Drake kisses 17 year old girl at concert😚

Drake kisses 17 year old girl at concert😚

whats your name? Tia Tia? Where you from? Denver Y’all make some noise for Tia from Denver, ya. You look very nice tonight, by the way.. I like (…) hair, your (…) Stand right there Gimme that (…) get ready for you, cus I gotta be ready for you. *snif snif snif* Told you I like your hair, right? What is, is it like Herbal Essence? I get in trouble for sh*t like this! How old are you? 17 Aah (…) oh my god man, I can’t go to jail yet man! 17? Why you look like that? You thicc Look at.. look at all this.. *kiss* FBI open up! It’s okay, I’m over 23. I can do sh*t like that.

11 thoughts on “Drake kisses 17 year old girl at concert😚

  1. He is 23 in this video and they're in CO where the age of consent is 17. So the girl isn't underage here. I think people should leave him alone about this. It's unfair to him.

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