Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel! Today’s video, I have a special guest and she is Lindie. Last time, it was in March, we filmed a what’s in my bag video together. If you’re interested to watch, I will link it in the info bar and you can check it out! This time, we also film a what’s in my bag video together but the size of the bags are different than last time. Many of you guys asked me to film a what’s in my bag video of the Hermes Garden Party. But I don’t have time to do it, so I suggested to Lindie we can film a bigger handbag for WIMB video this time. Lindie: Yes, but it’s hard to carry all the time, the strap keep drop it from the shoulder and need to vlog. Lindie: It’s not so convenient. Lindie: But this one is really good comparison with the Hermes Garden Party. And we just filmed her Chanel GST part for her channel, so check her out if you’re interested. If you’re interested, I will list it here, you can check her channel out!! I will directly start to show you what I have in my bag now! Actually, I rarely use this bag because as you can see I can just carry a Chanel WOC around. I bought really little things when I go out. So in Switzerland, I bring even less, so I don’t really carry this bag in Switzerland. Only card, lipstick… So I really didn’t use this bag much. But because of today filming, I use this bag and put many things inside. XD And quickly show you guys what I put inside! Lindie: Bring a lot of things by purpose! XD Yes! Because there is impossible just put a card and a lipstick in such a big bag like this!XD Lindie: Yes! Also have this feeling, when you carry a big bag, you will or want to fill it more!XD You can see this bag is just one bag compartment. And the Chanel GST is different, there are 2 compartments and a zip compartment. First thing is my phone, iPhone 6S plus! Lindie has the latest one, iPhone 7s? No, iPhone 7plus! XD Lindie: Yes! Iphone 7 plus, it has larger storage, and their look really similar. Lindie: So it really no need to change the phone but because I need a larger storage as I take a lot of pics and film videos. Lindie: I feel like mine is much more pink than yours! What do you think? I think is because of the case. The sizes are the same, Lindie: I discovered there are not the same, little bit different. You guys see what is the different, i think the main different is the camera lenses. Lindie: Yes! And the photos are much clear than the old version one. Is it slightly bigger? Lindie: But you really don’t need to change it. I will not change my phone because I hate transfer files, photos to the new device! So if my phone is still work, i won’t change it. Next thing is my wallet. Many of you asked me did my lv wallet got color transfer,etc. If you see like this, you probably can’t see anything, and it’s like brand new. But if you really super focus to see, you can see some tiny black spots on it. And I discovered what is that from, is it the Chanel card holder! Before I put this wallet and the Chanel card holder together in the Chanel jumbo flap. Then, probably they stick too long together, and color transfer the caviar dots to the lv wallet. But luckily they are not obvious, you can’t really easy to see them. Like I show you like this, you can’t see them! And inside the wallet, nothing special, cash, cards, I don’t show you in details. Except that, this wallet is like a brand new, it’s really durable! You also have the same leather and color handbag. But yours also got color transfer. Lindie: Yes, so easy to get color transfer for this color and leather! Mine is Alma BB, Lindie: The handles themselves color transfer to the bag surface because of the handles are dirty. Lindie: At the beginning, I didn’t know what it transferred to the leather. Because the hand are dirty and sweat sometimes and the handles got some color. Lindie: This color is really pretty! I really like it so much, because it is pink color. Lindie: But it’s so easy to get color transfer, you need to consider this issue. Next one is my selfie camera, This camera is in all my WIMB videos basically. And you guys always asked me what do I think about this camera, is it worth to buy, etc. And I think it’s worth it because I use it so many years and most of the time. And you can see my IG selfie’s pics are also from this camera, and now I use this camera for vlogging too! So I think it’s worth to buy as I use it so much! Also, I saw the newest version is not that expensive compare when I got mine. Because I got mine was around HKD 9800, and now in Broadway is HKD 6xxx and some small boutique is around HKD 4xxx. If you like to take selfie of yourself or selfie with others, you should get one. Next one, `oh time time I bring my sunglasses but you didn’t. Lindie: No, I didn’t, I thought is winter and I didn’t know is that hot here. Actually, I just carry them in the bag because in HK wear a sunglasses on the street, people will think you acts something like a popular stars or something=.