English Addict Live Lesson 14 – Learn, Listen and Chat – Types of People – Friday 6th December 2019

English Addict Live Lesson 14 – Learn, Listen and Chat – Types of People – Friday 6th December 2019

phew! wow what a day
I am so tired already and I haven’t even started today’s livestream hello
everyone welcome to another live English addict for all those people who can’t
get enough of the beautiful language and yes of course we are definitely live I’m so excited
how are you today hello my name is mr. Duncan and I’m in England how are you
feeling yes the weekend is just around the corner how are you today are you
happy are you okay are you feeling as tired as I am at the moment I have had
such a busy day and not only that but I have a very busy weekend as well
details about that later on so here we go then it is live English addict for
those who can’t get enough of this beautiful language that is English and
guess what as I just mentioned the weekend is just around the corner which
means that it’s Friday is there anyone there tap once for yes
and twice for now did you hear the Big Bang this morning well I did because it
was very close to where I was this morning something rather dramatic
happened in the area where I live some cooling towers at the local power
station were demolished and it was streamed on YouTube live this morning
you can actually watch it on my youtube channel so that was very exciting I must
admit but there is something even more exciting than that and that’s being here
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so lots of fun things this morning we were all watching the Power Station
cooling towers being demolished apparently the technical term for it is
a blowdown I didn’t know that so apparently when you demolish something
like a skyscraper or a chimney or in the case of this morning for cooling towers
apparently they call it a blowdown so now you know well I’ll be blown I
didn’t know that so I hope you are okay today of course we have the live chat oh
hello to the live chat I’m not sure how many people will be joining me today
because I know some people are still at work some people have a very busy
weekend planned so if you are here today welcome and a special welcome also to
flower Espoir who is first on today’s live chat congratulations you are first on today’s
live chat also Alamgir and business new ian is here sweetness hello sweetness
nice to see you back once again also highly Quang and Connell
hello Connell nice to see you back yes here we are on Friday Friday the 6th of
December and did you catch my livestream last Wednesday I was turning on my
Christmas lights and now my Christmas lights are shining brightly on my house
and many of the villages around where I live have all had a little look in fact
I caught two people sneaking onto my garden the other night they were trying
to have a look at my lights well at least I think that’s what they were
doing of course they might have been stalking me which is nothing unusual
really hello Hwang hello seen em hi seen em nice to see you back here today we
are talking about an interesting subject some people might say it is a little
deep for a Friday however here it is we are talking about words and phrases that
we can use to describe a person’s personality so when we say a person we
are talking about an individual and each individual has their own personality the
things that make them the person they are so when we talk about a person’s
personality we are talking about the way in which a person behaves maybe the way
they interact with other people the way they talk the way they behave generally
whether whether they are very sociable or maybe they are unsociable
so personality and I suppose I should ask the question also
what type of personality do you think you have so what type of personality do
you think you have you can let us know on the live chat because we are now live
broadcasting across the worldwide web of the Internet
isn’t that nice I know these days we hear a lot of negative things about the
internet but can I just say there are lots of positive things out there as
well including hopefully me so I like to think that I am a positive influence on
the Internet even though some people might disagree a man is here as well hi
to you nice to see you Rosa hello also to Ramkumar and Luis
Mendez is here Luis Mendez is waving hello hi to you and there was a lot
going on yesterday in Paris I don’t know if you saw all of the protests taking
place because over the past few weeks there have been protests taking place at
the weekend with the yellow vests but yesterday there was a really big protest
that took place not only in Paris but also across France as well many people
in France quite unhappy and that is an understatement hello also Tomika hi Mika nice to see
you here as well don’t forget we have moderators taking care of the livestream
and also the chat today I didn’t see the demolition I will watch it later on
Thank You Rosa hello also to RHS hello accent oh hello
there accent I haven’t seen you on the live chat for a long time at least it
seems like it anyway quite a loop once again a man hello a man
Wow so many people are here on the live chat thank you for joining me I am here
just for a minute to greet my classmates and my dear
teacher that’s me I am going to watch the recording of the stream this
afternoon thank you quite a loop and whatever you
are doing enjoy it I hope you have a good day
CNM please mr. Duncan come to Turkey I have been to Turkey before twice I even
made a YouTube video an English lesson in Turkey and it is available on my
youtube channel talking of my videos yes there is a new website that I am at the
moment creating building trying my best to put together I really wish I could
