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(upbeat music) – Hi guys! It’s Audrey, and today I’m here with. (thuds) – Jordan from JustJordan33! – And we are gonna be playing The Backpack Challenge! (screams) Don’t choose the wrong mystery backpack. – We have so many backpacks here today. – So, we kind of are a backpack hoarder. – No, you are! – Okay. – Not us, you are a backpack hoarder. – 80% of the backpacks are mine. (laughs) – Yeah, so we gathered backpacks from my room, – My room.
– From our brother’s room, and
then from Audrey’s room. – So, it’s just cause we never get rid of our backpacks
that we use for school. – Yes, these are collected
throughout many years. – Yeah. So, how this challenge is gonna work, is that we’re gonna take turns
choosing a random backpack, and then, just opening up
and seeing what’s inside. That’s really simple. Basically, how it goes. – Going to see if we get a
good thing or a bad thing. – Yeah. All right! Let’s get started, ready? – [Jordan and Audrey] Ready, setty, goey! Ready, setty, goey! Draw! – Okay, I go first. I’m gonna choose. – No, this is my side.
– No, I get to choose– – No, this is my side, this is my side!
– I get to choose! (yells) – I’m choosing my Switzerland backpack! Because, I actually got
this in Switzerland, it’s a true Swiss backpack. Okay, there’s a lot of
pockets in this one. Um, I’m gonna open up
the main one, though. Let’s see! No! (laughs) Oh, I thought it was
gonna be a good thing! – What’d you get? – I got Muck and Cheese, a mix of slimy and chunks. Slime! – Wait, open it, I wanna see. – It’s gross slime! – Eww, wait…
– I have to make a gross slime! – Muck and Cheese? – Like mac and cheese. – But not. – Thank you to Orb, for sending us this product. – It’s so crazy!
– Let’s open this. – See what it is. – Oh, Logan’s like, “I
want Muck and Cheese!” Look at Logan! Hi puppy! – Okay. All right.
– Open it up, Audrey! Let’s see what’s inside! – Okay, so, inside, we have, these little bugs. – [Jordan] Oh, my goodness. – And we also have mac and cheese.
– Mack and cheese noodles. – And then, the slime. So, we gotta mix them all together. I think we should put it in the can. – Okay. – Oh, disgusting facts. There’s bug screams, lice noodles, swamp juice, frog nostrils, grossness, creativity, and fun. – [Jordan] Okay, we’re just
gonna pour all in this bag, so, you ready for. – It smells! (coughing) Wow. – I think this is a true
Muck and Cheese slime. – Ew! – Add in the noodles. – Okay, not too bad, but like,
it’s weird with the brown. – [Jordan] Yeah, that looks a little. – Okay, now add in the bugs. – [Jordan] The bugs! Oh no. (plastic crackles) Okay. – Ew. – [Jordan] Oh, there they go! – Okay, it’s time to. – [Jordan] Hey, take it out on the table, I wanna see it. (thuds) – [Jordan] Oh. Oh, ah! I gotta get ’em! The slime, the slime! – It’s pretty good slime! For being kind of gross,
it’s not bad slime. That means I’m already
losing this challenge! I start off the challenge with
a bad, like, a punishment! – True. So, you got zero points. – Ew. Alright, let’s move on to Jordan’s turn! – My turn, I’m choosing this one! – Wow, we’re choosing the mini backpacks. – Yeah, that’s why I picked it, it’s cause you chose the mini backpack, and this is my go-to mini backpack. I use this all the time. – I bought it for her, actually. – (coughs) Yeah, I use it all the time. But it’s really heavy,
so something’s in here. No! No! – The mini backpacks are
cursed, don’t choose anymore. – I’m not choosing any
more mini backpacks! No, in my favorite bag.
– That is nasty. – Sriracha! You wanna do the honors? Don’t go crazy, oh no. (screams) Okay.
– I don’t even know why we have this.
– It’s really runny. – Okay, I did little squirts. You want some more? (popping) (screams) – Can you not try, hot!