=” You won’t wear a sunglasses on the street, even so sunny outside. But in foreign countries, everyone wear sunglasses, it’s super normal for them. Lindie: Yes! it’s so normal to them, they wear when they’re driving, etc. But why I brought it with me to HK, I wear it when I’m in the plane and sleep. Lindie: Ah….You don’t feel uncomfortable to wear them to sleep? No! These ones are fine and I felt comfortable with them. Lindie: Why you don’t buy the eye sleeping mask then? I bought the steam eye mask one but I will take it off after it cool down. Lindie: That one also can cover/ avoid the light? Yes! It can but these one is darker, actually I just bring them with me, don’t know when I really use. Lindie: You didn’t use the case to store your sunglasses? No! I didn’t! Lindie: Ah! So it may get some scratches. Because normally I won’t bring that big bag, so I don’t bring the case as my bag is small normally. Lindie: So you can put the case in this bag? Yes! It can fit the case also but I just didn’t bring it with me to HK. And I bring this one with me, the WOC dust bag because Lindie: Oh…now the dust bag is like this, so pretty! Lindie: Mine is the classic one. Actually I put some cash inside because yesterday I withdraw the cash to buy the bag but I didn’t buy ay the end. (if you watch my HKvlog2, you know the whole story.) Yes, so some cash in the dust bag. Because I still thinking…. Lindie: Why you don’t let it at home? Because I’m still considering to get this bag or not. Lindie: Oic, because she asked the SA help her to hold the bag for her yesterday. Yes! Hold until today before 6p.m. So I just bring the money out first. The last thing in my bag is this louis vuitton make up bag. I remember I bought it in…… Denmark! Lindie: Ah…Really? Before you told me just have LV store and no Chanel store in Denmark. Lindie: Yes! Yes! That why I bought this because that time wanted to get something in Chanel but couldn’t find the store. Lindie: When you went there? So long time ago! Lindie: At that time, you didn’t know me yet? Yes! I didn’t know you at that time. I think around 3-4 yrs ago. Lindie: Why you would go to Denmark? Because my husband went there for a talk and I followed him again. Lindie: Because normal people love in Europe, won’t go to Denmark for travel. Yes! I followed him to go there once and I remember I wrote a blogpost about that! But anyway. Let’s continue! Lindie: This is pretty! Before I wanted to get the all light pink color one. But they didn’t have it and I saw this one is limited edition, so I got this one instead. You can see I put many things inside. And I didn’t zip it, first too many things and I couldn’t zip and also I like to let it open like this. I like it open because it is more convenient to take the lipstick in and out, no need to open the zip all the time. So first thing is this YSL Kiss and Blush lip product. This is what I use today. Lindie: Last time you also bring it with you. Really? Same this one? I bought it last time?(Asking to you guys!XD) Seems yes! Lindie: Should be! Because I remember you asked what is for and I said you can use it as a blush as well. Yes! This one can use it as a blush but I never try because I like to use powder blush. This one is no.2, I have no.3 also, but personally prefer no.2 more. Then, a pack of wet tissue, from Mannings. Then, Hello Kitty Tissue, also from mannings! Then, a Chanel mirror, this follow me for so many years, should be more than 8 yrs. Because I remember I got this before I met my husband or at the beginning with my husband. So this mirror I really use it so many years! Lindie: You really like it? I think is really convenient! Before you said you use the Chanel compact one. This one is the Chanel compact, inside also included a mirror but only 90 degrees. Because I think hold it like not really comfortable and not really convenient. This mirror can open like 150 degrees, no 180 degrees to use, more comfortable. Lindie: It’s good for sticking fake eyelash. Yes! If I just care a really small bag, I will only bring the compact one. This one I can touch up and also included the mirror. But If I carry a bigger bag, I will bring both of them with me. Lindie: Will you touch up when you go out? Hmm…. not really! You remember yesterday? I