Epithet Erased | EP2 – Bear Trap

Epithet Erased | EP2 – Bear Trap

Um. Excuse me? Miss Tour Guide? Sorry, but… what did
you mean when you said: “Rob this museum?” Aren’t you security guards? Isn’t that the opposite
of your job? We’re not security
guards, little girl. That’s just our cover. Ohh… That explains why your
tour was so bad. Wh- no! It’s not that I’m bad at tours! There was just
no reason to try! He was trying. See! I told you! The kids
can tell the difference! I give him four stars. (Gasp!) Four stars, Lady Mera! That’s pretty good! That’s
downright commendable! See what happens
when you engage? You should be more engaging! We don’t NEED to
be engaging, Indus. There’s only three things
we’re going to do… Sneak into the museum,
find the amulet… And take your epithet.(♪Title theme plays♪)WAKE UP! ♪You’ve got a lot to
do today ♪Feel proud and wipe
your eyes, ’cause hey! ♪Stifle the yawn,
stayed up ’til dawn, ♪Let’s see what you
been workin’ on… ♪IT’S GONE! ♪Keep in mind
is closing in. ♪Your byline,
the headline,
they’re in the bin ♪Uncompleted… ♪All deleted! ♪WHAT’S GOING ON!? ♪You’ll have to crunch and
work ’til dawn ’til you die! ♪Cut out the corners,
cross the Ts
and dot the Is! ♪Whip out the white-out
But keep it in good taste! ♪Just so that no one will
ever know it’s defaced! ♪Epithet Erased! ♪GIOVANNI:
Episode 2! Bear Trap!(Overdramatic sad music playing)GIOVANNI: (crying)
Spike… Crusher… Dark Star! My boys! My beautiful boys!
She beat them all up!(Pathetic crying)I’m surprised you’re
still conscious. Our duel tech is usually enough to take mooks like you down
in one blow. Congrats! Indus. Take our intruders
into the dinosaur exhibit. And make sure they stay there. Ooh! The dinosaur exhibit
is my FAVORITE! That is the exhibit
with DINOSAURS in it! Right away, Lady Mera! Wait a moment… Lady Mera!
If I am guarding them… Who will PROTECT YOU!? (scoffs) From these guys? Please. I wiped their
entire squad out with a
wave of my hand.They’re kittens~How DARE you!? We are DANGEROUS CRIMINALS! (Sarcastically) Oh, I’m sorry! What’s the most dangerous
thing you guys have done? Loiter outside the mini-mall?
Shoplift some bubblegum?Loitering is a perfectly
respectable crime that can be VERY dangerous! (Laughing) H-how?
No it can’t, how? You could do it in
front of a truck?(Jailhouse harmonica playing ♪)
(Giovanni moans in pain)There! That should hold you! Enjoy your time in prison! I’m going to learn about
dinosaurs! (Giggles)Aw, man! My first mission
in charge and I end up captured on top of a pile of my
own unconscious minions! This sucks. Hey, tall guy! You could’ve at least trapped us
inside the dinosaur bones,Like how I requested to
be buried in my will! Yeah, no big deal, but I wrote
my last will and testament because I live my life
in constant danger. I wrote my last will and
testament because life is fleeting and you never know when
you or a loved one will die Ugh. You’re kind of a bummer.
Anyone ever tell you that? Yeah… Oh. So tall… If my neck were that long
I could see Lady Mera
from anywhere! We could never get lost! What tall secrets do
you know, Mister…? MUSEUM PLACARD:
Apatosaurus! INDUS:
Apatosaurus…(longing sigh)I wish I were a dinosaur. GIOVANNI:
Psst! Hey! Kid! Quick! Let’s get out of here while that
big guy’s distracted by the majesty of dinosaurs! MOLLY:
Huh? You heard that lady
with the weird eyes! Once she finds that amulet thing she’s gonna steal your epithet!
And maybe mine too! We gotta get outta here! MOLLY:
I guess so… GIOVANNI:
What do you mean ‘you guess so’? I dunno… Being a mundie
wouldn’t be so bad… I could still run the store… Lots of people don’t have
epithets and they do okay. And it sounds like she
really wants it, so- WHAT DO YOU MEAN
“IT SOUNDS LIKE SHE WANTS IT”!? What’s wrong with you!? You can’t just give up
your cool powers! My powers aren’t
that cool though… Uh, they managed to
negate a swing from my Soul Slugger Doom Bat
of Maximum Destruction! That’s a pretty big deal! Had I hit that lady
at my FULL power? Oh, I woulda CLOBBERED her! …Maybe? I’ve got this feeling that
she’s actually really strong. Same with that guy over there. Their proficiency
is really high. Uh, well… yeah! It’d have to be to
defeat all my minions! Um… I dunno? They were kind of… bad? HEY! Don’t you talk
about my boys that way! They’re trying THEIR BEST! …but you have a point. I don’t know if I can beat
that lady now that I’m boy-less.. …hey! I know! YOU can be my new boy! Huh? Congratulations, little girl! You have officially
been promoted to BOY!MINION BOY!!!Huh??? But first you need a