– Oh, I smell your breath! – I choose this one! Because, it’s so fun. Look at how, like, pokey it is. Okay. – Oh my goodness, my mouth is like, filled with spit right now. (laughs) – What the? It’s a box. (groans) – What’s inside? – There’s a paper.
– Oh no, oh no. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? – No! – Wait, what, another bad thing? (laughs) We’re both failing at this challenge! – “Text the last person you texted, “that you are stuck on the
toilet with no toilet paper. “Send help immediately.” – (screams) Wait, who’s
the last person you texted? – Let’s see! – Is it a boy? (laughs) You have to be like, uh. – It’s my new roommate! (laughs) – Do it, do it! – But should I really,
that’s embarrassing! – It’s her new roommate. – Oh no, I’ve just barely, she’s just barely moved in, she’s gonna think I’m so weird! “Help, I’m stuck “on the toilet “with no toilet paper.” Okay, well, let’s continue
on, see what she says. – Okay. My turn! So, mini backpacks, no go for me. Because, we all know
what happened last time. And, I think, I’m gonna go with this one. Oh, this one’s really heavy. Oh no. – That’s a really heavy one.
– This one’s one of my old backpacks from like, I don’t even know how many years ago, I used it for school. It has a squishy on it! And a pom-pom. Let’s open it up. – I’m so nervous.
– I’m so nervous, I hope it’s a good
thing this time, please? First good item. Yeah! Yes! Look at this!
– Whoa. I, oh my goodness. – Oh, you got a pair of new Nintendo! – This is so cool, look how
many games I got! Oh! (laughs) You see this? – I’m so jealous.
– I got so many games. – My roommates are
gonna think I’m so weird and you get to play games. – Aw, yeah! I love the DSis. Yes!
– It’s not DSi, it’s the new Nintendo 3DS XL in galaxy print. – Well, yeah. – Um, I choose, Mozambique! – This one! This one?
– Oh, no. – Explain, oh, this one’s really heavy. But Audrey got this backpack in Mozambique, Africa, this last summer. – Oh, no. – Oh! – No, are you kidding me? I get school books? I have my A.P. U.S. History book, Psychology book, and Personal Finance? Fun! – Okay, okay, for this round, I’m gonna go with this
backpack right here, because it looks like there’s
nothing in it, honestly. – I wore that, I did that,
I used that my senior year, and it’s so obnoxious, because you have to undo these buckles, every single time, but it’s cute. So, I wore it. – Yeah, there, it feels like
there’s nothing in here, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign. Maybe? – Maybe you’ll get a paper slip like me. – There’s. (gasps) Ew, what is this?! (screams) – Wait, oh, they’re not real. – Oh, that freaked me out. I just reached my hand in
there and I felt something, oh, my goodness. – Wait, wait, wait, do they move? (upbeat rock music) Oh wait, we gotta put them in here. – [Jordan] Ah, I got cockroaches! – All right, I’m gonna choose. Hmm, what’s the most boring backpack? This one. – Ooh, okay! – It’s like a hiking backpack? – Yeah, this one’s like a hiking. – It’s like a heavy duty one. – It’s got a lot of pockets. (zipper zips) No.
– Oh, you got a box! Wait, that could be good,
or bad, you don’t know. – Last time I got a box, it was bad! (thuds)
– You’ll have to find out, actually, I really like
this box, it’s super cute. – Okay, oh, okay, hold the box. Oh no!
– Paper! – Okay! – Let’s see what’s on the paper. – Oh no! It’s “Kiss Logan, the adventure dog, “on the lips or the nose!” (screams) – Logie!
– She has to kiss our dog, on the lips! And we’re germophobes! – This is gonna be so gross, he has a boogery nose! – I’m just saying if you get sick, stay away. Cause I don’t wanna be sick. – Okay, you ready, Logie? – [Jordan] Aww, he’s so cute! He’s like, I don’t, what are you doing? Don’t hold him up. – I don’t want to kiss Logie. Ew! I always kiss him on his head. – [Jordan] So cute!
