Eselwanderung: Steiermark | WDR Reisen

Eselwanderung: Steiermark | WDR Reisen

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on behalf of the WDR * Music * Come on, come on, come on. Come on, take a step. Come on, out you go. I’ve got Vili here. Now he’s keeping nice and still,
because he loves to groom. But when I saw him
I led you out of the stable, I wasn’t sure,
if Vili didn’t have me. We do a donkey trekking
in Styria. I’m very happy,
because I love donkeys. I’ve never been this close before.
and I’m pretty excited and I’m glad you’re here,
that you’re trekking with me. Only the Vili must
accept me. Will you do that? I’ve got a 7-day tour
with donkeys. It shall be replaced by
the land of Mariazell, at the border of Hochsteiermark
to Lower Austria. * Music * This is Bali,
and this is the lead mare. She runs the whole herd.
of 10 donkeys with us. It’s a good thing she’s going,
because the other donkeys will be happy to follow,
if she goes with you. She’s a very quiet girl.
and independent donkey mare. She’s gonna go with me because we’re gonna
will then specify the rod. Andrea has the Vili.
– Dirty Vili. He’s a little dirty now. Vili is a very brave man. We’ve made up our minds,
to give the Vili to Andrea, cause she always talks a lot.
into the camera and stuff. Professionally, only professionally.
– Professionally, of course. The Vili is a very patient one, he’s gonna be doing all the talking.
I’ve been able to withstand that. Dodo is also a very brave man,
that’s such a joker. You’ll have to take a look, who sometimes has
strange and strange ideas. But he likes hiking a lot. He’s always happy,
if he gets to go. And who else do we have here? Leonie got Dani. This is from our group.
the biggest donkey. We gave it to Leonie, because Leonie has
a little horse experience. And Dani, though very well-behaved,
is a little scared. Maybe you can
in the interim the luggage in the panniers
distribute. Please be careful. Always the two bags,
that a donkey gets, they must be equally heavy. My fellow trekkers
I’ve only just met. We start at the Eselhof
of Judita van den Berg in Halltal. The goal of the first stage is Mooshuben. Only 6 km for now. * Music * For the introduction to the tour Judita has
I chose an easy way. We’re supposed to meet first.
and get to know the donkeys. * Music * We’re not in a hurry, and fast.
it’s clear: the donkeys certainly don’t. You determine the speed. We are still very careful
and hesitant, the donkeys pretty confident. Leonie and Dani will be fine in no time. Leonie comes
from near Munich, intends to study education, and
already knows horses. Janna and Dodo are still looking for
a common rhythm. Janna lives in Hamburg,
studies psychology and he goes on a donkey ride like that.
for the first time like all of us. The farm of the Schneck family
is on our way. Claudia Schneck is a friend of
our elite expert Judita. * Music * Sulmtaler Chicken and Mangalitzer
Pigs live on this farm. Both are old livestock breeds,
who are threatened with extinction. Claudia breeds snails
the rare animals. Your farm is an archaic farm. There are also trout here. You will be
with the best organic feed. We’re getting there. We’re going to have
take a short break and look at Claudia’s animals. Judita signed us up first. Claudia’s actually a pastry chef,
she told us. She has been running the farm for 19 years. Hello, Andrea. I’m Claudia.
– Nice to meet you. Hi. Hello, I’m Claudia.
– Leonie. Hello. Hello. I’m Claudia.
– Hello, there. 19 years is a long time.
Why are you doing this? 1. I wanted
I’ve always done something with animals. I’m enjoying this insanely. And these races
are easy to clean and robust. And most of all because… Because we’re happy,
that we all have livestock breeds. and that the posture fits. How many are there?
– Six are currently. Are they running me over?
– Stay right behind me. Berti. Berti is the head of the goats. “Blobe Ziegen”, who are now
with Karacho around the corner. Nothing for our donkeys. The goats
none of this impresses. They’re happy about the food. The donkeys have stopped.
and quickly catch it again. Judita calms us down. The 3 donkey boys
are now scared, because all of a sudden the goats
and the other ones came in galloping. That was such an impulse. Happens sometimes. How do we react correctly? You have
actually reacts correctly. If you can’t hold it,
you can’t hold it. 3 things characteristic
from a good donkey guide. That’s…
– Now, for example. Should I have held him? Yes.
– Actually, I do. He’s been leading you now.
the point is for you to lead him. Nothing bad happened,
but he now believes… …he may. But maybe,
because she ate. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I guess, a good donkey guide
needs three things in particular. patience, determination
and relaxation. You need to relax completely,
the donkey feels it. He can tell if somebody’s
is hectic and tense. Even if I’m going to have to do this with a lead rope.
I can do good when I’m tense, then I’ll give him
security is not. If I’m right
I can make up my mind, is my communication
to the animal. It also gives him security. It knows what I want. If I decide quickly,
I give clear, unambiguous… Instructions.
– … Instructions to the donkey. Then you can keep going up. Thank you very, very much.
– Thank you, it was great. Nice to meet you.
– Happy birthday. We try to keep the tips
of our group leader, donkeys
to lead calmly and determinedly and also an eye
for nature. * Music * Sabrina and Michael are hunters. For them, the forest is more than a
A place of silence and relaxation. They’re looking at the hunting grounds.
of a friend after the game and the condition of the forest. Greetings. On the mountain pasture they meet a
Friend, the farmer Michael Sommerer, who in summer
grazing his cows up here. He regularly watches
for the animals. * Music * The hunters have been on this day
I haven’t seen any game yet, but they don’t want to give up yet. Sabrina and Michael are today
just for observation on the way. Hunters only shoot at specific
times and according to fixed quotas. This beautiful roebuck
has nothing to fear today. Come on, let’s see what you got. * Music * Very good. Judita knows the hunters.
