Down Fill Power: Goose Down Explained

Down Fill Power: Goose Down Explained

Hi I’m Chris and today we’re talking about goose down and more specifically, fill power. I’ll explain what fill power is and
what each of the fill power numbers mean. So to get started, I’m sure if
you’ve been looking at down products you’ve noticed the fill power number, and that
number is important to pay attention to, because it communicates the quality of
down in that product A higher fill power number indicates a
higher quality of down then a lower fill power number. Fill power is a measurement of the
space that an an ounce of down takes up. For example, this jacket is filled
with six hundred fifty fill down so if I were to take an ounce of down out of this jacket that ounce of down would take up six
hundred fifty cubic inches of space. And the reason why higher fill power
numbers take up more space than and ounce of a
lower fill power down is that um… the ounce of higher fill power down just traps more insulating air pockets then the lower quality down That’s shown really well with the jars in front of me here. This has 550 fill down in it, and this jar has 700 fill down in it. If i hold the jars side by side, you
can see just how much more space that the seven hundred fill jar uh… takes up, even though they contain
the same physical weight of down. Again that’s just because it’s trapping more
more insulating air pockets and therefore it has a better insulating ability so stated a little bit differently. If
you are looking at 2 down products that were equally as warm and everything was held
constant other than the quality of down in those products the down product that had a higher
quality down in it would be lighter and more compressible
than the down product with the lower quality in it and if you’re trying to put all this down information on a quality spectrum five hundred fifty fill down is on the
lower end of the spectrum and 800 to nine hundred fill down is about the highest quality down that
you’ll find. so anyway guys, I hope you found this information helpful and if you have be sure to hit the thumbs up, or head on over to our channel to
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11 thoughts on “Down Fill Power: Goose Down Explained

  1. So according to this 550 down is low quality?? I just spent $225 on a 550 duckdown jacket. Thats a lot of cash for a low quality jacket

  2. I had a 800 down fill very light jacket north face jacket once but unfortunately cold was going thru stiches at 40 degrees farenheit I had to wear a hoody otherwise I was getting very cold I think a mixed 550 fill plus synthetic like heatseeker is best for good insulation

  3. I don t understand what you talking about but my winter jacket for this year is a vintage ELLESSE jacket in a excelent condition made in Italy which i found in feamarcket and guess what it was 4€ so with the explanation you gave that jacket price is around 200€,no thank you

  4. A lofting power of 400-450 is considered medium quality, 500-550 is considered good, 550-750 is considered very good, and 750+ is considered excellent. 750+ fill is very different from 400 fill. Most down commercially available is a secondary product of geese raised for consumption. The geese that are the source for lower fill down and are about four months old when "harvested" for food. Down from these geese will never loft like more mature down. The 700+ down fill comes from a small number of birds kept for breeding purposes throughout the year. These geese molt naturally in the spring. Their down is loose and is collected by hand. It is very rare and, of course, expensive. The larger individual plumeules are what gives greater loft. The difference between a sleeping bag with 550 fill power down and a sleeping bag with 700 fill power down is that the 700 fill power down sleeping bag will be lighter for the same warmth rating. High fill powers are most important for weight sensitive applications such as backpacking. A 550 down sleeping bag isn't necessarily a low quality bag, perhaps just a bit heavier than a 750 down sleeping bag that has the same warmth rating.

  5. Thanks, I hadn't seen this explained before. I'd wondered how sleeping bags could have different fill power but the same temperature rating.

  6. Thanks for the informative video. A question: how much down fill power is actually necessary in a soft shell jacket for 3 season hiking in low to mid elevations (up to 2400 meters high)? While hiking i assume that down jackets are generally too warm to wear? While at camp and sleeping i also have a fleece sweater not too mention a good down quilt. Ive seen very cheap duck down jackets from China (uniqlo) that are very inexpensive that probably have a fill power of 500. Is that sufficient if i carry also a fleece sweater?

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