DOLLAR STORE vs TARGET! Back to School Supplies Haul

Today we have a back to school haul with
a twist. We’re gonna compare school supplies from Target with school
supplies in the dollar store and the results are gonna shock you. Hello and welcome to the Queendom. I’m Sarah Ingle and today we’re doing a back to school
haul because that’s what you do in back-to-school time and of course you
can’t have back to school without doing some sort of school supplies haul or in
this case a giveaway. yes we’re gonna be doing a giveaway of these haul items if
we reach at least a thousand likes, and you know what, if we don’t reach a
thousand like, it’s okay because we’re gonna donate these to somebody in need
who needs them to go back to school and have school supplies. alright, so here
we have Target bag and here we have 99 Cent Only Store bag. And we’re about
to go through each of the items in here find out which one’s cuter which one’s
cheaper and where should you go back-to-school shopping. so we’re gonna
make this into a little bit of a game. we’re gonna look at two different items
and you can decide which one you think is from Target and which one you think
is from the 99-cent store I have the receipt here from the 99-cent store and
I have a receipt here from Target and if you stick around to the end you’re good
to see how each of these total up and compare I personally explain to you what
happened and how this particular haul came to be I was shopping for a DIY
video at Michaels and all of a sudden I was like wouldn’t it be fun if I did a
DIY that was making ugly school supplies that from a dollar store into something
cute oh I just right after I finished getting some stuff at Michaels went over
to the 99-cent store and we’re gonna get ourselves some ugliness school supplies
we can and we’re gonna make it cute I was shocked I was like
what it was cute it was really cute I would have thought that if you don’t
just pull this stuff off the shelf that you would have gotten it at Target I
just went through and grabbed like a whole bunch of stuff and I was like you
know we’re gonna do we’re gonna compare this to the actual stuff at Target this
is not at all to be anything against Target love Target go to Target all the
time this and more just so we can learn like how much money you can save if you
do go to a dollar store and just curiosity honestly like how much do the
prices differ between the two so first up we have some journals for you to
write your your to-do lists on or whatever that’s probably what I would
have done you know like your nightly homework assignments I mean they’re
definitely different materials this was trying to be like it’s like a faux
leather type of feel so it’s kind of harder this one’s more like a smooth
finish I really like the pattern with the faux marble on here like if I had to
choose between one of these I feel like I kind of like the aesthetic of this one
better but obviously I like this one too because I picked them both which one do
you think is which drum roll anyway now we’re gonna attempt
at a drum roll this one’s from Target and this one is from the 99 cent store
granted it is more than 99 cents it’s $2.99 but the one from Target was $7.99
though I did get a discount on it so it was only like six 79 or something but
still even with a discount on this one it was more than double the cost of this
one and honestly I think this one’s cuter so tell me in the comments if you
are right next up is for those of you who have lockers we have a mint green
locker shell and we have a pink locker shelf this one has like kind of more of
a– a mesh metal versus this one is a grid dimensions are pretty similar as
well which one do you think is the dollar store and which one you think is
target the 99-cent store one is the mint one this one is again more than $1 399
but this one here this was 749 I think they had this one in pink too
I don’t know why you’d want to pay twice as much for something but you know there
you go all right so next up we have either tab dividers or file folders I
was having a hard time finding one of these the other place so I was like this
is this is pretty similar these are like a pastel ombre and these are this pretty
swirly marble eyes any guesses which ones the target one it’s this one
these are really pretty and I like how clean they are these are really fancy
and I like them too so this was actually truly 99 cents the
target one is over three times as much as the dollar store one I had a thick
one I might pick the target one but that’s kind of up to you if you thinks
it’s worth three times as much you guys might guess this one but I think I was
more just flabbergasted yes we’re making that word a thing again by the fact that
the dollar store even had this the mocker wallpaper we’ve got this one here
that has this fun pattern with little like shapes and triangles and the other
one over here um I think this this one’s magnetic I feel like this one’s not that