Sabrina and Michael and white, that today
are out and about around here. Maybe we’ll meet them. Okay, she said yes, let go. We’re watching now,
that we’re back on track. Come on, you’ve got to get out of here now.
I’d like to join in a little bit. I’ve been letting myself in. Not now, no. Now, come on. Hold the donkey in the middle of the road,
it’ll be easier. Ho. Hello, hello. Sabrina, say hello. Real hunters, madness. I’m Andrea.
– Hello. Sabrina. Hello.
– Hello. Michael. What are you doing? Look a little,
if we see anything today. It’s probably
unlikely, that we see deer here. We’re too loud. They smell you, before you even know it,
that there are. I find that the donkeys are always
check out what’s everywhere. Now, if we could just
scare the deer? What’s she scared of? You’re coming in nice and cozy. They can hear you from afar,
they just go around the corner. Maybe,
that they’re nearby, but still hiding. What do you do all day? Do you count them?
How do you keep them? Once a year
a game count’s gonna be done. Not with the deer.
calculates how many there are, in the feeding in winter. Otherwise, once a year
the wildlife population is counted, so that one can calculate
the launch plan for the whole year. Do you feed too?
– That’s it. Yes, of course. But only in times of need, when
is a closed blanket of snow. You didn’t just talk to animals.
you also care for the forest. How do you do it? You look, like there, you see,
it’s a well-kept forest. It’s been a long time since I was a kid.
I’ve always worked for you. There was a lot of
cut out, so that the big, thick trees
more and more. When they’re ready,
they’ll be felled. Slash-ripe means,
that they’ll be ready, that they are aged
for harvesting. – Okay. (laughs) You can see from a distance,
if a forest is maintained? Yeah, you can tell.
That’s a trained eye. All right, all right.
– Thank you. Thank you. I’d love to.
– Take care. Ciao. * Music * Half of our 1st stage
we made it. We’re making pretty slow progress, but it doesn’t matter.
on this first day. I expect that Dodo and I
friends at the end of the journey. Nor are we sometimes
different opinions. I think it’s totally beautiful,
but also exhausting. Because Vili the Rump has tried:
What to do with the Grießmann? Eat here, just now.
he plucked my mike. Just see what you can do. You always have to
keep the line short. If he wants to eat,
he goes down with his head. Draw equal
and let it go again. You heard me,
I’m talking about you. I want to go
Gain a new experience, with an animal,
a donkey, go hiking. Otherwise, I know it only by myself,
on foot. I just hope
to see beautiful things. That’s it. One thing we’ve got on this
I’ve already noticed the first few miles, walking with donkeys is different. During normal hiking you are with yourself
and the surrounding area. Hiking with donkeys concentrated
you get on the donkeys first. It takes getting used to. * Music * In the afternoon we reach
our first stage goal: the Mooshubenwirt. Dismount, feed
and bring it into the enclosure. Dodo, Vili, Dani and lead mare Bali
can rest now. The donkeys make
a fitter impression than we do. In the beginning he was still a little bit
with the car stopped. Now he’s just nibbling on me. Vili, good. It’s all wet. Sweating wet. Dick out. That’s great. There’s hay too.
A real cafeteria today. Just there?
– Yeah, a little bit like that. Several heaps,
so everyone can take something. That was an instructive first day. And now wait for us too
a delicious meal, friendly accommodation
and wonderful silence. Thank you. Thank you. 5 times or so, once even
a two-day hike. It’s nice.
– Pretty, yeah. – That’s nice. You’re around the corner? * Music * Day 2 of our trekking tour. Today we’re going to go from moss hoods
to the Lechner farmers. We’ve got a mile to go. I hope he’ll be able to give me
I obeyed him a little better. Day two. They’re going a little bit.
better, right? – Yeah, a little bit. I really got myself
I was looking forward to him. They like to leave now, don’t they?
– They really wanted to. Like they just stood there.
– They were impatient. Is that so?
that they really wait in the morning? Yes, depending on the weather. They don’t like rain, do they?
– I beg your pardon? They don’t like the rain.
– Not particularly. I think the donkeys had a little a really nice place
to sleep in. But so are we. Did you nibble on him?
– Just lift your foot up. He’s pinching me. What does he want for me
What do you say? – Brushed for riot. Yeah. Brushed on riot. Ouch, now he’s squeezing me. The team’s ready, and here we go. We already got
what we’ve learned, concentrate. and grasp as a matter of course
to the lead rope. And it works. The donkeys follow us
calm and thoughtful. Feels good. * Music * Come on, come on. You may
walk next to the lead animal, come on. He doesn’t dare.
He was always in the back. How long has she been a lead animal? She’s always been the lead animal. She’s been here since the first day,
there were only the two big donkeys, and she immediately
I’ve taken the lead. It’s almost always a mare,
who’s the lead animal. I think it’s innate.
or upbringing. your daughters
are all very dominant. The eldest daughter is already
the lead animal in another herd. Vili somehow doesn’t want
I want you to walk next to Bali. Come on, honey. I would like to
to talk to the Judita. That’s why we should move forward.
