100 thoughts on “Fallout 4 – ALL Unique Apparel & Armor (Vanilla) | Re-Upload

  1. Those fatigues are also worn by a cut character called old something I forget his name but it starts with old, I think it was old man billy

  2. I got 2 colonial dusters off Preston… I took to oh and gave him different hear only to have it respawn and auto-equip. It just unequipped my items luckily but wanted to point out at least for me, it wasn't fully unique because I received a copy of it.

  3. 19:30 is that a mod that makes the freefall legs look like actual freefall tech or is it a scraped texture after an update?

  4. Preston is the easiest companion to gain at the start of them game? Ummm okay so Codsworth and Dogmeat were completely neglected.

  5. i love how liam binet couldnt think of a better way to reward you then with his fucking eyeglasses, that he supposedly needs to you know…see

  6. There was a glitch which, as far as I can tell has been patched, where if you took Preston's duster from him, eventually a second one would appear in his inventory.

  7. How do you get BOS Aspirant clothing ? It's an all-black field scribe fit including the details on it
    It looks like the Officer fatigue

  8. I was doing a railroad character and wanted the maxsons battlecoat so I waited till blind betrayal to kill him, and then when I had to destroy it I found maxson tposing + I got another battle code for deacon.

  9. You still get Hancock even if [the big dig] doesn't end in his favor. You get him at the completion of the quest no matter the outcome.

  10. I hate the BOS uniform, it’s really ugly and orange, so I went and killed Brandis specifically to get the black one, it looks better

  11. I was playing fallout 4 while watching, and as I got the taking independence quest, he said it in the video. Holy cow

  12. that is not true Colonial duster I found a NPC dressed up like Preston Garvey without the hat and a revolutionary sword walking around in a colonial Duster

  13. Anyone got tips for an institute playthrough? I tried one a long time ago but rage quit when I had to take on the BOS (though I did mostly do the main story so I hadn't levelled much)

  14. I just asked Valentine to hack teagans cell open so I could steal the guess rifle behind him at level 7 l0l.

  15. In my opinion, there are only 3 good outfits from this list. The Bos outfit, maxsons jacket, and kellogs outfit. Those are the ones that im gonna wear the most

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