– Ew, he just blew boogers at me. Okay. (smooches) Ew! – Good boy, Logan! Oh, my goodness! – He’s like, ah! – Logan’s gonna join the game now! Okay, here you go! My turn to pick! Logan, which one should I pick? I’m going with this one. Okay, here’s the one I picked. This is also my backpack, I don’t know why, I’m just
choosing all of my backpacks, so. (zipper zips) Yes!
– No! – That’s my, like, one
of my favorite candies! – I’m not even winning, I haven’t gotten one good thing! – Oh, my goodness, Logan, you see this? Yeah! Just, plowing through all the backpacks. – I’m gonna choose this one. We actually got this at the toy fair, in New York.
– So cute! I love that backpack. – Um, okay. – Another box! – I’m so done.
– RIP, Audrey, 2019. – I’m so done. I do not like these boxes.
– Oh, no. – Oh, there’s a paper slip. – It’s probably a dare. – “Stick your feet in ice
water for 30 seconds.” – Oh! Aw, that’s gonna be so cold. – I have freezing feet! – Yeah! Oh, I’m so glad I didn’t
get that one, phew! – Okay, let’s go get the ice water. All right, we got our ice water bucket. – Oh. – Ah, it’s so cold!
– It’s the good ice, too, it’s the pebble ice. – [Audrey] It’s the good ice. Okay, are we ready? – [Jordan] Okay, go for it, Audrey! (screams) – Okay, wait, how are both of
my feet gonna fit in there? Should I just do one foot?
– Thirty seconds on this foot, thirty seconds on that foot!
– No! It’s hard to. My foot is like, so cold, I feel like I’m sticking it in Antarctica! Oh, it’s so freezing, Jordan! It’s so cold! My foot, ah! Okay, should I try the other one? – Has it been thirty seconds? I haven’t been counting!
– What? Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, it’s so numb. – On the carpet! (screams) It’s so, it’s so cold! It’s as bad as like the
polar bear ice challenge! – Oh my goodness, remember
the movie “The Polar Express?” – You’re not even counting! – Oh, one, two.
– Jordan, no, you can’t start now! It’s already been in here
for like, 20 seconds! – Three Mississippi, four. (laughs) – My feet are, like, turning red! – You melted the ice! – My feet are turning red! – There’s lots of ice in there! – Okay, we’re going to the next one, we are done with this. – My turn! I’m gonna go with this one right here because it has a heart on it. And so, I’m getting good vibes. Let’s see what it is. Oh, Logan’s coming back, so
that must be a good sign! Yeah! Yes, it’s a pinata! It has something in it. Oh my gosh, I think it has candy in it. – You have to open the pinata. – Wait, Logan, come help me! Here! Ready, set, get it Logan! Get it! Get it! Go get it! (pinata crackling) – [Audrey] He’s ruining
our beautiful pinata! – Yeah, look at, poor pinata. – [Audrey] No. – [Jordan] He’s up, bring it up. Did you get it? Look at that! What’s inside? Yes! I got candy. Oh my goodness, I got a lot of candy. – I’m going to choose this one, in honor of “The Office.” – Oh yeah. – Cause it’s a great show. – Hopefully that brings good luck, in this round. Apparently not! – This is not even rigged. (laughs) – I’m so done. – Apparently not. There, there, sister. (screams) Oh, no. Oh, no. – “Perform your best opera show outside.” – Outside?! – Come one, come all, to my amazing opera performance. Are you ready, everyone? (cheering) Here we go! (opera music) (laughs) ♪ I’m a little teapot ♪ Okay, we’re done! Your turn! – My turn! – Please get a box. – I’m gonna go with the mini backpack – Oh. – Which is like, it’s a dangerous game to play
because all the mini backpacks have had bad things in them so far. So, let’s see what happens. (screams) – You’re gonna just eat all this food. – Yes! These are my favorite granola bars!
– These are my favorite! I’m so mad!
– I get a whole box to myself! These are my favorite granola bars! (laughs) – Okay, it’s my turn! I’m gonna have you choose for me, cause you apparently have good luck. – I don’t know why I
have all the good luck. – Okay, which backpack would you choose, and I’m gonna choose that one. – Well, I wouldn’t choose this one but I want you to pick this one cause I think there’s
something bad inside. – No, what would you choose?