Maybe I can get over here. You’ve got to loosen him up right away.
if he’d let you take your order. for fast walking or action
is obeyed. Judita, why are we allowed
on the donkeys? You can already ride the donkeys,
up to 50 kg, no longer load. But I’m doing it this way.
with rider shall not be too long. How’s it feel to ride a donkey? Different than on horseback? Technically, it’s the same. But the donkey
has a different character. You have to be prepared for that,
have more patience. He’s building slower.
the musculature. You gotta get the donkey out of there.
for riding or packing train much longer
than a horse. – Mmm. The donkey training
takes place at Judita’s court. Judita set up a course, that they use to make their donkeys
regularly. * Music * (Judita) If you like,
that the donkey is reliable on the hike,
you have to train him. If he’s just out grazing,
he doesn’t know the world. He’s scared:
What’s that now? There’s a bridge, there’s cars driving. He’s getting insecure, restless. I just have to tell him
to hand over the experience. Donkeys have always been workhorses. But they were workhorses.
of poor people. I.e. there is no one there with it
scientifically engaged. Of course, we’re sure
these people have had experience, how to handle the donkeys. But this experience unfortunately
not delivered in writing. We have to reinvent it. For more than 6,000 years
donkeys are pets. your ancestors
come from North Africa. Donkeys are neither stubborn nor stupid. You’re being cautious,
clever and resilient and clever enough to focus on
new challenges. Judita also takes with her donkeys
in public demonstrations. * Music * How did you get to the asses anyway?
come? Why do you love them so much? I think that’s just
just the right animal for me. I like it that way too,
all relaxed, no stress. Gabs there a key experience, or how did you know
that they’re right for you? It’s always been such a dream.
in the background, that I’ve suddenly
I’ve realized. Have you had donkeys long?
Yeah, right? Ten years? Yeah, I think about nine years.
I got the donkeys now. A creek. Will that work? No problems. I’m impressed with how serene
and sure-footed these donkeys are. * Music * The Lechnerhof is in front of us. He’ll be
led by the Habertheuer family. This is where we want to spend the night. * Music * What was it like?
– Very nice. What’s the matter with you? – We’ve been having
I really learned to love, the two of us. The creek was nice to walk through.
It was just a lot of nature today. It was beautiful to look at, and the
Donkeys are getting better and better partners. The one with the creek I found
also great. I was really scared. Because my nephew, the Paul…
Greetings to Dresden. He said donkey trekking? Hmm.
I did it once. I wish you a lot of patience.
Especially at Bach crossings. It must have stood in the water longer. They go without problems
through the water. I have to say,
I noticed the second day, as the three of you have been doing well
with the donkey. The Donkey Guide
was almost professional. – Oh, thank you. Oh, thank you. You did good. My dodo, a few bubbles later…
– Really, do you have blisters? I’ve got a few bubbles.
– Because of the rope? – Yeah, right. Because you’re such a rascal.
and always pulling like that. Dodo’s a game of assertion. He tries to see if he does
couldn’t take the lead. And if he thinks it’ll work,
he takes the lead. (Leonie) He was always
tested his limits. (Judita) But that went away as soon as
you had the lead in your hand. (Leonie) Yeah, then I went. Judita has a piece of meadow
for the donkeys. Here the 4 are supposed to be
but it’s raining. And then it’s crackling
I’m gonna get going. It’s getting hectic,
because donkeys don’t like rain. Neither do we. * Music * We can put the donkeys in the stable.
from Bauer Habertheuer. * Music * They don’t know
what’s coming now, or what? Great, yeah. So, they’re coming, too. Look, she’s getting on it.
Stepping on it helped. And we
And the dry weather will get to you, to the guest rooms in the farmhouse. I’m dandelion room.
What are you? I’m larch. I have… Daisies? Here you go. Well, I’ll see you around. The view
into the green mountain landscape and an inviting bed,
that’s all I need right now. Day three, pretty gloomy today. We’re supposed to be on a mountain tonight.
unusual name “The Tonion” climb,
not far from the Lechnerhof. It’s nice and fresh.
– Have you been outside? – Yes, it is. You don’t know about the weather. Do we have to talk to the Judita? if this is gonna get anything.
with the Tonion today. A little drizzly.
– Yes, it is. – Wet somehow. Especially friendly
the mountain doesn’t show. We’re gonna get the donkeys out of the
Stable and listen, how to go on. Vili alienated. Yeah, what’s all this? There’s your boys over there. Come on, come on, come on. Look, here. There they are all. * Mooen * * Music * We changed it once.
– You can change that. It’s raining. Or isn’t that rain? There are people who say,
It’s not rain, it’s just a shower. It’s already raining to such an extent,
we’re gonna have to reschedule. We had the Tonion tour today,
a summit tour, on schedule. That’s possible in rainy weather
not really. Not just because of the view,
but the way there is very narrow and slippery in this weather. That would be too dangerous for me,
a summit tour like that. The Tonion tour is cancelled.
I want it to go to the Lasingerhof now. I’m honestly also
not sad at all about it. * Music * That’s the way it is in the mountains. Today we go through the village of Gußwerk
to the Lasinger farmers. 16 km,
not without the weather. Right now, we need to get
the donkeys waterproof. And then I need my cape. It’s already in the red backpack. And comes after
and I’m going back in for her too. You can win that one, right? You’ve seen this before.
Take good care of what comes in. And write us at the end. It’s all used originally. At the backpack
It’s a little bit of cow shit. Brings luck. So, and now… Can I have some hay?
I don’t care what you do. It’s not cold, and even though it’s raining, we want to
I’m not going to let you spoil my mood. Even the donkeys, the rain so much
I don’t like them, they’re in a good mood. * Music * We’re making slow progress. And now the rain is beating
a little on the mood. At noon we want to visit the Eiblhof
from the Pierer family and stop for a bite to eat. A glimmer of hope. It’s not that great.
– You’d rather it rained? Here you go. Oh, my hat, my stuff. * Music * You said yes, the knots must have been
not be very inventive. This time it is. We’re going to the inn,
it’s got to take a beating. That was really exhausting. I thought it was really exhausting.
