Exploring Romanian Country 🇷🇴 Câmpulung, Romania

Exploring Romanian Country 🇷🇴 Câmpulung, Romania

this is Romania what’s up guys it’s
Alexander travel bomb and today we’re in Romania we go a little deeper into this
country to find authentic experiences far away from the tourist destinations today we’re driving north toward khumba
loom a small city where Sandra’s grandpa lives but first we stopped on the side
of the road to buy some berries from a gypsy child gypsies also known as Romani
are all over Romania and they get a bad rap but they have a truly interesting
culture we drive through one of their towns on the way to Campulung. gypsies seem to set up camp wherever
they want and so they picked the most beautiful spots to start making a life
there they sell everything everywhere you’ll find them on the side of the road
in the middle of nowhere sowing mushrooms they foraged
in the forests nearby and they sell for a fraction of the price you’ll pay at
the market this is a typical scene in Romania cows
and horses take over the roads on a win and you have to either wait like we did
across this bridge or go way around them like everybody else’s next yet again we stopped on the side of
the road at what seemed like an ordinary house in the countryside but Sandra’s
dad was there to buy some of the best cheese in these parts made right here at
this house a huge smoked cheese we’d be eating for dinner I’ll stop for the old
dead no yeah they were moving around for ten minutes that’s very very nice smoked
cheese but this is authentic no country sign fight it takes on top we made it to Koopa loom and then went
out to take part in the fair that was going on for the last three days here in
Romania each city celebrates once a year at all
different times of the year all over the country so you’ll be sure to find these
festivals going on somewhere at any time we are in Coubertin Romania at Sandra’s
Grandpa’s house and we’re about to have breakfast right here and then we’re
gonna go somewhere for the day and I have no idea okay we’re having the
cheese that we got on the side of the road I finally tried the cheese we
picked up on the side of the road and it was some of the best that I’ve had in
any country it was packed with flavor like a potent mix of Swiss and
mozzarella all right we’re leaving the place so we’re going to the mountains this is another cheese that they place
inside the bark of a tree to get a piney flavor to leak into it we made our way
further into the mountains to get some of the fresh Romania air so we keep stopping along the way
wherever we see gypsies there selling things on the side of the road so we
just bought a bunch a ton like a crate of porcini mushrooms and it was just a
few dollars yesterday we bought some raspberries wild raspberries they were
very good better than regular raspberries that I get in the States so we just drove up here into the
mountains of koopa loon and there’s this river right here that we got to stop at
a couple little gypsy villages along the way it’s a perfect Romanian experience
rabbit I’m not sure where we are exactly a near koopa loon but up here in this
area there’s a lot of camping it’s kind of like a seems like a national park but
I’m not really sure I’ll have to find out but there’s people camping all along
the river over here and you can just park your car right there along the
river doesn’t seem to be any rules or anything so we just saw a bunch of sheep on the
side of the road so we’re gonna go check them out I was one of the flimsiest bridges I
have ever crossed look at all these sheep up up in the
hills over here and then down over here in the flats and then by the river this is amazing this is Romania alright
ready to go back over the bridge we went back to Sandra’s Grandpa’s spent
the night had a great breakfast and then headed back to the crest for breakfast I
have a chicken egg and a duck egg and some pork ah so we just got back from an awesome
weekend in the mountains of Romania thanks to citizens family we had a real
authentic Romanian weekend and it was amazing now we’re getting ready to go to
Greece we don’t even have to unpack because we already have our bags packed
and we’re leaving in the morning one thing I want to mention is I just put
out something new it’s called travel bum magazine and it’s a PDF format of a
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to continue to do this then head over to patreon as always thanks for watching
and we will see you in…

100 thoughts on “Exploring Romanian Country 🇷🇴 Câmpulung, Romania

  1. I'm from Romania and I'm very happy when another people from another countries come to our country and they are happy for what they see. Welcome to Romania!🇷🇴

  2. this is not romania. this is a village in romania where nobody ever goes to, only if its their family or so. (and btw, there 2 campulung: this is campulung muscel, which is the center, and the other one is campulung moldovenesc, its in the north-east.) romania has so much more to offer than this. and those people you bought things from are not gypsies. and romanians are not gypsies whatsoever, they are caucasian white people with latin roman origins. gypsies have origins in india. and the gypsies in romania have a really bad reputation. it hurts me so much every time i hear "this is romania" and "gypsies". and this village is so small compared to the touristic cities, its like youre asociating 1 gay guy with the other 100 straight guys who you think are also gay… wtf… it's true, if you wanna have an authentic romanian experience, its nice to visit a small city or village like this, its really peaceful and you can find some of the traditional things there. BUT we have a lot of traditional food other than that cheese. and a lot of culture (you wont probably ever know about)… and GUESS WHAT. its not gypsy culture. wow romania 101 smh

