Dr. Phil Can’t Stand This Nerd…

Dr. Phil Can’t Stand This Nerd…

100 thoughts on “Dr. Phil Can’t Stand This Nerd…

  1. I mean I guess it make sense he hates his life so he try’s to escape to a new one But ya he definitely has a big problem

  2. I haven’t missed a day of school since 3RD GREAD. HOW YOU THINK I FEEL??!?!!
    There have been days were I feel like crud, yet I still go to school.

  3. In high school I was 6 foot 190 and my mom was 5 foot 120 and she still scared me. I would never act like that

  4. I'm depressed for a slot of reasons the main one being school 😔 I'm bullet proof, nothing to lose fire away fire away.

  5. My biggest brother punched the bathroom door so hard there was a dent. He was okay though. Mum and dad had to fix it but it’s okay.

  6. I got my GED to help get a job and pay the bills… dont shame people for having to do curtain things to help there family out

  7. If he doesn’t want to get in the car say that ur going to gamestop or something and lock the car doors and boom u got him in the car

  8. Madea would be the best counselor. If he doesn't obey. Madea would show him a taste of his own medicine

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