You, too? It was a good fit in itself. I just got a little warm.
in the forest, without the wind. I always have fun with him. With my Dani. On the one slope
it was really steep. That’s when I thought,
we’re both going. But then we got it.
somehow made it. I have to say, despite the effort
it was really nice. And it was really
for a moment in the flow. That you think you can’t do it now.
I’ll walk forever, everything’s fine. Thoughts turn off like that. That’s, I think, the highest,
what you can achieve during sports or
I’m not a kid who’s on a hobby. It was really nice. That’s as good as it gets. Here’s a food package, huh?
Small packed lunch. Hello.
– Hello, there. Oh, yeah, look. Thank you. Thank you. The view of food
immediately lifts the spirits. There’s Wiener Schnitzel,
very classic and very tasty. It’s cute that the donkeys
and we have our schnitzel. After dinner, we’ll have to
to get back in the kick. We still have about 10 km to go. He’s got me so excited today, isn’t he?
Yeah, you. You shouldn’t always eat, you shouldn’t always eat.
like the others. Come on, now. Vili notices immediately,
when I’m not focused. He wants to run away now,
and I need to put on the leash. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Come on, come on, come on. It’s over now. Here comes a steeper one,
narrow part of the way. You have to be careful, on a narrow steep path
you always have to walk in front of the donkey. I’m preventing it, so to speak,
that he’s coming down too fast. If he’s behind me, everything’s fine.
relaxed, relaxed, as always. And the donkey
you should never run after them. Andrea was so sweet,
to show it to us. You want me to let him go? No. You have to fight his movement.
and turn his head towards you. As soon as he pulls you away like that, he says,
I’m going home, I’m going away, then you have to go in that direction, Right angle head
to turn to you. And of course
relax immediately. And if it’s already too late and he’s
is already an soul length ahead of me? Then it’s difficult.
– Run forward. Run forward. Do I have to run ahead?
– No, you mustn’t. Judita’s got us and the donkeys
always in view and correct our leadership style,
if necessary. * Music * The sun comes out and the
small place foundry lies before us. It’s called that because it’s here
from the 18th to the end of the 19th century. a major iron foundry. Today, in the village of
visit a museum. At the moment we are only interested in
to get ahead. It can’t be far now.
to our destination, the court of the Lasinger family. * Music * Johann Lasinger is managing
the farm together with his family. In the morning
he saddles his mare Sally. The two of them
for an inspection ride about the lands. Almost 170 ha of forest, meadows and fields
is managed by the Lasinger family. John’s wife Conny
runs the stables. Daughter Sarah is 4 years old and already gets riding lessons
from her mama. Yeah, great. You’re doing perfect. * Music * Large parts of the country
are difficult to access. For an experienced rider
like Johann but no problem. Of course, you’re often too lazy,
to work the whole thing off on foot. And since we’re
have a relatively large forest, that would be a lengthy process.
The task of the day is to get everything off the ground, to look for damaged wood, of course,
what you take out of it. To clean the forest again
and clean it up. I’m very happy to do that in that case.
from the horse. Johann Lasinger’s goal
is the Family Alm. Graze there
the farmer’s young cattle. He wants to check,
if the animals are well. * Music * There we are at the Lasingeralm. It was once used by my great-grandmother.
also farmed. Been up here with cows,
have been milked, butter has been made. It’s on the sidewalk.
on Mariazell and sold there,
and back again. And as the forest has not yet
was so high where it was lower, they put up a banner,
you could see it from the courtyard downstairs, and if the flag was visible,
you knew it was something. You need something, it’s something. Then you had to walk
go up, do it. and then obi again. Or bring food, etc. Finally arrived. In the rain
we reach the Lasingerhof. Late this afternoon.
I’ve been drawn back to it. We’re all tired, even the donkeys. We are expected and get right
the gate to the riding arena opened. Let the donkeys spend the night here. Here you can also find
a shelter against the rain. I’m real today.
I’ve reached my limits. I was really mad today. To Vili and to me
and on the rain and… It was really heavy.
Especially downhill I found really hard. It was nice at first. First half day,
It was raining already. But I still thought it was great,
was still in a good mood, right? And in the afternoon,
I don’t know, he was tired, he realized I was tired. He gave me
I’ve disobeyed you at all. I was mad for a second,
I was really stressed for a second. It’s like a human being. If you’re
you think he doesn’t want anything. Then I shut down,
and it was really nice. Today was the day for me,
he won my heart. I fell in love with a donkey. I’m not the type,
who likes animals or also people so commands things
or just playing boss. That’s why I didn’t think of that.
quite difficult, to go through with Dodo like this. I’ll be vigorous, then,
but again not. When you’re a little tired.
or something. I’m not so happy about it,
somebody so… I don’t know, I don’t know. To mark the boss. I noticed it was mostly this afternoon,
the team was already tired. The people, the donkeys. You could see that in many people’s eyes. The donkey boys have started
to be a little nervous sometimes. But we did it,
and I’m so happy, that we’re now in such a situation.
have arrived at this beautiful place, where the donkeys are in a paddock
with a shelter. I think that’s great. * Music * We are in the house
of the Lasinger family. roomy Oh, I’ve got plenty of room.
That’s nice. Good view. Mattress test.
It’s pretty firm, lucky for you. Now, if the pressure of the water
to wash your hair, I don’t care about anything. Perfect. Perfect. Day four. In the afternoon we want to go up
to the alp of the Lasingers. A leisurely stroll
it’s supposed to be. I hope so. Another little shower
in the morning, but the weather
is supposed to get better today. Yeah, what’s up? That’s how I like my ears. Good morning, sir. The donkeys bring sunshine.
– Mmm. You got a little free time.
this morning. Because you were so brave yesterday,
even in the rain. The three of us are happy too
for half the day off. I’ll make it
in the farmer’s kitchen. Leonie takes care of her holiday mail. And Janna reads poetry.
