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(bouncy techno music) – Hi guys! It’s Audrey. I’m here with my sister… – Jordan from JustJordan33! – And today, we’re gonna be playing… Don’t Lose Your Cool! – Ah! – Hasbro sent us this
game, so thank you Hasbro. – Thank you! – But I was looking through
the comments on my videos, and a lot of you guys, like a ton of you wanted me to play this game, and so I thought I’d
bring Little Jordie along to play it with me! Alright, so we got it set up so far, and basically you put
this device on your head, and you try not to lose your cool. Oh my gosh, it looks so tall!
– Easy, right? – Okay, I’m gonna strap it on. – Oh, you’re gonna demonstrate first? – Yeah. – Okay, this needs to
be snug on the forehead. – Will you help me? Put this on my face. – Yeah, how does this? (laughing) – Okay, so what I’m gonna do
is I’m gonna calibrate it. You’re gonna roll the dice,
and then you’re gonna try to make me “lose my
cool” and make me laugh. So this is like the Don’t
Laugh/Try Not to Laugh Challenge. – Yeah. – K, ready?
– But don’t you lose your cool – Go. – It’s calibrating. – It’s reading my pulse, my heart rate, through my forehead? (game sounds stop) – K, three seconds starts. Exercise! (yelling and grunting) I can’t exercise! Sing. ♪ Feel the beat ♪ – No!
– ♪ From the tambourine. ♪ ♪ You are a dancing queen! ♪ (laughing) (screaming) ♪ You can dance, you can *mumbles* ♪ ♪ Having the time of your life! ♪ – Wait, did I win or did I lose? – Yes, you won! I was so close, it was
at this one right here! – She’s been singing
that song all day long, and it’s been so annoying! – Yeah. – You ruined the song for me. Okay.
– K, now it’s my turn. So that’s basically how you play. Simple enough, right? – I won. I got one point. Welcome to the Chum Bucket! (laughing) Okay, ready? – Wait.
– Covering. (squeal) Don’t laugh. – It’s making a – Don’t laugh. (laughing) Okay, I’m gonna roll the dice. – I’m already like laughing. – What three things can I do? Close talk, be a robot, and stare at them. I have to do all three at once. – Oh, you’re supposed to roll all three? – I don’t know; that’s what I’m doing. (game noises stop) Beep boop. (laughs)
– Stop. – Beep beep beep boop. Boo! Bee, bee. I’m a bee, bee. Do you love me? Are you ready? (laughing) – I told you it wasn’t tight enough! – Cause I want you. (laughing) Beep beep. (winning sound) No!
– Yay! Told you it wasn’t tight enough. I don’t have that big of a head! (laughing) Okay. Woo! – I hope this isn’t sending
like signals through my brain. – It’s sending that
sound through your brain. (repetitive game sound) So when you fall asleep tonight, that’s all you’ll be able to hear. – Joy, K, what’s your things? (rolling dice) – I get to be really nice, be
a robot, and flap your arms. So, first off: Hi Audrey. My name’s Jordan. Oh, I see that you don’t like
me talking really nice to you. (squealing) It’s okay.
– Stop! You can’t touch me;
that’s against the rules! – I’m really nice, I’m really- (rolling dice) Fart noises? (attempted fart noise) That didn’t work. (wet fart noises) I can’t make fart noises. Loud noises? (winning sound) – Like a boss. I don’t know how accurate
this is, but it’s fun. – Yeah. (rolling dice) – I have exercise, act
crazy, and be a zombie. This is gonna be a good one. (repetitive game sound) (Jordan muffled by game) (zombie sound) (zombie sounds) (laughing) (heavy breathing) I’m exercising. (heavy breathing) (zombie sounds mixed
with exercising sounds) Imagine a zombie doing exercises. (zombie exercising sounds) (laughing) I’m energized! (intense zombie exercising sounds) (laughing) How come it’s not going up at all for you? – I don’t know.
– I know you’re laughing. – I know I’m laughing on the inside. (winning sound) I’m a boss. Maybe it’s cause I’m wearing it sideways. (laughing) – Welcome to the Chum Bucket! – Hello. Actually, it probably is but that’s. Wouldn’t it like spot my hair? K, I have to make pig noises! Be a robot and slow motion. I’m ready for this round. (repetitive game sound) (techno music) (snorts) (squealing laugh) The rolling tongue! I can’t roll my tongue, guys,
but I just did it in my laugh. (game screeches)
(Jordan gasps) (snorting) (squealing) Oh yes! (declining game sound) (snorting) (snorting) Oh wait, I’m still- (winning sound) – Okay, you know what
I think we should do? – No! – We should switch up this challenge, and just do the Try
Not to Laugh Challenge. – Okay, we got this. – Alright, you ready? (drumming on table) Try Not to Laugh Challenge! You can’t smile; you can’t
laugh; you can’t make any faces. If you make a face, you’re out
– This is really hard. – This is the ultra round;
we’ll still use the dice. Stop, my turn.
