Ellen Presents New Emotional Support Luggage

Ellen Presents New Emotional Support Luggage

A lot of people are bringing
emotional support animals with them on a plane. Someone brought
a pig on a plane. And it was a huge pig. Cute. Then someone tried to
bring a peacock on. They didn’t let the, that was
an emotional support animal and it gave me an idea
for a new product. I came up with this. And I think this is
going to be fantastic. This is an emotional
support luggage, OK? So it is way bigger
than your carry-on, so you can pack a bunch
of extra stuff in here, and they can’t charge you extra
because it’s wearing a vest. So it’s, this is
a limited edition. I only made one. So we’ll start the
opening bid at $10,000. $10,000? OK, $10,001. $10,001, $10,002, $10,000. Wow, this actually is working. [LAUGHTER]

43 thoughts on “Ellen Presents New Emotional Support Luggage

  1. Ellen.. i know it’s unrelated, can we get The Try Guys on your show? They deserve more recognition. Thank you

  2. I wonder if I made a vest for my Jose Cuervo bottle, they would allow me to bring it on, I would have to have for emotional support if I ever fly. Hey Ellen, Jake Boones YouTube channel, not for a particular reason, but for a laugh, he's from western Ky.. Cute little boy, I promise you will get a kick out of him.

  3. Hi Ellen I always watch your show and your such a inspiration to me my husband asked if I had one wish what would it be I said to meet you not because your famous but because you and me went thur the same thing but mine was my father and my mother didn’t believe me either it hurts so bad I have been clean and sober for over six years married with three children now and finally trying to go back to college if I could just understand how you got thur it all and staying so postive it would help me so much but your so busy like my father says nobody important would ever want to meet me so I guess we’ll see 443-497-3044

  4. I get she’s showing how people are using crazy animals as emotional support animals but some people actually need them and this is kind of offending

  5. Ellen. I got to sing on the AskGaryVee show. He said he liked it. I really want to sing on your show. He even subscribed to my channel. Lots of love.


  7. I live you, but this makes me sad. As person with an ESA (dog) it definitely made me feel like I was being made fun of, and told off for having one. Please have people educated on what they are for rather than joking about it.

  8. Ellen you are making jokes but we really need our animals with us. After all, the alternative is locking them up in a cage for hours and hours to be placed together with the luggage in a very cold and noisy room at the back of the plane where they get incredibly scared and traumatized. Naaah, we want our animals with us for emotional support and because we are family: my son is a cat and my daughter is a dog!

  9. Ellen can u call Cristiano Rinaldo plz and can I meet him plz on your show I am big fan of him love him so much.

  10. Hi ellen! Im a big fan of yours, but you are not the only idol i have. I have a suggestion for you, and i really hope you or you staf see this message. I think you shoul invite Marcus Veltri on your show, because he is a verry talented guy that plays the piano extremely good. If you dont know him you should really search him on youtube.
    Greetings from Belgium!
    He is an American BTW 🙂

  11. Ok can you help me i just want to be actor but idont now iny body can help meso plzplz its my dreem plz just toom abaut me in your show or in instgram or teel your frend abut me plzplz

  12. I wanna be on your show someday Ellen I really do😍want to be there Love u Ellen😊I wanna meet ya personally too😀😁

  13. The vest does nothing. a service animal does not need to have a vest on. It does not even need to be harnessed/leashed.

  14. Ellen can you please take me and my cousin to The Ellen Show because I think she has a voice of an Angel and she said she wants to meet you you're her biggest fan and she wants to congratulate for always being there and she always watches your videos and please comment back and fly back to our Video Crystal video and please watch your videos subscribe and like and thumbs up Corner show

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  16. My Uncle and Aunt are pilots (Southwest and United respectively) and my uncle once had a small emotional support Pony on a flight of his. They can't outlaw the Emotional Support Ponies because apparently (some) Muslims don't do the whole dog thing.

  17. I found this really insensitive, like I and many others with an ESA was being made fun of. I understand that people take advantage of having an ESA. I have PTSD, and panic attacks, and my dog helps me. I live in a condo where no dogs are allowed, however I followed all the rules and requirements to have him.
    I just feel like her joking around about ESA will make other people think it's ok to do the same. Don't judge someone on a plane for bringing their animal, you haven't walked in their shoes.

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