She loves them. Johann Lasinger wants to go into the forest,
Collect elderberry blossoms. Leonie has taken care of her mail.
and goes with them. From experience, I know that
there’s probably Holler up ahead. We’ll pick it now. So it’s still Holler time.
right now? We’re a little
in the meantime. The main bloom is over. But at the creek it is a bit later
than in the sunny locations. That gives us a good chance,
we’ll find something. * Music * Conny Lasinger’s getting started,
to cook lunch. It’s supposed
Give beef with breadcrumbs. The kitchen stove always burns, and the heat
makes it really cozy here. Janna and I will help. We still need the vegetables.
for our boiled beef. I’d like to ask you to,
to prepare the onion once. Does not have
cut into very small pieces. It’s okay
1/2 cm high pieces. The carrots then also
please peel. – Yes, sir. And also cut 1/2-cm pieces like this. Horseradish. We peel it? It’s grated with this grater,
please. But this is also
not crowned by success here. The horseradish
is killing us right now. I wouldn’t have thought so,
that’s so gross, horseradish. I feel that way when I eat that.
But I’ve never rubbed it before. I know, too,
I’ll never rub it again. But it tastes good, right, Conny.
– Very good. – In the soup, then. Phew. If you’re gonna cry, you gotta do it,
now you know how to do it. Conny has everything under control
and takes over. The meat smells good. It’s yours, the meat, right?
– It’s ours, yeah. How long does it take now?
– About 1 hour to 1.5, depending. Conny cuts the buns,
one for each. She’ll boil it in broth. Six we always are.
– Six you always are. You’ll have to cook a lot.
– Normal for me. It’s harder for me,
when there’s fewer people, that I cook less. This is for me.
the biggest challenge. But you don’t slaughter yourselves,
is it? – Yes, it is. Yes, you slaughter yourselves? But not in our yard. Did you talk to
to the meat processing industry, or can you get it done? I’ll get it ready,
to continue cooking. So, now we’re going to have
only the horseradish. And then stir the whole thing,
and then it’s actually done. It’s got my tears in it, right? Then it tastes especially good. Leonie and Johann have won the
I found a real elder bush. In the old days, the elder also in the medical field
very active. It is still used today,
as a sweatshop, for fever. As well as just for infections. Has a very disinfecting
Effect. – I didn’t know that. Still being done,
as well as colds, you can make tea out of it,
and cleansing. So real all-round medicinal herbs. They used to say when they wanted
If you come to the Holler, take off your hat. Just for the healing effect. Wait, there’s another one. * Music * Ah, very good. We’ve got nine already.
– We’ve got nine already. For 5 l fresh elder juice
we need about 20 flowers. It won’t taste that direct,
is it? – You’re welcome to taste it. Hmm. Tastes like almost nothing. Yes, if you chew a little,
then we’re good. Then the elder comes
actually, little by little. Another one upstairs, that’s right. So, now we’re going to
a nice Holler juice. One water…
– The water of life. One lemon.
And a lot of sugar. – Sugar. You can later
and add some more oranges. Let’s not do this now. We
do… – A classic one. And put this on till tomorrow.
We’ll taste it tomorrow. And now the blossoms?
– Now the flowers are coming in. Finally, lemon juice. Let’s leave it like this.
till tomorrow. And so that we don’t
get in unwanted guests in our Holler juice, we’ll have
I’ll seal it with a cloth. Beef with breadcrumbs
is done. Together
with the extended Lasinger family we enjoy
this typical Styrian food. Delicious. How many times a year do you slaughter?
– Once. – All together. Come on, come on, come on.
Zupp, zupp, zupp, zupp, zupp. Come on, come on, come on. We’re good to go. Now we want
up to the Lasinger-Alm. He makes himself
the leadership. Yeah, Dani’s leading himself. Conny wants us on her gelding.
Show Charlie the way. We need to see if he can
is afraid of the donkeys or not. Not right now. Something… * Music * Prudent, as we’ve learned, follows our small flock
Conny and her horse. * Music * One who also often goes to the woods
is on his way is Karl Bauer. This time
the trained forestry worker but not professionally at work. He’s got a special tree.
an ash tree. He needs them for himself
and his great passion. Karl is a wood sculptor
with a rough tool. He works with the chainsaw. And that’s what he’s been up to.
to great championship. * Music * And what emerges,
are often depictions of animals. Everyone here knows him. For his
expressive animal sculptures the sculptor is known. Sculptures like this pair of owls. For Conny and her beautiful horse
Charlie it’s a familiar way and for us meanwhile
experienced donkey trekker a cinch. The 2 h to the alp are
really a nice walk. * Music * Before we look around
and make ourselves comfortable, we supply the donkeys. Only then will it be our turn. Look, a big horse. Look, friends. (laughs) It’s over now.
There’s no filming here. * neighing * So, dear ones.
– Whoa. I’ll teach you a game,
a traditional game, it’s called schnapps. Since the game isn’t that easy, I used my wife as a backup
the Conny. That’s good. That’s good.
Speaking of which… While Johann and Conny are trying
to teach us how to drink booze, Judita will watch the donkeys. * Voices buzzing * Oh, I see, you’ve got a sting.
It’s good if you consult. I’m afraid she’s got the ace.
So we lost a point. Schnapps is real.
the most complicated card game, I’ve ever played. How do we do that?