cool minion nickname.Quick! What’s your name? I thought it was “Minion Boy”. Nooo… your NORMAL name! Uh… Molly? Ugh! Gross!
You sound like a sweater! I can’t have a
minion named Molly. Let’s see… you’re quiet…
and you wear a bear hoodie… I like bears. :3 Hm… I’VE GOT IT!!! Your minion name shall be…Bear Trap.Okay. Now, Bear Trap! As minion, it’s your job to
think of a way out of this and do all the work. As your manager I will wait here and take credit for your success
and berate you if needed Oh, so it’s like
working in retail! Yeah, you got it! Okay, I can do that! Uh… Okay! I think I have an idea. Hello? Mr. Barrier? Hm? Oh! Hostages! Are you enjoying
your imprisonment? Can I get you anything?
Some water? More barriers? Actually, I had a question. That woman is your boss, right? She is my master! Years ago Lady Mera bested
me in an honorable duel… Ever since I have followed
her teachings, so that I may become strong like her! She has taught me many
important training exercises, such as “Training Laundry” and
“Training Doing Her Taxes”. Oh, I do my family’s taxes too. Yes! I have not yet
mastered the taxes… Heh! Me neither! I have so many return
statements to file… Hah! Yeah! Uh…
Grown-up words, am I right!? We’re all dudes here! In return for Lady Mera’s
teachings, I act as her most trusted bodyguard
and right-hand man! Okay, so, your job is
to protect her, right? Yes! Well, Mr. Giovanni
attacked her earlier. Yes! But, I stopped her from taking any damage with my epithet. Yes! So I saved your master for you! That means you owe me a favor! That makes sense! I was thinking maybe…
let us out of this prison? Hm… I don’t know… Lady Mera did give me
explicit orders to do the
exact opposite of that… I wouldn’t want to upset her! (Meekly) Oh that’s fair,
sorry to bother you… What?! No!
You almost had him! Alright, listen! You wanna protect
that lady, right? More than anything! Well… you’d better go
back there right now before the REALLY
dangerous thing gets her! (Gasp!) Oh no! What is this
really dangerous thing!?Uh… uh… Quicksand? No! It’s minions! Lots and lots of minions! He has way more minions than
the ones you just saw! Yeah, I’ve got like ten- -HUNDRED! Ten hundred minions! Goodness, that IS a
large amount! I don’t know if Lady Mera
could handle that many
minions on her own… MOLLY:
You should go help her. AFTER letting us out! After all, we just gave you that
hot minion tip for free! So now you owe us two favors! And two favors is worth
more than one order! So you need to let us out! Yeah! That’s the rules. Hm… I… guess
that makes sense… Alright! [He lowers the barrier a bit and lifts the two of them by their
collars like baby kittens.] There! You are free,
and my debt is repaid! Stay here and don’t
cause any trouble! I’M COMING LADY MERA!!! MOLLY:
I don’t feel good about
lying to him like that…(Giovanni laughs)Oh! Silly Bear Trap. You don’t need to feel
bad about lying anymore! That’s one of the perks
of being a bad guy! Oh! Okay!(clearly lying)
Can I borrow your cell phone?
I wanna order a… pizza. Oh, yeah! Pizza sounds great! Thanks! Hi, Police? PHONE:
Hello, this is Police. WHAT!? No, stop that! We’re not calling the police! I’m a criminal and
you’re one of my minions! They’d arrest us on the spot! But… I haven’t done
anything bad yet. Uh you just
broke out of prison! (Gasp) You’re right! I’m a monster… This mask has become my face. No, the best thing we can
do now is swipe that amulet
from right under their noses. If they want it, that means it’s
probably worth a lot of money! I bet stealing something
like that would get me
some kind of raise! Ooh! Maybe even a promotion…
to the next Banzai Rank! It’s nice to have the
option of upward mobility
in your company. Yeah! Those are… words! C’mon! We need to
establish a secret base! Once we have a base,
we can come up with a plan! Once we have a plan,
we can swoop in, rescue my boys, and
GRAB THAT AMULET! [He touches his hand
to the barrier… and looks longingly at
his pile of boys, like a maiden
looking out to sea.(hushed whisper)
Wait for me, my boys.I shall return for you.Why don’t we just
take them with us? Heavy… You right. GIOVANNI:
Epithet Erased… INDUS:
Epithet ERASED!
We’re back, Lady Mera!(Mera grunts as she
digs through boxes…)Come on, come on!
Where is it?!(Pained grunt)I keep banging myself
against these STUPID BOXES. Should’ve hired
some extra muscle. Well, extra extra muscle.
Indus was free. INDUS:
LADY MERA! Oh, perfect timing! LADY MERA!
Are you unharmed!? Not exactly… I’ve broken so many nails. …and a toe, I think. Wait, where are the intruders? Oh! I freed them! I’m sorry, what? I owed them a favor and it
