What’s up everybody WE are Marko and Alex and YOU are watching Vagabrothers and THIS is Prague! Like a local, lets go! Prague is one the most gorgeous cities in
the world but also one of the most touristic And why not, the beer is cheaper then water the women are beautiful and the
nightlife rivals any city in the world but ironically the part of this city
that seems the most cultured, the Old Town is actually the least local, because high
rents and tourism have pushed many people out of the city
centre we wanted to discover the real Prague, but like most we started with the classics Saint
Charles Bridge, The Astronomical Clock and a stroll through the Old Town I love cities like this, cobblestone streets, beautiful old buildings, colorful, rustic
it’s awesome! i’m digging it yeah dude, Prague has one of the best
preserved Old Towns in all of Europe this is central Europe, Bohemia at its best. We’re gonna check out another side of the city which should be cool but like in a different way let’s do it, I’m ready for us, the best way to discover culture is through food so we met up with Leona
from Prague Food Tour who promised to give us a crash course
in Czech culture starting with lunch We met Leona in a restaurant
called Lokal on Dlouha street where some of Prague’s best restaurants are clustered Leona then ordered us some Lokal
specialties, Prague ham with horseradish Czech style steak tartare fried cheese and pickled camembert hmmm… really tasty its an awesome place to taste some modern dishes twist on traditional Czech cousine the owner serve original Czech drinks and dishes that’s why you can’t really get any soda any coke or sprite, only original Czech drinks and the quality is always excellent and the mixture of the tastes are original and [?] the food is good the food is local and i am happy and i have beer, this is amazing in California i would probably say that you already have a drinking problem it’s quite normal here, just drinking fourteen beers is not a big deal it’s like every Friday night on that note we’re now finishing our
lunch with well, a sample here we have Schnops and an herbal liqueur call Becherovka [Sip]…aahh that’s a little bit more WHOO [capturing a storie] ”after lunch” [clink] Na zdraví Na zdraví awwh that one burns way more alright so we just finished at Lokal and the food marathon continues we’re now going forty meters down the road what’s the name of the place we’re heading Naše Maso, our meat okay well, i have a question, besides the meaning of that name why are Czech people, we have a reservation at this place and i want to know why are Czechs so crazy about having reservations for every meal it’s true, i have noticed this well we want to be sure that we are going to get our piece of meat you know everybody wants their meat at a place like this we are sure that we are going to get our piece of meat, lets go! if you’re vegan or vegetarian
good luck just got to ‘our meat’ [Naše Maso] and this is the veritable sausage fest Naše Maso is a butchery that serves
nothing but top quality meats and cold Pilsner beer from a faucet in
the wall, gotta love it it’s a formula that’s
drawn a standing-room-only crowd since it opened three years ago so we met with the owner of Naše Maso
or ‘Our Meat’ to ask him about the philosophy behind this restaurant we use only some chopped pepper only fresh garlic and that’s it, only good meat and only fat and we make it like our grandmother to show us what he meant, Frank brought us a feast beef heart with pork rinds a back to basics burger and the best
meatloaf we’ve ever had check out this meat loaf look at that meat loaf! if you eat this, you are very strong [laughing] so eat this and be like you can i just hug you please thank you, thank you! look at this! I’m not gonna lie I am so happy i am not vegetarian right now this is just meat heaven i love this smell can i? let me just smell the burger get your own burger! after that it was time to leave
the whole town behind and discover a part a Prague that most
travelers miss alright so we’re about 20 minutes southeast of the center on Krymska street this is a beautiful historic neighborhood
that has somewhat a renaissance thanks to a couple of cafes that have opened up in recent years, lets go check ’em out we started with Cafe Sladkovsky, an anachronistic cafe that felt like a place where Czech author Franz Kafka would write his novels in a word, Bohemian come on, you get the joke? we’re in Bohemia, Bohemian but despite the old-time feeling it’s only a few years old founded by Prague natives, Michael and Katerina they told us why they felt the need to
create a community centered cafe in a city that felt increasingly touristic tell us about Prague seven years ago it’s a place for tourists you know, not much happening outside all the tourist industry pushed out the
locals into nowhere and then we somehow became the first who started to create a local center when we started in this area it was like i said: shabby, neglected with only locals, no tourists, no people commuting for work or very little so we were thinking how to attract these locals so we came up with this concept of: all day long entertainment over food and drink and so in the morning we are like cafe-bar, you know, you can get a nice espresso lunchtime we do menus home-made proper cooking, then we also have this tapaz selection in the evening you can come for a burger or for this kind of Mediterranean selection of cousines and late at night it’s like a raving bar sometimes after a lovely dinner of Moroccan tajine
and a goat cheese burger it was time for… you guessed it! more beer! last week we were doing a Pilsner in
Pilsen but in Prague we want to try beer on a smaller scale so we met up with
Sarah from who showed us one of
her favorite microbreweries U Bašta, so here at Bašta they’ve got this Světlý Ležák so it’s like a light lager, it’s excellent I
think it’s one of the best light lagers in Prague and a Polotmavý Ležák which is like an amber lager it’s kind of a Czech specialty in the Czech Republic when you order a beer your beer is suppose to have a nice, like an inch of foam and if that were in America I would look at the bartender and be like ‘come on, fill it up man!’ but actually here you can order a beer that is pretty much all foam yeah and they say ‘Oh it’s tasty, it’s sweeter’ i think it is, i just don’t get your half litre you know, like every glass a half liter of foam or a half liter of [whistle sound] what was that noise? Parakeet it’s a bird there’s a bird it’s a mining bird there’s a bird in the bar, ‘there’s a bird in the bar mate’ [accent] alright last stop for the night
where we headed? Zly Casy what’s there? this is Prague’s first big multi-tap pub [oh my goodness] so we’re gonna have like more beer? more beer. there’s 40 beers to choose from and a lot of good Czech craft beer yes! first you have to try red flash… Black India Pale Ale and then you can have also Red Flash Imperial Stout [okay] both are black but they are very very nice after today I’ve realized that I
love this city, I just want to stick around here and drink beer and eat goulash with dumplings stare at cool old buildings and read Kafka in cafés like Krymska Street this is my city, i think i’m going to stay here at some point for a long time so cheers to that okay guys, thanks for watching and
big thanks to everyone who showed us around town and especially The Hotel Clement which put us up for the whole week in awesome rooms with incredible views find everyone’s info in the info-box as always if you enjoyed the video make sure you give it a thumbs up share with your friends
and subscribe to this channel for new travel videos every week see you guys next week ciaó later feel like more Czech Republic? well click the video on the left it’s about Pilsen home of Pilsner Beer and also European Capital of Culture for 2015 and maybe you feel like going to France check out the video we did with the French Guy Cooking exploring all of Paris’s amazing places to eat and of course don’t forget to subscribe yes, yes subscribe to the channel

