Exped Schnozzel PumpBag UL

Exped Schnozzel PumpBag UL

Ultra lightweight and multi functional, the
Exped Schnozzel PumpBag UL is a perfect companion to your Exped Sleeping Mat. It is designed
as a pump bag to inflate your sleeping mat. I do want to note that this does have the…
the end of this is the schnozzle pump. So it is going to work with any of the Exped
flat valves. It is going to work with any Exped sleeping mat that does not already have
an included foam pump. So we have got one here that is going to work. It has got that
flat valve. If you do have an Exped sleeping mat that has the included pump, note that
you need to purchase a flat valve adapter separately in order to use the Schnozzle PumpBag. But it is very lightweight material. This
weighs in right around 1.4 ounces. And it also doubles as a stuff sack. So this is waterproof
material. You have got rip stop in there. It packs down to be almost nothing. And it
is multi functional, so you can put some items in here that you want to keep safe, let’s
say a sleeping bag, some extra layers. It has got a roll top closure on the top and
you can snap it closed so this is going to work great to pro-tect those items inside
your backpack when you are on an extended trip. And then when you get to camp you can
take those items out and use this bag to inflate your sleeping mat. I really like the idea of using a bag like
this because with sleeping mats in order to pro-mote the longevity of the mat you don’t
want to introduce that moist air from your mouth. So using a bag like this is easy. It
works really fast and you don’t have to sit there and inflate the pad, especially
if in really cold temperatures if you are at high elevations and you get lightheaded
when you are inflating a sleeping pad by mouth, this solution is a really creative and really
great way to inflate that. So the basic idea here is that you attach
this schnozzle end to the inflate valve of your sleeping mat. And with those flat valves
it is really easy to make that attachment. The next thing you do is… I make sure that
the end of this isn’t twisted around so that way the air will flow through really
easily. So I make sure that is really flat and then you just put air inside of this bag.
So it works really well if you just kind of loft it up, fluff it up there, roll the top
down a couple of times and then you push the air form the bag into the sleeping mat. And
then once you have inflated the mat all the way you can top it off a little bit with,
you know, air or breath, but other than that it is really easy. And the way that Exped
flat valves are designed, you won’t have air leaking back out into the bag. So this
is just a really easy solution to inflating your sleeping mat when you are in the back-country.
It is ultra lightweight, packable, multifunctional, the Exped Schnozzel PumpBag UL.

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  1. Great way to eliminate my air pump I use on my ADV Motorcycle camping! Saving space on the bike is paramount not to mention weight.

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