hard I guess so not so dramatic drum roll
this one’s our target this one’s from the dollar store but the fact that you
can get Locker wallpaper for 99 cents just shocked me
this was $8.99 versus 99 cents but I feel like you can kind of tell locker
wallpaper is not necessary and if you really want to be that extra where you
do have it and you don’t have the budget for it 99 cents
not going to break the bank all right next up we have more notebooks but thick
the bendy kind plan and thoughts and these fun triangle apparently I was
being a geometrical mood um they both have shininess and they both have this
like similar type of binding they’re so so so similar target one is this one so
this one was $1.99 and the target one was 350 only a dollar 50 difference but
percentage-wise 50% no more than 75% maybe I don’t do math in my head very
often anymore don’t judge me too hard I really like them both like a lot it’s
just really a matter of preference this I only got at one store because
apparently somebody grabbed it out of my cart or something cuz this only managed
to make it onto one of my receipts but it’s a locker rug and this one is like a
ombre pink fuzzy one so it’s like dark pink down at the bottom and it goes up
to a light with all the white at the top like shag rugs it’s really cool I had a
white one too it’s like a solid white one that was also a shag rug and I was
gonna show you and be like Oh looky looky when I guess where this one’s from
the dollar store it is a dollar ninety-nine but I am pretty sure that
the one at Target was a lot a lot more next up we have staplers we have this
one that’s a two-tone and it’s kind of like a pastel and this one is just it’s
purple but there were a bunch of different options I just happened to
like the purple I mean I think it’s kind of obvious this one is from the 99-cent
store but this one costs five times as much if you’re looking for something to
save on well stapler is probably I don’t know they’re both cute this next one I
feel like it’s a little bit obvious but it’s also I’m out I’ll just show you
these are our racers and we have these ones here that are also erasers and I
think if you guys shop at Target at all you know that this is the target one
it’s the ub brand but the target one is only $2.99 I think personally there’s a
lot of difference UB always is really really fun stuff
it’s really cute colorful and fun if I had to pick between the two I would go
with you be in this case but you know what if you only have a dollar to spend
these work I assume next up I’m going to go something similar okay I think this
kind of gives it away because you can see the big brand on there newbie versus
dollar store these are sticky pads I love the UV ones they’re adorable but
I also really really love these ones here they’re just really cute whoa okay
but one thing though these are nine dollars and these are two dollars that’s
a big difference but the nice thing about UB is for every one you buy they
donate one so it’s kind of a toss-up for me they’re teachers we’ve got this
holographic metallic seashell that’s really fun over here or you’ve got a
rainbow which ones Target which ones 99-cent store
this one’s 99-cent store this was Target they’re both really cute um it’s just a
matter of if you’re more into mermaids or more into rainbows the target one
also cost three times as much as the dollar store one but you know about cute
all right next up we have some folders we have this one here that’s like a nice
blue and and gold and this one here that’s on brain except this shiny tiny
stuff over here so this one might be more durable than this one but I found
this one over here is prettier and the target one is this one I feel like you
probably could have guessed that though I do feel like this one is much sturdier
and it also has the bracket inside this 350 okay the target one’s 350 the dollar
store one is $0.99 but this quality feels more durable and it’s got the
little brackets in it like I guess it’s up to you all right next up we’ve got
some little dreamin binder pockets you put your stuff inside of them yes yes
you do this one’s more like a solid see-through one solid seat this one’s a
solid you can’t see if there’s more like a powder the target one is little stars all of it I really like
this one because it’s shiny but I don’t feel like this quality is dramatically
different is this kind of more of an aesthetic choice whoa that’s a big
difference okay so this was six dollars and this one’s only $0.99 that surprised
me a little bit because this one looks really nice I just threw the zipper in
my mouth but yeah it looks really nice next ones we have these little like
pencil holders if he thinks this one this one has a handle and this one this
one does not this was more like rubbery and this one’s more plasticky it likes
for marble buy we had going on here and this was like amazing and it kind of