afford to pay someone to do this for me but unfortunately I can’t afford it so I
have to do it myself so yes I am creating my I’m creating my website at
the moment I’m just reading some of the comments by the way sometimes I get very
distracted by what I see on my little screen down here
hello Alberto hello mr. Duncan I can’t stay I’ve got to go I hope any what
everyone is staying is everyone staying I hope so Douglas Douglas floor man
hello to you why did you start your YouTube channel on the 31st of October
and not another day how did you have the idea to start your YouTube channel Thank
You Douglas that’s a very interesting question I was actually working in China
when I started my YouTube channel and it was way back in the early days of
YouTube in 2006 and it was October and interestingly enough it was during the
holiday in China because lots of national holidays that take
place in October in China so I was with my friend Zhang Wei and he was on my
computer going through the internet looking at various things and then he
said to me did you know mr. Duncan that you can show videos and play videos on
the internet nowadays so I was very intrigued by that so that’s it that’s
where it all started on a misty October evening in China and
that was when my YouTube channel was created and I’ve been here ever since
so I’ve just had my 13th anniversary on YouTube 13 years I’ve been doing this
goodness me so Douglas I hope that explains why I chose the 31st of October
it was just that day no reason why to be honest
hello a flower again yes in France it France they are very angry and unhappy
about the retirement reforms that the president wants to make well we have had
very similar things here with the retirement age of women in the UK and
their pension rights so there is a very similar thing happening here in the UK
as well mainly concerning women and their right to have a pension hello also
to Robin hello Robin watching in Taiwan I have a
friend who lives where you live hello also to Cesar it is a big surprise
when I saw you showing the loud boom and then there was lots of dust yes
very dramatic events taking place not very far away from my house today
hello also too Mero Christina Christina it’s so nice to
see you again oh and also my my nephew is also on at the moment hello Damien
nice to see you here as well hello mr. Duncan it was impressive
impressive watching the cooling tower demolition I remember when they
demolished the towers in stone now stone is a small town very close to where I
was born which is Stafford so hello to my nephew Damien nice to see you here
today sometimes my family members do join me
here on my livestream I don’t know why I have no no idea why Sharda hello mr.
Duncan I hope you are doing great I’m not too bad I must be honest I feel
ok but I have a very busy weekend coming up because I will be going along
tomorrow to the Much Wenlock Christmas Fair so that’s where I’m going tomorrow
and I will be doing a livestream from there as well and who knows I might bump
in to some local people who might want to say hello to you so that might be
exciting and interesting at least I hope so anyway
at least I hope so that’s all I can do hello to AB his check
watching in India hello to you hello to lots of people
yes abhishek Yadav I hope I pronounced your name right hello also to tan Chang hello Tan Cheng
nice to see you today where are you watching at the moment thank you very
much Robin Liang has a question about the
thing that I am NOT going to talk about by the way lots of things happening next
week here in the UK we have a general election we have to vote next week for a
new government it’s ever so exciting I’ve never seen or heard so many people
telling lies in such a short space of time that’s all I’m saying
Chintan hello sir please suggest how I can prepare for my IELTS exam this is
something that I’m asked a lot can I just say if you are about to take your
IELTS exam you should already know what you have to do so to be honest with you
it is always best to prepare yourself for any exam so if you are going to take
your IELTS exam soon you should already know what is expected what will be in
the test and there are many ways of finding out you can find information on
the Internet and they will show you some examples of the IELTS test but to be
honest with you there are many things that you have to get right you have to
prove that you can understand English and also that you can communicate in
English and you can read English and of course your deep understanding of using
English in day-to-day conversations so there are many things you have to get
right to be honest many things indeed hello also to my roots hello my roots
nice to see you here is it your first time see name asks mr. Duncan have you
ever oh that’s an interesting question have you ever fallen in love with
someone of course I suppose it’s something we all do at some point in our
lives we might meet that perfect person we might see them across a crowded room
and maybe from that moment onwards we know that that person will be with me or
you forever so yes I think it’s happened all the time it happens all the time it
happens to you it happens to you and you and you and also me so we’ve all fallen
in love some of us many times and some of us sometimes of course you can fall
in love and you can also fall out of love as well so just because you fall in
love doesn’t necessarily mean that that love will last forever it must be true
because if it wasn’t true there would be no such thing as divorce when you think
about it hello – Janette Rhett I remember one of
mr. Bean’s episodes and he was at a Christmas Fair and I enjoyed seeing it
well to be honest with you that is what I’m doing tomorrow I’m going along to
