Executive Decision : Hollywood vs Reality | Airline Pilot Reacts

Executive Decision : Hollywood vs Reality | Airline Pilot Reacts

executive decision Hollywood versus
reality there’s a hatch on the belly of the 747 nearly knows we could dock there
coming up hey 74 crew welcome back if you don’t know me my name’s
Kelsey I’m a 747 pilot my channel 74 gear is all about aviation
something that a lot of people asked for was a bigger picture of the view from my
hotel room where I’m filming so this is my view from the hotel in Okinawa Japan
executive decision is a movie from 1996 where Special Forces take over a 747
that it’s been hijacked by terrorists and luckily I know a few things about
the 747 so let’s see how real it is let’s get into it maintain your course reduce your
airspeed is indicated careful I am a pilot okay the first thing that I
noticed as soon as he got on to the flight deck he started touching some
buttons that really had nothing to do with anything that he would actually
want to be touching for example he’s touching the Interphone switch which is
just a way to communicate between the bunks or for us to communicate
downstairs I’m not really sure which one he was touching but it has nothing to do
with anything and they start touching one of the switches between the pilots
on this Center pedestal that allows the pilots to have a hot mic to communicate
to each other so there’s really nothing that is touching that’s gonna be helping
him take over the plane then he says reduce your airspeed as indicated now he
hasn’t adjusted the airspeed or anything on the aircraft so he’s basically saying
something that doesn’t make any sense if he had adjusted something or said
maintain this speed that would make sense but reduce your speed as indicated
makes it no sense cuz he hasn’t changed anything so there’s no new speed to
maintain they have literally just given him some aviation words and he just
shoved them all together but the most Hollywood part of this scene is actually
the fact that the pilots are still wearing their shoulder harnesses that is
something that comes off within a couple of minutes of getting in the air
you’re obviously required to wear it for takeoff and landing but there’s no
reason that up into the crews portion of the flight that you would have those on
they’re not very comfortable it’s harder to reach and move things around in the
flight deck so those are something that are gonna come off right away however
there is something that’s very realistic about the scene as soon as the terrorist
comes into the cockpit he announces that he’s a pilot if you know a pilot you
know that within 30 seconds just about every pilot is gonna let people know
that you’re a pilot why don’t we need to tell everybody that
I don’t know but just something that we have to get out of our mouth so that
part is very accurate all right let’s get back to executive decision target sighted climbing to flight level 385
activating Doppler imaging system 350 we’re entering heavy turbulence mr.
Cahill just me about eight to ten seconds of this colonel
we’re entering the slipstream in a moment it’ll settle that’s the sweet spot
we’ll be out in two the first thing that’s off here is that
he says they’re climbing to flight level 385 what that means is they’re
climbing to 38,500 feet which makes no sense at all
and then the other thing is that he says they’re climbing to flight level 385 which means he didn’t watch the video that I did on proper radio
phraseology commercial aircraft fly at the full flight level meaning we’d fly
it 37,000 feet or 38,000 feet but we don’t
fly at 38,000 feet 500 which would be flight level 385 that’s not
something that we do so that doesn’t make very much sense the other thing
that’s very Hollywood in this scene is that he’s turning on this Doppler radar
thing which I thought weatherman used to see when the storms were coming but
apparently you can use it to see turbulence and then when he turns it on
you see all these lines coming off the engines now the engines do produce
turbulence obviously because they’re blowing air out the back of them but the
majority of turbulence that you see from an aircraft is created actually from the
wings from the lift from the wings so you don’t really see a lot of turbulence
coming from that so I’m assuming this Doppler imaging system is used to detect
turbulence but the turbulence isn’t really showing that it’s coming from the
wings so that’s not very accurate either all right let’s get back to the movie
switching to dorsal camera system all the approach to mr. kale steady
you’re right on it you’re right on it hold it right there activate Roger autopilot on we’re engaged mr. gale we got a stable vacuum I’m opening the outer hatch so something
that’s off here is that one the pilot is hand flying the aircraft until he gets
attached to the 747 and then he turns the autopilot on but he doesn’t
necessarily know what the other pilots are doing so that doesn’t really make a
lot of sense one second I don’t understand why they didn’t just come
underneath a thousand or two thousand feet below a 747 and then fly directly
up into it they could have avoided all that turbulence and something else that
just occurred to me is that the fighter pilot is actually wearing an oxygen mask
now the people in the back don’t have an oxygen mask on so it doesn’t really make
