Everyday Natural Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

Everyday Natural Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

Hi everyone! This is Megan. Welcome back to my channel:) Today, I’m showing you this everyday natural makeup look and this is targeted for beginners My previous video was also targeted for beginners So if you have not watched that, please do check it out The everyday natural look is such a safe makeup look, so it’s really easy to wear It’s not too bold and you’ll feel comfortable wearing this makeup look out if it’s your first time So I used really natural shades like browns and golds So I tried my best to break down each step so that you can understand the reason behind why we do certain things Also to teach as many tips and techniques as I can before we get started Please also remember to hit the subscribe button and click on the bell to get notified Also, you can follow me on my Instagram @bymeganc follow along to see how I created this everyday natural makeup look So the first thing I’m going to do is to exfoliate my skin This is really important because you’re getting rid of impurities on your skin so that you can get your face prepped up for makeup So I’m using this wipes by CosRX By doing this, your skin will be smoother and the makeup application will go on much easier So I always pay more attention to like the sides of my nose and all the fine lines then I use the rest on my neck The next step is foundation, so I’ll be using this healthy mix foundation Personally, I really recommend this foundation. It’s really lightweight, so it’s great for beginners especially if you don’t want to apply like too heavy makeup right from the start and you’re just uncomfortable with too much things on your skin I think that this would be a great option for you. Dot this evenly all over the face you can pay more attention to the areas that you have more issues with So for me, it’s like my redness which is why I put most of it on my cheeks Then I’ll blend everything with a damp Beauty Blender So I tried my best to pick out affordable makeup for this tutorial so that you know if you are new to makeup and you’re not sure then at least these are items that you can pick out easily and you don’t have to spend a bomb to find out if it works for you I think the only more pricey item would be this Beauty Blender, but if you don’t have one, I highly recommend getting one Cos the Beauty Blender can really do so much Pat in your foundation, and you can also use this with powder So you can use this to like bake. You can even use this to apply your blush or bronzer So it’s really very versatile and it gets products on your skin really nice and smoothly So if you want to invest in one, I highly recommend it you can see that it evens out my skin tone But you can still see like a little bit of blemishes like peeking out But that’s really okay Because what you want is just to have a very nice natural finish Then we can always take care of the other issues when we’re applying concealer Now I’m moving on to concealer and the concealer I’ll be using is like no surprise it’s The Saem’s concealer I already gave a review on this in one of my previous videos so you can check that out if you’re interested Anyway, this is a super affordable concealer and it really works very very well I’m just gonna use this on my blemishes and my under eye circles For concealer, the key is to pat it into your skin You don’t want to like drag it out because if you do that chances are you’re rubbing off the concealer more than you’re applying it on your skin Then just make sure that the edges of the concealer is Like really blended into the foundation You don’t want to have like blotches and patches all over your skin See how it just covered up my redness. I won’t go into details of your skin undertone and things like this, but just for your information, it’s generally better to use a concealer with a salmon or pink undertone for your under eyes that just helps to counteract our dark circles which has like a bluish kind of tone ok I am moving on to powder Where’s my powder? Oh I’m holding it *rolls eyes* I’m moving on to powder and the powder I’m using is this one by Eglips It works really well to give a very natural finish the point of using a powder is to set your makeup and allow it to settle into your skin without running. I always start with under my eyes because I always wanna make sure that the concealer that I placed under my eyes don’t run. Cos that’s the part that I mind the most This also mattifies your face. If you have oily skin, this will help your makeup to last longer Now I’ll be moving on to brows and I’ll be using a brow pencil and I think that this is like the friendliest for beginners I guess brow powders are also pretty safe. Yep, so you can consider using brow powders too Brow pencils and brow powders are like easier to remove whereas for the other brow products, they are like stronger Yeah, so I feel like they’re harder to remove. So for beginners, this is a safe option what I’m gonna do is just fill in my brows to its natural shape and especially To fill in the gaps on areas that like have lesser brow hair I usually start from the center of my brows move in small strokes like as though you’re creating brow hair always move in the direction of your brows For the front, I just go in really really lightly So then this will help your look to be more natural for beginners, it’s very important to know that your brows should be sisters and not twins Which means that they should look similar, but they do not need to look identical So don’t stress out if you feel like you can’t get the perfect shape for both sides For the eyes, I actually posted a three step eyeshadow tutorial for beginners So if you have not watched it, you can check that out But for today I’ll be using only two eyeshadows because I just want to create a very natural looking eye makeup. Since this is for beginners, I just want to pick very friendly colors The first color I’m using is this gold shimmery shade choosing a color like this or like a champagne shade is really really safe It will fit all skin tones, all skin colors so it’s perfectly fine to use your