the Much Wenlock Christmas Fair tomorrow and I will be doing a live stream I
don’t know what time I will be doing it at the moment because it all depends
on what time I get there and also what the weather is like so there are a few
things that will decide how tomorrow’s live stream from the Much Wenlock
Christmas Fair will actually go so we will wait and see I’m not quite sure at
the moment so we are talking about character different types of personality
so a person’s behavior their character the way they behave towards other people
the way they socialize it all depends on their personality the way you behave we
are looking at that in a few moments however for now we are going to take a
look at one of my full English lessons so here is something for you to enjoy
and this is from full English number 14 cows in a field all being good cows in a
field chewing the cud to chew the curd as an idiom means to talk about general
things in a friendly way or to consider something carefully you are chewing the
curd just like this cow these cows seem very friendly don’t you
think can you see what I have on my back it is
a very useful thing for carrying stuff around and walks him it is a backpack
a backpack helps to keep your hands-free while carrying things you put stuff in
your backpack so you don’t have to carry anything in your hands a backpack can be
small and lightweight or it can be very large and hold many things hikers often
use backpacks so as to allow them to carry many items at once
safety equipment waterproof clothing survival gear or even a fold away tent
can be carried on your back using a backpack the most common type of
backpack looks like this something not too large and not too small very
convenient for when you have lots of things to carry you can carry a small
backpack over both shoulders or just over one some backpacks even have wheels
on them so they can be pulled around like a trolley a backpack can also be
called a rucksack you are not going to believe what I’m
about to say but say it I will most native speakers of English make mistakes
while using the language that is to say in their day-to-day use of English there
are many reasons for this first there is the consideration of the accent being
used some English accents clip or alter the way in which English is used this
applies to both British and American English speakers the speed at which some
people speak English changes the sounds of certain words if you add accent and
speed together then you will get a very different sounding version of English
from a grammatical point of view mistakes are often made by native
speakers double negatives such as I didn’t do nothing are common in everyday
speech the use of certain words can also lead to mistakes being made confusion
between words such as historic and historical affect and effect elude and
elude assume and presume these are just some examples of common mistakes made by
native English speakers then there is the spelling of certain
words native English speakers will often spell certain words incorrectly good
examples of this include amount fascinate necessary definitely achieve
acknowledge success imitate familiar scissors and vacuum
there are of course many others my point here is that even though a person speaks
and uses English as their first language they will still be prone to making the
occasional mistake it would be fair to say that on a daily basis
very few native English speakers get it right all the time and that includes me it is possible to have time on your
hands to have time on your hands means that you have plenty of spare time you
are doing nothing at the moment you have lots of time on your hands
we can ask a person do you have time to see me could you spare some time for me
next week when are you free to be free is to have spare time the word spare can
also be a verb to spare some time is to make sure you will be free you offer
your time to someone at a certain time you will be free and available time
ticks by it never stops time marches on the time and the place is when and where
to run after time is where all things come to an end you are out of time hmm it is true nothing lasts forever welcome everyone here we are then it is
now just after 232 here in the UK and this is English attic live broadcasting
live on YouTube I hope you are having a good Friday the weekend is just around
the corner I have a busy one what about you have you got something planned for
this weekend something interesting maybe something
you want to do talking of interesting things we are talking about our
personality today so words that can be used to describe a person’s way of
behaving so their general personality relates to their character so we often
talk about a person’s way of behaving their manner their way of controlling
themselves maybe in social situations so we often talk about a person’s character
so a person’s character is anything that can describe the way they behave quite
often in certain situations and that’s why I was asking today what type of
personality do you have we also talk about a person’s individuality and this
is another interesting word because this often relates to a person’s social
rights as well so a person’s individuality is often seen as their
right to be themselves so you will often hear a person’s individuality being
spoken about or talked about as a subject when we talk about a person’s
personal rights or their freedom their right to be an individual a person so
individuality and as you can see we have the word individual
which relates to one person so quite often we will use this word to describe
the right to have the freedom to be yourself your individuality your unique
personality your character very interesting word here is another one
