DON’T BUY THESE LUXURY ITEMS! Most overrated designer items (or am I crazy!?)

DON’T BUY THESE LUXURY ITEMS! Most overrated designer items (or am I crazy!?)

hey guys it’s Cassie welcome to my
channel if you’re new welcome back if you’re a seasoned subscriber today I’m
going to be talking about the luxury items in my opinion that are the most
overrated and basically I don’t think that you should buy guys if you are new
here my name is Cassie I’m a self-diagnosed luxury addict I put out
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family when when are we going to rehab never guys are you ready let’s start
these are basically the luxury items that I think you’re wasting your money
on don’t buy them keep the money and put it towards a bigger item the first thing are controversial opinion designer belts
hear me out I was I was that person I was that person that had a Louis Vuitton
monogrammed belt Hermes belt I thought yes what a what a lovely little
piece to add to an outfit and then my parents went to South Africa and bought
me these like really nice non branded amazing quality leather belts in like I
have a white a red a blue and honestly as I don’t wear anything but these belts
I feel like you really don’t need to spend your money on designer belts
personally I feel it’s not as much as of an outfit elevator as everyone says it is
it’s not going to elevate your outfit like if you put that money towards I
don’t know a cute pair of designer sneakers that you like or a bag or
whatever and you know what everybody has a Gucci belt and every drug dealer on
the corner has Louis Vuitton belt so don’t bother the second item that I
really don’t understand as to why anyone needs to buy this except for one reason
twilly twilly all these little different brands call them different
things but essentially they’re just a skinny piece of silk scarf material
some people put it as like a strange little necktie I get it I get it if
you’re using it to like use your bag up and you put it on the handles to protect
the handles love that used as anything else I like really like 120 pounds for
this little skinny little piece of scarf I don’t know except to protect the
handles of a bag what your Birkin your Birkin twilly yourself to death okay
because that Birkin needs to be kept in pristine condition
I get that twillies for that anything else I’m like honestly I feel like we’re
just wasting our money right now and you could waste your money better okay the
third thing the third thing that I really don’t think is worth it and this
might be because I’m bitter if you’ve been on this channel long
enough as a seasoned subscriber you know that I’ve had my ups and downs with the
designer sandal slash slides okay haven’t found the one haven’t found the
one given up on the one the one that’s not happening for me more I think about
it the more I think designer slides are not worth it this is the thing at the
end of the day they are rubber I’m talking about the ones they don’t have
an ounce of leather in them the ones that are just plastic the ones that look
like they have been punched out I don’t know a car tire you know you know the
ones I’m talking about okay Givenchy you know the ones I’m talking
about they don’t I feel like they’re and you know what they’re like 200 they’re
like 200 pounds 250 like $300 like oh you waste your money in better ways the
fourth thing another controversial one because I know how popular these are
that I think are just a big waste of money either Dior festival bracelets
I mean just drag me to hell at this point listen I don’t know if
it’s just me let me know in the comments if you feel similarly about this but
again these bracelets are not cheap they’re like 150 200 ish like you know
they’re not the most expensive of do your accessories but if I was like 16
I would be rocking them or I would think I was it with my do your little festival
bracelets running around town being like bitch I’m it but I don’t know
now I’m just like are we not you know are we not too old for this okay I mean
just slam me drag me to hell cuss me out in the comments whatever I’m here for it
I’m just telling my unpopular hideous opinions and finally again this may be
because I’m bitter as much as I want a designer bikini I am NOT going to part
with 300 350 400 pounds of my own money for a designer bikini this is why I know
a high-cut bottom works for me okay I think a high-cut bottom is extremely
flattering for a number of body types do you want to know what isn’t flattering
the ones that just cut you straight through the hips pretty much all of them
are like that and to be honest if I’m going to spend 400 350 400 of my pounds
on a bikini make me look good you know let me know your thoughts in the
comments okay what do you abhorrently disagree with me on what do you agree
with me on and what do you think I just like not worth the money guys like this
video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already come and join us in a
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morning afternoon or evening wherever you are and I will see you in my next
video bye guys

66 thoughts on “DON’T BUY THESE LUXURY ITEMS! Most overrated designer items (or am I crazy!?)

  1. Giiiiiiirl I LOVE my belts! They immediately make a plain T & jeans look great, cost per wear on them to me has basically become almost free! Lmao in the tire example ! Too funny 😂.