sense why he’s wearing that I’ve never worn one they don’t seem particularly
comfortable but if you could breathe air just that’s into the cabin of the
aircraft I would typically think that’s what you would do okay
let’s get back to the movie have a short what is that like that’s a warning light
it’s for an open outer hatch in the avionics room
that’s impossible the whole plane is pressurized where does this room blow
it’s under the first-class camp where the how’s the clip you put the
clip in it was there see it went out gotta be a short why are
we not climbing so Hollywood well done because that door does actually exist on
the aircraft I honestly would have thought that you would have attached
yourself to some non-existent door and then climbed in so well done because
that door does exist and you can actually access the plane through that
door I don’t know about in flight but you could definitely do it so Hollywood
you got that right next you see on that main panel that
flashing light that says seal there is no light or flashing light or button or
anything that’s on there that says seal if a door were to open or were to
indicate it is open it would show actually on one of our computer screens
so that does not exist next you see the pilots looking on the overhead panel
when this seal light is going off on the captain side you have a bunch of stuff
like the hydraulics for external power sources things like that and then on the
first officer side you might have things like pressurization and things for the
air conditioning for the temperature control throughout the aircraft but
there is nothing in there that has anything to do with resetting a door or
anything like that so the fact they are looking at that
overhead panel makes no sense at all and finally that main terrorist who
kicks into the door in the last minute and says why are we climbing so you
heard the fighter pilot earlier talk about climbing to flight level 380 538
thousand five hundred feet now on that – you saw it said thirty-nine hundred feet
so I’m guessing they meant 39,000 feet but ok I’m assuming that the aircraft is
at 39,000 feet and if you’re doing a long flight across the ocean you’re
probably pretty heavy so you’re typically not gonna get a lot higher
than that when you’re full of fuel and you still have a long flight to go so
the aircraft at 39,000 feet is actually pretty high it can go higher but usually
not when it’s full of people and full of fuel but hey when you’ve hijacked a
plane I guess you can demand whatever you want alright let’s get back to
executive decision I’m tight why is she said god damn heavy they’re climbing what did it mean listen to me how I’ve
got a club – now where I love these nineties movies and the
one-liners we’re not gonna make it you are so the aircraft hit some turbulence
which is pretty normal and sometimes turbulence is caused from wind shear
that makes sense but at that altitude you’re not going to
have winter that is typically gonna bring a plane down thousands of feet
it’s gonna be bumpy you might go 20 or 30 feet but not thousands of feet like
it’s portraying in this film next you hear the captain talking about how heavy
she is now I’m assuming they’re referring to the other aircraft that’s
attached to the bottom of them but that doesn’t make any sense that aircraft
isn’t affecting the wings of the lift or anything like that and obviously the
whole idea is that you can’t tell that the other aircraft is there so that also
doesn’t make any sense how the pilots are saying oh she’s so heavy that
doesn’t make any sense because there should be no impact about aircraft
underneath there however if the aircraft did start falling like that the pilots
would take the aircraft off the autopilot but typically like it’s
showing right there the captain has actually hand flying the
aircraft at that altitude typically pilots don’t do that because we are kind
of lazy by Nature but if the plane did start descending at thousands feet kind
of like it’s portraying in here the pilots would actually have the autopilot
disconnected to make sure that we grab control the aircraft because like I
always talk about safety safety safety is our number one priority so that does
make sense okay let’s get back to the movie well I’m gonna have to check the
equipment in the avionics room show me this room yeah I get your beer please oh hey give me a
break okay Ken the first officer is looking at
overhead panel and just randomly hitting switches we do not do that the only time
we’re hitting switches is when it’s per a checklist or per some book that’s
gonna tell us at this point do this we don’t just randomly hit switches and
just see a wonder what this will do that’s not how it works when you’re fine
the other thing I want to bring up is the room that these commandos are in the
room that the first officer is climbing down to that is a real room that does
exist but it is not nearly as big as they’re showing it to be in this video
this is the picture that I took while back looking down into that area as you
can see it’s not nearly as big as they’re shown here but it does exist
also there aren’t multiple hiding spots and rooms and stuff inside there it’s
just a compartment for a lot of the different electronics that we use or
that run the aircraft I just wanted to clarify that point going forward let’s
get back to the movie there’s a lot that’s going on in this
