*DON’T BE THAT GIRL!* The most BASIC luxury purchases you can make!

*DON’T BE THAT GIRL!* The most BASIC luxury purchases you can make!

hey guys it’s Cassie welcome to my channel if
you’re new welcome back if you’re a seasoned subscriber today I’m going to
be talking to you about the most basic luxury purchases it’s about to get real
guys if you are new here my name is Cassie I’m a self-diagnosed luxury
addict I put out videos on Wednesdays and Fridays so if you are into luxury fashion then
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luxury addicted family when are we going to rehab never guys are you ready let’s
go it’s about to get real bitchy okay and I just need you to know that if you
have any of these items don’t be offended okay I’ve got a couple of them
but I’m just saying right these are the items that now we see everywhere okay it
has become the uniform of le basic bitch these are also items that are now
so overbought and over used there are so many fakes swimming around which adds to
the basic bitchery of it all fashion and personal style is meant to be unique so
even if you have these things at the end of the day it all comes down to how you
wear it okay how you make the way you wear it is a little bit different from
the next girl you know we’re just gonna have a casual chat let’s not get
offended it’s all meant for fun let’s start with number one them red bottom
heels okay so Louboutins especially the so Kate
or the pigalle okay listen if you go to any like hot London club you will see
swarms of these shoes standing outside the door it is like these are just so
standard now listen I feel like we all know that these shoes are a little just
a little bit played out again right it all depends on how you style it but I’m
saying I’ve seen a lot of these sodding red bottoms out and about
teeter-tottering in a patent black or a patent nude
stumbling around the streets of London on a night out and it’s about time we
put a little bit of a stop to it the second item Gucci Marmont
anything specifically Gucci Marmont bags and belts belts almost more than the
bags here we go I don’t understand why the kind of like font of the Gucci Marmont
has become so popular more than the original like GG like I don’t know why
what did the original GG logo do to anyone to deserve the fact that
everybody has left it in the dust I’m not even gonna lie to you every single
uk-based fashion blogger / Instagrammer has a Gucci Marmont belt and I to be
very honest with you I’m sick of it if I see another Gucci Marmont belt on
Instagram you’re not getting my like okay I don’t care how fly your outfit
is if you have cinched your mother effing waist with a Gucci Marmont belt
or you’ve you have strewn that through the belt hoops of your jeans no you
don’t deserve my like you don’t deserve my double tap the third one I have the
Alexander McQueen oversized sneaker I don’t know when or how this shoe found
itself hanging off the ankles of literally everyone okay listen I do
still enjoy this shoe and I do still wear this shoe but let me tell you why
why does everyone have this shoe it honestly it keeps me up at night none of these
things I’m talking about a cheap right you invest in it you’re trying to be a
little bit different and then you look around one day and you’re like wow I
have the same shoes as 75% of London Wow how did that happen I don’t know there’s
a lot of men that wear these shoes with like ankle cutting skinny jeans and when
I’m talking about skinny jeans I mean like I pray for the health of your testicles
sir because your jeans are so tight you must have a health issue they pair these
shoes with those jeans with like a short-sleeved untucked shirt
and to be honest now I don’t want to wear these shoes because I’ve seen them
on your feet sir you’ve really dragged it down for me
the next item are also a pair of shoes the Gucci ace sneaker now now I fully
understand how this sneaker went so viral to the point that a lot of people
have this shoe but what I like that Gucci did is that ok you can go for the
standard ace sneaker you can go for the standard ace sneaker that’s like you
know it’s got a little some extra design on the side there or you can get one
with pearls in the sole or you can get the one with crystals in the sole so
you’re still getting that easy vibe that everybody knows and loves the Gucci ace
sneaker for but a little twist a little something extra you know so as much as I
will say the Gucci ace sneaker is a basic purchase at this point there is still
enough variety that you can get it and make this your own you know
the last item Louis Vuitton neverfull okay I was 16 my parents bought it for
me for my like exam results and I was out here flexing but she is everywhere I
am going to link to why you shouldn’t buy the Louisville never fall and I’m
gonna put it here cuz you’re gonna see all my reasons why she’s getting a
little bit basic let me know if there’s anything that I haven’t talked about
you’re like listen this girl right here she’s a basic purchase let me know in
the comments guys have an amazing morning afternoon or evening wherever
you are and I will see you in the next video

100 thoughts on “*DON’T BE THAT GIRL!* The most BASIC luxury purchases you can make!

