ENG)태국에선 더 눈치안보고 뽀뽀하지롱!!/korean gay couple/ #게이커플 #vlog

ENG)태국에선 더 눈치안보고 뽀뽀하지롱!!/korean gay couple/ #게이커플 #vlog

[at the port to get to Koh Chang Island] pack – we’re finally here! kim – we’re riding on the ferry called ‘Ferry KohChang!’ pack – that elephant over there.. pack – the island looks like an elephant pack – that’s swimming pack – but you didn’t believe me honey… [snorts] kim – it looks like an elephant’s nose pack – does it… pack – honey is your health okay now? kim – it got much better kim – after sleeping it off pack – that’s good kim – people are boarding kim – let’s get on too pack – it looks like jurassic park doesn’t it? [arrived in Koh Chang!] pack – we have to go rent a motorcycle kim – oh? kim – we can rent it over there pack – we can rent it right away pack – let’s just rent it there kim – should we? pack – yeah! pack – honey you look cute! pack – this one looks okay pack – one that has decent power.. [doesn’t know how to say it in English lool] lady – yes! (it’s high powered) pack – should we just do this one? pack – okay! (since we won’t know even if we look) [taking pictures of the motorcycle’s condition..] [loading the backpacks onto the motorcycle..] [and getting help ^_^] [why isn’t it turning on…] [what are you doing kim..] [how do you do this (embarassed)..] [are we gonna be able to leave today?] lady – you have to take off the brakes pack – ah thank you! (embarassed) [it works!] kim – bye~! [feels good] pack – honey hold on tightly! [the next morning..] pack – honey it looks like a painting~ pack – honey stand right there~ pack – dang it pack – that hurts so badly pack – this place is so good that pack – it has this free trampoline! pack – it’s too high! pack – too high.. pack – so scary! pack – gonna do the cross-leg pack – you have to fall down and then get back up pack – oh I got up!! (excited) pack – Buddha pose! pack – a race~ [the sound of knees dying] [be careful..] pack – I’m scared~ [annoyed] kim – do you wanna switch? kim – I feel like I can do better [let’s see how well you do..] pack – what is this pack – why are you suffocating me pack – this.. pack – who is this for kim – I wanna sit down now pack – no keep standing! you’ll suffocate me pack – why are we riding this kim – I’m hurting and tired.. kim – get off kim – get off!! kim – you idiot LOL pack – oh~ honey~ pack – are you gonna do the bars~? pack – omg honey~ pack – so good~ pack – honey why do you look exhausted [recharging..] pack – we’re going to go explore today pack – we have to pick our destination [looking at the map..] kim – do we have to go in a swimsuit? pack – swimming sounds good! let’s go and do that pack – should we go in a swimsuit? kim – yeah pack – there are carps here pack – that’s real right pack – right? kim – yeah pack – that’s scary pack – isn’t it a cannibalistic carp? kim – 20 minutes till here kim – then we get off and walk for another 20 pack – it’s not that far pack – honey pack – are you ready? kim – yes I am! [the same BGM as always..] [suddenly started raining…] kim – it started raining as soon as we got here… pack – yeah out of nowhere.. pack – so we’re going there in our swimsuits.. pack – it doesn’t feel like it’s raining much because we’re getting rained on, huh? kim – no.. it’s a lot.. pack – it is a little scary isn’t it honey.. kim – a little?! pack – honey we’ll be okay right? pack – what is going on right now pack – honey turn around! pack – honey look at that! kim – the waterfall must be a lot stronger because of the rain pack – look at that waterfall! so strong! kim – oh it’s deep! kim – I think it’ll be dangerous for you honey pack – I’m scared kim – I can do it pack – no! kim – so deep! [happy] friendly Russian man – there’s a fish here! [wasn’t a cannibalistic carp..] [need a breather.. ^_^] pack – we barely made it out of there alive kim – feels like I went to a water park pack – hello~ [on the way to the resting area..] pack – honey this is amazing! pack – it looks different from here honey, huh? pack – here pack – the sun reflected on the rock is so pretty.. pack – it’s like a sunset.. pack – but it’s too lively to call it that.. kim – we’ll probably be able to see the sunset at our resting area.. pack – the sun is up! pack – honey it looks like you got a jaw surgery kim – it’s the kissing ghost~ pack – ah~ I’m scared~ I’m scared that it’ll kiss me~ pack – how do I look? pack – I’m a biker gang member~ pack – we barely made it here didn’t we? pack – barely made it~ kim – dry this for me~ kim – what? pack – you drying yourself was funny.. pack – we look real rough.. pack – that grandpa really looks like an actor doesn’t he? kim – he could actually be one pack – could he? pack – why are there so many cool old people? pack – I wanna age like that.. pack – put on the helmet~ pack – so pretty.. pack – everybody scream!!! kim – euuuahuhu… pack – everybody.. scream! kim – euuannnn… pack – waaaaaaah!! kim – the view of the mountain kim – while we were going down was amazing pack – ah~ I’m scared~! pack – scared~!! pack – honey~! pack – I love you! pack – what about you honey? kim – I love you too~ pack – I can’t hear you! kim – love you three! pack – the heck you idiot pack – isn’t this our place? kim – ah.. is it? pack – this.. [why are you wearing a trash bag..] pack – are we going swimming? kim – yeah~ pack – let’s go swimming~ pack – today was rough.. pack – let’s go~ pack – this place is so good~ pack – we can live here~ kim – wow! pack – is it warm? kim – yeah! pack – this is a breath holding contest [tickle tickle] kim – you idiot! pack – I won~ [the winner..] [gives a piggy back ride?] pack – is that good? pack – I’m gonna do a squat pack – I will!
[nobody told him to..] pack – one.. [what’s that face..(?)] pack – two! kim – directions! [down] kim – go down! kim – now let me go! pack – throw it or not dance! both – throw it or not! x3 pack – throw it! pack – honey~ pack – throw you or not x3 pack – throw you! kim – I got so surprised I almost shat myself.. pack – honey since we.. pack – since we’re in Koh Chang~ pack – let’s each say one thing that’s bothering us nowadays pack – and leave that burden here~ pack – leave one of your burdens here~ kim – me? pack – yeah! kim – does it get solved if I leave it here? pack – if you leave it here.. pack – it could get solved.. kim – really? kim – mm.. if I’m the head of Chingusai again next year.. pack – yeah kim – I’m worried pack – because of what? kim – I’m scared of the meetings kim – speaking in front of people is scary.. pack – really? kim – yeah pack – you have that kind of fear honey? kim – of course.. kim – I’m gonna get evaluated on how I did for the year.. kim – and people have to decide what to do for next year.. kim – that’s scary.. pack – yeah.. evaluations are always scary kim – what about you honey? pack – me? pack – I don’t particularly have a big concern.. pack – I just want to continue our good times together pack – but I also think we’re good as we are now! pack – you’re the person that I’m around
the longest.. pack – so if our time together is fun.. pack – I’d really like that~ pack – I guess lately.. pack – I think more and more that there’s not much to living.. pack – living like this is something… pack – that I’m so grateful for kim – what do you mean there’s not much to living nowadays pack – well I’m content with living as I am now pack – I don’t think there’s a peak to life really.. pack – at least that’s what I think nowadays.. kim – letting go of greed~ both – and living freely~ pack – abandon it and live freely! pack – what about you honey? kim – it’s so freeing to let go of greed.. pack – yeah! pack – I feel like our life as it is now pack – is something we should be thankful for.. pack – the fact that we’re both healthy.. pack – that means that pack – we can enjoy our lives and that’s enough.. pack – there’s no way to enjoy it more pack – ‘there’s no life more enjoyable than this’ pack – is how I think and live pack – isn’t that true? we’re healthy and.. pack – we have our two healthy selves pack – and so we can do whatever we consider fun to have an enjoyable life.. pack – it’s great that your heart is beating pack – honey~ pack – thank you.. kim – I love you!

