Downhill Scooter Fail – Czech Republic

Downhill Scooter Fail – Czech Republic

Hey everybody and good morning from Mount Praded in the Jeseniky mountains of the Czech Republic I stayed in this TV transmitter tower last night at the top of the mountain and today our little blogger group will be going on more adventures in the Jeseniky mountains courtesy of Czech Tourism Now from what I understand, we will be riding scooters down a mountain I thought it’d be this mountain. But apparently it’s that mountain right behind me Funny enough, there’s actually a lake at the top of that mountain that we’ll be going to and I’ll be showing you what that’s all about So, let’s do the thing So now we’re at a ski resort And we’re gonna take the lift up the mountain then I think the bus up to the lake. We’ll see what happens from there That’s where we were just this morning now, we’re on the next mountain over So I’ve never actually been on a lake that’s at the peak of a mountain what they did was they dug out the top of the mountain so that they could you know Put this dam here and the water flows from the top of the mountain to the bottom and through that process, they create hydroelectric power That’s pretty neat All right now it’s time to get down the mountain. The way we’re doing that… check this out Woah Woah, this one’s got a big wheel. What the deuce? is this for off-roading? A scooter with big wheels and brakes Well, it’s about time to go on our death scooters Okay, time to go. We’ll see how well this works Not so well I’m good Did you crash? Yep, break slowly. I was a little careless, took a little tumble I’m okay, though. I’m determined to get down this mountain Yeah, I mean I’ve never done this before so I I was like yeah sure I’ll have a little wiggle room to you know do Did you have a GoPro in your hand? I did… it is no longer in my hand All good? You alright? Okay, you let you look better than I am The deal with these scooters is there’s really no room for error like you can’t look around, you can’t adjust anything you gotta have both hands on the handlebars, all fingers on the brakes and got to brake slowly. That is the important thing That’s a tough thing to learn at first actually because you’re you kind of want to just clench the thing But that could end very badly as you can see How are you? I’m fine. No broken bones. I might have a plaster, I need to check Yeah, that could probably use something. some cleaning Ha, might need two I don’t know if that’s gonna. maybe if you just put some of this on it and just leave it air out You want to throw some water on it? Should we clean it? Yeah Let’s go Yeah This much Omg! Your right hand as well? Yeah Yeah, but I’ve had worse Ha, I’m sure Adventure FAM! Yes, it’s all part of it My phone camera is not okay, but the rest of my cameras are oh gosh Hard stop! What’s up, Dave? Nice dude Being an adventurer is a little bit like being a fire dancer, I think Sometimes you get burned But, you know what It’s all part of the adventure and I’m actually feeling pretty good. Even though a lot of things sting on my body right now How was it everyone? Awesome! Is he gonna die? No We are, um… fall buddies? Blood brothers That is the face of steel Does it hurt? It stings, yes Does it hurt, Giusy? Yes Okay, so I’ve actually made it back to Prague where the bathrobes are oh so comfortable So I last left you in the medics office What I wanted to show you is what they treated me with for the scrapes Actually turned my skin blueish green and it doesn’t wash off So I guess I’ll be wearing this for a few days and you might see it in more videos Speaking of which, make sure you subscribe for more awesome content like this from the Czech Republic and all over the world thumbs up for road rash and blue skin This hotel was actually provided for me by Amazing Places, a great resource in the Czech Republic for accommodation. I’ll link them below Okay, I’ll catch you in the next video. Take care

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  1. A great video, as always Red White and Blue. I sthe flsg of your country not all that great in the body my young friend. So glad your all right. Please take care, we count on you for our adventures.

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