  3. You know ! even with this messy country that we have , it does have its beauty that cannot be denied nor compared.

  4. Wow. Thanks for sharing how beautiful Romania. My husband is Romanian. We are exciting to go there one day as He mentioned us about beautiful mountains, yummy chesse and fresh fruit and vegetable in the country side. Looking forward to it. Hi from Australia:)

  5. you have spent your money on poverty Romania is sure it did not deserve better you went to another country

  6. Welcome în my country În beautiful /amazing România ✌️🇹🇩🇪🇺✌️
    Many thancks for this amazing video 👍🎩

  7. Mate, I really appreciated cause you promoted our country, i’m glad you enjoyed. But if you can’t afford travelling just don’t do it….stop asking people to visit you patrion thing and buy a “travel guide” . Get yourself a real job and travel with google earth. Some people watching you they’re working a lot for that money…I hope you don’t understand.

  8. Min. 00:44 – could you talk about the Gypsies' culture ? WHAT kind of culture ?
    Min. 01:36 – that's NOT a typical way in Romania. I met this kind of situation in….UK (BTW, I've recorded it on my camera). Moreover, I NEVER saw so many sheep as in UK. I'll not mention Australia and New Zealand. In Hungary, there are 3 sheep per inhabitant !! = 30,000,000 sheep !!
    Where did you find your girl friend ? She looks Gypsy, BTW.

  9. Romênia 😘😘😘😘😘😘💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  10. AT 0:11 "We go [ … ] far away from tourists destinations". Videos about America will show you the Statue of Liberty or equivalent, not Riverdale neighborhood from Chicago. Videos about Rio de Janeiro will show you Copacabana Beach or the huge statue of Christ the Redeemer, not the gang plagued favelas surrounding the city. Videos about South Africa will show you some nice wildlife during safari, not the countless crime plagued slums. Videos about Paris will show you the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum, not some Muslim enclave sealed for outsiders.
    Yet most foreigners who post videos about Romania have no eyes for the beautiful center of capital Bucharest, or of other cities, or for the wonderful Carpathian Mountains, being too busy to start the hunt for gypsies or to dig dirt into some God forgotten village.
    All those guys from Western Europe focused on gypsies should remember that in Western Europe the gypsies were burned alive on rack during the Middle Ages. No such thing happened in Romania. And as the Brits and the Americans say, "No good deed goes unpunished".

  11. Hey, Alexander Travelbum, you look like yet another Brit who throws dirt on Romania, then delete decent comments from offended Romanians, if you deem them as unpleasant for you.
    Because of people like you, I created a nice YouTube video, "TRASH AND LITTER IN THE HEART OF CENTRAL LONDON "
    It worth to make it, just for the pleasure to delete comments from enraged Brits, the same you Brits are deleting comments posted by angered Romanians.
    Enjoy and don't forget to give a "Like" !

  12. Autorul pare încă un tip din țara ce a părăsit Uniunea Europeana si acum aleargă în cerc ca un cățelus dezorientat.
    Scriu in românește pentru că tipic celor din tara lui, și ăsta sterge ce nu-i convine, dupa ce scuipă cât poate pe țara noastră.
    Tocmai ca să-i scot din sărite pe cei ca el, am plătit cu aceeasi monedă in 2014, creând

  13. Ba..sa iti bag pula-n gura…si sa ti-o iau pe ma-ta de incult dobitoc
    Vezi in gatul ma-tii ca la Campulung e multa istorie si multe alte chestii faine decat sa o te tot caci pe tine…futu-te-n gura…de incult. Etnia rroma e in toata lumea…nu doar la Clung.

  14. I visited Romania for 6 weeks back in 2016 and you are absolutely about if you want to experience the real Romania, get out of the tourist places. Bucharest was fun but I enjoyed my travel to the other cities and villages. Romania has the absolute best food on the planet by far.