  2. I love you girl you are hilarious! Low key my long distance BFF 😂😂. But I totally agree with you, I felt attacked when you showed that Burberry bikini tho 😩

  3. Let’s be honest , is any of it really worth the money , is a Chanel WOC worth 2700?? But do I like it ,, yes


  5. I live in a country where luxury belts are not common so I still get to enjoy my Gucci belt. I can go out the whole day and not see anyone wearing it too so saturation is not a problem for me.

  6. Babygirl I mean BABYGIRL I loved how you summed up the bikini 👙 issue “ if I gonna spend my money at least make me look good” soooooo agreed but not just bikinis but T-shirts, jeans etc!…the idea of buying designer would be paying extra for premium quality and unique faboulus fit…not since the prolification of fashion-now it’s all about buying a name and overlooking the ridiculousness of it as a business LOL
    Anyways have you noticed the slides-they all come from 3 factories literally 3 manufacturers (in Italy I mean-we are not mentioning the Chinese bunch) and priced ridiculously high depending on the logo and marketing (Valentino for $395 and HUGO for $98 even has the same print and markings on the bottom) so we literally paying for the logo 🤣 Designer belts are only if I’m dying literally can’t live without it cause the design is unique or its a print I love…if its a plain leather style you can just get anything of a higher quality and no thank you I don’t need to see another H, LV and stab me in the eye with dagger before I have to look at another GG buckle-just let it die already! Played out to a point where I rather look at a Coach belt LOL Love your destination belts from South Africa it holds a sentimental value and it will make you feel special every time you wear it! Now the freaking Dior bracelets-my husband lost it when I went on spending $400 on it but he knows not to come between me and my Dior but he couldn’t hold it in…it does look like a child made it in Central America and I paid $2 for it on the beach…but still for some reason I love mine ( I have the oblique logo set) and it’s been sold out in the better colors in pre-sale season after season…I think it’s the most profitable items for Dior along with the T-shirts cause it cost nothing to manufacture and it’s so over hyped that people don’t think about the value and just blindly buy it. I love you! And the baguette in the background-give it a hug from me! XOXO 😚

  7. Your comment about every drug dealer having a Louis V belt 😂😂😂😂😂😂 soooo true, but I love my designer belts girl 😩

  8. You make me die laughing! “You could waste your money on something else” OKAY YOU REALLY GET ME THOUGH

  9. Your first point about the belts is interesting and I feel like it’s true for most, if not all designer items be it bags, shoes, wallets etc. in that you can find comparable quality pieces for a significantly cheaper price & you are paying a big chunk of designer purely for the brand. But oh well, we only live once & who doesn’t like a flex 😉 😂

  10. Agreed 101% ☺️

    I thought you were gonna say birkins and I may have to agree because they literally lol & skin alligators and ostriches for the bags 🙁

  11. "You could waste your money better" YES. if you do a supercut of your quotes, that goes in. That's why we're here.
    When I hear branding, I think of cows.
    Hermes rarely looks good, and rarely looks better than the average leatherworker on etsy who sells for like 250-500. And they do custom. There was a girl making a mini Kelly on youtube, it isn't hard. There are cheap secondhand Hermes on 1stdibs, they do not wear well. I love them sometimes but… at this point it's New Money Hooker wardrobe. As soon as the call girls get something, like LV print, it dies.

  12. Ouch!!! Have all the slides and three sets of the Dior bracelets- BTW they don't wear well and look pretty worn in a very short period of time. Sort of agree but buy rubber and fabric so as to not support animal cruelty.

  13. So agree with everything you’ve said though yes I have 2 sets of the Dior bracelets as I am a self diagnosed Dioraddict however I do believe that they are ridiculously priced and I rarely wear them as I feel they look a little dare I say cheap and I don’t feel that they add to an outfit very often 😁

  14. I live in Manila and I am a big girl. And THE ONLY leather belts I have found here are the Gucci ones. So 🤷🏼‍♀️

  15. Agree with everything except for the belt ! girl ! A vintage Chanel Belt is going to elevate your outfit to the sky😇 and the GG belt ok every dealer but they’re are my bros ! LooooooL kidding 🤣 Love ya girl! Keep rocking ❤️

  16. I feel like something you missed out on was designer sneakers. I would never ever ever pay 1000$ for a sneaker with the Chanel logo. I think it’s a ruse to flaunt how rich you are (but maybe I am just bitter😉). You should be paying for the quality and I just find it unnecessary to pay for a sneaker for just the fashion reasons. Might as well just get a cute and cheapish shoe from Nike and wear it like hell instead of a shoe which would ‘go perfectly’ with one or two outfits. Though of course, you could never go astray with one or two Chanel sneakers.

