Dollar Tree Survival Kit Bug Out Bag DIY

Dollar Tree Survival Kit Bug Out Bag DIY

Dollar Tree survival kit DIY prepping for emergency situations bug out bag camping survival evacuation how to get started prepping hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper if you haven’t started prepping and you want to know where to begin you can head to the
Dollar Tree if you are going on a trip maybe you flew in an airplane you didn’t
bring emergency survival bug out bag supplies with you and you decided you wanted to go on a hike or a long day
outing and need prepping emergency survival items you can also head to the Dollar Tree there are basic emergency supplies
that you can pick up for just a few dollars whether you don’t have any or
you need another selection or you just want to add to your emergency survival bug out bag prepping stockpile you can
find some emergency survival prepping things that will meet the basic needs of emergency situations
at the Dollar Tree the first thing you want to think about for your survival gear is food and water
you can pick up some snacks go down the food aisle pick up things that meet your
needs granola bars energy bars fruit roll-ups jerky sticks nuts anything that
appeals to you that would keep you satisfied with something to eat for a few dollars for the
amount of time that you have you can pick up a six-pack of water those are
handy because you don’t have just one big jug container of water to drag around and when you’re
finished drinking the water you can flatten the empty water bottle reuse it roll them up put them in your pack how to roll up reuse empty water bottle container for emergency water storage survival uses
and then you have another container to add more water to later what about shelter if you’re going to be
out and the weather turns or you get lost you might need something to make an emergency shelter
the Dollar Tree has emergency shelter supplies things like tablecloths shower curtains painting
tarps garbage bags why might you consider the garbage bags because you
get a set of them you get a whole box full so even if they’re not very sturdy
they’re not what you really want they’re just not that thick bigger
sturdy but they could certainly meet your needs if you have nothing else from
your pack of garbage bags you could make a poncho you can make a ground cover you could make
an emergency sleeping bag fasten garbage trash bags them together make a tent and the garbage trash bags come with the
drawstring handle so that gives you cordage for other emergencies or survival uses we should never go anywhere without a first-aid kit you can find a little first aid kit
already put together at Dollar Tree or you can pick up few essential first aid supplies band-aids
ointments gauzes anything you think you might need in a common situation
those are things that you want to have extras of things you count on using
day-to-day then look for the tools you can find little sets of things like
sewing kits manicure sets tweezer sets hardware sets carabiners carabiners that
even come with another item like a hand sanitizer those are all handy items to
decide which one do you really need or do you need any of them it’s up to you
to decide what your needs probably will be I found a fold-up folding knife on the Dollar Tree tool aisle which would be nice as a survival knife if
you had no other knife it’s certainly not the optimal survival knife because it has a
serrated edge and it’s not very sturdy but in basic outings things that you
might encounter this would certainly do the trick for only one dollar and it
folds up so you don’t have to figure out how to make a sheath for it or something
like that it’s not going to poke a hole in your pocket or hurt you if you should
trip and fall features of the Dollar Tree folding knife one dollar survival knife is it worth it will it work last maybe you’re concerned with a few
hygiene supplies you could pick up a few things like a toothbrush if you’re going
to be out for a few days you could get some eyedrops a bar of soap
Kleenex the things that you don’t want to be without those are the things you
want to consider putting in your emergency bug out bag or day pack think of the things
you absolutely can’t live without don’t buy a little of everything because
they’re only a dollar each because the dollars add up as does the weight in
your basic emergency pouch survival bag bug out bag you just want things that you absolutely feel you
could not live without look for supplies to build a fire you can get some
Vaseline petroleum jelly some hand sanitizers some cotton balls cotton rounds they have
matches and lighters I like the idea of the largest pack of matches that strike
on the box you get the most for your money and then when you’re done using
them you also have the spent matches that you can use for a bit of tinder and
kindling keep your box dry and keep your matches together the matches need to
strike on the box strike plate for them to work you’re going to have lighting
needs they have some little flashlights they have glow sticks they have battery
candles they even have regular candles you probably will find that the most
useful item then would be a flashlight the smallest flashlight is cool it comes
with a carabiner but it’s not a replaceable battery so it’s a single-use
and what goes out you’re without you could buy a basic flashlight and then
get a pack of batteries you can find them in four packs eight packs and even
ten packs but make sure that you choose the batteries that are the correct size
for your flashlight Dollar Tree stores have cordage and duct tape look
those things over figure out what you need most what gives you the biggest
bang for your buck what can be used for more than one use item things like cotton
string and twine can also be used to start a fire but they’re not as sturdy
and heavy-duty as a piece of rope what about a bag to carry all these things
around you might think well the Dollar Tree gives me a bag to put it in well
some places don’t provide a plastic bag anymore and if you’ve ever shopped with
a plastic bag you know they are less and sturdy and it’s not anything I’d want to
depend on even getting from the car into the house so you should look for the
inexpensive backpacks they have them for children they have beach bags things
like that I found a drawstring backpack that even
has an extra zipper pouch on the front it’s only $1 and it would certainly hold
a lot of gear that you can carry just on your back and then your hands are still
free if you buy something with a carabiner you can still clip it to the
cord while it’s hanging on your back then you have it available next to your
side even if you don’t have any pockets I also found a sturdy pouch that’s a
waterproof fabric with a zipper top which would be great to carry all of
your emergency identification paperwork a set of your
most important documents pictures of your family copies of your ID those are
the kind of things that you should have that are critical to make sure you have
in your 72-hour packs your bug-out bags your emergency evacuation kits that’s
just something that you should have together or if you’re traveling you need
to have your documents together so whether you have no emergency gear you
need to add to your emergency gear or you’re out of town and you need to build a bug out bag get home bag 72 hour kit
one quickly for an outing head to the Dollar Tree look for some of these items
decide the ones that mean the most to you what do you most want those are the
things you should buy don’t buy someone else’s list think about how you would
use each item and if it’s worth the money to you after you’ve made your
selection lay everything out and decide which ones do I absolutely need
which ones can I put back which ones can I set aside which ones do I have enough
money for and those are the ones that you should get just because things are a
dollar doesn’t mean you need them from the Dollar Tree but it’s certainly a lot
of tempting items put together a kit that works for you include all the most
important areas everything from food and water to first-aid hygiene shelter light
fire and a bag to put it in add the tools that you need dress for the
weather you can enjoy yourself outside and be able to face whatever comes your
way learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny

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  1. Thanks Granny , your devotion and care is monumental in a world upside down .What's nice is that I may think I'm prepared but your reminders tell me there's things I can do

  2. Good advice! You are Alaska Granny, how many grandkids do you have? I have 1 son, 3 grandsons and 4 great grandchildren!

  3. Great video!👍 I actually just showed my son that lil trick with the plastic bottles the other week. Being in Florida I would put some type of container to boil water and a cloth to filter the water too. Really enjoy your videos and u have a pleasant voice. Way to model that kit Alaska granny. It looks good on u! 😁👍

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