Eagles Nest Outfitters Vulcan Underquilt

The Eagles Nest Outfitters Vulcan Underquilt
provides a convenient way for you to ex-tend your hammock camping into three seasons. We
have got the Vulcan underquilt set up underneath of an Eagles Nest Outfitters hammock. And
the great thing about this sys-tem is that instead of having a blanket or a sleeping
bag or a quilt on the inside of your hammock where you are going to compress all of that
insulation beneath you, the under quilt hangs underneath of your hammock. So as you crawl
into the hammock and put your weight into it, this is going to move with you. And it
is going to provide all of the warmth you need from underneath. So it is not going to
let that cold air sneak in through the insulation. The insulation used here is a synthetic, Premaloft
synergy insulation. And the outer mate-rial is a rip stop with a DWR finish, durable water
repellant finish. So this is going to be great against morning condensation. If you are in
humid or damp conditions, it is not go-ing to take on a lot of water. It is really going
to resist that moisture. And should it be-come wet, synthetic materials dry out really fast.
So that Premaloft material really resists that moisture. It still packs down to be pretty
small and pretty compact. So the weight here is right around 30 ounces for this underquilt.
And it does come with a small nylon stuff sack that you can stuff it into and throw
it into your backpack. The other features you get here, it is about
six feet eight inches long when it is completely spread out. And then from side to the other
side is about four feet. So you definitely get enough coverage from head to toe and,
again, since it hangs beneath your hammock it is going to stretch the length of your
hammock there. There are stretchy draw cords on either side.
So you have got one draw cord that con-nects to the carabineer of your hammock. And that
is adjustable. So what I normally do is I set up one side, set up the other side and
then I adjust it to be right in the middle of my hammock or right exactly where I need
it to be. And then there is a separate draw cord that goes around each edge so that is
going to allow youth to cinch it up around your feet. If you go into kind of the blanket
here, you can cinch it up around your head as well. So that just provides a little bit
more insulation. The temperature range here is meant for temperatures
around 35 to 45 degrees. And it is advised that you pair it with some sort of overquilt
of sleeping bag or something that is going to insulate you from the top as well. So this
is meant to work in tandem. This goes underneath and then something else goes over top. And
that is sold separately. But this system is really convenient. It is warm. And Eagles
Nest Outfitters just brings you a lot of innovations for being able to extend your hammock camping
into all seasons throughout the year. It is the Eagles Nest Outfitters Vulcan Underquilt.

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