day. So, let’s go ahead and get started by, starting with the fact that I
am getting in my car from work and I’m going to head home now to my house so that I can take over caring for Harper, get changed, shower, and
all that kind of stuff, and take over caring for
Harper until HB gets home, and then we’re sharing the duties of that until she goes to bed, but you’re about to find out
here in just a hot minute, so let’s get started. Okay, it is 4:50, and I have come home, and you can see me in the
background, hi [laughs], and I have changed, I have actually changed out of my scrubs, showered, just my body, and now I’m in just regular,
like t-shirt and jeans, which is pretty much my
uniform when I’m not in scrubs, so now what I’ll do is,
Harper is currently asleep, she usually wakes up about 5:00, 5:15, so I have a few minutes, so I’m going to do a
little bit of busy work, whatever I can squeeze
in in my free moments is what I’ll tend to do whenever I can. For example I have this
PO package from Rodial, rodio, rodio, I think it’s rodio. They very kindly sent over
some of their new releases, I think it’s all the Pink Diamond range, so if you’re interested
in checking it out, they have some Pink Diamond
Lifting Face Masks for example, and Magic Gel Night,
Magic Gel Night, cream? Gel Night, cool, anyway I’m really excited
to try all these things, their Banana Powder is a classic, and they have some Skin Tints, some Retinol Drops,
some Suede Lip products, and their famous Dragons
Blood Sculpting Gel, so anyway, I can not wait
to try these things out. So what I’m going to do is sort them out, organize them, and make sure
that they’re packed away so the boxes don’t just
collect on my breakfast table, which is what they tend to want to do, so I’m going to go ahead
and take care of that now. [upbeat music] [meat sizzling] Okay, so now, Harper’s still not up, but Amazon came and the
dog started barking, I’m really impressed that
Harper’s not awake yet, but thought I would do some quick boxing of some essentials I got on Amazon, so I’ve run out of just
jewelry cleaner in general, and I wanted to clean my rings, I’m actually going to
be sending my rings in to get fixed and repaired and stuff soon ’cause there was a few
missing diamonds on the pave. This is, I love this
brand for jewelry cleaning so I got two of these things, and I got some silver polish
for my silver jewelry, and then I got these Swedish dish cloths, which are really cool because you can pop these in
the dish washer to clean them, and they mean that you don’t
use as many paper towels, so that’s nice. So that’s that, and you
guys are sitting on a box, and I want the box now. This is going to be something I use for our upcoming overseas trip, to pack all of the makeup,
which I’m very excited about. I will link everything down
in the description box, but this was, I don’t
know, 29, 30 dollars, something like that, and it’s this beautiful
rose gold makeup case, kind of a good size, right,
and comes with a strap, it’s shinier than I thought it was online, and what the pictures say, but you can customize
with these little panels, how you want to organize it, like with your pallettes
and stuff like that, so I thought that was really handy. It’s going to be great for travel, this side holds brushes
and all that good stuff, and has a zipper compartment
here, so just very handy, very handy, very good reviews on Amazon. One of the questions I get a lot, is how do you do it all Kristina, how do you do so much, blah blah blah, all your different roles, and
the answer is I have help. 100% have help, can’t take credit for anything that I do really, because I have help, there’s no way I could
do everything that I do without the help that I have, and one of those major blessings in our life is Harper’s nanny, so today she has actually
cooked chicken for us, and she cooks chicken for Harper, and many different dishes for Harper, that we can put in the refrigerator and she can eat throughout the week, we’re so fortunate to be able
to have that kind of help, and we’re going to have
that with salad today, so I’m going to make a
quick salad in a little bit, and Harper is up, so I’m going to get her up
and feed her some dinner, and imma see if I can answer a few emails, that’s going to be what I’m doing today. I did want to mention that today’s video is sponsored in part by Direct Energy, Direct Energy I’ve
worked with in the past, I will link that video up
here, if you want to watch it, it was really fun to make,
last year or two years ago, but today we are going to
talk a little bit, briefly, about their free nights plan, I actually found out about this when the project was proposed to me, and actually switched my energy, I was under no obligation
to switch my energy company, and I actually switched to this plan, so as of now we are
Direct Energy customers, and we are on this plan that
I’m about to tell you about, which is free nights for
a year, that’s crazy. So if you think about
it, you live in a place where you use your air conditioner a lot, or you have appliances that are constantly
running and don’t turn off, like a refrigerator or a deep freezer or something like that, the energy you’re using when your eyes are closed