looks like a candy wrapper the target one is this guy I feel like you maybe
kind of guess but this one doesn’t feel like the best quality but it’s 99 cents
and it’s really cute this one feels nice it’s like a nice rubber kind of like the
pet it he can’t lean target ones $5 dollars for one 99 cents so it is five
times as much but it does feel a lot nicer
okay we’ve another one’s gonna be kind of obvious gel pens this one you do get
a lot more pens I was trying very much to try and cover
the brand but I think you can still see it and figure out which one it is I mean
these are glitter gel pens and if you want to guess which one’s the target one
yes if these ones these are you B so these
are $10 and these are 99 cents you can literally buy 10 packs of these for the
same cost if I had to pick between the two I would probably go with the UV ones
because I know that I’m getting way more colors and for me
and all the colors line up they’re donating so it goes to the good cause
and I know that they’ll work versus these I just don’t know but at the same
time those litter gel pens and they’re only 99 cents the next one I feel like
you guys know you’ve seen it sitting here the whole time sticking out of the
bag the three-ring binder options this is
the one thing at the dollar store that the selection was absolutely horrible
this is the cutest three-ring binder I could find and it’s solid white and this
one also does not have pockets and this one has a nice like fun like rounded
pocket but I like I like this this binder
this one is 749 and this was 99 cents but this one looks like I would pick
this so next up we have pencil what comes with a lot more pencil in the
other but these were really cute they kind of remind me of Blue’s Clues and
what Steve would use to draw the clues in his handy-dandy notebook you get a
lot more here you want to guess which ones which
these are Target but these are the only like the smallest thing of like cute
pencils I could find this pack of 50 mechanical pencils is 549 versus this
pack of 6 is 99 cents so in this case let’s target actually a better value but
at the same time you know you usually get a better value when you’re buying a
lot of something I like I’m glad I got them except I’m donating
them so I guess they’re not for me Bell is actually our last item that I got
from both but it’s not our last completely because I got a whole bunch
more stuff like bonus items because the dollar store was so much cheaper so we
have this holographic little bag that’s also full of paper clips and I just want
to say that really liked the bag and 99 cents I was like yes we need to get this
some little dividers these are more dividers all right show you guys
dividers earlier these are small ones if you want ones for the they’re like kind
of like planner size they’re really cute they see things like girlboss on them
this is a little pencil topper I couldn’t find anything like this at
Target but 99 cents you’ve got like a little fluffy ball and a tassel and then
last but not least this is the randomest one and I meant to get something similar
at Target but I didn’t I’d liked it so much because I had something very very
similar only mine was an ostrich and you like have his little foot and he can
stand there on your desk and like second grade I had something like this and I
loved it I think this is my favorite item on the list and he’s only 99 cents
the total with tax for the dollar store is 30 dollars 22 cents the total for
target which has a pair of scissors which are two dollars less than the rug
that I meant to buy so if we add two dollars to the total we’ll see what that
actually would have been be total before tax without the additional $2 as 98 91
which would have put us at $100 91 cents so over $100 for Target versus about $30
for the dollar store and we got more stuff so I think what I learned was you
do not have to go back to school this year and feel like you have to be a DIY
expert or loaded to really enjoy these school supplies
that you have and so that is what I don’t want people to take away from this
make sure you give this a thumbs up because if this gets to a thousand likes
we will give away both sets of school supplies to two of you out there and if
not it’s okay because we’re still gonna donate them to somebody in need through
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otherwise YouTube probably won’t tell you tell me in the comments which of
these items was your favorite and how many of them you got right about whether
they are from Target or from the 99-cent store thanks so much for watching and
I’ll see you next time today we have a back to school haul with a twist I spit the dollar store had this whole set of
little tiny foods but they were erasers and if it’s your first time here you
haven’t heard this I have a bad habit from eating erasers to turn cheap cool
cheap cool you also do not have to DIY your stuff to get cheap

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