didn’t really touch my makeup all the day with you. Lindie: Because you didn’t bring it with you as you carried a small bag yesterday. Yesterday I bought this with me! I will use this just take off the oil from the face. But I don’t really use it normally but just bring it for in case. Then, I have one piece of wet tissue. After that, I have a maybelline concealer, I usually don’t bring it with me. Lindie: You really like this? I usually…..yes I use this concealer already so many years! Lindie: Ah? Really? I wanted to say I usually don’t bring it with me, because we film video today, so I just bring it in case I need to cover something. Lindie: You didn’t tell me you using this before! How come? I mentioned in my every WIMB videos or other videos. Lindie: Really? I didn’t noticed! Lindie: But I really think it’s good, I got it in Korea not long time ago. Lindie: Because it’s hard to get it in HK, right? At the beginning, they didn’t sell it in HK for sure, but I’m not sure now, I didn’t go to the store and check! Lindie: Yes! This is really good, better than the one I use before! I think is too expensive for that one and it’s not worth. Lindie: This one even better than that one. Really? If you guys watch my videos, you should know I mentioned this many many times! I think even on our last WIMB video! Lindie: Maybe I really didn’t notice that! I really like this, I use it so many years already! Lindie: Yes! It’s really good, I use it today! I really love this concealer, I use it for all, dark circle, pimples, etc. I didn’t use other concealer on my face. Lindie: It’s really natural and light. This one is my favourite also, I use it many years! and I think I mentioned it many times too. Lindie: This one I know, I saw it on your videos. This one is my really favourite lip balm from Dior. Because after apply it, my lip will turn to light natural pink color. My lip is no color type, and look like I’m sick or feel unwell. So I like to apply lip protucts. Otherwise, I look like I feel unwell if I don’t apply anything on my lip. Sometimes, if I don’t want to apply lipstick, I will apply this lip balm on my lip. This gives you little pink color on your lip. Lindie: Look like no color! Yes! no color, but after apply, the pink color will show up. Lindie: Many these kind of lip products have this function, turn the color after apply. Really love it, already use it so many times, this should be no.5 or 6 bottles. Lindie: Packaging is nice too! Yes! Also because it’s pink color! Then, I have eye glue because I wear fake eyelashes. Then I have another YSL, I don’t know why I have 2 lipsticks in my bag. Probably it’s from last time, and I didn’t take it out, because I normally will just carry the lipstick that I use on that day. This is YSL no. 43. I also like this color. Lindie: We bought it last time together? No.43? Is it the one I use yesterday? No, yesterday one is no.13. Yes! I think so, we bought it last time together. Lindie: Yes! We bought it in Harbour City together. Still have some little stuffs, want to quickly show you guys. Again this one, YSL little case, pencil and liquid eyeliner inside. Then, I have a extra battery for my selfie camera. Lindie: Ah….why yours is different than mine? Because mine is some other brand. Lindie: Ah… you don’t afraid it will damage your camera? Mine is Casio! They don’t sell the original battery from Casio, I decided to use my Casio TR15 to film HKvlog this time. One battery probably not enough, so I quickly got one for back up in Mong Kok. Lindie: I already told you to use this one to vlog, is better than you other camera! Lindie: Also you have this camera, so waste it if you don’t use it for vlogging. Anyway, because of this, I got a extra battery. I couldn’t find the original one! Lindie: How much is it? This is HKD90. Lindie: This one HKD 2xx. Yes! I think the original one is more expensive but I couldn’t find it. Lindie: Did you use it? Ok or not? I just charged it, but I didn’t have chance to use it yet. Yesterday I vlogged with you all the day, I just need one battery, didn’t use this yet. So I don’t know this battery is ok or not. Then, I have eye drop because I wear contact. Lindie: Yes! She used it so many time yesterday. Actually I think is because of this eye drop, my eyes got infection. Normally eye drop after open it, need to throw after 1 month or 3 months? Lindie: Normally 1 month! I think this one should be few months or almost 1 year. I think I should throw it. I really think because of this cause my eyes problem. Lindie: Do you wear the same one yesterday? No! I didn’t! I use the new ones. Then, I have a Chanel perfume