Easy DIY Backpacks for Back To School 2017!

[Music] What’s up guys? It’s Sarah. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m back with some diy backpacks. Honestly, I’ve probably never been more proud of how diys turned out I was kinda nervous because I was like “Diy-ing a backpack can be a big commitment,” But these diys are super, super easy and They’re also a really easy way to make a super cheap, like, Target backpack Look really bomb. So if you guys want to have super on fleek backpacks, then I got you! Hopefully you guys like this video and if you do, Give it a thumbs up for me and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Also, in case you guys didn’t know, at the moment I’m posting a week of videos which is where I post five videos, over five days. So if you guys aren’t subscribed, hit the subscribe button, so you don’t miss out! And I’m also having a giveaway so make sure to follow me on Instagram So you guys can enter. My handle is @sarahjanebetts, and this is what my Instagram feed looks like. I feel like I’m the world’s most awkward human being. Before we get into the video, leave a comment down below letting me know What you year you’re in at school, because I’m pretty nosy. Let me know. Do you guys call it ”a year” or ”a grade” ? Where I live, we call it “a grade”. Anyway, let me know what year/grade you guys are in at school, and let’s get into the video! All I’m gonna to kick off the very first diy backpack is just go in, and take some hot glue. I always use hot glue in my diys Just because, like, it dries quicker, but you guys could totally use fabric glue or other glue but like hot glue is super quick. And like, to be completely honest, I kind of just want to use my backpack as soon as possible so I didn’t really have time to wait for glue to dry and seriously you guys need to prepare yourself for the easiest diy ever! All I’m doing is just taking different ribbons that I found at a craft store, so like all different colors, add like crochet ones, daisy chain ones and then just taking that ribbon. I cut it down into like the width of my backpack and just stuck it on with some hot glue in like all different alternating rows I feel like the hardest part about this diy is actually just choosing which Ribbons you guys want to put on your backpack But the easiest way to do it is totally not buying a roll of Ribbon and just buying it per meter Because it’s so much cheaper to do it like that and of course you guys can go in and customize it. I went for like this pastel vibe with like Daisy chains and crochet Ribbon But you guys could go in and do like a rainbow on your backpack or also I found this really cute Ribbon, and it was like embroidery which I thought was awesome So I have this denim backpack that I thought it was like Kinda cute, but I was like low-key I feel like I can make this wake you know with some iron on patches So I went to craft store and picked up some iron ons and I looked at Urban outfitters And these were so much more expensive at Urban outfitters so maybe try the craft store instead If you guys have never used these before which I actually havent before i did this video so like join the club But basically or you do take your iron And you just want to turn it on to the setting without steam and just go in and iron them straight on to your backpack Another thing I went in and did is took the ones with the pins in the back so like the pin patches And I just ripped the pin off because I felt like it wouldn’t be that sturdy for like a school backpack And I hot glued it on and that was actually holding up Super well So you can do that as well? And if you guys are using the iron on just make like super super short nothing was going to go wrong I just took a piece of fabric and put it in between the patch and my iron just to make sure it didn’t damage my Patch or the back pack Number three on doing is taking this pink backpack Going in with some fabric paint and alter I’m just taking it so much contact hyper as well And then on the back of your contact paper you guys just want to take like a little heart shape you can totally just freehand This though I did like cut out a stencil very extra But you guys can totally skip that step and then I’m just going to trace that little heart onto the back of my contact paper And then you’re just going in it with an exacto knife you just want to cut that out and then you’ll be left with like a little love heart stencil on contact paper And then all you want to do is a stick it onto your backpack taking your paint on a dabbing fun You just want to dab in the paint super carefully just make sure like That isn’t going to be any paint seeping underneath and you can peel it off and reuse the stencil as well Which is really cool, but I just find making the stencil with contact paper especially on a backpack. That’s not a flat surface It’s just like really easy normally when you make a stencil out of just like paper And normally just like mirrors around and smudges the paint so you guys don’t want to stuff up your backpack And then totally try at making the stencils out of contact paper instead and once I was finally done with my stenciling I just peeled it off let it dry for like a fair while I think you have to let every paint draft like 24 hours But 24 hours later you guys will be left with the coolest backpack ever So that is it for these DIY backpaks. i hope you all liked this video I’m super obsessed with patches of the where bus but like let me know retail me Joe pay if all sorry wired down the comments Don’t forget to let me know what year slash grade you guys are in at school or going into if you haven’t started yet And maybe I’m super bored at the moment I’ll have my back to school and links link down below you guys can go check it out. It’s a diy but i still have 2 videos left for the week of videos Make sure go back tomorrow and mixtape come over here is the back is gold and I’ll see ya

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