Ep 6: Backpacking Eastern Europe

Ep 6: Backpacking Eastern Europe

I think we are going… South. Alright, so we’re going South, that’s a start. Here is how we make decisions, We found this metal dice in a club last night We just got picked up five minutes ago, The guy puts down floors in houses or something We still have about 100 km to go, so that’ll be a little over an hour. Before arriving to Zakopane! You’ll go very “deeply” high And there is a chain that you have to take Have a very good time! Thanks a lot! It’s feels like it’s about 2 degrees in here So this is the end of our second day in the Tatras mountains. The hotel was super expensive so we decided to sleep in the woods tonight It’s free, fun and so dang beautiful Apparently there’re bears in these woods But we’re prepared We’re gonna celebrate with a bottle of Polish Vodka You know, just one or two shots, just for fun. So we’re trying to get out of Slovakia, and getting closer to the Hungarian border. We’re super close right now. There’s got to be about 7 to 7.5 inhabitants. and finally… Hungaria. Now we’re on the Tisza lake in Hongary. We rented a little row-boat, and it looks like we’re about to get a good little storm There goes the rain! It’s getting pretty windy too Today’s objective was to ride horses… We’re still looking for a place… [Hungarian] $^*!((@$%[email protected](yhg#$%++=-*%%@$!~`~*7(|[:_ Y’all are by foot??? Oh my goodness [more Hungarian] Iger ! Tiszaiger !

20 thoughts on “Ep 6: Backpacking Eastern Europe

  1. that introoooo thoooooo is so so sickkk! you had me at the intro and the rest of the video is just as good! love this video subbed!

  2. Day 2 Dalhousie | Khajjiar (mini Switzerland of India). Travel is the best way of practical knowledge.

  3. that intro is so sick, you lost me there and the next twenty seconds made me wonder why all these crappy tourist videos are the same

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  5. Guys, quick question how is that place called where you are at 2:29 and after, also where have you went fishing?
    Planning on going to a trip soon around there. Merci 😀

  6. While you were busy with the artsy editing, you forgot some basic things to provide value to travellers, like overlays saying where you are, what that mountain is called, maybe some map

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