was the honorable thing to do! …Oh, hahaha.
Okay, I get it. That little girl must have used
her Dumb epithet to make you STUPID enough to ignore
my orders and let them go!Nope! I’m just like that.Indus.If I wanted something
big and brainless to help me move boxes,I would’ve hired a forklift!Don’t be silly, Lady Mera!Forklifts have no honor.I don’t care about honor, Indus! “Honor” my probably-broken foot! Now we’ve got who knows how
many thieves wandering around looking for the amulet! Ten-hundred, I hear! We’re not even sure if it’s
even in the collection yet! SYLVIE:
Not here either, huh? This is starting to feel
like a waste of my time… MERA:
Tell me about it… …Wait. Who said that? Hmm! You must be one of the
fabled Ten-Hundred Minions! Stand aside, Lady Mera. I’ll handle him. Excuse me-? BACK, MINION! In the name of my Lady… you shall face my FIST! HYAAAAAAH! Did… Did I get him? Nope.(Indus snoring)Thank god, I was about
ten seconds away from
strangling him. …And who are you
supposed to be? Another thief? I take it you’re referring
to those Banzai Blasters I saw knocked out
near the entrance? No… I have nothing
to do with them. I’m simply…an
interested party. Uh huh… And what exactly are you
“interested” in, kid? The museum’s been
closed for hours- I’M NOT A KID!!! My NAME…
Is Dr. Sylvester Ashling. I’m a psychologist investigating
how epithets interact with a person’s psyche. I heard your lackey
talking about the amulet during your tour earlier, and I was hoping to get
a look at it myself. Well… the exhibit’s
not open yet so how about you go home and wait
a few weeks like everyone else? Waiting behind red tape
is for the general public. I figure there’s no harm in
getting an academic preview! That’s what you’re doing
after all. …Isn’t it? Uh! R-right! But as you can see, my
assistant’s abilities are
a little lacking… INDUS: (snoring)
Barrier, barrier, barrier…(fake innocent voice)
With all these Banzai Blasters running around, I don’t know
if I’ll be able to keep the amulet safe! Of course… if I had someone
more competent willing to take care of them… I’d be happy to let you
take a peek at the amulet
once I found it! So… I apprehend these thieves, and you give me some time
to examine the amulet? Yes! That’s right! Oh! But they’re pretty strong! You might not be able
to handle them, kid! I-I told you before! I’m not… a kid. And trust me. If I’m the one
dealing with those thieves? They’ll be out cold before
they have a chance to make the same mistake!(evil laughter)(stupid clown laughter)MERA:
Epithet Erased! MOLLY:
We’re back!
Thanks for waiting! GIOVANNI:
Alright! Fort Cool Guy complete! I feel like it’s against the
rules to take the bears out of their homes like that… Uh, this IS their home now! And I told you! You don’t need
to worry about “rules” anymore. Bear Trap. You’re a bad guy now. Plus, these guys are
like… our guardians! They’re part of the
Banzai Blasters too. Then they need uniforms! You are SO RIGHT. [Molly takes a small sewing
kit out of her backpack and starts fashioning the
grizzly bear a yellow bandana with the letters “BB” on it.] Ohh, you carry around
a sewing kit too, huh? Yeah. My dad breaks a lot of stuff around the house so it’s
good to have supplies on hand. Wait. You sew? No! I… knit. So what? You wanna
fight about it!? No! I just… didn’t take you for
the crafting type. Of course!
[He takes out a pair
of knitting needles.] I wield both the powers
of creation… AND destruction! [He flips the needles
back and forth, between Grandma Mode and Knife
Mode. Like a ninja!](Ninja noises)Huh. …Hey Giovanni? Are you secretly nice? WHAT?! NO!
ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Say that again and
YOU’RE FIRED!!! Don’t tell the others, okay? They wouldn’t get it! Only cool minions like
you would understand! [Giovanni throws together
a black bandanna with red
accents or the polar bear.] Nice! They’re officially
part of the team! And once you turn in your
membership fee, you’ll be an official Banzai Blaster too! Membership fee? Yeah! Anyone can
become a villain for the low, low price of
$49.99 a month! …so there’s no skill
THAN MY ENTIRE ALLOWANCE! But it’s not so bad! If you get other people to join, you get a cut of
their monthly fee! And if you recruit enough
people you actually make money! That sounds like
a pyramid scheme. Psh… yeah! Of course it’s
a pyramid scheme! They’re scamming you!
That’s how you know it’s a legit bad guy group! How do you know what a