  1. People should NOT be offended. Have a giggle. I own 2 neverfulls and their basicness is what I love about them. As a professional woman who carries around a ton of files and who needs to put my bags on the floor under conference room tables (next to all the other neverfulls 😂), this bag is perfect. I would tear up a Chanel tote or my Birkin or any other non basic luxury leather bags or even Goyard canvas if I used them in the same way! Great video!!!

  2. Oh nooooooo, I have the Gucci belt and yes its everywhere, so is that neverfull bag, every second person I c has it. I hate the twilies on bag handles there every where, even on bags that r not luxury brands. Very sad

  3. Gucci marmont belts. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i canttttttt. Im sick of the marmont bags and esp the belts! And im glad my girl spoke about it!!!

  4. I would love a pair of red bottom heels from LB. Any, just one, the worst of the worst, wouldnt matter, please……I don't own gucci marmont, I would love something marmont, any, just one, the worst of the worst, wouldn't matter, please……I don't own an Alexander McQueen tennis shoe, and I don't want one….I don't own the gucci ace sneaker, and I don't want one…..I own a ton of LV products but one of those is NOT a Neverful. Love your videos girl!

  5. The Neverfull, basic? Yes, but she's a workhorse. So, I put some lipstick on that lil' pig and rock her, anyway. Haha! I enjoyed your video. Thanks.

  6. I agree on all points!! but to me, the most basic item ever is the LV speedy.. I can't find it classic, just basic.. I don't know if it's the same in the UK, but in my Country it's the screamed answer to the question 'how do I spend my first paycheck in the least thoughtful way possible?'

  7. So glad I didn’t purchase neverfull as my first Louis! I got the propriano… only to realize it’s basically a fancier version of the neverfull 😂😂😂 #lebasicbitch #forlife

  8. 💯% agreed !!! Hate to be the bearer of
    bad news but, perhaps those basics are the most commonly replicated fakes??? Time to dump them. I, too am so sick of seeing ppl flexing the Gucci Marmont, as well as your basic cabana boy shoe (the basic white sneaker shoe of any designer brand unless there’s something uniquely special about them). After all, you are paying way too much $$ to look basic. So choose your luxuries wisely……

  9. You are amazing 😉🥰🥰 Love your style and your smart suggestions…… just continue your passion♥️. Biggest LIKE.

  10. Basic is to get things only because they are hype, hence your Jacquemus bags. Therefore basic is to deprive yourself from something simply because everyone has it. Get a personality.

  11. I have the thin Gucci Marmont belt with pearls does that count 😂🤣 Listen we've all been "basic" to someone at a point in our lives 🤣 Another great video Cassie ❤

  12. 🤣🤣😭😭 I felt that lol I am obsessed with red bottoms but now I buy the ones that are not so out there. But is true, those shoes are all over even with the fake ones 😏. I refuse to buy Gucci Marmont 🤷🏽‍♀️. You always crack me up 🤣

  13. Stumbling 💃in those red bottoms👠because they floppin and they hurt😭…. The best red bottom to own is a Cabata tote….👜👛…..!!

  14. I guess I am just basic!! I pretty much have all the items you mentioned!!🤣🤣🤣🤣Not to mention for Speedy’s!

  15. I own only
    One of these items and I bought it ( the neverfull in the ebene ) in 2008. It’s a sturdy af bag but I don’t use it for anything other than weekend road trips and plane carry on… and I’m saving up for something better ( hello Chanel super large flap)

  16. I totally agree with these, andd also another basic luxury purchase is the Canada Goose Parka jacket omg literally everyone and their mother wears this everywhere i go

  17. Please hold my cup of Ginger Tea while im Cinching in my waist with my ''GUCCI Marmont BELT''! 😂
    Great video, made me laugh.

  18. Girllllll, that testicle comment took me out!! Cause it’s so true!! But I too, am basic because I own a Neverfull. My husband bought it for me for a Christmas present and it was my first LV piece. So it does have sentimental value. But great video!

  19. Great video! I think you’re right that it’s also how you wear things that make them basic. I have several of these items and the good/bad news is they’re so damn durable even when they’ve passed their freshness date it’s hard to just discard them 😒😒😒 looking at you Neverfull.

