Eagles Nest Outfitters Blaze Underquilt

The Eagles Nest Outfitters Blaze Underquilt
is insulation built to hang underneath of your hammock, to keep you warm and extend
your hammock camping into three seasons. The design here is pretty ingenious. If you
think about being in a sleeping bag inside a hammock, all of your weight, when you are
in the hammock, is going to compress that insulation and it is not going to keep you
as warm, because it is not going to be lofty. But since this hangs underneath of your hammock,
when you weight your hammock it is not going to compress that insulation. It is going to
move with you and hang underneath of you. And that way it is going to keep you warm
from underneath and all around the sides of your hammock. So this insulation is going to keep you warm
around 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but it does need to be paired with some sort of over
quilt in order to get it down to those temperatures. The over quilt will be sold separately. But
this is just a really great system. It is easy to use. It is insulated with very high quality 750
fill duck down. So it is very lightweight. It is compact. And the weight is going to
be around 24 ounces. So it packs down really nice and small into an included stuff sack.
So that stuff sack is very lightweight. It allows you to stuff it down and throw it in
your backpack, but it also comes with a storage sack from Eagles Nest. So you can store it
lofty at home. It is really easy to set up. So you have got
a bungee that runs the length of this Underquilt. And that bungee attaches to the karabiners
of either side of your hammock. You obviously hang it underneath and then you can make adjustments
from there. The sides here have another bungee that goes
around the edge and you can cinch that down. So you can see this bungee right here. I can
cinch that up, so that it holds in the heat from the different sides of your hammock.
So you can have a nice cocoon, a nice nest in there to keep you warm and comfortable. The face fabric is really lightweight. It
is a nylon rip stop with a DWR finish. So you do have some weather resistance, some
water resistance, but you do want to keep this dry with that down insulation. The length here is about 80 inches long. So
it is going to work really well with any Eagles Nest Hammock or virtually any other hammock.
And then the girth here is about 40 inches from side to side. So it is meant to kind
of tuck up around you. When you are in the hammock you can pull it up around you and
then, again, when you have that overquilt over top of you, you are going to have that
really nice nest that is going to keep you nice and warm in the backcountry. It is the Eagles Nest Outfitters Blaze Underquilt.

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