Hi everyone assalamualaikum, my name is Nur Fazira Binti Azman. I am the second student for marketing management today I will introduce to you about my product which is innovation of backpacks this backpack is designed for the people who loves traveling and hiking. It also suitable for the everyday usage as well as outdoor activities. The price of the backpack is reasonable and affordable to all people. As we all know, the majority of backpackers about 80 percents are engage in activities when they were potentially Exposed to health and safety problems. This is because 8 out of the 10 backpackers are complains about their backpack are not suitable for the travel. Indirectly it can affect their emotion and their posture of the body while do their activities to To emphasizing this backpack, 70% of the backpackers prefer to have portable backpack with many compartments and have light backpack by traveling and hiking even They have a lot of things to bring In that way, I will offer to all backpackers to have interesting the design for extreme condition with minimalistic modern aesthetic that creating a sleek and chick look. Moreover this backpack also durable in any condition especially during rain because the backpack is floatable and waterproof. The uniqueness of the this backpack is anti- theft so the backpackers need not worry much about the things in the backpack The main benefit is backpackers will more comfortable when you use it and can avoid their backpains This backpack also has high security and safety to take care their things to avoid from thief. In business surely we have competitors like Adidas and Nike, but what make this backpack is different with others It has a lots of innovation and creativity in terms of designs that makes the all backpackers interested to have it When you grab this backpack you can also have free bottle travels and waterproof case and also you can get 20% of discounts for early birds. Let’s get yours now

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