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  1. 2:44 너모 귀여우심 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    영상이 너모 아름다워여!

  2. I'm giving you both all of my uwus today💕 You two are bound to be together and ya'll have a perfect definition of lovely💕💕

  3. 백팩님킴님태극에갓다오셧구나멋잇다재미잇겟다추을데잘지네시지요이제12윌도얼마안남앗네요전잘지네고잇어요보고싶네요

  4. I loved how some parts showcased u babes going back to childhood coz I become happy seeing u having fun like you are my son😆

  5. 진짜…너무 감동적인 영상이네요 백팩님이 하신말도 엄청 공감가고… 좋은 사랑 오래오래 소중히 이어나가시길 ♡

  6. 4:38 Got me feeling some type of way.. Something attractive about Pack in the daylight sun.. It feels enchanting

  7. 이번 영상 보면서 두분다 정말 멋진 생각을 갖고 살고 계시구나라는 걸 정말 많이 느끼고 두분처럼 이쁘게 연애하면서 행복하게 살고싶어요 ㅠㅠ❤ 마지막에 괜히 눈물도 막 날꺼같고 마음이 울렁 . . 아 몰라요 앞으로도 계속 이쁜 모습 보여줘야대요❗❗❗❗

  8. If only YT had heart reaction instead of dislike button I would love to press heart and like button bc I love you both!!! Uwah! We'll always keep supporting you guys!!!! xoxo

  9. 꺅~~~~두분 너무 섹시햇어요~팩님 몸 진짜 좋네요 눈호강햇어요~노을도 이쁘고 영상이 너무 아름다워요 ~영상 더 많이많이 올려줘요~~💜♥️💛

  10. 방방 탈때 두분 다 어린애들 같으셔요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 신나가지구.. 둘 다 귀여워가지구… 무릎 안 나가게 조심해요