  20. Down with the Neverfull !!! EVERYONE has it or a fake one. I can't stand the look of them anymore. They are as popular as Nike running shoes.

  21. You are amazing Cassie! Love your vids! Did you talk with the channel Erica lovely world who put you her IG rants as fake influencer, she accused you of wearing fake when she wears fake and her friends are queens of buying fakes on IG. Idk why this woman does that! Very insecure! You are the young lady wearing amazing pieces!

  22. From this list I only have the large Marmont bag…. I can’t decide if I want to keep it or sell it. The pros are : is lightweight, goes crossbody or shoulder, is fits a gigantic amount of stuff, looks like new after 3 years of usage, it still has a classic shape, you can dress it up or down…
    The cons : too many people have it, and I personally think that the GG logo on the large size is waaaay too big and flashy 😄
    If the GG logo was smaller this would be my forever favorite, better than my classic Chanel flap 🤷🏻‍♀️

  23. I totally agree with everything you said!!! Quick question, is the pochette Métis basic? What bag do you recommend me buying?

  24. “ I pray for the health of your testicle sr” o my god I replayed that phrase so many times !! Girl you are the best! Can’t stop laughing

  25. Amen guuuurl….
    By the way, my bday is coming this next October and I still don't know what to get! I've always loved the Chanel classic flap but now I feel like is too grandmaish to me (I'm a guy, I look like a tough but I'm a lady… K lol) I'm thinking I like the diorama, the reissue xxl, the LV pouchette Metis in emprinte….. I don't know! Help!

  26. You’re jeans are so tight you must have a health issue!!!! OMG I cannot with you!!!! Cassie I’ve already told you how much I love you!!!❤️😘

  27. Haha 😂 on the skinny jeans and testicles (squeeze your balls jeans 😂). I still like the Gucci GG Marmont bags and belt. If that makes me a bit basic, so be it. And if I don’t get likes on my Instagram, who cares, as long as I’m happy 😆 lol. I agree that the black GG belt is basic but the GG Pearl belt, beige color or cream color belt is still hawt. Hopefully people are not just followers & have their own opinions. There are plenty of people that have luxury items but still look super basic. It’s all in how you style it that makes you unique.

  28. 0:51 isn’t it VSCO girl now? Ugh I can’t keep up with the kids’ slang these days and I’m 16 YEARS OLD.

  29. I refuse to buy a marmont belt I’m looking for other designer belt options. I love my marmont bag though and my A. McQueen sneakers lol I live in a small town in the USA so no one really owns designer here I can wear anything and they’ll be in awe

  30. Love your videos…. but must admit, I’ve got a pair of patent black décolletés from Louboutin… at least they’re not a Pigalle?! 😂

  31. Cassie love this video!! I see Gucci marmont everywhere! I don’t see a lot of people wearing it! Just more on YouTube and IG!! ❤️

  32. BTW I think balenciaga cities were really basic at a certain point – they re not as commonly seen now anymore I feel. I find myself admiring them again when I see them so basic can return to interesting once it s rare for a while I feel

  33. I feel like the Dior saddle bag that you have on the background is also kinda becoming a basic. Even though there are so many different styles of it but still everyone has it. It’s a cool bag but yea

  34. like i been wanting to get the So Kate for yearsss so bad but ended up buying another shoes 😂 just becuz she is EVERYWHEREEE so yeah I feel #related again 😂 love your videos!!💯💯💯

  35. Cassie your eye make-up is gorgeous! Couldn’t agree more on the Mormont situation. I really wanted both bag and belt but seeing it on everyone put me off. That being said, I do own a small black Antigona that I absolutely adore… 😅

  36. I’d have to agree with every one of those too to be honest, unfortunately. I actually found myself not wanting to wear my Gucci aces (of which I had multiple pairs, some never worn) or my Loubi’s anymore (of which I had umpteen pairs and again some never worn) 🤷🏼‍♀️ that I actually recently sold all of them except one pair. It’s rather sad really 😐 and the other styles I actually never bought into. But you live and learn and everyone’s tastes are different and someone else is now enjoying my pieces which are actually very beautiful just not for me anymore

  37. I have to say the Birkin has now become basic. Hermes had better charge all they can now for one because I'm pretty sure that in around 10-15 years from now, the allure will be completely gone because everyone and their dog will own one!