100 thoughts on “FINDING THE REAL PRAGUE!

  1. Avoid U Basta,unless you speak Czech, we had a very negative experience here, I can speak a few words of Czech but even so they made it clear that tourists were not welcome, during a week in Prag this was the only place we were made to feel we unwelcome 🙁

  2. Are you guys kidding me?
    Prague is one of the easiest cities to be vegan in (let alone vegetarian)! Tons of restaurants with veg options, and even a few strictly veg restaurants. And usually that doesn't mean just a boring salad – the creativity of chefs in this city is remarkable!

  3. You visited come great places, hopefully you'll come back soon to enjoy our pivo 🙂
    Btw. we're doing the show "Honest Prague Guide" where we show tips & tricks how to enjoy Prague to the fullest, so if anyone's coming to Prague, make sure to check it out (from how to get from the airport to do's and don'ts in a pub)

  4. next time any of you guys visit Prague, you might want to check the "suburbs" with all the blocks of flats, grey concrete jungle areas, casinos and gambling venues, you could go to "sherwood" to see some real shit. This city is not just good food and beer, it's also a place with dark shadowy parts where only locals dare to go – the real face of prague 🙂

  5. Dear vagabrothers, this Sarim here. I went to prague a week ago and based on your recommendation i tried Nase Meso and OMG, best burger ever, in my 3 days in the city i went there 3 times and i got another bunch of people from my hostel addicted to it. Thanks alot, cheers for all the beers…..

  6. "14 beers per day isn't big deal, normal friday evening" … Well as an 100% czechian, i can say it's not really a big deal …

    Hard to get drunk? Well depents how big your alcohol durability is and with what you're mixing it.

  7. Saint Charles bridge? 😀 Wow, Charles IV got promoted :p It's just Charles bridge. He sure was awesome – but only a human 😉

  8. Living in Czech republic and didn't know how many videos from Prague are on YouTube. I always thought that no one really know where Czech republic is.

  9. I went to Prague last year on a trip, and then again this year for a weekend with friends its my favourite place I've been to so far 🙂 (not that many yet only 13 coutires)

  10. It's great. I really like Old Towns. I am starting to save money from today. I have to visit this city after my exam. And your videos are great I love it.

  11. Everything in the video reminded my of Germany and Austria……addiction to beer, a Meaty cuisine, the architecture, the people……. everything basically. The only diffidence being the accent which sounded more like Russian then German. Are Czechs like Germans, just like people say the Dutch are like Germans for instance?

  12. Your recommendations and use of subtitles is wonderful. Thanks so much for the effort.
    I will use them when I visit.

  13. There are a lot people living in Czech Republic Like Ukrainians… well sorry for that spelling… And suprisingly Vietnamese!

  14. It's insane! Almost all the governments around the world have alcohol legal and part of the city's culture.
    Legalize marijuana and stop making it big deal stupid people!

    Otherwise, I loved watching this video, and especially Prague itself is an amazing European city.