pyramid scheme is, anyways? Aren’t you like five? I run a toy store, so I have to know about common
business practices. You’re five years old and
you run a toy store? That sounds pretty rough. Yeah… I mean I’m 12, but… yeah. You uh… you wanna
talk about it? [Giovanni sits down in the
fort and pats the spot on
the bench next to him.] Uhh… C’mon, Bear Trap. Sewing time is bonding time. That’s why they
call it “close-knit”. Um… well… My family runs a toy store. My dad makes the toys.
And my mom used to sell ’em. But after she died… Dad and my sister
kind of just… Ignored the situation? But we still need to
eat and no one was doing anything, so… I guess
I just kinda.. took over? I thought it’d just be
for a little while… …but it’s been almost
two years now and things still aren’t normal again. I still work at the store
most nights because… my dad and my sister are… Um. “Busy”. I’m supposed to be
there now, actually. But… all this happened!(sigh)…I hope they don’t
get mad at me again. You’re kind of a pushover,
aren’t you Bear Trap? …I’m sorry. See!? That’s exactly
what I’m talking about! You’re doing all this stuff
for your dumb family, and you’re okay with giving
away your epithet because “she might need it”?! What is that crap!? Like, it’s nice to be
nice or whatever, but you can’t just let
people step on you! You’re just as important as
everyone else is, Bear Trap! …Really? Yeah. You’re my MINION now! All my minions are important! I can’t have people stepping
all over my minions when I’m not around!
You’ve gotta learn to stand up for yourself! Got it!? No!!! How’s that? Hah! Nice try. I’m your boss, so you
have to listen to ME! Not bad though!
We’ll work on it! I want all my minions
to be the best they can be, so that when I finally
become a supervillain, We’ll be the strongest
bad guys in the world! SYLVIE:
So… I guess that makes you
the Banzai Blasters then. GIOVANNI: Who the heck is that?
MOLLY: That boy from earlier… You’re trying to steal the
Arsene Amulet. Isn’t that right? I don’t go easy on CRIMINALS who get in the
way of my RESEARCH!(Giovanni laughs)Yeah? And what are you
gonna do about it? Think you can stop us, kid!? I’m NOT a– (sigh) Why do I even bother? [The boy raises his hand and
a hush falls over the room… A golden dust hangs in the air
and begins to fall like pollen.] What’s this? Snow? …Ew, why it it yellow!? Wait… (Gasp) Giovanni, be careful! That dust puts you to sleep! Huh? I bumped into that boy earlier. Some of that dust rubbed
off on me and I passed out. I thought it was just like
weird dandruff or something but I think he’s
actually inscribed! He must have some kind
of sleep epithet! Hah! A trick like that
won’t work against my DEMON ENERGY AURA! HraaaaAAAAGH! [Steam rises off
of Giovanni’s body as his soupy energy
whirls around him and hits its boiling point! The updraft generates
a whirlwind and BLASTS the dust away
in a rush of heat!] He dispelled it? I guess they’re not just
your average street punks waving their epithets around.(evil giggle)Listen up, Bear Trap! Now that we’re a team I can
let you in on all of my secret techniques,
including my special move. Thirteen is my lucky number, so every thirteen times
I get a hit in, I unleash a SUPER ATTACK! Oh wow. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Is that… soup-related, or-? Nope, I’m just awesome! I’ve already got a hit saved up
from attacking that lady before, so all I have to do
is land 12 hits on him! …if he can even
survive that long! Counting Sheep! [He waves his hand and a
herd of sheep stampede out of the aether with
a chorus of “baa”s!(Sheep baaing!)MOLLY:
Ah! Sheep! GIOVANNI:
Is that all you got? This is a perfect
opportunity to use my LAVA GRENADE!(explosion, sad baas)GIOVANNI:
Dangit! There’s too many
of them! Bear Trap, attack! I-I… I don’t have a weapon! Oh! My bad! Here! Take my standard-issue
Banzai Blaster peashooter! [He drops a gun in her hands.] WH- N- I DON’T WANT THIS!!! C’mon, we can take ’em!
Get ready, Bear Trap! [Giovanni brandishes
his Soul Crusher Bat, which is a regular bat
with a knife taped to it!](baas of impending doom)BOTH:
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!! AAAAaaaaaaaaahhhh…? Oh! This isn’t so bad! Yeah! They just kinda…
bump into you. I have a friend who would love
this, actually. It’s so soft! Aww, y’know? They’re
actually kinda cute!(CHOMP)Ah! They nibble!They nibble HARD!They’re nibbling my suit! Quit it! It took me
hours to make this costume! C’mon! 13, 13, 13, 13!(baa of instant death)(panting) Hah… yeah! Oh there’s still like a
hundred of them though! I don’t know if I can take