What would you choose? – Um, this one. – Are you kidding me? The weird workout backpack? – That’s what I would pick next round. – (screams) Yay, the first good one! – No! – My foot care collection, for my cold bath I just had on my feet. This is perfect. – You know what, we’re just gonna go for this one. Cause like, I don’t know. We just gotta do it. Aw. See, I knew this one. Logan! (laughs) Found your toy. – Ew, look at the piece. (laughs) It’s so torn up! – Mmm. – Logan’s toys. – All of Logan’s toys. They’re slobbered on and
they’re like, chewed open! They’re really gross. – Logan seems to be having a good time. – Okay, I chose the adventure backpack. – This is my backpack with
a bunch of patches on it. (zipper zips) – Please be a good one. (screams) – Oh no, Audrey! (yells) Not again! Not again! – This challenge is not my favorite. You haven’t gotten one of these! – Oh, no! (laughs) – “Talk with your tongue
between your teeth “for the rest of the game.” (laughs) (clapping) Hello! (laughs) My name is Audrey! – I’m gonna go with this
one right in front of me. This green one. Lucky green. Yeah! Yes! Oh my goodness, I got a, Shimmeez! Look at this, it’s like
the Little Mermaid. Um, the mermaid beads. Or, sequins. Look at that! You can go like. Rainbow, silver. – Okay, it’s my turn. – Yay, I’m so happy! – I choose this one! Please be a good one! – Oh, no. (laughs) This game is rigged! – How are you getting all the boxes? – It’s rigged! – It’s not rigged at all, really it isn’t. – You’ve looked at them! – I didn’t see anything, I was upstairs! – “Wear your shirt backwards.” – “Wear your shirt backwards?” Oh, fun for you. – Your turn. – Okay, I’m gonna go with. This one! I don’t know why. I just, wanted to. You can see my pile of prizes. (screeches) Yes! This is the best thing ever! (screams) This is the best thing ever! Oh my goodness! – I choose that one! – How did I get so lucky? What in the world, oh my goodness. (yells) Okay, here you go Audrey, this one’s really light. I’m crossing my fingers for you. (laughs) Let’s see. (upbeat rock music) You’ve gotta be kidding me. There’s no way. You got another box? That’s impossible! – (muffled speaking) – I can’t even hear you. It says, “Take a weird
Snapchat filter picture and post it on your story.” Okay. Oh, yeah, by the way, you
can follow me on Snapchat at JustJordan_33. Self promo! – Oh my gosh, my roommate texted me, and said, “I was dying
when I got this text!” – She was dying when she got the text? There’s a lot of laughing emoji faces. – Okay, and now Snapchat. How about this one? (laughs) – Do that one. (laughs) – You’ve gonna put that on your story! (squeals) Oh, everyone’s gonna see that! Everyone’s gonna be like, “What in the world, Audrey?” – It’s on my story! Here you go! – I want this one, not this one. – Another one? – Yeah, I wanted this one. Oh, okay. Yes! Yes! I got my favorite cereal! Yay! – Does that mean I get this one? – I think so! – Is this the last one? – I think so, yeah. (yelps) Oh, I thought it was another
box for a second, I was like. – It is a box, but. – (gasps) Oh, you’re so lucky! That’s so cool! It’s a Giant Color Morph Bubble Ball! It has, like, slime inside. It’s like a stress ball. – This is was I need. (screams) – Oh my goodness, okay, sorry,
headphone users, I just. That’s so cool! – Okay, I am gonna talk normal now cause the challenge is over. – Is that slime? – I don’t know. – What in the world? – This is so cool. This is my only prize, besides this one, that you picked for me. Are you kidding me? This whole challenge, I got bad things. And now, you’re rich with lots of food. (laughs) That’s it, you guys, for today’s video. If you liked it, give it a big thumbs up and comment down below
who you thought would win, and if you were right or wrong because. – I really didn’t think I was gonna win! Cause at first it didn’t seem like it.
– I definitely lost. Also, if you have not already, remember to subscribe and
also hit the bell icon so you’re notified every
time I post a new video. I will see you guys next time! Bye!
– Bye! (upbeat music)

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