that I think also sums up this subject quite well
so each person has their own certain characteristic their own way of behaving
and we might describe that as their distinctiveness so the thing that makes
them stand out as being them and we all have different personalities we all have
different ways of behaving so when we talk about your distinctiveness it means
your individuality the things that make you unique and we are all unique really
that’s one of the things I like about talking to other people on the internet
and communicating in general whether it is on the internet or in the real world
so distinctiveness the things that make each one of us the person we are to be
distinct is to be clear and noticed your personal habits
your behavior we often describe these as your traits a person’s traits relates to
the way they behave the way they handle themselves the way they control their
personality the type of person they are so traits normally describes the types
of things that a person does when they are in public or socializing the things
that make them individual their individual traits it’s an interesting
word it might be the first time that you’ve seen this word
however it is often used traits a person’s traits your way of behaving
your manner your character we often talk about a person’s persona so that is
almost like the character that you see the character that you experience when
you are with an individual so when you meet someone for the first time you
might try to work out what their persona is as a person so the way they behave
the way they act the way they control themselves your persona my persona and
as you can see this is where the word personality comes from and also personal
as well so when we talk about personal things we talk about things that relate
to us as individuals so something that is unique to you me and everyone as
individuals so we talk about someone’s persona so that is also like their
character the way they behave the way they handle themselves their uniqueness
and I think we are all unique however and you may have noticed this where you
live there are always people who seem to stand out more than others have you
noticed that so you might walk along a street you might walk through your town
center and you might notice some people more than others and there are many
reasons for this maybe the way they are dressed so maybe
they are wearing some extravagant clothing maybe there are they are
wearing very little clothing maybe there is something that draws your attention
maybe they are behaving in a noisy way maybe they are being disruptive maybe
they appear slightly unusual so there are many reasons why someone might be
unique and I always think that some people seem to stand out more than
others and of course there is the opposite where there are some people who
never make any impression on other people so I think sometimes in life I
think when I meet people I think sometimes people don’t remember me
however it turns out that they do so a person’s uniqueness the thing that makes
them them and also makes them stand out also a person’s qualities as well so we
might discuss someone’s qualities the things that make them good the things
that make them a nice person to know so quite often when we talk about qualities
we will often talk about the positive things so maybe a person is very
friendly maybe they are polite maybe they are very patient when they meet
people and they will listen carefully to what other people say so a person’s
quality is quite often we will use this to describe their positive ways of
behaving and also their character as well your qualities hello to the live
chat I haven’t forgotten about you don’t worry
by the way outside do you want to have a look outside the weather isn’t too bad
even though we had some rain earlier so there is the live view looking out of my
window across the beautiful Shropshire landscape and a little nearer just
behind my house looking into the distance there you can see one of the
most famous landmarks this area in fact they used to be two
very famous landmarks in this area there was this and also the cooling towers at
iron bridge power station sadly they were demolished this morning so they are
no more they’ve gone did you see it this morning did you
watch the chimneys did you watch the cooling towers falling to the ground
this morning very dramatic hello also to Lewis you
and your family to Rosa must be very pleased to celebrate the anniversary of
your sister who was born in 1938 my goodness all those the same age is my
mother almost the same age is my mother there so congratulations to Rosa and
also to your sister as well Rakesh hello Rakesh nice to see you after maybe
a week thanks for your useful videos and also this place is really good thank you
very much I’m glad you like it hi Lee Kwang asks when will we have snow
in England I’m not sure today the weather is crazy it’s very warm outside
it’s about 13 degrees which is very unusual for December so actually it’s
very warm outside at the moment even though also it’s worth mentioning that
it is also very windy we had some very strong winds last night you can see they
are actually blowing quite strongly now as well so that’s the view outside some
people like to have a look at my window to see what is going on row sir we are
talking about personality Rolfie do these sentences have the same meaning I
like your personality I like your persona
yes so a person’s personality is their character so their persona is the way
they behave of course some people like to pretend that they behave in a certain
way so sometimes people use a fake persona
maybe they behave in a way that isn’t really themselves they do something that
is a little different because they think they have to behave in a certain way so
