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When a passing driver spotted a blue bag by the side of the road in the Californian desert, he made a shocking discovery. After first thinking that he shouldn’t stop, as rubbish in the desert is “all too common,” something about the bag made him decide to hit the brakes and investigate. Subscribe Fokus He soon realized he’d come across something that wasn’t meant to be found. Inside the zipped duffle bag was a little dog that was happy for the fresh air. The driver then handed the dog over to the Victor Valley Animal Protective League – the V.V.A.P.L. – an animal shelter located in Apple Valley. “Fortunately, the dog was found before suffering any harm, saving him from a horrific death,” read a post on the shelter’s Facebook page. “We named the sweet boy Duff, and he’s now in a forever home thanks to a good Samaritan.” The shelter has no idea how long Duff was inside the bag or who put him there in the first place. Fortunately, the dog is now doing well. It’s staggering to think how cruel humans can be, but luckily for Duff the right person was driving past at just the right time. On social media, people reacted with indignation to news of Duff’s mistreatment. Mandie Kearns wrote, “I would to love to zip that sorry excuse for a human in a bag in the desert for a few hours. WHAT A MONSTER.” Susan Knaack Curry added, “What in the heck is seriously wrong with people today!!! Karma to whoever the evil doer is! Praise be to the one who saved him.” The Californian shelter, located just east of Los Angeles has been caring for homeless animals for more than half a century now. It strives to find new homes for around 150 animals each month.

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