Dollar Tree Vacation Mexico- What Did I Use Most

Dollar Tree Vacation Mexico- What Did I Use Most

Dollar Tree Vacation Mexico What Did I Use Most Favorite Dollar Tree Travel Items hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I just returned from a wonderful vacation to Mexico and I thought it would share with you the
items from the Dollar Tree that were most useful on my long vacation first
I’ll share some Dollar Tree items that were great helpful items for packing helping me get
there safely and keeping my things organized the first Dollar Tree vacation item is cover-ups they’re designed for food but they come in different sizes and you can put your
shoes inside of them they hold them together and they make sure that no dirt
or grime or sand or moisture contaminates or gets on any of the other
things in your suitcase they’re really sturdy you can use them on your way down use them on your way back shake out any sand or dirt that might have fallen into
them and leave them in your suitcase for your next trip because they come in
different sizes you can use them everything from children’s shoes to
adult sized shoes next I have a craft box it’s snaps shut you can flip it open and it has all kinds of little containers compartments you can use to sort out your jewelry your hair ties clips necklaces all kinds
of small items can be stored and organized in this sturdy box then it’s
snap shut it stays closed and it’s everything can be organized and kept
together and it’s not going to get lost in your suitcase or tangled up with each
other the next item is these pop-up organizer boxes they come in two different sizes this one is a lower organizing box one it’s wider and lower so it fits right into my
carry-on suitcase and I can organize things right in the suitcase in this and
they stay organized and when I get to the hotel I can even lift this out and
put it in the drawer if I want these come with a bottom and they fold up and
they weigh next to nothing you can store these even right in your suitcase
between your trips so that when you get ready to pack open the Dollar Tree organizing cube it up fold these out
and start packing and then you can easily keep organized what do I have do
I have all of my things that I want for my trip I’ve used these organizing cubes from Dollar Tree for lots of trips they’ve held together well and I’m
really impressed with the quality of these from the Dollar Tree they also
come in a taller size and these fit nicely into a deep suitcase and I also
like these for keeping my prepping gear organized in my home you can see I have
some of my shelf behind me because they hold up really well they keep things
organized and they’re very inexpensive something that’s super handy that I
found at Dollar Tree is this travel organizer pouch zipper bag it’s made out of a water-resistant material it has
a nice big long zipper and I can store all my documents in it you can see I
have it filled up with documents right now because I’m planning another trip I
need to keep a lot of papers together itineraries plane tickets passports
things like that they all fit nicely into the Dollar Tree zipper pouch water proof container keeps it flat
organized and safe from spills and it can go right into the top of your
suitcase always carry your documents in your carry-on luggage never put documents in your checked luggage take a few assorted Dollar Tree Ziploc bags on vacation they’re great for bringing back shells keeping your lotions and things together so they don’t spill and
even packing up dirty clothes or wet bathing suits for your trip home the
Dollar Tree has great prices on sunscreen I like to choose the sunscreens that are designed for sport because they tend to be more waterproof you’re spending a
lot of time in the pool or the ocean or it’s really hot and your perspiring
the Dollar Tree sunscreens stay on your skin longer better I like to find at least a SPF 30 and
I take SPF 50 if I can find it and then I like to look at the Dollar Tree sunscreens that are designed for kids or babies and that’s the ones I like to use on my face
because sunscreen invariably gets in your eyes it causes stinging and you aren’t going to have those bad reactions if you use kids
or baby sunscreen from Dollar Tree on your face apply your sunscreen full-on before you go out
for the day reapply sunscreen throughout the day and what’s really nice is if you can
find the Dollar Tree spray-on sunscreen because it’s easy to spray it all over you for sun protection as a next coating don’t let the spray on sunscreen be the only kind you use you want to have a layer of lotion
sunscreen but it’s real easy to reapply the spray on sunscreen one of the guidelines that my family uses when we go on vacation is if we’re going to a place
where it’s Sun Beach and sand we take one bottle of the spray on sunscreen for
each day that we’re there if you do get a sunburn try the aloe vera gel the one
from the Dollar Tree aloe vera works great I have found aloe vera wipes at Dollar Tree before but I found that those who are not effective at all they were just like regular wet wipes
they didn’t seem to soothe anything special at all but the Dollar Tree aloe vera lotion works great my feet even got really sore one day I think I might have walked
barefoot on a hot pool deck and burned my feet and I used the Dollar Tree aloe vera gel this on them it helps
soothe and help to heal them so that it didn’t ruin my vacation you need your
feet when you’re on vacation so you want to do what you can to make sure you take
extra good care of your feet make sure you have your pool shoes your flip-flops and
then make sure you wear them if you look in the housewares or the kitchen
department of Dollar Tree you can find these little silicone refillable bottles they’re
designed for salad dressing but they’re a great size for travel liquids whether
you want shampoos conditioners body washes body lotions any special little
creams and lotions that you want liquids can fit in these Dollar Tree travel bottles they flip up so you can squirt out a little they unscrew so you can fill them up