    Also I love and wholly agree w ur opinions you are totally right

  17. Ok I'm going to need you to put away that Fendi bag. Lord knows I don't need it but it's screaming my name 😩 I have those Givenchy slides (about 5 pair) 🤣. The craziest thing I bought was a Louis Vuitton jump rope.

  18. I do agree! I have a silk bandeau that I only use for my handbags 🥰 Great video beautiful..Xo ❤️

  19. I love your videos so much! I’ve just uploaded my first one, it would mean a lot if you’d check it out! ❤️❤️❤️

  20. LOL You are bitter hahahahaha I love designer belts, twilley's and designer slides!!! ha I agree about the Dior festival bracelets and the bikini's You are killing it! I need to know what eye shadow you are wearing, brand and color, since we are the same skin tone! I loved the eye look on this video! XO

  21. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤣🤣
    I’m dying for the Dior friendship bracelet!!
    Lol and a book tote.
    I can’t buy anything for a while though
    Having surgery for endometriosis…
    it’s grown thru my colon and intestines.
    Just pain 24/7, one thing that truly helps is getting a beautiful luxury item you can love and appreciate and look forward to and always have….
    I can’t wait til I can get a book tote! So cute,
    I can’t even look at Chanel not on my price level…
    not now at least!
    Love you Cassie!

  22. Cassie you are amazing! I wish I lived close to you and were actually friends, you’d be so fun to hang with your personality is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Love ya girlie

  23. I love scarfs including the “twilly” type. My favorite are Pucci. I wear them in my hair, around my neck, as a belt, basically everywhere except on my handbags. I think I picked up scarves from spending a lot of time in Europe. Anyway, I feel like unless it is on an Hermes, scarves on bags look a little pretentious or silly to me. I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those Gucci belts! My favorite belt is a black Nile croc, with a jewelry design buckle from my Zimbabwe designer friends at Patrick Mavros. I am getting an Hermes belt because it is reversible and in my two favorite colors so I feel like it is getting two belts for one. I don’t buy ANYTHING Louis Vuitton anymore. Anyway, you are adorable and I love that you buy the fashion you want including seasonal bags and not just what everyone else on Youtube and Instagram have. Internet sheep! LOL! Keep doing you!! XO

  24. Agreed with everything you said, specially the Dior bracelets, they are ridiculously over priced and not with it in my opinion, i don’t understand why girls buy them, but I guess we are all different. Thank you for sharing gorgeous

  25. Cassie you look like you are 16. I thought you were a teenager until you said you graduated 8 years ago. Appreciate your youthfulness. Still Loving your review and channel.

  26. Hilarious! I’d have to add designer fashion jewelry…. you can buy yourself a handful of solitaires for the same price as the glass and plastic they call jewelry 🤷🏻‍♀️

  27. Hi from a new subscriber! Loving ur videos!!! Totally agree with u on everything! Except i love my gucci belt🤣🤣 and i couldnt agree more on what u said about about twillies👍🏻🙋‍♀️

  28. Agreed! The Dior bracelets are stupid. Gucci belts are SO in your face. I bought a Dionysus belt cuz everybody has the GG. Still didnt get as much use as i wudve liked

  29. Had the dior festival bracelets in my shopping cart … ready to press buy. Thank you for rescuing me ….. waste of money especially for a classy lady my age 😝

  30. I love belts in general so the designer belts are right up my alley so can't agree with you on that one hehehe I completely agree with everything else! hehehe…you're hilarious! Drag me to hell baaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa

  31. I agree with you about the slides/bikinis completely & the dior bracelets
    I feel you on the belts but will that stop me buying a hermes one… probably not (i'll stop once I have a hermes and moschino one)

    also Cassie, I would love your opinion on my new bag purchase for this month dior diorama in a nudey pinky colour or a fendi kan i with the f in the front in white.

  32. Yesssss! yesss! about Dior bracelet being a 16 years olds not for adults 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 if you put it towards a none-branded gold earrings or necklace it would at least a good investment 👌🏻

  33. Oh nooo, third video where you speak really bad about my stuff😂😂😂But I think you are great anyway because Im laughing to tears at your videos. Just make it clear between us-no more bad words about dior bracelets😂😂😂😉Haha well, they are expensive for what they are but they are funny and fresh I think and Im pretty much over 16😂😂😂😂

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