Dresden, Germany: Backpacking Europe

Dresden, Germany: Backpacking Europe

(music) Joe: WOW! IT’S A PARK! WE’RE IN A VIDEO! Sonnie: We’re pretty sure we just found an angel with a kiss on his butt cheek. o0o0o0o I wanna pop it! I wanna pop it! I WANNA POP IT! AHH! Oh!! I didn’t get it! Aww! Oh! I’m ganna get it! I’m ganna get it! ::squeaks and giggles:: We’re standing on top of the wall now. All of these buildings are almost so grand that they’re intimidating. Pretty sure all of these people are playing Pokemon Go… including my husband. Hey, Germany. Why do you like your pillows HUGE? These are huge pillows you have here. We’re having bad luck with busses today. Our first one was cancelled. And now we rescheduled and our second one is running really late… and all these other busses are here and they’re not our bus. We don’t know where our bus is.

3 thoughts on “Dresden, Germany: Backpacking Europe

  1. Hello Sonnie! It's Martin from Joe's work. No, not him, the good Martin! 🙂 I quite like your travel videos but can I make a request? I'm not a fan of the music in them but that's just my preference, however the volume is a big powerful when the beat kicks in. I might just be an old man but I find when it fades down for your voice-over that I usually miss the start because its substantially more quiet – and I've turned it down. Keep up the good work though 🙂

  2. kinda funny but , I'm scottish and was watching a couple of your things…had to comment in this though as I live in Dresden now…

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