some people can can put on they can pretend to have a certain type of
persona ro sir is here hello ro sir Irene says I won’t be with you on Sunday
as I have a musical rehearsal Irene good luck with your rehearsal for Sunday
hello also to Berlin hello Berlin I haven’t seen you for a while on my live
chat a quality of mr. Duncan is the love of his job he loves teaching English and
I like that Thank You Berlin I do like teaching English I’m very fascinated
from a personal point of view by the English language so you might describe
me as an English addict to be honest so that is part of my personality I would
say that I am in love with the English language so when we talk about character
we talk about different types of character now I want to make it clear
that I’m not saying whether a type of personality is positive or negative so
that isn’t my job so please don’t complain I’m not saying whether
something is a good character or a bad character or maybe a positive
characteristic or a negative characteristic so I’m going to show you
these words I’ve just noticed something can you see
the magpie there is a magpie on the tree it’s the front of my garden can you see
the magpie he looks very happy even though he’s struggling to stay on that
tree because it’s very windy hello mr. magpie and goodbye mr. magpie
sorry I couldn’t resist showing you that so here we go some ways of describing a
person’s character we can say extrovert a person who is extrovert so if a person
is extrovert it means they are not afraid to show their true character they
are very outgoing they are a person who is not shy and they will often talk to
strangers as well so even though we are often a little too shy to talk to people
we don’t know an extrovert person might be willing to talk to anyone at any time
in any place so extrovert a person who is lively outgoing they are extrovert so
I think a lot of people are extrovert in certain types of jobs you have to be an
extrovert maybe if you are in sales so many years ago when I was very very
young so long ago I can just about remember it I used to work in sales and
one of the things you have to be if you want to work in sales is to be extrovert
you have to have some outgoing personality you have to be able to
express your character so a person is extrovert
another interesting word here amiable if you are amiable it means you are a
person who can be spoken to or approached easily so you are a person
who isn’t afraid to speak to people and also you make other people around you
feel comfortable and relaxed to the point where they can speak to you so you
might be friendly outgoing warm kind you might be described as amiable amiable I
like this word again this might be a new word so an amiable person is a person
who is friendly warm and also approachable as well bright a person who
is bright now this word can be used in many ways bright can be something that
is easy to see maybe a person is bright when we are talking about their
character maybe they are a happy person maybe they are jolly they get excited
very easily they like to have fun they are bright they are a person who likes
to have a good time they enjoy being with other people they are bright they
have a bright personality we can also use this to express cleverness
if a person is intelligent or clever we might describe them as bright another
word outgoing outgoing an outgoing person very similar to extrovert so if
you are an extrovert you are an outgoing person you are a person who likes to
explore different things to do different things and
to meet as many people as possible so you might be an outgoing person a person
who likes to do things quite often with other people around here’s another one
genial as well so this is very similar to being approachable or warm
a person who is genial you have a good personality you are a person that is
good to be around so you are genial very nice I like that word and I suppose the
basic word we often think of is friendly so if you are friendly yes you seem like
a nice person you seem very friendly I think you are a
friendly person he seems friendly of course you can have the opposite don’t
go next door they have a big ferocious dog and it isn’t very friendly
it is not friendly so we can express someone or something that is not easy to
approach as being unfriendly if you are forward again a person who is not shy
who will talk to strangers who is very good in a social situation we might say
that they are forward you are very forward perhaps you are in a wine bar
and you see a beautiful girl standing by the bar and you can’t resist going over
to say hello to her you are very forward so you are not shy you don’t mind going
over to speak to someone you don’t know you are very forward of course this can
be a positive thing and a negative thing so you can be too forward with someone
so maybe if you come on too strongly if you are approaching a person you are
attracted to you might be described as being too forward
so I suppose there is a way there is a correct way of approaching a person and
also an incorrect way Gregorius if you are gregarious it means
you are friendly Anna says here on the live chat the classmates are all very
friendly I agree with you I think so so many of the people that join me on my
live stream are gregarious friendly warm and outgoing I think so so if someone is
gregarious it means they like to make friends they like to meet new people and
they are generally friendly they are gregarious if we describe a person who
has a positive and good personality maybe the way they think is also good we
might describe that type of person as liberal so a person who is liberal might
be accepting of other people no matter where they live what they do in their