can be pretty significant, especially if you live down in the south where you require air conditioning
to keep your house cool, I can’t tell you how important
that is in the summer, with your air conditioning,
and also in the winter, with your heating, so very
important, from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. all of my electricity is free, so cool. Harper has eaten dinner, and now we’re going to play with some toys while we listen to some
music on the Alexa. [Harper babbling] Yeah, po-po. If you didn’t know, you get a free Amazon Echo Dot when you sign up for this
plan to do Direct Energy, so I’ll leave all the information and Direct details down below, but that’s how we got
our Amazon Echo Dot from, a couple years ago, and
since we have a show here and we kept the original
Alexa in the other room, and I have a Tap that I take
sometimes to work with me for music at the O.R. And then the Dot we keep
in our master bathroom so that we can play some fun kids songs when she takes a bath in our tub, and we find it useful to listen to our flash briefings
and everything like that. There’s also an Direct Energy Amazon app, so you can ask how much your bill is, how much your monthly usage is, what your average consumption
is, stuff like that, really good questions at a glance, you can just ask Alexa to tell
you, which is really nice. [Harper] Pa-pa-pa. I don’t think that’s Papa yet,
he’s about to start a case. Ca. Case, can you say case? [Harper babbling] Yeah, he’s about to start a case. Cheese. Can you say case? Cheese. No, you want cheese. He is her cheese monger, he
always provides her with cheese, so since he’s busy working, I’m going to be the cheese monger today. This little girl has hiccups. All right, so it’s a little bit later, we’ve gone out to check the
mail, so I’ve gotten the mail, and I sort through it over the trash, that’s another pro tip that I have, on the weeknights when
you’re checking the mail, sort it over the trash, you’re just more likely to
throw stuff away on time, instead of accruing little piles. I really liked this little
segment in Paper City, which is our local
magazine here in Houston, and it’s all about Dior Gray. It turns out Benjamin Moore now
makes a color that they mix, called Dior Gray, and it is the Dior Gray. So if you’re interested in that, it’s similar to what we have on our walls, here, so, a lot of you
guys ask about that. What we have on our
walls is called Sherwin– [Harper babbling] Mama, more cheese, more cheese. More cheese, cheese monger, okay. We have Sherwin Williams Prissy Willow, and that is a great option. [Harper babbling] A cheese monger is coming. [Harper] Cheese babies? Yes it’s cheese for babies. Cheese babies. [Kristina] Cheese for babies, yes. [Harper coughing] [Harper yawning] Uh, cheese. [Kristina] Are you getting
tired, did you say thank you? [Harper laughing] [Kristina] Did you say thank you? Cheese. [laughs] Say thank you. [Harper babbling] Mm-hmm. [Harper babbling] [lips smacking] Mm. [Kristina] My own cheese monger. [laughing] Are you hamming
it up for the camera? [lips smacking] You’ve got chicken on your chin, and cheese in your mouth
and your hands, mm. Wow. It’s getting rainy outside. [Kristina laughs] HB is not home yet, he’s still
operating his one late case, and, and so, [laughs] what are you doing? Oh, the camera got cold
sitting in there in the fridge. So let me walk you through, a
lot of you guys were asking, when I posted a Instagram story after my AC got replaced last
weekend, actually last Monday, this past Monday, hello focus! Okay, thank you. So you guys were wondering
what it was, it is this, I’ve had this for a while so I didn’t replace the thermostat, the thermostat is great I’ve had it for about a year and a half, what I replaced was my
actual entire HVAC system, so the evaporator and the condenser unit, evaporator is in the attic,
condenser is outside [laughs], and she just walked into Lilu like a boss, like I don’t care, get
out of my way [laughs]. So this is the ecobee, this
is actually the ecobee, and this is a little
faceplate that comes with it. And you can have it sense your presence, and if it doesn’t sense you or hear you or whatever for a while, it has little sensors that
go in the different rooms, then it will raise the temperature,
cut, basically eco mode. I don’t like that because sometimes, like Harper is asleep in her nursery, we have a sensor in there and it’ll think she’s not there probably and it will raise the temperature, and that’s not good for sleeping, so. I don’t do it in all the rooms, I do it in the living room ’cause we’re either here or we’re not, so I wouldn’t recommend
it for the sleeping rooms ’cause I don’t think it can really detect your presence that well. I’m running out of batteries, so hold on I’ve got to switch it out. Mama! [Kristina] Yes. Mama! [Kristina] Are you getting tired? [Harper babbling] Who are you with this little
chin jutting out like this. Cheese monger, quit hitting your head. [Harper crying] This cuddle, you want to go cuddle? You want to go cuddle? Ya-ya. Cuddle, yey, let’s go cuddle! So now it is 7:27, just in time for Harpers