– Put it there. And we’ll take the tenner. Then you may choose a color
and shove three bullets. Why three? – You have
I haven’t done a stitch in my life. I’ve got a slight idea now,
how to do it. It’ll take a while. But so you can practice.
these original schnapps cards… Schnapskarten. – …liquor cards
in the red backpack. There’s no manual here. Hansi, could you possibly
write that down for us? I’ll do my best to make it
on an A-4 side. The simple version. 10 pages manual from Hansi
are coming along with it. For personal use,
and then we get some of it? Yes. For once. And then there’s
the promised snack. Everything made by yourself and everything
from one’s own or from neighbouring farms. The homemade elderberry juice
is also included, extended with water, very tasty. Give me another piece of bread, please. They say by the sea.
in the mountains, it’s healthiest. What a beautiful day. Day five.
A whole day of rest for the donkeys. And we want a round of
around Lake Erlaufsee. Isn’t it nice to have your hands
just to dangle like that? Swing freely. We’re donkey-free today. The donkeys need a day off,
and we stroll today. Don’t have to look,
he’s in front of me, he’s behind me. Does he have the ears
in front or created. Just walk, watch.
and look for the lake. Maybe we’ll even go in. It’s the first time I’ve seen you.
focus on that, where I go and what I see. It’s real seeing, too. * Music * We have about 5 km ahead of us. We’ll take our time. Judita has a special gift for us.
arranged a date, and we are
A little early. At a fork in the road we want to
with Claudia Kubelka, of a proven
Plant connoisseur. The area here is well known
for their plant diversity. * Music * Hello, Mrs. Kubelka.
– Oh, hello there. It’s wonderful that you’re here.
– We’ve already found you. Yes. I’m glad you came. Andrea Grießmann, nice to meet you.
– Claudia Kubelka. Hello, I’m Leonie.
– Hello, there. Hello, I’m Janna.
– Hello, there. Did you find anything yet? I’ve already found some things
when walking. That’s a St. John’s wort, for example. St. John’s wort is in Austria
one of the most popular medicinal plants. There are different kinds. That’s why
with a magnifying glass. But you can use both. To sleep in, isn’t it?
– That’s it. It’s reassuring, so it’s also
in negative moods, very mild depressions
I like to use it as tea. You just have to be a little careful.
on the interactions. But a very popular household remedy. It’s always the question,
if you can pick everything like that. We are no longer in the
Nature reserve or nature park. That means you can pick.
Except the protected plants. Orchids, for example, don’t. Then you have to know them.
– That’s the way it is. um…
– That’s it. This one right here. But we just did.
I’ve seen it on closer inspection. It doesn’t look at all
orchid. You should have them
with a magnifying glass, how pretty these flowers are. It’s a boy’s orchid,
a spotted orchid. You’ve probably
I didn’t look closely. The leaves are spotted. You almost stand there
on one of the most poisonous plants, on the wolfsbane. That one?
– That’s it. I saw, There’s a bit further over.
a blooming wolfsbane. This one?
– That’s it. This one. That’s the wolfsbane,
the yellow flowering one. It’s just as poisonous
like the blue flowering one, which in itself is much more distinctive. But touching isn’t poisonous? No. You can touch him if you want.
You shouldn’t eat him. Neither the flowers nor the leaves
nor the tuber in the case. Which it is, there is
poisoning again and again, I’m afraid. A few years ago.
Child poisoned with flowers in the garden. And these poisonings
are actually fatal. There’s nothing you can do?
– There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s the most poisonous plant in the world.
Europe, the wolfsbane. And that’s why it’s called
Wolfsbane, that’s interesting: They used to have wolves and foxes
and the like in pits. They put bait in it. And in these meat baits.
a parking ticket like that. So that the animals don’t
too miserably perish, but die faster. That was the bright side. We have a great flora here. There are in all of Austria
about 3,000 species. And here in this area.
there are about 800 species. That’s relatively much. There is no one,
who knows all kinds. If anyone tells you that I know
all the plants, then he’s suspect. (laughs) That’s not really possible. 800 is quite a lot.
– Yes, it is. Then I wish you all the best.
Good. – Thank you very much, sir. That’s great. Pleasure to meet you.
Goodbye. Thank you very much, sir.
– Goodbye, all the best. – Bye. Bye. Now the sun is coming, too. * Music * And there it is, the Erlaufsee. Up there, you might say,
under the roof. I’d take the whole thing.
– The whole thing? – Yes, it is. Actually, we were going for a swim,
but it’s too cold for us. We’ll go with plan B,
the Café am See. * Music * Quack, quack. It was nice, wasn’t it,
to run without the donkeys once. Fully relaxed.
I’ll loosen your body a little. Without responsibility for anyone else. You’re alone.
look around. It was very nice. You can also change your tempo
to decide for yourself. Didn’t I? That’s what we’re talking about
only the donkeys. – Yes, it is. It’s the first time I’ve seen you.
can concentrate on everything. Because that’s just a little bit
was faster, in his own rhythm. You’ve seen where you are. Oh, a tree. There’s a lake.
And not just dog-ears. It wouldn’t have to be “hiking with
Donkeys”, but “donkeys with hiking”. I realize all I ever did
I looked at the donkey. Because he’s also a man who’s
is gone. The dodo’s one of those too, isn’t he? It’s the first time I’ve ever talked to a guy like you.
I could talk you into better things myself. Otherwise, I was permanently
trying to hold it. Because he’s always noticing. He’ll know,
when I start chatting: Then I’ll go eat now. You’ve got the full cheek of a bitch.
caught. – Absolutely. My Dani is sometimes
A little jumpy, but otherwise he’s quiet. Sometimes? You said I’d take a look at you.