  15. Krymska street is a typical hipster neighborhood. Meaning everything is kinda fake and wannabe vintage… I mean come on – Morroccan tajine and goat-cheese burger in Prague? 😀 Can it be any more hipster? Maybe if they added jerusalem artichokes…

  16. check new page about european classic dishes we gonna show you many recipies SHARE, LIKE AND FOLLOW 🙂

  17. I love Prague, I wish I'll go there someday.
    Here in South Europe, cities look so different (different arquitecture, the streets look also different…)

  18. u guys rock. I wish I can hang out with u guys for a week or 2. I need to go there or bavaria. or even belgium. those 3 places are my dreams places. unfortunately I can't afford to go to europe. I wish someone can give me a free round trip to those places. please help a combat veteran…Godbless your hearts..

  19. Very nice..but next time you need to come to Brno;) Second biggest city in Czech Republic and even better food and beer, lot's of young people (students), much less tourists, great architecture and a coffee centre of Czech Republic;) Will be happy to help to get around here;)

  20. I lived there for years and loved every single moment except when met with any rude or racist person. overall best place

  21. Going to Prague in May for the 2nd year in a row. Thanks Vega brothers. Between you and Janek of Stream I will have new places to discover. I'll check out the restaurants you mentioned too.

  22. Hey guys,

    awesome video! I just came back from Prague on Monday and I
    somehow fell in love with this city. Altough I’ve been living in Munich my
    whole life and Prague is just a 3,5 hour drive away, I’ve never been there
    before. Your Video just makes me want to go there again soon. Thanks!

    By the way… you've got a new subscriber 🙂

  23. jezisi zase ten Lokál v dlchá street – tam teda fakt chodí locals – bud turisti anebo pristehovany Moravaci co delaj na Brumlovce v kanclu lol

  24. I know I commented this on another video, but what are the brands/styles of the jackets you guys are wearing at the beginning of the video? Looking for some and like yours =)

  25. Went to Prague last year, but didn't get to see much of it, split up with my partner and got an early flight home. I so want to go back, and with her as well – we got back together soon after!

  26. If you love rustic, historic, cobble stone – covered streets, go to my favorite city in my home country – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

  27. Lokal is NOT the best place to taste classic Czech food & beer and the choices shown are pretty much appetizers for beer drinking. Czech normally DON'T make reservations in restaurants, you walk in and find a place to sit BY YOURSELF which usually you will be able to without a reservation.
    Full beer mug of foam is appreciated by some as "milk" and drunk with enthusiasm. American beers are always served "British style" in glasses full of liquid sized 16 oz. so as not to cheat the customer while Cech beer mugs are sized 16.9 oz. (1/2 liter) PLUS extra 1-2 oz. for the foam on top which is THE proper way to enjoy the beer (smell the bouquet & taste the liquid)!

    Otherwise, I am glad the guys share their positive experience with enthusiasm about the great city of Prague! Highly recommend to visit.

  28. aaah prague.. a nice city turned into a shithole full of hipsters and tourist traps.. if you want real prague go out of the city centre and for the real czech republic visit pretty much any other larger or smaller town

  29. Praga, eu? …como eu deixaria de ser?…se tivesse ficado como lá atrás no fracasso e na depressão quando você deu as costas…pra você continuar tendo dó? …daí então eu não seria praga?

    aquele lá já era.

  30. hey guys!! just so you know, I have been in Prague like over 40 times (since I lived in that country back in the day) and STILL you show me something new and it was like a PIVA á maslo tour! thanks for soo many cool videos!!

  31. Guys, just left Prague and wanted to share with you that after trying out the food and beer/wine in Nase Maso I went there every night during my stay, three nights in a row, I just didn't want to go anywhere else for dinner LOL. Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

  32. Very interesting and well done. I would only advise and recommend to replace the formal political title of the state, the Czech Republic, with the one-word geographic name CZECHIA. This is adequate in everyday life, in your video, in sports, etc. etc. Republics and kingdoms are not necessary and, in fact, are out of place in such a context.

  33. I find interesting how the culture of alcoholism is down-played…in reality, no laughing matter at all. Consuming that amount of alcohol is ALWAYS a bad idea that can lead to serious consequences, as we all know.

  34. In Prague you don’t have legalize, drug only decriminalized, so officially you cannot buy it in shops. If you need any advices or questions how to find weed, coke or mdma text on email and I will help you [email protected] or write on Wickr: Praguestuff

  35. Here’s a bit of real Prague. Iv been here and had a wonderful time but I just read a story in the news about some of the cobblestones in the streets of Prague being hewn from Jewish gravestones in the area. A man on his way to work in the 80,s had noticed a fresh pile waiting to be laid that day and noticed Hebrew letters on the side that would obviously be face down, so he took some and still has them today. The mans name is Leo Pavlat and he is the director of the Prague Jewish museum. There needs to be some kind of acknowledgment of this so people know what they are walking on.

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