lives so all of the things that make each person the person they are you will
accept liberal so a liberal person generally speaking is a person who is
quite accepting they don’t really judge people too harshly they are not
prejudiced I suppose that’s another way of
describing it so if you are liberal it means you have a very easygoing way of
dealing with people and the issues connected to those
people you are easygoing I like this some people say that I’m
easygoing but I don’t think I am I tell you who is easygoing I will tell you
right now you know what I’m going to say mr. Steve I think mr. Steve is the most
easygoing person I’ve ever met thank you very much mr. Steve yes
talking about positive types of personality sociable if a person is very
sociable then they are a person who likes to meet other people they love
being around other people they are very sociable they enjoy the company of other
people and most importantly of all they normally get along with people as well
so they are very sociable mr. Steve once again is a very sociable person I’m not
sure if I am that might surprise you I think sometimes I am not very sociable
sometimes I just like to sit in the corner and be myself and contemplate
world and everything that’s happening around me so sometimes I would say that
I’m not very sociable I don’t like to be in social situations where I don’t know
people or I don’t know the people around me so sometimes mr. Steve will take me
somewhere one of his work parties or like earlier this year we went to
Portugal and I met lots of new people for the first time so that was very
strange and in those situations I might seem not very sociable but once I
relaxed I normally become very sociable so I’m not a person who is comfortable
around lots of people who I don’t know I can be very introvert and shy we will
look at those words a little bit later on hello also to a person who is
open-minded hello to you are you open-minded a person who is open-minded
is a person who accepts other people for who they are so you might be quite
gregarious liberal in the way you think so you
don’t judge people too harshly so you will be quite open-minded so there are
many open-minded people around of course there are many people whose minds are
not open to all sorts of things so an open-minded person is a person who
generally accepts people for who they are no one is perfect we are all
slightly flawed we all have our imperfections we all have our strange
habits so quite often in this world it is a good idea to be open-minded about
these things a person who is colorful might have a very what’s the word I’m
looking for extravagant they might have an
extravagant way of dressing or maybe their character is very extravagant a
colorful person so this doesn’t just refer to the clothes this also refers to
the person’s behavior as well so maybe they are very colorful very outgoing
a colorful person very colorful of course we have some negative ones as
well sorry about that but if we have the positive ones we have to also show some
of the negative ones as well so here are some negative words to describe a
person’s character arrogant ooh arrogant have you ever met an
arrogant person a person who thinks they are better than everyone else
arrogant a person who thinks they are superior to other people arrogant so an
arrogant person is a person whose character is
maybe unfriendly maybe they will look down on other people who they consider
to be not as good as them an arrogant person I’m sure in your life you have
met someone who comes across as arrogant hmm another one
conceited very similar so a person who is very self-centered they like to talk
about themselves they are obsessed with the things they do and they always like
to tell people about the things they are doing or maybe something that they’ve
recently bought or maybe the holiday that they’re going on soon so a person
who is very self-centered they like to talk about themselves they like to
concentrate on their own activities and their own life they can be described as
quite conceited a conceited person I can say safely that I have met many people
in fact it might be a way of life here in the UK I’ve noticed over the past few
years people have become more arrogant and conceited especially when they are
talking about their lives and their family and the things they own and the
things they’ve bought and maybe the things that their children are doing so
some people can be very conceited one of the worst things is when you have a
conversation with someone and all they do is talk about themselves rather me me
me me me me me me me but when you say something about yourself you try to
introduce something else into the conversation about you they just ignore
it and they carry on talking about themselves so yes I have come across
many people like that and it would appear to be part of society
see now in this country so you might see people trying to show off
or they feel as if they are better than other people because they have something
they own a nice car or maybe they have lovely expensive holidays or maybe they
live in a big house and they think they are better than other people
boastful so this is something that I just mentioned a person who likes to
show off talk about the things they have o come round to my house this weekend
you can have a look at my new kitchen I’ve just had my new kitchen designed
you can have a look at my new carpet have a look at my new car have a look at
my new house have a look at my new shoes oh they are so expensive boastful a
person who is boastful they like to talk about the things they have quite often
to make other people feel small here’s another one it’s negative I’m very sorry
about that unfriendly an unfriendly person an