List what Dani’s not afraid of. But he’s grown stronger. From carrots and grass. That’s it. But by now
more has been added. On the horse he is
I’ve been running after them. It gets better and better. I’d have thought you’d be able to do more
I can talk to each other. But that’s not possible. When I said Vili, come on, let’s go to Janna’s,
we’ll go ahead or something… You can talk to him,
next to where your ass is going. And if there isn’t one,
you can talk to the donkey. The donkey decides,
who you’re talking to. I talk to Dani all the time. I’ll explain to him where a forest spirit
or something. Pedalo, yeah. I haven’t been for ages. You?
– Nah, not anymore. * Music * The border between Styria
and Lower Austria runs right through the mountain lake. Today there are not even
the fishermen on their way, though the lake for its char,
Reinanken and Schleien. We have the lake to ourselves. * Music * You see how black
the water is here? Deep black. There’s a nice scary story
to that. The miller and his wife. It was very nice,
but not entirely faithful. During the day she was
A hard-working miller, and she danced here at night. A stranger made music,
and she danced to it. The miller has therefore
dragged by the hair into the lake. She’s had a long time,
flowing golden hair. It’s become her icy grave,
is in the story. A little later, the miller was told
I realized what he had done, and he went into the water himself.
went away, drowned himself. In the places where the milleress is,
it’s bright and silvery. And where the miller is,
it’s deep black. So we’re on the miller right now.
– We’re on the miller. Hold on tight. Did you almost tell me that?
You scared me a little. The day has done us good, but now we are happy
And we’re already on our donkeys again. Day six. Today we want from Mariazell
to the Marien Waterfall. But first we go to Mariazell. Mariazell is the most important
pilgrimage place in Austria and with its almost 4,000 inhabitants
the largest town in the region. * Music * The Basilica
towering over everything in Mariazell. Mariazell was founded in the 12th century. and grew
around the former Marienkapelle. In the shops around the church there are the typical
Pilgrimage devotional objects. We’ll buy a candle.
and have them blessed. And then that comes for you.
in the backpack. We want our donkeys
I’d like to have it blessed. To the Basilica
they can’t, of course. * Music * The church: splendid baroque. The Magna Mater Austriae,
the great mother of Austria, is worshipped here. A 13th-century mother of God,
carved from lime wood. * Music * Father Michael welcomes us.
on the church forecourt. I can’t let her, I can’t let you
give my warmest regards here in front of the Mariazell Basilica,
that you have come today with your beautiful animals,
with your asses, donkey mothers, to ask for God’s blessing. Donkeys are animals, which also in the Holy Scriptures
a big part in this. The question is,
whether there is a relationship maybe back to the donkey who was at
the escape to Egypt was with him. or in Bethlehem.
– I’m sure it is. Or the one who’s gonna be
moved in with Jesus in Jerusalem. It’s a beautiful old custom,
to bless animals. And with the animals
of course also the people, who work with these animals
and are on their way. Sometimes even notice that the animals
have their own will. So I may begin in the name of the Father and the Son
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. (Judita) She was with the kids. (priest) Exactly, you are
the right girl for the kids. The candle with the mother of grace of
Mariazell, who is worshipped here, has, of course, been blessed,
while we’re at it. So we move on strengthened. We have
I’ve heard of a herbal specialty, who comes from Mariazell. And this man makes them: Walter Arzberger,
Businessman and liqueur manufacturer. Unchanged for generations, he works
according to an old family recipe. The inventor so to speak
was my great-grandfather. He recognized it 134 years ago,
that the pilgrims, who come to Mariazell,
all had stomach problems. That can be explained, of course. The people are only in summer
and then walked. I.e. several days
everyone was on their way. During this time, people with the brought provisions
nourished. And that was, of course.
shortly before Mariazell I don’t think it’s quite all right anymore. That problem was there,
and he was the first one to recognize it. And found a great recipe, where until today
nothing’s been changed. Not only liqueur is here
in the house of Arzberger. It’s a department store.
just like old times. The loving packaging is
A matter of the heart for Walter Arzberger. That also belongs
to the tradition of his house. Hello, Mr. Arzberger. Here we go.
– Hello, there. It’s nice to meet you.
Show me your liqueur again. That’s that stomach liquor. That’s the famous
Mariazell Magenlikör, yes. Who’s just good for it,
if you’ve eaten too much and so on. But not only that, I’ve heard. Well, you can also
external applications. However, my experience
with donkeys isn’t very big yet. Then we’ll try it out. May I, please?
– Yeah, I’m sure. Look at this. I’ve got a
A little something good for you. So that your legs
become quite easy. Look at this. Is that something? You do? So that he’d rather
I go with. Maybe a little bit of the
Ears. – A little on your ears. He’ll hear better. He reacts better. (Judita) He likes that.
– He likes that, huh? Well, try it out.
– On your ears? A little on your ears,
a little on the chains. A little embrocation.
– Medicine on your ears. We’ll report, right? The donkeys trot comfortably
through Mariazell, and we with them. Is it the blessing? Or
the liqueur rub? Or both? You’re as good as you’ve ever been. A little miracle
we still have to look at: the Mechanical crib
of Mariazell. * Music * I worked on it 18 winters. There are 96 figures from the Zirbel,
that’s the mountain pine. And 40 animals. The idea for this came from my grandfather. He used to be in Bohemia, and there were
she had a mechanical crib. He discovered it by accident. Then he came home. He was a carpenter,
unemployed in winter, of course, then in harsh winters
no work. And he has
the first mechanical crib. * Donkey cry * It’s not a crosswalk at all,
is a donkey strip. Donkey on zebra crossing. And really,
the most popular donkey bias I’ve been on this hike
I’ve long since put that down. Vili is not stubborn,
he’s prudent. If he doesn’t want to move forward,
then for good reason. When he has to think
about the best way, for example, or if he wants to eat. But then I’m just asked
and must take the lead. * Music * It’s uncomfortable here on the road.
