(eng) 프라다 버킷백 what’s in my bag. 미니멀라이프지만 오랜만에 쇼핑템들로 왓츠인마이백

(eng) 프라다 버킷백 what’s in my bag.  미니멀라이프지만 오랜만에 쇼핑템들로 왓츠인마이백

hi guys, welcome back to my channel today video is ‘what’s in my bag?’ I was filming six months after ‘what’s in my bag’ last summer. I will show you what products I carry with you in the winter. Many subscribers have asked questions about the ‘Prada bucket bag’ So I will show you the bag in detail. This bag is a very popular design these days in Korea. My bag has a big prada logo and a small prada logo next to it. This bag is really small in size. But there is a lot of stuff in the bag. The bag is really light. It’s a simple design that goes well with any outfit. it’s my favorite daily bag these days The strap is detachable. But I take off the strap and use it. Then see what’s in my bag This is a 2020 Scheduler. I received this diary from Starbucks I chose this because the color of the sky is pretty among the various colors I’ll build a plan in 2020 with this diary This is my iPhone x Changed the wallpaper to a Christmas feel This is a card case. Really comfortable This grip talk is pretty but fall off stick it again with this 3m sticker This is my Chanel wallet I rarely use a wallet after changing it to a card phone case This is a car key This is a Xiaomi selfie stick This is really good The price is less than $ 30 can use it as a tripod, too There is also a Bluetooth remote When I meet my friends, I take pictures using this selfie stick This is all cosmetics The most recommended product is 2ndesign Lip Balm. I have used a lot of famous products This is the best lip balm ever!! Good for friends Christmas present I really recommend this This is a Giorgio Armani Foundation Balm. i got this gift from my sister I haven’t used it yet The design is really pretty and light I’m using it as a mirror Today I bought some cosmetics because it’s a sale This is a 3ce Tint (GoingLight color) Really pretty mlbb color I will be traveling to Jeju Island soon SO, I bought fake nails for my trip(dashingdiva) And winter essentials This is a Burt’s Bee Hand Cream Cotton swabs are useful for clearing eye makeup. Many questions about my camera. It’s really easy because the screen is folded This camera is small in size and cute in design These are the things ‘what’s in my bag’ Please comment if you have any video you want to see! See you in the next video! (xoxo)

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  1. 이 가방은 봐도봐도 예쁘네요
    그때도 너무예쁘다생각했는데~^^
    몇달 들고다니신걸로 알고있는데
    마모되거나 (크기말고)단점 없나요?

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