Earl Sweatshirt & Samiyam – What’s In My Bag?

Earl Sweatshirt & Samiyam – What’s In My Bag?

What up, this is Earl, we’re doing ‘What’s in My Bag’ for Amoeba Samiyam And I have things. Alright, let’s just start with these out the gate This was prompted by Sam, all of these really shitty fucking amazing horror movies We got ‘Mad Cow’ ‘Part man, part cow. Udderly crazy.’ Y’know what I mean? Let’s get that goin’ ‘Viral Assassins.’ This looks terrible. Are you boys planning on partying and
playing strange bellhop games? Are you for real? They’re all Troma films. ‘Redneck Zombies’ is definitely a go. This is a good one, I actually watched this years ago. It’s a bunch of fat guys with overalls getting toxic waste poured on ’em. Then they turn into Zombies. I don’t know if there was anything else that made it good, but that was enough for me. And then we got Toxie If you don’t know what’s good then it’s fucked for you. I don’t think I’ve seen this one yet: ‘Citizen Toxie.’ I mean, he’s got on a fuckin’ tutu on the cover of this one so that’s a go. The guy is the janitor at some kind of country club and he gets toxic waste dumped on him and he turns into a superhero, a big mutated superhero and he just fights crime He beats people to death with a mop and stuff like that. It’s really good. These are deep though, these are deep in the series so there’s like existential questions on the back like, What’s a hideously deformed creature with superhuman size and strength to do after he’s eliminated crime from his hometown? It’s like a coming-of-age story. So we’re gonna waste a good amount of time with these. Don’t look at that side. Explain yourself. The Residents. This album I haven’t heard, I don’t know what it’s about. but it says that this side explains why Hitler was a vegetarian It’s off Ralph Records I don’t know, how do you explain The Residents? They’re just crazy. Yeah, they’re good food for your sampler. We got a bunch of Residents stuff. ‘Duck Stab,’ ‘Intermission’… Shouts out to The Residents, man This one has the most fire on it. It looks disgusting, but then it’s just… a mouth with a toothpick in between each other tooth. Then you got these dudes in the toothpick haystack Looks pretty chill. These guys are really dope, they perform with giant eyeball masks on top of their heads Residents. Moving right along Had to pick up the ‘Ethiopian Soul and Groove’ If you don’t know what’s good with Ethiopian music… just go listen to some Ethiopian music. Check the food out too. It’s always time for Ethiopian everything. Start at Fairfax, go to the entry-level Ethiopian food. Merkato’s, Nyala, go get you a big-ass cake at Hanson’s. A couple gospel 45s This label has good stuff on it, a lot of the time Savoy. The artist is The Famous Ward Singers The song is called ‘Hold Back the Tears’ So I thought anyone who’s on the verge of crying, singing a gospel song is probably gonna have something I enjoy listening to. There’s a lot of really bad gospel. Yeah if it’s just, like, boring as fuck There’s no soul. Major chord progressions. It’s all just very happy. It can ruin the mood. If you don’t look at the back, you’ll get a gospel record with no instruments on it, just a dude and an organ talking about Jesus touching him. And then I got this Andraé Crouch record because I’d seen a bunch Andraé Crouch records at Knowledge’s house and he’s kind of the authority on gospel He might have so many of those, because the guy put out a lot of records and a lot of them are pretty easy to get Yeah, that’s the thing about gospel, though it’s cheap, it’s everywhere and when it’s good, it’s fuckin’ great. I got these Dollar Brand records I try to pick up all the Dollar Brand I can South African piano player, pretty prolific My dad put me up on that guy Yeah, he’s the best. This one and… this one. My dude’s goin’ ham on the back, know what I mean? I got a couple cassettes. I don’t know if I really need to buy this, but I just want to sample something off ‘Moments in Love’ off a cassette. That’s the fuckin’ *sings melody* Yeah, exactly *sings melody* and then you cut the song in. I think the drums will probably sound good off the cassette They had some crazy 808’s in there. Flora. Most of these shits are heat, they always got really good musicians like George Duke arranged it Stanley Clarke was on a bunch of these albums So these are a go, like all Flora. I really shouldn’t have spilled those beans Right, you said a lot of things there. Yeah, I’m not done making Flora beats Don’t go get these yet. Forget that I said this. The man, Todd. Hit factory. Weirdo. He’s always a go. And then I got this Seawind record. because the last Seawind record I got hit me with a real nice loop. That’s a crazy cover. Yeah, fuckin’ weird-ass What is that, a pirahna? Yeah, let’s see what’s going on. Yeah they look great. I’m with that. Onto the mystery bag. This is the money bag, right here. Two overripe bananas. Let’s go. Overripe, but it’s not to the point where you’ve got to make banana bread with it. Got the deal on the Haribo. Shouts out to Haribo for life. 3 in 1 total hydration for the lips And I think that’s the damage we did here today. Gotta go watch these movies now. Everybody check out the new produce section. Thanks guys. Thank you for having us. You guys are the best. Yeah thank you guys.

100 thoughts on “Earl Sweatshirt & Samiyam – What’s In My Bag?

  1. I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but this music kinda sucks? sure it's cool to be "different" but this music meant for getting high and nothing else.

  2. When Earl started talking Flora I busted in my jeans. I wonder if he listens to Stanley Clarke's band with Chick Corea, Al DiMeola, and Lenny White – Return To Forever

  3. AMOEBA! I just discovered this channel and playlist today and have been bingeing on these videos. The song 'Moments in Love' by Art of Noise is a song I've been trying to find FOREVER! I remember, as a kid, The Poetess was a late-night radio host on 92.3 The Beat when I was a kid and this was her intro/theme song! This video has ended literal decades of searching!

  4. "What's up, nigga?
    Why you so depressed and sad all the time like a little bitch?
    What's the problem, man?
    Niggas want to hear you rap
    Don't nobody care about how you feel, we want raps, nigga"

  5. The Cool Kids sampled "Moments in love" on their Mixtape "Gone Fishing. The song is called Art of Noise. Good song, both, i mean

  6. Earl looking like somebody that got stung by bees on his face. I own all his albums so I can say that shit🖕

  7. jeez I forgot about art of noise. listen to that shit if you want to hate yourself. good call on seawind though

  8. Instantly like, had to skip some of the indie horror stuff. Toxic Avenger fucked me up as a kid, like not even for whether it’s scary or not the concept and the look just traumatized the shit out of me…

  9. This was a few months after Logic was
    featured on an episode, who actually saw
    Earl while shopping through the store, which
    is what he says when shows off Wolf by Tyler,
    The Creator.

  10. Citizen Toxie: toxic avenger 4 is a legitimately funny and entertaining ass movie, the last gold to come out of Troma probably. As usual the accompanying feature length making of is also better then the movie as Lloyd Kaufman blows blood vesicles and a motley crew of NYCs finest wannabe film making yuppie heroin injecting PAs get tortured and have their dreams pissed on.

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