scene first you have a question I’m often asked about guns shooting in the
plane what would happen in that scenario now if you shot one bullet into a plane
and it were to go out the wall of the plane called the hole that would
probably not break apart the plane planes leaked in air we’re always
pumping pressurization into the aircraft so would one bullet rip apart a plane no
would multiple bullets in a strategic spot rip apart a plane yeah probably
they would what would be the spot of that plane I have literally no idea I’m
a pilot I’m not an engineer I’m definitely not that smart but yes a
bunch of bullets in the right spot could cause the hull to fail so that is
possible they got some things right in this scene for example the oxygen mask
would fall because the pressurization of the plane would go up very high one of
the things they did kind of miss here is the plane would actually get misty with
water vapors but I explain that more in detail in that Hollywood versus reality
on the castaway movie another thing that kind of caught my eye is just the amount
of napkins that seemed to be blowing around I guess the flight attendants
have been passing out napkins like they’re going out of style and they
haven’t been walking through the aisles doing the pickups even though I know
flight attendants walk through the aisles a ton with the bag to collect
trash but I know sometimes people like to hoard their trash and they just leave
it on their trays but yeah you see napkins flying around everywhere it just
something that caught my attention now something that is a little bit Hollywood
of this scene is that you see people actually falling backwards what would
happen in the scenario is the pilots would pull the power back all the way
and put it into a fixed speed descent and get down to ten to fourteen thousand
feet as quickly as possible and there’s a few reasons for that but essentially
what we want is to get people at an altitude that regardless of whether they
put their oxygen masks on or not they would be able to breathe and that is
gonna be between ten to fourteen thousand feet depending on where you’re
at in the world and if you’re and over the ocean or over mountains or things
like that people wouldn’t be falling backwards they’d be falling forwards
because the pilots would go into a very steep descent they put their oxygen
masks on first and then to start that descent going downhill as fast as
possible again that’s something I talked about a lot in that castaway Hollywood
versus ality okay let’s get back to the movie tell us this is oceanic 343
heavy requesting emergency landing we are low on fuel we have structural
damage but we are stable and in control 343 heavy this is Dulles
you’re cleared for an emergency landing 1 L north crash crew standing by okay have
to pause this real quick because they’re talking to tower and that’s really not
how it works you get have different approach controls that you’re talking to
before you get to the airport that you’re at and the tower the people you
see in the tower that are talking to us you talk to them as the very last couple
of minutes but these guys still have a long ways to go till they’re talking to
those people so that doesn’t make any sense but that’s not the worst part of
this scene he clears him to land on 1 L North what that means is one is the
direction of the runway L indicates either left or right so if you have two
runways that are running the same direction you might have a one left and
a 1 right but you’re not gonna say one l north what you would say is one left or
one right so one L north doesn’t make any sense even a private pilot or a new
pilot would know that is not what you would say but on a positive side of
there is a one left at Dulles so that runway does exist so they got
that part right now this is the second Hollywood versus reality that I’d done
the Dulles Airport because the die-hard to Hollywood versus reality did took
place there as well I don’t know what was going on the nineties but they
really wanted to promote that Airport now in this next scene all the
terrorists have been killed but right before the last terrorists got killed
they were able to kill both of the pilots so all the pilots are dead let’s
get back to the movie are you a pilot
you gotta help me here had a few lessons never really saw it okay alright
we’re probably lined up for landing there it is there’s the airport right
out there soon okay I got it I got it alright alright pilots operating
handbook that’s what I need is operating can’t see it but I’ll see it what is it
look like something’s just flight manual right back there ok ok ok wait I got it what should I look for but normal normal
procedures landing approach speeds okay here it is what’s the say for final
approach over 600,000 pounds 150 knots under 400,000 pounds a hundred twenty knots split 140 knots alright we’re doing 220
knots power really quickly I want to explain what he
said he said he had never so looked what happens when you go to flight school is
after you’ve done several lessons at some stage of your flight training
you’re gonna get sent out to fly by yourself and that’s called soloing
flying by yourself so he’s saying he is never solo so he hasn’t completed that
portion of his training he hasn’t flown by himself
that’s something you usually do around 20 hours give or take depending on how