I don’t feel well. Because the trucks are passing by. Along the Grünaubach river
we’re going to the Marien Waterfall. That’s where we’re going. The donkeys need a break,
and so are we. Water in the Mariazell region
has drinking water quality, not just for the animals. Easy, easy. Let the donkey
decide for yourself. Good, good, good. And praise your donkey. Yeah, look. Come on. Come on. Great. Oh. Oh. Oh.
(Judita) Hold it right there. Well, great, Dodo.
He’s great, the dodo. Great. I was thinking,
we’re in trouble now. Because even at the bridge.
he couldn’t turn around. The donkeys have that really good
They’ve kept their cool. Vili, go. First we just hear him,
and then we’re there. At the Marien Waterfall. * Music * Oh, it’s beautiful. It’s really wet.
– Here comes one of those… Such freshness. It’s perfect here.
Here we stay. The spray of the waterfall
is wonderfully refreshing. Let’s take a break,
it’s always the donkeys who go first. Unsaddle, tie, feed.
And then we. Although each stage
is only a few kilometres long, we’re always tired in the end. * Music * We spend the night
in Mariazell, while the donkeys with Judita
have gone home. Day seven. Postponed is not cancelled, but now it’s still
the Tonion tour. * Music * Whether our donkeys notice,
that we’re a little excited? I’m curious,
if we can make it to the top. It’s been a long way. And the donkeys are doing the same thing.
I don’t always go along with that. But the weather is nice. I’m in good spirits, definitely. You never know exactly,
how long it takes. The sign says,
2.5 h as a hiker. we… Could be real,
that it’s twice as long. I’m actually
in joyful anticipation. I hope so,
that the donkeys are packing it well. That they’re happy with everything. And that we’re doing a good job of it. Today we have
a relatively difficult stage. We’re going up
to the summit of Tonion. The donkey looks for himself
a sure-footed place. You have to trust the donkey.
and give him some freedom. We’re going through a cow pasture. If we’re
have to go right through the cows or the cows will come to us,
so we brought some crops. Then we’ll take
a whip in one’s hand and distribute
a little bit the cows. We start at about 1,000 meters. To the summit we must
more than 600 vertical meters. * Music * (Judita) No stress today. We’ve got donkey food.
and water. I don’t want to be too hard either. Come on, come on, come on. The other way, boss. * Music * It’s going slow,
and that’s more exhausting than I thought. Great. Come on, Bali. Come on. Come on. Something wrong with you, Bali? Come on, Bali. All right, here we go. Even lead mare Bali
you can see the effort. And how did the
Hike? – So far, it’s okay. We made 1/3 of the way. Now we all need a break. I ate the yellow ones, didn’t I?
– Yeah, they’re the best. Take me.
– Take me. – Open me up. It shouldn’t take too long,
the break, or we’ll be afraid,
to get out of step. * Music * And in the meantime
it got really warm, too. * Music * Come on. Come on. Here?
– Yeah, right? Come on, here. Concentration’s dropping, but it’s no use, we’ve got
still about 1/3 of the way ahead of us. Watch your back,
there’s a cow behind us. A boy. She doesn’t do anything. Come on, come on, come on. * cowbells * The cows let us
I’m lucky you’re a good girl. (Judita) Come on, Bali. Now slow down. WiR are all right with us
and our donkeys. And long for us slowly
after the summit. * Music * Oh, my God. Oh, my God. The most beautiful cross,
I’ve ever seen. We’re upstairs. Well, that was really exhausting.
(gasps) I’m happy now, too. You’re so proud of yourself. You’re right. I’m used to hiking,
but only at my speed. And I’m all over the place. from stopping,
Let’s go, freeze. So, donkey speed climbing.
isn’t mine. The road was pretty hard. But in the end.
well done. And so are we. Honestly, Judita:
Did you think we’d make it? Be honest with me. She thought we weren’t gonna make it. You already had doubts, didn’t you? I had a little doubt. It’s not,
that you can’t do this, but keep it all together
with the donkeys isn’t that easy. The day before yesterday I could have cried. You could have cried today, right? You’re not gonna be
you’ve wandered a lot more. Dani.
– Great, thank you. There you go. This view is then grandioser
Finish our trekking tour, where we’re not just gonna
Mariazell Land and its people to have gotten to know each other better, but also new pages
that we have discovered about ourselves. And that’s what we have
to the donkeys. * Music * Now we’re all sitting there
all exhausted, huh? I’m really knocked out. But it was nice, too. Judita, thank you so much for coming
you confided in your donkeys. Thank you too. I think,
the donkeys were in the best of hands. You’ve all set an example to yourselves.
I took care of your little donkeys. – Thank you. I’ll take care of it. Now that you know us: Did you
gave everyone the right ass? I think so, don’t you?
– Yes, it is. I feel that way, too, yeah. Dodo’s a rascal,
she said. Dodo’s a rascal, and so am I. Vili always eats. Dani wanted
I won’t let you bless me. How nice. Yeah, nice. Are you going to miss the donkeys?
– Yes, it is. I think so,
I’m not missing anything right now, no. I miss her,
but probably just for a little while. Because I think if everything works out,
I’ll come back to work. To Judita?
– That’s it. I’m happy. I get Leonie.
times for the holidays or just to join in a little bit.
with the donkeys. This summer?
– Hopefully, yes. That’s cool. Have a good time. And thanks to you, too, eh?
– Yes, please. And many thanks to you,
that you’re a cowboy. I’ll see you soon. Ciao. Copyright WDR 2018 Which destination would you like to see in our canal? Write that down in the comments! And so you don’t miss any of our videos: Subscribe to our Youtube channel and activate the bell! Then you will always get a message when we post a new video. Many thanks for watching!

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