Exped Waterproof Compression Bag

Exped Waterproof Compression Bag

The Exped Waterproof Compression Bag is a
really versatile piece of gear that allows you to keep your gear inside your backpack
safe, dry and since it has got compression straps, you can really compress that gear
down to save space in your pack. It doesn’t weigh very much. It packs down to be small.
And it is just going to keep your gear safe and dry ex-actly where you need it. The features here are really simple and also
pretty unique for a compression sack. Instead of the compression straps being long ways
kind of around the compression sack, they are horizontal here. And they are on the sides.
So instead of creating kind of a short and fat stuff sack, this creates long and skinny
stuff sack. So it allows you to put it into your pack in different ways. It allows you
to lash it onto the outside of your pack if you need to, so there is plenty of places
here that you can lash it, maybe on to the bottom of your pack or wherever you choose
to keep that. There is a nice carry handle on this side.
So you can lash it that way if you want to. But these compression straps are really easy
to use. I have got the medium size here. It comes in a couple of different sizes. And
I have got a 35 degree synthetic sleeping bag tucked away inside here just to give a
point of reference. The top part of this compression sack is a roll top closure. So this is waterproof.
It is a 70 denier fabric. It is coated taffeta nylon. It has got a 10,000 millimeter water
column in there, so you are completely protected there. It is seam taped. The seams are really
well stitched. So you do have a roll top clo-sure so you can really stuff the gear you need
to stuff inside there, maybe some extra win-ter layers. And the thing I really like about
this and what I see on a lot of waterproof stuff sacks is when you try and compress that
down, you have got that extra air on the inside. But this does have a purge valve down at the
bottom. This makes it really easy and really simple. So when you compress the top of this
down, it pushes the air out of the bottom and really allows you to compress that down. So I have got the roll top rolled down about
three times. And then I have still got the valve opened. You can really compress down
the sides here. And as you compress that down, the air is purged out of this valve right
here. So you can really cinch that down, close that valve and then you have got a water tight
compression sack here. You can store this inside your pack and, you know, do whatever
you need to do with it. It is really easy and convenient. This valve also will mate up with a Schnozzel
pump from Exped. You can use that schnozzle pump to inflate any Exped sleeping mat that
doesn’t already have its own in-cluded pump. So not only is this a compression sack, but
once you get to camp, you take your sleeping bag out of it, you can buy that Schnozzel
pump separately and actually in-flate your Exped sleeping mat. So there is plenty of
different uses for this. It is light-weight, but it is also very durable and it is perfect
for your next adventure. It is the Exped Waterproof Compression Bag.

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  1. How durable is this bag's material? Would it work poorly to have the bag strapped to the outside of a backpack? (I'm thinking if it rubs against branches or the ground a bit).

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