unfriendly person is someone who you cannot approach you cannot talk to they
don’t want to know you they don’t want to talk to anyone they seem unfriendly
however sometimes this can be mistaken for being unfriendly so maybe a person
is just shy maybe they are a little shy they they feel afraid to say something
so sometimes a person can appear unfriendly however they are not they are
just shy so that can happen a lot in life
we were talking about liberal people earlier people who are open-minded well
here is the opposite people who are narrow-minded if you are a narrow-minded
person your view of the world is not very open you have certain views certain
attitudes to life the world people that is not very open so maybe you have some
ways of looking at certain people in society whether it is their age their
culture their race their sexuality so there you go
narrow-minded and narrow-minded person and we often come across narrow-minded
people people who have very narrow views of the world and I suppose the other
word we can use is intolerant a person who is intolerant is a person
who generally speaking is closed-minded they are intolerant they are not liberal
they can be quite conservative maybe and I’m not talking about politics I don’t
mean from a political point of view I just mean generally so maybe they are a
person who dislikes people from other races or who have
certain religious views or have an unusual taste in anything early that’s
all I’m saying so intolerant people I’m sure you know
someone who is intolerant there are lots of intolerant people around here are
some other words and I don’t want you to mistake these for negative words so I’m
not going say that these are negative words
because they’re not but they do describe a certain type of personality but not
negative okay can I just say that so we are all clear so no one will complain introvert a person who is an introvert
is a person who does not have a strong personality maybe they are very
withdrawn they don’t like to socialize they feel awkward and uncomfortable
around people they don’t know so in an introvert an introvert person can be
described as being introverted so introverted means you are an introvert
you are not outgoing maybe you are a private person maybe you like to keep
your private life to yourself you don’t like talking to other people and as we
all know people can be very nosy sometimes so an introvert person is a
person who doesn’t mix with other people they don’t socialize as much as others
they might be shy they might be very uncomfortable around other people when I
was a teenager I was an introvert I would describe myself definitely as a
person who was an introvert I was quite a shy person very self-conscious I was
incredibly tall I was taller than many people in my school and also very thin
so I hated my appearance I was incredibly self-conscious about the way
I looked and I was also introvert as well however I did enjoy telling jokes
and doing things that made other people laugh so quite often that was my way of
expressing myself and maybe maybe that hasn’t changed right up to this day
so introvert a person who is introvert shy person who is shy we can all be shy
from time to time I think we can all be a little bit shy sometimes so I don’t
think being shy is something that is special to certain people I think we can
all be shy sometimes maybe if we have to do a performance maybe you have to go on
stage and give a speech to a lot of people you might feel a little shy doing
it however when you start maybe your shyness will vanish so being shy
a person who is modest a person who is modest is someone who does not like to
boast or show-off or talk about themselves or their achievements so
again I think Steve is quite modest he is a very modest person he’s achieved
quite a lot in his life however he rarely likes to talk about it so even
now we are doing something different Steve and I we are doing something a
little different so Steve doesn’t want to talk about it though we did something
last Wednesday which now means we are officially in show business apparently
but Steve doesn’t want to talk about it because he is so modest and that’s what
Steve is like he is very modest humble humble a person who is humble once more
does not like to talk about themselves or their achievements Rolfie says I learn more from your
stories than from the English lesson itself well I always like to talk about
things from my own personal experience but I always worry that maybe if I talk
about myself too much you might think that I’m not very modest so so that’s
the problem they’re a retiring person now this is an interesting word because
it can be used in many ways so if you are retiring
it means you finish working so your working life comes to an end you retire
also if you are retiring it can mean you are going to bed
so you are retiring I will retire now it means I’m going to bed also a retiring
person can be a shy person someone who doesn’t like talking about themselves
they might be timid shy introvert so retiring a person can be shy and
retiring someone who does not like to perform maybe they don’t like to do
anything that makes them stand out in the crowd they might be inhibited and
again when I was young I was quite inhibited I was a very awkward teenager
I was shy I hated my appearance I thought I was thin I didn’t like having
my photograph taken so yes I was quite shy as a child certainly during my
teenage years I have been asked in a past would you like to relive your
teenage years and my answer is always no no thank you
inhibited a person who doesn’t like to do something that will get the attention
of other people so maybe they don’t want to perform a song or maybe they don’t
want to stand out in the crowd they are quite inhibited I suppose I