  15. I love Romania and I love the culture and history….

    ROMANIA 101- Do not associate anything Romanian with the ‘Roma, Romani people’.
    The Roma that beg throughout Europe do not represent this Huge Ancient country, you can understand their upset feelings towards this. There are more Roma in Bulgaria and surrounding countries and they originate from India.

    Gypsy- Egypt

  16. Seeing from many of the comments here, you probably already know that g*psies are minoritized. But also, g*psy is a slur. Do your research before you throw such names around and apply it to every Romani person you see.
    It’s disrespectful.
    It’s one thing if Romani people choose to reclaim that slur, but outside of that, it’s not okay.
    Also, you filming the child selling you blueberries is NOT okay.
    That’s so dehumanizing.
    People in the US people who are minors can’t be filmed without consent legally, so you should have thought about that.
    Then after filming that child, you continued to talk about Romani people as though they are a different species…
    This video is a solid example of exploitative tourism, even if it is with family and you reside there.
    If you reside there, you ought to be more aware of the cultural roots and history.

  17. Crappy video….seems more like you should keep it as a souvenir of your travel, rather than share it here as part of some travel blog since it really doesn't do much but record your personal life. You are ignorant of Gypsies and the part they play in Romania….Of course they can sell anything cheaper than the market, they usually steal it or because they don't have a business they can undersell anybody. So they just pick the most beautiful place and ruin it with illegal dwellings and this is suppose to be a good thing? At least you make it sound like is o.k. is not. You don't have to live there and with them, you come back to the U.S.

  18. I wonder if he knows that gypsies long term physically disable their children in terrible ways and put them on the streets of Romania to sell things and take the profit. 🙁

  19. Grow up man…you act like a 3 years old child…sheeps on mountains….? what do you expect to find there…?…UFO…? get a life…real one👎

  20. I think do you like Câmpulung , is a tiny town and almost all people are good with the strangers.I like to stay there
    Welcome to Câmpulung , welcome to România

  21. Dude, I would love to go around the world doing things like this. I am so sick of the Chicagoland area. Chicago is a beautiful place, but after 38 years of it, I'm ready to check out many other places especially Europe. I live in Northwest Indiana which is actually a suburb of Chicago. We are in Indiana, but we have Chicago weather, Chicago news, Chicago time zone, Chicago radio, Chicago TV and if you climb up high enough to clear the treeline, you can see the skyline. It's cool if this is what y'all get to do with your life. I'd do just about anything to be able to move around the world freely and experience new ways of life. I don't eve want to be rich, just have the means to move around the world. Settle in some place for a little while and when I feel the need to move on, do so. Cool shit man. I'm glad someone gets to do cool shit like this. Keep it up and enjoy it for what it's worth. I cannot stand this 9-5 (or for me it's 7-3) existence. Wake up and work to pay bills and maybe buy a couple things I want and spend my whole life in one place not knowing any other way to live is a fucking nightmare.

  22. Mate I like you and your short movies but try harder when saying the name of Campulung …not Coompa Loompa or Coompa loon?? hahaha God man…learn a bit the pronunciation…Targoviste not Tergoviste…I don't think its such a big effort! :))

  23. Recommend Bury Me Standing: The gypsies and their Attachment by Isabel Fonseca. Small farms where you get homemade cheeses, and organic food disappearing at a fantastic rate all over Romania. Devoured by corporations, and weathy individuals…from Europe, Middle eastern countries, EU…doing factory farming…the worst of American industrial production. Mono culture, which is not what Romania was noted for. Nice moments in the video, gypsies seem like a bit of a conveniece or novelity (so much cheaper than the stores…Americans love bargains, found gypsies)…pay them a fair market price or get it as cheap as possible…or hunt for porcinis yourself…no other mushroom looks like it with its cones, not gills…look near pines and oaks..

  24. if You can visit Sri Lanka you can see beautiful places Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean and You can drink Ceylon tea Sri Lanka is a country with a long history

  25. Dude, no offence, if you like so much our gypsies then maybe you can take them all with you in US or wherever you came from 🙂

  26. Hello my friend. I'm always happy about your interesting videos.I very much hope that we will continue our joint journey on
    YouTube for a long time to now. Warm greetings and a nice time.

  27. Beautiful People and a Beautiful Country , I am sad that so many are poor but you have that everywhere  . Keep Them In Your Prayers . Romania You Are Beautiful !!!!!

  28. Romania looks nice but I have to say that Romanian migrants are not liked in my country. Eastern European migrants in general are not really liked in my country and locals don't want them to come here.

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