fingers, but I’m just using a small brush for this you can really just apply it on your eyelid generously I always recommend to follow along your eye socket So that is called the crease line. You kind of follow that shape and you are done so same for this side So it’s more important how your eyeshadow looks when your eyes are open so it’s always good to open your eyes and make sure that you like how it looks and if you have monolids or hooded eyes, then you’ll have to go according to how it looks when your eyes are open I also like to apply this on the inner corners to just kind of open up your eyes Next, I’m gonna use a darker shade. So this is just gonna help to define our eye shape. Just choose one that is like a mauve, medium brown kind of shade. I think these are safe options so I really just focus this on the ends of the eye it just gives a little bit of gradient and contrast to the eye makeup look but it’s not like super bold or anything so same, just follow that shape and then blend it only on this part of your eye then I will blend it down my lower lash line here next I’m going to talk about eyeliner and for beginners I always recommend starting with a pencil product and this is like a crayon kind because when you draw the line, the line is more subtle it enhances your eye makeup look but it’s not that harsh-looking on your eye get as close to your lash line as possible Your lash line is like the line where your lashes lie on so same for my brows, I like to start from like the middle then I slowly work my way to the ends then for beginners, what I recommend is to follow your lash line or your eye shape so, you know how we just filled in like the lash line There’s like this line here right I’d recommend just extending this line and then filling it in back to your eye This is like a sweet soft version So it’s not like a cat eye or anything like this so you can see how it enhances the look in a really subtle way The only problem with these kinds of eyeliners is that it is very difficult to get a very precise wing on the edge on your eyes Cos it’s like kind of rounded right. So if you want a sharper wing, I would recommend getting a brush liner like this Since you already kind of marked out the area, you can just really go over the edges with your brush liner then moving on to the mascara, it is really good if you can curl your lashes first, so try to invest in a good eyelash curler. So the one I’m using is from Shiseido So other than the Beauty Blender, this is the other thing that’s a bit pricier I know that a lot of people recommend to like get the base then move out a bit and get a bit Then move out a bit and get the remaining so that your lashes will look more natural because it’s like in this motion as compared to like “bah” It’s like standing up if you just do it in one so start from the base, give it a nice good squeeze Then you can move up and give it another good squeeze all the way up to the edges. It’s time for mascara So I’m using this one from Maybelline My recommendation is to definitely go with one that is waterproof helps your curls to stay longer and it’s more smudge free So I like to use like large brushes like this because I feel like it fans out my lashes nicely at the same time, it doesn’t get clumpy. So that’s what I really like. So how to apply it is to brush through your eyelashes in a zigzag motion That will help more product to get onto your lashes then for your bottom lashes because they are harder to get right Just kind of tilt down and then brush it in like a zigzag motion I’m gonna apply some bronzer and I’ll be using this one from Etude House So for bronzers, I’d recommend you applying it with like a contour brush. So this one is an angled contour brush What’s great about a contour brush is that you can target like the hollows of your cheeks really nicely as compared to like a round powder brush like this always always start with a light hand You can always apply more or layer on more later But it’s always harder to remove if you put too much from the beginning Go down like this but don’t go all the way to like your mouth. So just stopping nicely at this area Then I’ll usually bring it down to the jawline. I also like to add a little on my forehead, so it’s like all the other edges are nicely defined. One thing I always do is to get whatever that remains on the brush and brush it on the sides of my nose because I always find that after I apply foundation and powder, like my nose kinda looks like flat and looks two-dimensional So I just like to add like a little bit of contour to the sides of my nose to make sure that it is back out, you know, like 3D Next, I’ll be using a blush and I’ll be using this blush for beginners, try to choose a blush that is like a nice peachy shade or a nice rosy shade I’m using this, even though it looks like super dark, it’s actually not so dark Like I always do, I usually start from like the centers here and work it back before I go to the front because I’m just always very scared to get like a full-on like patch right in the middle of my cheek what I like to do is to apply it on the apples of my cheek and then work it like along my cheekbones because when you flush, I don’t think you just flush like on the apples of your cheek In any case this is what I do Now we’re just left with the lips and I’ll be using this lip product This is like a pinkish brown shade. So it’s kind of like an MLBB So that’s like a My Lips But Better kind of shade So try to choose one that is close to your own natural color and I just apply it Just follow your natural lip shape And I’ve completed this look so thank you so much for watching, I hope that you enjoyed this video Please do give a thumbs up if you found this helpful for you once again, cheers to looking and feeling beautiful I’ll catch you again in my next video. BYE!!!

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  2. ahhhh hello fellow sgrean!!! hahahahha i immediately subbed to you and would love it we could support each other πŸ™‚ x

  3. awesome! I really love your tutorial and I have learnt step by step on how to put on make up properly!! thank you!!! β—‘Μˆ

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