should say hello to the live chat before is shy and timid the same thing
yes if you are timid it means you don’t like to be around other people you are
shy you are not open you are not extrovert you are shy you are timid but
they are not necessarily bad things hello to Irene hello to Anna Kobi hello
Luis mr. Duncan people boast all the time about possessions money not about
knowledge no people rarely talk about the things they know and the reason is
and this is my theory quite often if you talk too much about the things you know
to other people they might ask you about those things and so you become very
exposed as a person so they might ask you about the things you know but then
they might ask questions about the things that you say you know about and
maybe you don’t know everything about that thing so knowledge can be something
that we are quite protective about because no one likes to look as if they
have no knowledge or maybe that they don’t know about a certain subject now
it doesn’t bother me if I don’t know about something if I have no knowledge
of something I will say it so I don’t know everything in this world there are
things that I’m still learning about even at my age a person who is withdrawn
might also be very similar as well they are withdrawn they hold themselves back
they are not extrovert they are withdrawn they don’t like to go
out very often they don’t like to socialize you might describe them as
withdrawn of course being withdrawn can also be a
sign of other things as well such as depression so if a person changes their
personality if they appear to change the way they behave maybe they become
withdrawn or a little awkward or antisocial they might actually be
suffering from something else they might have something like depression or
anxiety timid here’s a word I used earlier timid if a person is timid it
means they are very shy imagine a little mouse hiding in a bush and then the
mouse will put its head out of the bush it will poke its head out but then
suddenly it will go back in the reason is because it’s very timid so something
that is timid is shy it doesn’t like to be seen it is very self-conscious maybe
very self-aware a timid person timid Jamelia says something very interesting
here some people can be House proud mr. Duncan and I love talking about their
houses without being boastful this is true yes I do like hearing about
people’s accomplishments especially when they’ve had to work very hard so there
is a fine line I always say there is a line between showing your achievements
and boasting so yes you are right there is a fine line however quite often when
you meet a person certainly around where I live there are a lot of people around
here who who loved talking about themselves about their new expensive
things and quite often they will talk about it for a very long time finally this is the last word we are
using today to describe character a person who is unassuming so when we say
assume it means you guess something you make a guess without knowing the facts
so a person who is an assuming will not judge anyone they will meet everyone and
they will meet them and accept them they won’t come to any conclusion about that
person they won’t judge that person they will
be very unassuming they will not make their mind up about
anyone Thank You ro sir Thank You M in did someone just say cake did someone
just say cake did someone just say ok where is the cake someone just said cake
where is the cake I want cake I’m quite hungry actually because I’ve had a busy
day today I am going in a moment thank you airman thank you also to Prakash I
will be going soon don’t forget tomorrow I’m hoping to be live on YouTube
tomorrow hoping to be live at the Much Wenlock Christmas fair so I will be
running around being generally crazy I think a lot of people now in much
Wenlock do know who I am have you seen that crazy guy with the
glasses yes we’ve seen him he sometimes runs around with a camera talking to
himself yes that’s me that’s me I’m sorry about that thank you
a man Thank You Youssef thank you also rose sir could you tell us the best way
to learn English from a pre intermediate level to advanced level from the home
please Thank You Youssef well there are many
ways of improving your English level but of course it all depends on how fast you
do it and what you do so I always say that if you want to improve your English
from one level to another level you must try and make all of English
part of your life every day in some way so I always think learning is something
you do over time it is something that is slow and gradual thank you hi Lee Kwang
thank you also sweetness Thank You Cho thank you also Louis bye
Louis you might see me tomorrow I will be running around much when lock town
center tomorrow if the weather is good I’m not sure about the time at the
moment but I will put a promotion on my youtube channel to let you know so I
will try to notify everyone so hopefully tomorrow I will be out and about with
the Much Wenlock Christmas Fair Joanne huge when juju an hello Zuzu an watching
in China it is now just after 11:20 p.m. in China thank you very much and a a
good night to you I I would imagine that you are going to have your Shri Jalla
now Shri Jalla or Yahoo Jiao which means I need to sleep Thank You Jonas thank
you to everyone who is joining me today and if you missed the demolition of the
cooling towers that is also available on my
YouTube channel what a what a busy day I’ve had
thanks a lot for your company see you tomorrow hopefully live in much Wenlock
with the Christmas Fair and of course until tomorrow and if not Sunday you
know what’s coming next yes you do… ta ta for now 😎

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