your training is going so that part’s realistic what’s not so realistic is how
quick Halle Berry is able to find things in that manual there’s been times where
I was setting or training and I spent 20 or 30 minutes digging through a manual
trying to find something and she’s able to find it in a few seconds but what I
do like is that pally was able to quickly identify the airport again it’s
kind of like that silly movie you have flight attendants they are the unsung
hero of aviation and she was able to quickly identify and find that Airport
when the pilot was not able to do it okay back to executive decision 70 knots control the airplane what’s wrong quick sixty there we go hundred forty that helped forty all right here we go we’re gonna land if you don’t know what a flap is it’s
something that comes out the back of the wing it allows the aircraft to fly at a
slower speed so we use it for takeoff so we can get off the runway in a shorter
distance and we use it for landing so we’re able to land at a slower speed and
it makes it so we need to use less runway so we can stop
that’s essentially what a flap is we need it for takeoff when we need it for
landing again I was impressed with how quick Hallie was able to find that in
the manuals those things are massive then he’s saying he’s stalling
what stalling means is when there’s not enough airflow going over the wings it
not going to produce enough lift so if there’s not enough airflow the plane
will actually fall out of the sky makes sense but I want to explain that because
he says they’re stalling I want to explain what that means and finally I
love how the firemen are critiquing a guy who has probably 20 flight hours
flying a plane he’s never flying and they’re like what are you doing you know
if you’ve never flown a plane before you’re gonna kind of suck and if you
only have 20 flight hours and you’re flying a 747 by yourself the fact that
you’re keeping in the air it’s a pretty good job okay final scene alright alright turn around for another
approach kill airplane I can’t turn around yes you can
Frederick fields got to be ahead it’s my hair boy know where I am
all right line it up there it is reduce power in fairness to the director they were
actually correct if they were landing on one left and they did go back up to try
to do it again they would be heading in the direction of frederick maryland so
that part is correct however what doesn’t really make sense like Holly was
telling him he has to come back in and try again he’s saying he can’t turn but
he always see has to turn if he’s gonna land on a different runway at a
different Airport he’s gonna have to turn in that direction because he’s
gonna land in a different direction on runway two six in reality what he
should have done was listen to Holly so as a note to all you new pilots
listen to your flight attendants because sometimes they know better than you do
now that brings up another good point there is no runway to 6:00 at Frederick
Maryland and it’s a very very short runway the runway there is about 5,000
feet in the runway that he was trying to land on at Dulles is about 9,000 feet
so it’s essentially half the size and if you can’t hit a 9,000 foot runway I’m
not sure why you’d be aiming for a 5,000 foot runway and it’s obviously a lot
more narrow like a lot of things in aviation it comes down the decision
making this would definitely be a bad decision however you do have to give
them credit for using the entire runway including the fence and the landing
lights which don’t even really classify as part of the landing runway but I
don’t think it’s really necessary to announce it you’re down when you’re
smashing through everything everybody in the back they pretty much know that
you’re on the ground now if you want to know why your actual pilots who have
more than 20 hours in a plane are smashing in their landings I explained
it right here I look forward to hearing from you until then keep the blue side

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    This movie has so much shit that if it was a cartoon it would be more believable.
    Here is a question for you that I as a former combat tanker found confusing. Why do pilots utilise naval terms for their craft?
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  11. This review is about as bad as listening to my 6th grade math teacher try to talk. ( Stop Yelling into the Cam!!) I did think it was funny as hell when I seen this movie and they had some how managed to cram a platoon worth of SPEC-OP troops into a F-117's bomb Bay area and fuel storage avionics area. There is no where or no way to put people back there it's not like the F-117 was a cargo or passenger jet………..but hay Hollywierd

  12. My biggest problems with this are:
    – They made a stretched F-117(XL?) for such a specific and rare mission, despite the development of such an aircraft being 50% of the original as you'd need an entirely new airframe.
    – There was even one of these super rare aircraft in a position to intercept, as it's only 100 kts faster than a 747 at cruise, and that's assuming the F-117 is going flat out in which case it wouldn't have the range anyway.
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    But by far my biggest problem is:
    – Hollywood making Poirot a terrorist. Blasphemy!

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