them all out before they
nibble us to death! I have an idea! It looked like he summoned
these, so maybe I can… Shh… shh… Hushabye…(baa)MOLLY:
[The sheep quiets down… Closes its eyes, and grows
smaller, and smaller… until it slowly fades
away… to nothing. (stammer) W-what?!
What did you just do? H-how do you do that?
How do you turn them off? I dumbed it down to nothing! I can do that with
summoned stuff! My sister has a summoning
epithet and I have to unmake her stuff before it
destroys all the other stuff! What!? Can you
do that to people!? I…! …I don’t know!(baa)Bear Trap! What happened… (yawns)
I’m sleepy… again… SYLVIE: HEY!
MOLLY: Huh? You should be more than
groggy enough now. How about we see what
you’re most afraid of? Nightmare Fuel!(fire wooshing and roaring)MOLLY: (gasp)
GIOVANNI: What the heck!? Pyrophobia, huh? That’ll do.(Molly hyperventilating)No… no, no no no
no no no no NO! Now, why don’t the two
of you just stay put until the police arrive? I’ll keep that fire where it is, so long as you don’t
try anything funny. MOLLY: G… Giovanni… Bear Trap? [Molly clutches the hem
of Giovanni’s cape… …and hides against his leg. She’s crying…] (through tears) Help… Hmph! I think I’ve had just
about enough of you, guy! You made my minion cry! NOBODY makes my minions
cry except ME! I’ve never done this
while carrying another person before… but… Don’t worry, Bear Trap. We still have two more
minions left on our side. You can’t seriously
be planning to sprint
through that fire. Not quite! The steam Giovanni builds up
around him BURSTS from his feet, and he ROCKETS into the sky! Landing on the two Banzai
Bears atop Fort Cool Guy! What the heck!? Teleports behind you… (panting) Only halfway, but
that’s still pretty good! See Bear Trap? We’re safe now. Sgt. Bear and Corporal Other
Bear are here to back us up. (very tiny) Thank you… Don’t mention it.
You’re my minion now. We take care of each other! SYLVIE:
You might find that difficult
in a couplde of seconds! NIGHTMARE FUEL! GIOVANNI:
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!!! SYLVIE:
[Suddenly the footing beneath Molly and Giovanni
becomes unsteady… An earthquake!? No! The BEARS beneath them
SPRING TO LIFE! Sgt. Bear and Corporal
Other Bear ROAR, and begin to swing at
their former comrades! He’s taken the only thing I
love and turned it against me. Sergeant Bear! Why!? SGT. BEAR
I should’ve been promoted
to STAFF Sergeant Bear… AAAAGES AGO! I can try surpressing them
with Hushabye, but not for very long! They’re much
stronger than the sheep! W-what do I do!? Uh… uh… The sewing kit! Oh yeah! I can throw the
knitting needles at his eyes! I was thinking more like hitting
him with a ball of yarn? Riiight… He’s wearing glasses. Much more traditional
to just bean the nerd! [Giovanni scrounges around
and pulls out a big red ball of yarn from
his man purse!] You seriously think you can
beat me with a ball of yarn? Not on my own! But when I combine my
strength with Bear Trap’s, Anything is possible! GIOVANNI: Bap bap bap bap
MOLLY: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow Sorry about this, Bear Trap.
Standard minion procedure. It’s fine, I’m used to
being taken advantage of. Oooookay there! Let’s maybe raise our
standards a little bit! There we go! I might not be the best supervillain in the
world just yet… But when it comes to baseball…
I can’t be beat! Hup! Augh! Haha, yeah! Take that, ya JERK! Haha… Why is he still standing?! Alright… that’s it… No more Dr. Nice Guy! You’ve forced me to use…
My ultimate attack! DREAM BIG!!! HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! Hah! Is that it!? Your “ultimate attack”
is passing out?(snickering)What a dork. Let that be a lesson
to you, Bear Trap! Never mess with Giovanni Potage! Because he is great. Uh… Giovanni? Please, please.
Call me “Boss.” BOSS!!! Yes? What is it, my… …faithful minion? HUAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! BOTH:
AAAAAAAHHH!♪ Outro Theme playsIn the dead of midnight ♪Someone’s creeping
down the hall ♪See those yellow uniforms?
We’re the ones who got it all! ♪We may trigger an alarm
But we never come to harm ♪Because before the cops can
catch us we can call my mom! ♪We’re GREAT AT CRIME! ♪FLAMETHROWER:
Don’t call us dumb!Yeah we’re GREAT AT CRIME ♪BANZAI BLASTER:
I stole some bubblegum!The boys in blue are
here for you ♪There is nothing they can do! ♪We scuffle, scram, skeddaddle,
up a creek without a paddle ♪No you cannot rattle us
‘Cause we are GREAT AT CRIME ♪Larceny, incarcerated,
arson’s kinda overrated ♪There’s no reason to debate it,