with a nice big hole and then because they are flexible silicone travel bottles you don’t get the pressurized problems when you’re flying of things liquids leaking the best thing to do though with anytime you’re taking packing any kinds of liquids on vacation before you put them in your suitcase is open the lid squeeze it a
little bit and then put the lid back on because then the air is trying to get
back in your container travel bottles toiletries rather than just the lotion or contents is trying to get
out that helps prevent a lot of spills and leaks in suitcases and explosions on
airplanes and then put your tubes lotions and liquids in Dollar Tree Ziploc bags also before you pack them in your luggage the Dollar Tree lip balm is great you can
put it on your lips you can put it on your cuticles you can rub it on rough
heels I make sure I always pack extras I’ve gone on vacation and lost them or
use them all up and it was just impossible to find more lip balm of such a simple handy item so toss a few extras lip balm from Dollar Tree in your suitcase if it’s an item that you like
because they don’t take any room and they’re extra handy and soothing a Dollar Tree lotion that I enjoyed on this trip is a Dollar Tree creamy baby oil one of my viewers had mentioned a tip to me earlier in the summer that the Dollar Tree creamy baby oil helps keep mosquitoes from biting you and guess what it’s true they did have
mosquitoes where we went in Mexico and I made sure to put this Dollar Tree creamy baby oil all over my grandson because I don’t like to spray a mosquito repellent on a baby I also used
it on myself I also use these Off Deep Woods mosquito repellent wipes that I found in two
packs at the Dollar Tree I don’t like to wipe mosquito repellents these on my skin either but if you need to if you’re in an inundated area full of mosquitoes use the Off Deep Woods mosquito repellent wipes from Dollar Tree it but you can
also wipe it around on your hat you can wipe it on your clothing you can rub it
on your shoes I rubbed it all over the baby stroller and not on him on the
stroller on his hat in his clothes and then I laid an open towelette under his
stroller in the basket so that the aroma of the mosquito repellent was all around him and he didn’t get any mosquito bites with a
lotion that I just loved from the Dollar Tree and I wish I had more was these
little jars of coconut oil moisturizing lotion the last time I went to Dollar Tree they didn’t have any more and so I’ve been
affording the last little bit it’s kind of pink and creamy and it is fluffy and
nice and oh my gosh the little smell of coconut is great but it’s not
overwhelming that it’s going to attract insects or bees or critters if you’re
camping you don’t want to attract any wild animals but this is just a very
light fragrant and soothing lotion from Dollar Tree so this is my new favorite lotion from the
Dollar Tree and I can’t wait to go back and see if I can find it Creamy Coconut Lotion and then stock
up because I love this stuff get some hand sanitizer it’s always a great thing
to have on a day to day basis and not just on vacation and some hand sanitizers from Dollar Tree you
can find with a little clip on them so you can clip them on your handbag or
your beach bag get a little flashlight from the Dollar Tree you never know
where you’re going to be hiking around at night walking back from a restaurant in
the dark or even if the power goes out in your hotel make sure it has some
fresh batteries the big clothespin Clips from Dollar Tree these are sturdy and strong they’re big
and you can use these to hold your towel up under lounge chair when you’re out at
the pool or the beach they’re also great if you want to clip up your bathing
suits and the laundry that you wash out in the sink you can clip these up hang
your clothes up and then the things can hang to dry check out the Dollar Tree for inflatable pool toys don’t get anything big maybe a
few rubber duckies a blow-up ball a swim ring these are great toys they take up no room in your suitcase you can pull out a different one every
day or two for your little kids and they have something new to play from Dollar Tree with you don’t need to even bring them home at the end of your trip give them away to another child that’s vacationing at the pool one that’s just arrived or one that you’ve
made friends with that you know is staying longer than you the Dollar Tree
has some cute looking sunglasses they’re only a dollar I had some good sunglasses that broke so I was certainly glad I had a few backup sunglasses from the Dollar Tree so get a few extra pairs of sunglasses put them in your bag if you lose them in the ocean you step on them
at the pool or you forget them in a restaurant they’re only a dollar so it
doesn’t matter no matter where I travel I put a little plug in nightlight from Dollar Tree plug it in somewhere in the room that’s going to help give a little bit of light so that
you’re familiar with where is the bathroom where is the door and it can
give a little bit of comfort especially to small little kids if you’re sleeping
in an unfamiliar place these are the Dollar Tree items that were the most helpful on my last vacation to Mexico so I thought I’d share with you the things I really used
rather than just a pile of things that you could buy but maybe you didn’t
really need always make sure that you take along your own little first-aid kit
include some band-aids over-the-counter medicines maybe a thermometer and you
can pick all those things up at the Dollar Tree also I’ll put a link to a
video I made about how to make your own first-aid kit if you’re interested in
making one of those for any vacation or trip or outing that you’re going on I hope if you enjoyed my video on Dollar Tree items that are must-haves for a
Mexican or beach vacation that you’ll share it with someone that you think might like it too if you want to learn more about some of
the topics that I make videos about you can check out my website at and i hope you’ll subscribe to my
AlaskaGranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel

14 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Vacation Mexico- What Did I Use Most

  1. The coconut oil moisturizing cream in the 6 oz. tub is on Dollar Tree’s website. Minimum you can buy is 12. Not sure if in Alaska you can have it shipped to the store for free or not.
    Just an FYI if you can’t find it otherwise. I have it on my shopping list to look for it the next time I go.
    Again great tips!! Thanks!!!

  2. Hi, Dollar Tree sells Nature's Best Flea and Tick spray. I just happened to pick up a bottle one day and read the back label. It states it repels flea, ticks and mosquitoes. As a former cosmetologist I was shocked to learn the ingredients of this product.

    There is not one ingredient that is harmful to humans. a person could actually drink a small amount and it wouldn't do any harm.

    I have 3 ponds and a small creek in my side yard. It flows from from the field across the road and into a small pond and into a larger pond then runs about 200 feet into a larger deeper pond. This creek runs 20 feet behind my back deck. My largest pond is at the end of that creek, It flows into the pond and down another 100 feet before it exits our property and flows into a pond in our neighbors field. .

    It has rained all spring, summer and still raining here, Every time I stepped out my back door for any reason I had to spray down with Deep Wood's Off and still came back in covered in bites.
    So one day I tried out the Nature's Best spray. I was outside for over a couple hours and not one mosquito bit me.

    Here is the active ingredients of this spray. Clove Oil .20 %, Cedarwood Oil .40%, Cinnamon Oil .50% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 1.20 % it's in your tooth paste. Inert/carrier ingredients 97.7 % which is water, glycerin, xanthan gum (which is in many foods) and Isopropl Alcohol.

    I have told many people to give this a try and all have told me it worked great for them. If you buy this anywhere except Dollar Tree it will cost between $9.00 to $20.00 a bottle. I purchase a whole case and put in my prepping supplies, I also have 20 cans of deep wood's off. But I prefer the Nature's Best.

  3. You won't afraid to go to Mexico? My family owned a Fishing camp resort near Tampico, Mexico, a large home on Lake Guerrero and a home at Zapata. The drug cartels got so bad we sold out for far less than the properties cost.
    My nephew married while he managed the Tampico property to a sweet Mexcian girl. They moved back to the states and she became an America citizen. She has visited her large family there a few time in the past 20 years but the past five years her family doesn't want her to come back because they deal with and hassled by the cartel and others.

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