– This is really hard. (dice shaking) – You can’t see what I’m about to do. (rolling dice) Okay. The time starts: now! Hello, Jordan. (laughing) – Why?! – I won! – I won! Okay, now it’s your turn. – Ah, you get me every time! – Ah, you get me every time! – Okay, ready? Set, Go. (snorting) (laughing) Why?! – I also got slow motion and, oh wait, and those loud noises of mine. (laughing) – Oh my gosh, I didn’t
even last 15 seconds! – I didn’t even last one second. – Okay, my turn.
– Okay, my turn. Wait, your turn. (rolling dice) – Hm, get ready. – This is so hard for me because I’m- – Set, go! (ukulele music) (failed snort) (laughing) I tried to make a pig noise, and I can’t! (laughing) – But when you go “Ah!”
that gets me every time because then we turn hyper.
– I tried going *snort* My way: *failed snort* (laughing and snorting) (rolling dice) Ready? Go! – Ooh! Ooh! I want your brains! I want your brains! (laughing) Om nom nom nom nom! Om nom nom nom! I can’t! Nevermind, I don’t like those brains. I’m a zombie! I’m a zombie! I’m a zombie! (laughing) You’re smiling just a
little bit, yes you are! – Stop it! – Yes! – Okay, it’s like almost
impossible not to smile. – Yeah, when you touch. – Okay, don’t touch each
other the rest of the game. – Okay, that’s impossible for me then. – Okay, ready? – Oh, I’m gonna laugh
– *mumbles* At 40 seconds! I only had 20 more seconds! – I’m gonna laugh on
this one; I just know it. Mm-mm. – I’m not even gonna follow these anymore. I’m gonna just do my own. – I know, right. (tapping) – You’re always smiling. This is an ASMR video. Crunchy slime. (loud tapping) Ow! (laughing) (loud tapping) – Ah, you’re right! Wow! – Go. – Yo all! Welcome to
Boburrito’s Joerritos! I’m back better than ever! You better believe it, sir, because. Oh, oh, I’m missing my mustache. And my accent. I am Boburrito’s Joerritos,
and I am back better than ever, because I am in every single Try Not to Laugh Challenge. So, what would you like to
order from my menu today? – Burrito. – Oh, that’s my specialty! Are you sure you want a burrito? – And a taco. – And a taco! (laughing) – I was trying to keep my cool! You didn’t have your mustache. – I know! I didn’t have
the supplies ready. – Okay. Final round! Okay, this Jran, I believe in us. We can’t laugh. It’s 10p.m. We’re hallucinating. – We are! – Okay, ready? – Okay. – Go. (buzzing) (buzzing) (buzzing) (buzzing) (buzzing) (buzzing) (screaming) (laughing) Sorry, I don’t know if I’m- (buzzing) (buzzing) (buzzing) (laughing) (laughing) (babbling) (babbling) (screaming) You! Dun, dun dun. Dun, dun dun. (buzzing) (screaming) (laughing) (screaming) – Why! I had three seconds left. I had three seconds left. Three seconds, three! Are you kidding me? I was almost about to laugh
the entire time though. You could tell I was like- – My winning technique goes ah! K, ready? – I don’t know what my
winning technique is. – I don’t know either. I’m gonna do my best not to laugh. I’m gonna do my best not to laugh. – Oh, I will be back;
I’ve gotta grab a prop! – No! Alright, so Jordan is coming in the room. I’m gonna start the timer. – [Jordan] Close your eyes. – Okay. Go. (banging sound) Oh no. – K, you can open, but just
don’t look under the table. ♪ We will, we will rock you. ♪ ♪ We will, we will rock you. ♪ (drumming on table) (laughing) (mumbling “We Will Rock You by Queen”) ♪ You got mud on your
face, a big disgrace. ♪ ♪ Da-da-da-da da da-da-da-da. ♪ ♪ We will, we will rock you! ♪ ♪ We will, we will rock you! ♪ (laughing) But it’s Lindsay! But it’s Lindsay! Ow, my voice! Just went like an octave higher. It’s Lindsay. Go watch the clock. No! – I won! I won, I won! I got so close to laughing, though. I smiled a tiny bit, but I didn’t laugh. – Man, I brought up my
hair styling doll, Lindsay. – I know, you like put her
right by my face, you’re like (screeching sound) (laughing) Oh my gosh. – That was an adventure. – Okay you guys, so that
is it for today’s video. We hope you enjoyed it, and
we hope you enjoyed us playing Don’t Lose Your Cool! – Yes! – Leave some suggestions down in the comments below what other
games you’d like us to play or other challenges, and my voice is gone. (laughing) Alright, remember to like,
subscribe, and share, and: – Hit the bell! – Bye!
– Bye! – Bye!
– Bye! What was that? (bouncy techno music)

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