  11. 항상 느끼는거지만 퍀님은 언제나 말을 예쁘게 하시는거 같아용..ㅎ 사랑하는 사람과 오랜시간을 함께 보내면.. 그보다 더 행복한 일이 있을까요 ㅎㅎ 오늘 영상도 잘봐써요 감사해요 😊😊💕

  12. 이번 영상은 전편과 다른 사랑이 가득하네요, 전편은 알콩달콩 사랑이었다면 이번편은 다정감동 사랑이네요 ㅎㅎ 두분 사랑에 취하고 갑니다~~♥♥

  13. 이제 곧 4년되는 커플이에요 ㅎㅎ 늘 볼때마다 저희 커플의 워너비가 되어가는것 같아서 매번 영상에서 배우고 갑니다! 마지막 부분 정말 짠하면서 이쁘네요!! ㅎㅎ

  14. 오늘 영상의 하이라이트는 두 분이 수영장에서 나누신 대화인 거 같습니다 🙂 항상 멀리서 응원합니다 오래 건강하게 행복하세요!!

  15. 그 누구보다 멋진 삶을 살아가시는 모습 정말 보기 좋네요!
    서로를 대하는 모습도 말도 멋있게 히시고 그냥 모든게 다 멋지고 아름다운 두 분 이시네요!

  16. 사는거 너무 별거없다는 생각 저도 요즘 부쩍 들어요! 곁에 있는 사람들이랑 사랑하고 행복하면 되는거 같아요💕
    오늘 영상도 너무 재밌고 킴님이랑 백팩님 장난치는거 보는 사람마저 순수해지게 만들어버리긔❣️

  17. 와~ 정말 좋은곳 같아요 코창~ 저도 현재 가족여행중이지만 사랑하는사람과 둘이 함께 하는 여행 너무너무 부럽네요~ 언젠간 저에게도 그런날이 올까요? ㅎㅎ
    건강하기만 하면 뭐든 할수 있다는 말 행복할수 있다는거 너무 공감되네요 현재의 삶에 만족하며 행복하게 사시는 모습 너무 좋습니다~
    망탱이여 영원하라~

  18. 넘 이쁘고 행복해보여요♡ 여행지에 고민거리 하나씩 두고가자는 말이 왜지모르게 찡하고 감정이입 되면서 나도 그러고 싶다 생각이 들었어요^^ 늘지금처럼 변함없으시길 응원합니다^^

  19. 아니 어쩜 이렇게 귀엽지 보다가 마지막에 찰칵 엔딩들 왤케 감동이에요? 하… 대박 예쁜사랑 오래오래 해주세요😭❤️❤️❤️

  20. 오늘도 여전히 귀여우십니닿 행님들..♡
    마지막 사진장면들을 보다보니 부럽기도 대단하기도 그리고 나도 언젠가는 이라는 생각 등 많은 부분이 스쳐지나갑니당..ㅎㅎ

  21. 안녕하세요 백팩킴님 이번영상도 너무 재밌게 잘 봤습니다 ㅋㅋㅋ
    특히 두분 트럼팰런 타고 뛰어노는거 꼭
    5살꼬마들이 노는것처럼 보였어욤 ㅎㅎㅎ
    너무나 사랑스러워보였구요
    나이들어서 멋있게 늙어간다는거는 그누구한테나 똑같은 로망 아닌가욥 ㅎㅎ
    저두 그렇구요 석양질때 순간 뭉클했었어요ㅠㅠ 저도 태국 좋아하죠
    두분 오래오래 예쁜사랑 이어나가시길
    바랍니다 잘봤습니다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  22. 영상길이에 한번 놀라고 두분의 귀염뽀짝에 두번 놀라요!! 이번편은 두분의 솔직한 여행기도 좋았지만… 고민이나 인생 얘기를 들을 수 있어서 정말 정말 좋았습니다 ! ㅋㅋㅋ 저도 아직 어리지만 두분 같이 좋은 사랑하면서 살아가고 싶어요!!. 항상 고마운 사람이 옆에있다는게 현재 삶에 가장 큰 기쁨인것 걑습니다. 부디 두분다 건강하십쇼~

  23. I'm reeeeeally happy u guys took a breather…. sometimes, life can become routinary, and we get annoyed by the smallest details because we feel trapped in our endless daily lives. Happy for you babies

  24. Woah the things you said in the pool are exactly my thoughts these days. The older I get the more I realize how important it is to enjoy the little things. Life is now and what’s important is that we’re okay and healthy now. Running through life and waiting for happiness later in life is wasting time and makes us depressed. Everyone has different cases of course in the world and everyone can’t be happy. But trying to enjoy the simple life is truly the key to a happy and peaceful life 🌼

  25. Omg, Pack is so pure at the end… U both are so cute, truly truly i hope u both can be like this forever ❤️ enjoy vacations 🍹

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