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    And, during this series, what if a new villain pops up, and we discover that they intentionally (for whatever reason) burned down Molly's house?
    We'll just have to wait and see…

  9. I swear this is all in Molly’s head, and this is her coping with her mother’s death. Each person is a facet of her personality.

    Giovanni is her childish side, Indus is her innocent side, Mera her stressed side, DR. Something-or-other her dreamer side, her father how she interprets her father, and so forth.

  10. This might be a reach but is Molly's affinity for bears a reference to Serial Experiments Lain? Apparently it's symbolic of "hibernating potential, despite her outwardly unimposing appearance" which I suspect is a good fit here as well.

    Also that train of thought got me imagining how beyond bonkers a "So This Is Basically Serial Experiments Lain" would be.

  11. Okay so…. how do I work for the bonsai blasters and how do I get Giovanni to be put in charge of me? He’s literally everything I want in a manager….

  12. It seems like an enscribed person's epithet is a direct mirror of their personality… Not necessarily the word associated with their epithet (for example, Molly isn't dumb, Sylvester isn't drowsy), but the stamina proficiency and creativity of the epithet mirror the enscribed's stamina proficiency and creativity.

    Giovanni's epithet is the most creative one we've seen, and he also uses his epithet the most creatively.
    Indus's has the highest stamina, and it shows.
    This logic can be applied to everyone, and it pans out!

  13. We have to thank Molly's dad for this.

    If she didn't leave him, she wouldn't have met Giovanni and would have just been more neglected by her dad more.

    Giovanni is good papa.

  14. Everyone out here praising Giovanni, but I love Dr. Sylvester. His epithet is awesome, and I love his music! Plus, nerd boi is best boi

  15. Depending on how much and what you could make, "soup" could actually be a very good power. It would have alot of utility and some combat uses.

  16. “Nope. I’m just like that.” Had me wheezing and falling off my couch with laughter. This show is a gift from god. And the way Doctor S-A’s glasses flash like in anime…this is amazing. He’s officially my favourite character. “I’M NOT A KID!” And dang, Giovanni is great at pep talks. Impressive.

  17. Mera
    Epithet: ???
    • sweet black nail polish
    It's always chipping for some reason…
    ° Her toe is genuinely broken. It hurts alot.

  18. The barrier guy and aloe vera (i know it’s not her real name) reminds me of cronk and the other lady from the emperor’s new groove

  19. Indus and Giovanni are the two most valid characters ever 😭💙💙💙

    But Sylvie will still be my favorite forever 🥰

  20. is it me or the more dramatic a character is, the more they narrate their actions? like, Giovanni narrates so much what he does, while Molly has narrated maybe three times?

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