  38. You are full of personality! Love it!! New subscriber here! I honestly didnt like marmont bags ever. I tried it on and poor leather quality , didnt like chain.. and.. no no for me

  39. I cannot get through one of your videos cracking up Baby Girl.🤣🤣🤣. I concur regarding the Gucci belt and the Neverfull!!

  40. Everyone be free. Basic is a state of mind. Not to long ago basic was a off brand tshirt and cheap pants. You had to have on designer to not be basic. Now you have to wear luxury brands but not the typical luxury items people wear. Wear whatever you want to wear no matter how popular or none popular it it. No mater how off brand or name brand it is. Invest in what you want! Dont let others control you!

  41. So sick of it as well. Lack of creativity and style. Copy and Paste!!!! So many options. This is the standard uniform for EVERYONE….LOOOOLLL…Love you Cassie…

  42. I so agree with you about women running out to buy the latest 'hot' item and the look becoming so standard and common to see that it is no longer interesting. If you aren't dressing for yourself and choosing clothing and accessories because you love them and you want to create a very personal look, then what's the point? Why look like a clone in a sea of clones, when you can be guided by your own taste?

  43. Way back I fell in love with the double G marmont Eveything ! So… Got the belt in black, also black GG snake, also brown ,also thin red ruby . Now they sit in my closet and mock me every time I reach for my other brand belts 😩. I still love those four fools but I find myself passing on them . Thank goodness my husband is oblivious of the cost of things, I'd bet my life he'd have leverage if he did.

  44. Cassie, I love your videos, original and sweet and short! I don’t have time to watch YouTubers mumbling for over 20 minutes …You are the best!!!

  45. The old Gucci logo had its days and played out to death which is why now it’s in the dust. They had to create this new logo for everyone to turn it into basic

  46. I feel like this about black old school vans, chanel classic flaps bags, LV never full and cartier love bracelets and valentino rock studs . I'm so sick of seeing all of the fakes!

  47. There is a slight difference between a basic purchase and a classic purchase. Basic: LV Neverfull, Classic: Chanel classic bag

  48. but honestly for me now. The most basic thing almost every YouTubers has AND ARE RAVING ABOUT IT (I hate the item) is Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis. (I used to love it, then hate it because of how basic it is )

  49. chanel flap/chanel boy/celine luggage tote /chanel ballet flats/miss dior bag/louis vuitton neverfull/balenciaga branded streetwear/hermes flat sandals/balmain blazer/saint laurent blogger bag/chanel costume jewelry/hermes costume jewelry/ givenchy antigona/cartier love bracelet/anything from gucci that says gucci/hermes h belt/gucci dyonisius/manolo blahnik hangisi/tom ford fragrance – I blacklisted all of these

  50. Aloha Beautiful, Girl I have two items on your list of basic bitchassness lol I'm trying to sell them but it's hard out here lol…thanks boo for the video 🙂

  51. I went to London last summer and was amazed about the amount of gucci marmont everywhere. It was amazing. They were/are popular in NYC but nothing compared to London. Now the neverfull, that is everyone in NYC. It's basically ridiculous how many are floating about.

  52. LV Speedy b30 (mono or DE canvas)

    Gucci Soho Disco

    YSL Kate (god i love it though)

    any designer slides (overpriced plastic)

    Gucci tee shirt

  53. I ADORE Louboutins (but hate the basic nude or black ones like Pigalle) but lately I feel like I'm cheating on them because of my infinite love for Amina Muaddis

  54. Subscribed cause you're hilarious and I love your honest reviews. Wondering your input of the LV NéoNoé? It'll be my first luxury bag purchase so I wanted to make a reasonable choice cause a Chanel is not within range yet!

  55. This is hilarious. I am guilty of some items. Actually, I don't get the Gucci Marmot handbag with the font of the GG logo. Every time I see that hand bag, it reminds me of a winter puffer jacket and the font of the GG adds to that. The quilt pattern doesn't look pretty. Just my opinion, but hey if someone likes that then great for them.

  56. OMG. The first video Ive seen of yours…. I'm hooked…. All the bitches that are around me have fake basics and it drives me bat shit crazy

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