El Salvador Travel Guide | Ahuachapan to San Salvador for a TV Interview (2019)

El Salvador Travel Guide | Ahuachapan to San Salvador for a TV Interview (2019)

Bienvenidos A El Salvador! 🎼 So this morning, we are off, we are
leaving the hotel where we’ve been staying Hotel La Casa de la Mamma Pan
here in Ahuachapan and we are heading to San Salvador today, we get in the
public bus back to San Salvador and we’re meeting up with Edwin and the guys
there because this afternoon I’m not sure how it happened but this afternoon we’ve managed to get on a local TV station. So we are being interviewed, which should be interesting, that should definitely test Mariannes’ Spanish, and I say Marianne’s because I don’t speak much Spanish, apart from ‘hola’ and so yes the first thing is we’ve got to go and try and find where the bus station
is and see if we can find a tuk-tuk, or a taxi or something to to get us there, and we just like to say thank you to all the lovely staff here at Casa de la Mamapan, everybody’s been so welcoming and it’s so well located here that it just made our stay perfect. Thank you ! 🎼 Adios ! Okay, so the first thing we’ve got to do is go and try and find a tuk-tuk, and we’re down by the square here there’s
quite a few tuk tuks passing by so shouldn’t be a problem. 🎼 It’s gonna be a squeeze getting all our bags into the tuk-tuk and that was super easy, within seconds a tuk-tuk stopped for us, and we are on our way to the local bus terminal. And when I checked the price with the lady at the hotel. She said it would be 50c each. And when i checked with the driver, I said there is 2 of us and all the bags. How much will it cost ? And he said 1 Dollar !!
Which is exactly the price she said, 50c each!! so if you’re worried about anybody in El Salvador trying to rip you off, or take advantage of you as a tourist? That has never happened to us here. 🎼 So after just a five-minute tuk-tuk ride, we have arrived here at the main bus station here in Ahuachapan and now we’re gonna go find where to get a bus to San Salvador and I’ve got to say I was just struggling to get my rucksack on, and three men from different directions came straight over to help. Everyone’s so nice here! 🎼 Oh the bus has arrived straight away, that is absolutely perfect timing. It’s just two dollars fifty each, and they
have different types of buses, it’s best to get the special bus, which is air-con bus, lots more comfortable. 🎼 So that was super easy we are now on the bus -10:23am so probably leaves about 10.30 Yes there is a local bus, that is $1.50, but we have an appt in San Salvador And apparently this bus has less stops and is quicker, and has air-con! The chicken buses which are the school buses tend to be a lot slower, more experience, more adventure – Yeah we love the local buses are really good fun the local buses, but yeah as
Marianne says, today it’s about getting there from A to B as quickly as we can. 🎼 This is this the most comfortable bus we have been on ! It really is !! It feels reclined before you even recline it!
yeah I think this is probably the most comfortable public bus we have been on!
reclining seats, air-con, even got a little pocket for your drink,
and was very comfortable I think the bus ride is probably about two hours. So it is good that it is comfortable. I need to share with you my experience of
nuts in El Salvador! Look at the size of that nut! We bought some fresh cashews from one of the street vendors before we got on the bus these nuts are massive! that is a cashew nut ! Look at the size of it !! And they are so delicious This whole bag and we’ve already eaten a lot was about £3, which is crazy. You pay about £3 for about that many where we come from. So after a two hour bus ride we have
arrived back in San Salvador ! okay good my friend, you? 🎼 We have met up with Eduardo from EC Tours, and he’s giving us a lift into town 🎼 So we’ve arrived back in San Salvador,
and look who we have found! we found Estephany and if you haven’t
seen the video that we did with the walking tour with EC Tours in San
Salvador. It was a Estephany that took us around and it was a Estephany that gave
us the best first impression of this wonderful Country, that we have grown to
love and we are just enjoying, so we’re going to hang out with the guys from EC
Tours and we might even go and get a bit of lunch, before we got a TV
interview this afternoon! That’s his fault! If you want to know what a real