sample. Then I have a hand gel to clean the hand. Maybe after you use this one to clean your ear hole? Lindie: Hmm….this is for hand. Yes! it’s for hand but also can disinfection. Normally, if I got hurt somewhere and bleeding, like pimples, and I will use this to disinfect the hurting part. Lindie: But my ear hole is blocked, not infection. They are not infection? Lindie: No! No infection. I don’t know why, before it not like this. Lindie: I thought is it because of the weather in Denmark? Should not be! Lindie: But since I was in Denmark, they are blocked. Lindie: I can’t wear earrings, can’t go through and will bleed if I try. So should be infection, otherwise won’t bleed. Lindie: But I don’t feel painful at all. Ok! This is out of topic! XD Anyway, I will bring this with me for cleaning the hand. Yes! I use it not just for hand, everywhere that I got bleed and need to disinfect, then I will use this. Then, this makeup bag should be empty now, er..no, still have my octopus card is in the side pocket. Because this bag don’t have the back pocket like other Chanel bag have back pocket. This one only have one zip pocket inside, Lindie: You can put it there. Yes! I can but I didn’t because inside is not leather, just a cloth material for the lining. When I zip it, I need to use two hands to zip it, you can’t just use one hand to open or close the zip. Lindie: Is the lining cloth same as their dust bag? I also think about it before, but I touch both, I feel is different. And I put the receipt and their information booklet inside this zip pocket. Lindie: Why you will bring it with you? I’m not bring them with me by propose, I just let them in the pocket all the time, like my other Chanel bags, I kept all these stuffs in their bag. Because if I keep them somewhere else, I will forgot where I put them and finally lose them. Lindie: Because you don’t put your bags back to their box, that’s why! Yes! The boxes are everywhere, some disappeared. Lindie: Because I keep it in the box. I don’t put my bags in the boxes again after using them, just store them in the dust bag. I think that’s it for my bag. It’s empty now! Also, this bag charm, is lindie just gave me when she was filming her WIMB. I didn’t know before, she surprised me for that! Thank you so much!!!=) And it is really so pretty, if you want to get one, I will link it in the info bar, you can check it out! Lindie: Yes, this is the latest version(in 3 months ago!XD) of my pompom collection. I know Angel really like bag charm, she put on her every handbags. This is my new collection, all the hardware is upgrade to the better version. Real gold plated. This is tricolour, dreamy pompom. I gave one to Angel because she really like bag charm. I also have the same one with me, but I just put inside my bag. Thank you so much to everyone who support me and buy my items. I know a lot of Angel’s viewers bought the bag charms. I’m so happy, so I want to say Thank you to you guys here. I also want to say thank you to her, she gave this to me! I love it and I think this color match with many color bags. This is brown color, and with your GST is also nice. Lindie: Also because Angel bought my bag charm and we become friends. The one with crystal on it, the horse one! I use it many times if you follow me, you must know which one. Lindie: That one already many people bought it! Yes! because of the crystal horse, we met each other. Also, this twilly, normally I have 2 twillies on but I use one on my Fendi Peekaboo mini. Lindie: Is it this one you order it online on Hermes.com? The one I use on my peekaboo bought from the store. Lindie: It’s so fast to order things on Hermes.com. I think 1-2 days is arrived. Lindie: I received on the next day. I don’t remember, i think 2 days, so fast. And there is a tip for how to tie this twilly. At the beginning, I just tie a knot on one side and start to tie until the other side and knot it. But I saw people how to tie it online, and it should start from the middle. And tie one side first and make a knot, then start sn other side. Like this is the best way to tie this twilly on the handle. I saw it on internet, someone mentioned. I think really that’s it for this bag, not much to say. I hope you will enjoy and like this video, if you do, please give this video a thumb up! Remember go to her channel to watch her part!( the camera stop filming automatically.) So see you in my next video, bye!


  1. Sorry guys for being absent on YouTube last week!! I hope you will enjoy this video! Remember open the info box and check out Lindie's part too! =)

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