Edible School Supply Challenge πŸ˜‹ | Ruth & Ruby Ultimate Sleepover | Disney Channel

Edible School Supply Challenge πŸ˜‹ | Ruth & Ruby Ultimate Sleepover | Disney Channel

– Welcome to Ruth…
– And Ruby’s… Both: Ultimate
Sleepover Challenge! – Hey, guys, what’s up? It’s Ruth and Ruby back here with another
Ultimate Sleepover Challenge. And no sleepover is complete
without some DIY crafting. – So we’re gonna show you guys how we make school supplies
that you can eat. – Welcome to Edible
School Supplies challenge.[triumphant fanfare]– Can we eat the sign?
– We’ll find out. – We’re gonna first start off
with some edible scissors. So this is two different
kinds of mold putty. And I’m forming it into one. Whoop.
I can–I can hold it. Next step,
take a pair of scissors and press them into the mold. Oh, okay.
This is good. Now the mold has to dry. – So while Ruthie’s mold
is drying, I am going to microwave
these little hard apple candies until it’s liquid. [button beeps,
microwave whirs, dings] This is perfect!
– Excellent. Okay, we have
a dried mold here. Now we’re just gonna
take out the scissors and replace it
with the candy goo. We want it to end up
looking something like this. We’re gonna take
one of these yellow candies, and we’re gonna put it
on the bottom. – Okay, here we go. – Yes. Yes. [gasps]
You’re doing so good. – It really helps to have
a motivational speaker right next to you. – Yeah! Then we’re gonna put
another yellow candy on the top of that. Okay, just once you’re done
eating that. – Okay, I’m done. This candy goo is delicious. It’s like candy spaghetti. – Okay, now we’ve gotta
let this dry. – Okay, so the candy
has dried. It’s time to take out this mold
and see what it looks like. Oh! We did it! – [gasps]
Oh, my gosh! – Yo! Wow!
– This is actually– – That’s so cool!
– This is very good. [candy snaps]
Oh. Whoo! Sour.
[laughter] [candy snaps, crunches] – Best scissors
I’ve ever had. We are going to be making
pencils now, and I’m gonna warn you. These are some of the most
realistic edible pencils you’ll probably ever see,
so just brace yourself. Right now I’m just
getting the mold all softened
and mixed together. And then you’re gonna stretch
it out to as long as a pencil. And I’m just gonna
push the pencil in and then close it up
so it seals. Once it’s dried,
pop your pencil out. There you have it. So now we have the perfect mold
for our pencil, and what are we gonna
fill the mold with, Ruthie? – We are going to fill it
with white chocolate chips. We’re gonna put it
in the microwave for 30-second intervals
and stir. [both screaming] – We’re gonna be using
food coloring, and we’re gonna turn
this white chocolate yellow. – Oh, yeah. Hey, it’s starting to look
a little more yellow. I think it’s ready
to go in our mold. Let’s put it in the syringe. I think that’ll definitely
help us with accuracy, because I’m very clumsy. We’re gonna use this
to inject it into the mold. [gasps]
[both scream] That’s a big no-no. Let’s just–just–
– That’s okay. Pro-blem… both: Solved. Okay, so our chocolate pencil
is now dry, and it’s time to paint it. For the paint,
we’re gonna be using food coloring and icing. And for the more detailed work, we are gonna use
edible marker. Okay, the lead is finished,
and I think we’re done. I think we did
a really great job. – It does look like
a real pencil. Should I try it out? – Try it. Try–
– [gasps] Oop. Well, this is the piece
I’m gonna have. [laughter] [candy snaps] That’s good.
It’s really sweet. Would recommend. – We are now going to be making
an edible ruler. – I’m just gonna put some
corn starch all over the pad. – It just really
keeps everything from sticking to the table. Now that our hands
are all… [claps] Pasty…
– [yelps] – We’re gonna take our dye, and we’re just gonna cover that
all over the gum paste. Now we’re just gonna
knead it together. – So we’ve got a rolling pin, and now it’s time
to get to work. – The goal is
just keep working it until it’s about
as thin as a ruler. Now we’re gonna trace the edges
of the ruler and cut it out. – Okay.
– Ta-da! – We let the gum paste dry, and now it’s time
to add our marks so we can make it
look like a ruler. – Cue intense music. [both humming dramatic melody] – [gasps] – All right. Yay!
– Done! Whoo!
– Whoo-hoo! So mine has, you know, a little
customizable swirl at the top. – Mine doesn’t.
But that’s all right. Here we go.
One, two, three. [both chomp] I really don’t mind this. – This is actually
pretty good. – Yeah, thank you guys so much
for watching our Edible DIY
School Supplies video. This has been a lot of fun, and we’ll see you next time.

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  1. If this is blue u love Disney❀️🌹

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  2. Do you think they're really out of me is I mean they could not really like each other like a Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez I mean Miley and Selena had to pretend to be like best friends

  3. not to be rude but I miss the old shows like good luck Charlie, dog with a blog, girl meets world Jessie .and all of those shows

  4. I look forward to Friday just for these!

    Also, Ruth is 14 now and it kind of shows in a way, her face is maturing a teeny bit! Being older makes a her a bit prettier too! πŸ™‚

  5. Well, I read some comments not sure what most were talking about. I like the idea but mostly as a joke to play on teacher's. As for snicking candy into class now adays just telling your teacher that your blood sugar is low is more than enough to be allowed to eat candy. Of course telling the teacher that she ate my supplies still gets a strange look from the teacher's. Thank you Ruby and friend.

  6. Umm these are like Wengies edible school supplies πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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