Salvadorian woman is like, it is this women here!! When we met her on the free walk, around San Salvador for our very first visit she’s so hopeful, so proud, so full of hope, that we fell in love with this Country. So thank you, Estephany, for the best welcome ever to El Salvador. Did you order a big salad? I thought I would try something healthy! But look behind her! What is that ?! Just a couple of slices of pizzas! We thought we’d have a healthy lunch because we haven’t had any breakfast, and it’s the guys from EC Tours fault that we’re eating so much pizza!! So after far too much pizza with
these guys, we are now heading to a hotel here in San Salvador, Katy is coming in,
and yeah these guys are the epitome of El Salvadorian hospitality, for sure the
TV interview this afternoon has been delayed until tomorrow,
so we get a nice lazy afternoon and it’s a women’s program so it’s gonna be all
about me!! So we’re leaving the hotel and we should
be being met by Edwin from EC tours because this afternoon, we are being
interviewed for a TV station here in El Salvador on our travels, so that’s super
cool! Look at the colour of that sky! That is seriously going to rain! 🎼 The studio is back there, and they are recording at the moment! Ssshh So we’re down here at Mujer Express in the studios and we are miked up, and we are sat down in it’s very comfy chairs, There is the screen that is slightly off putting! seeing yourself! and Katy’s over here and she’s going to do some filming for us, and then our agent over here from EC Tours! who somehow managed to get us on the TV, not quite
sure how that happened! Not that I am nervous at all and mumbling like a crazy woman!! But yes, so this is a setup, everyone’s
been super fab and interviewing us in English! Yes! we think so if not I’ve been doing extra moments in my Spanish lessons, so fingers crossed! Greetings and welcomes !! So we are going to have a chat of 12 minutes two, different of 6 minutes each, OK Lets do it !! Tread the Globe! Marianne ad Chris Fisher Marianne, Chris welcome to our show. it’s a pleasure to have you here, it’s very different kind of guest and I love it, I
love it and well we want to get started knowing about you, we had the perfect
lifestyle, we have the good jobs, we have three children that left home and life
was really good for us but then we had a couple of life
changing events, a couple of my friends passed away a Marianne’s best friend
actually got really sick, so she donated her kidney, and it made us re-look at our
priorities in life, and so we’ve always wanted to travel, so we quit the job, we
sold everything in our house. We’ve rented that house out, and now we’re
attempting to visit every country in the world. We get on so well and we decided that what better way to enjoy our life as a married couple, than to actually visit these different
cultures, these beautiful places and just be able to share it, with our friends and
family with our YouTube channel, in fact it was our children, who suggested that
we start a YouTube channel. Wow, I’m blown away and I really happy that you guys are here, telling all our beautiful audience about this. And we toured Ireland, we toured Europe and we’ve been to Central America since January So we’ve been here for five months, backpacking ! That is why we look like this !! Ha Ha Ha !!! We have just been so lucky to have such a wonderful experience.
We’ve been welcomed by so many people and we are so happy to be in El
Salvador. We came on a walking tour just because we decided to do not have
any belief in any negative social media or any kind of negative media
content about any of these Central American countries, and we came here met up with some guys from EC Tours they took us on
a tour of downtown San Salvador and that video actually has over twenty one
thousand views, and I cannot tell you how many comments we have had.
All of these comments, positive, so proud and and that’s one of our things that we
appreciate the most from Salvadorian people. How proud they are, how hopeful they are, we had a beautiful experience kayaking in Suchitoto, on Suchitlan, and it was the most beautiful, peaceful, the lake was like glass, all the wildlife it
was just beautiful that’s my moment. That is your moment. For me it is the people, the
people have made El Salvador something very special really very special, thank you so much
for coming, thank you so much for telling every Salvadorian about the treasure
that we actually have here, and reminding us to really enjoy it every day and
enjoy life, so thank you very much and I wish you all the best in this journey,
and thank you to all of El Salvador for having us. it’s raining central American style you
don’t want to get caught in that! when it rains, it really rains! is this getting me ready for a camera in my face?!

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