bedtime which is 7:30, and that means it is time for me to clean up around the house, all the mess that Harper and
I have made since I got home. And usually this house is pretty clean, and like I said it’s because we have help, and Yaya, Harpers nanny,
is one the best things about our life right now, she is the most wonderful human being I think I’ve ever met, so she keeps this place looking, and running, amazing, just like the best, most smoothest machine
ever, God bless her. But after she leaves Harper and I make a little bit more of a mess. I try my hardest to
clean up as much as I can before the day starts again tomorrow, so that’s what I’m going to do right now. [upbeat music] Okay. [door handle clicking] [drawer scraping] I really like this Stone&Steel cleaner, because you can use it on stainless steel as well as marble and granite surfaces, so you don’t have to switch between products as you’re cleaning, which is a nice little feature
for cutting down on time. I really should have been
using the Swedish dish cloths, but I’m not used to using them yet, since I just got them
today, so I kind of forgot, oops, better luck tomorrow. I don’t clean the kitchen
like this and wipe down all the surfaces every single
day, God knows I don’t, sometimes I leave all
the dirty dishes out, and all the food in the sink and on the plates and
tables and everything, and it’s just like we just
collapse into bed exhausted. So let it be known, this
is not an everyday thing, but I was inspired because,
I just have the energy today, I don’t know why. So, you are now balancing
on an Evian ball. These are some swatches
that I got in from a, it’s like a outdoor patio furniture place, it’s like all the different
colors and textures for some potential outdoor patio furniture that I’m interested in. I’m going to show this
to HB when he gets home, which, it’s 7:37 now,
and he’s still not home. But I don’t get mad because I understand, I understand because I’m
in the same situation, and if I didn’t have such
a stable work schedule then it could be me staying late, so. It’s just one of those things that sometimes happens
on a day like today. So yeah, that’s pretty much,
that’s pretty much my day. Now what I’ll probably do, is I’ll probably either turn on Netflix, catch up on some YouTube videos, take my laptop to the
couch, answer emails, like deadlines and stuff
I need to get finished, and then I will go upstairs
about 9:30, 10 o’clock and do the wind down
routine for the bedtime. So let me know if that’s
something you want to see too, if you want to see a bedtime routine, or a getting on ready with me, or how I do my skincare routine and I take off my makeup, and all that kind of stuff, let me know, but anyway that’s pretty much
my standard weeknight routine, and that’s especially with
regards to a work weeknight. So thank you so much for watching, thank you so much for Direct Energy for sponsoring today’s video, and make sure you check
out that limited time offer where they’re offering
12 months of free nights. Let me tell you something, let me just show you something real quick, because what I’ll do, is I have our thermostats on a schedule, okay, everyone should
have it on a schedule, but we sleep so hot at night, we have to crank down the
AC, and this is why I went with this little program
with Direct Energy, because it is so nice for cranking down the
AC in the summertime, so this is my ecobee system on the app, and I’ll show you. No light, no editing, what the upstairs, which is where we sleep, what
the upstairs temperature is. Okay, it’s set to 69, you can’t see that. 69, it’s getting there,
right, it’s getting there. Just so you know, that’s
the situation, okay. Sometimes we do 68 [laughs]
and now that I have this plan, it’s free energy, it’s totally free. I could put it down to
65, I wouldn’t do that, but I would put it down to 65 if I could, I just think Harper would
like it, she likes 69, that is like our favorite
temperature for the sleep period, because we just love being cold, we love it, and she loves it too. She gets whiny, if it’s
like 72 degrees in her room, she gets whiny, she likes to
be just as cold as we are, because she is a child of
our own blood [laughs]. So anyways, thank you so much for watching my weeknight
routine, I hope you enjoyed it, I don’t know if you found
it interesting or not, maybe you’re a little voyeuristic, but make sure you tap
that thumbs up button if you did enjoy the video, and if you have suggestions
for future videos, including other routines, let me know in the comments down below, let me know what your favorite thing to do on a weeknight is, that’s let me know what is
the thing you look forward to. Some people it’s like, ah, I look forward to my decaf cappuccino, or, I look forward to
my Netflix and chill, or, I look forward to cooking
dinner or ordering dinner, or, I look forward to face
planting in my bed at night, I would love to know what your favorite
weeknight routine moment is, so let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you in my next video, bye!

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