Fantastic Fall Hacks | LIFE HACKS FOR KIDS

Fantastic Fall Hacks | LIFE HACKS FOR KIDS

if you’ve got nothing new we’ll have
tried a couple tricks for you so take a look because it’s five hacks for kids
today’s episode is for real fall hacks good evening ladies and gentlemen autumn
fan here and I’ve just received word of some incredible happenings right now all
around us the leaves are literally changing colors
on the trees that’s right and not only that we receive reports of crisp cool
air this can only mean one thing fall is here run don’t walk outside and
experience this fall nomina yourself and you can use what you collect from your
hike for my first tack my fragrant fault jar for this you’ll need some fall items
from your hike such as leaves acorns or twigs a silver paint pen a paintbrush
Mod Podge essential oil a mason jar cinnamon sticks twine cloves an orange
and a paper towel first draw some fun patterns of the leaves with the paint
pen then attach the leaves to the outside of the jar with Mod Podge paint
another layer of Mod Podge on top of the leaves finish the jar by tying twine
around the top take the peels from one orange and place
on a plate covered with paper towel microwave for 5 minutes at 50% put the
orange peels twigs acorns pinecones cinnamon sticks and cloves in the jar top with 5 drops of essential oil and enjoy the fragrance if after a good
sniff you find yourself helplessly falling for fall run don’t walk and jump
it to the nearest pile of leaves what’s this a lonely acorn that didn’t make it
into the jar fear not with this next hat you’ll never be lonely when you can call
your friends with my amazing acorn whistle for this you’ll need scissors a
paint pen the top of an acorn yarn and a hot glue gun color your acorn top now
put the yarn around your neck and tie your bow where you want your necklace to
hit glue the foe to the Acorn top and put it
off now use your whistle place your thumbs
in a y-shaped over the hollow part of the a clock blow across the top of your
knuckles to make a whistle now that I’ve got your attention this just did people
are reporting feeling chilly on their legs and other extremities well luckily
we can fix those knocking knees in a way that you will get noticed my cozy cuffs
for this you will need an old sweater scissors lace buttons and a hot glue gun
first cut off the sleeves at the elbows turn it inside out stretch the cuff
slightly and hug the lace around the edge finally flip back right side out include two buttons on the side for
decoration slip it over your cap so it hits right
above your boot ladies and gentlemen fall is officially here and the
scientists assure us it’s not going anywhere
for three months enjoy these ball hacks I’m autumn fan signing out remember to
subscribe to DreamWorks TV and click here for more life hacks for kids with
me autumn fan I mean me Julie

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  2. Hello My Happy Hackers! In this week's episode I make three hacks that you're sure to FALL for! You will definitely get into the fall spirit with these awesome fall hacks, Autumn Fan signing out :3

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