First Kisses and Last Words (Ep. 13) | Fantasy High

First Kisses and Last Words (Ep. 13) | Fantasy High

– Everything else has frozen in time, Aelwen has just pocketed the palimpsest with Ostentatia Wallace inside it. – There is a matter of great consequence happening upon the roof of this building. – You clamber to the
roof to see your fallen– – I go into a rage. – Ada, you fully just lose it. Your casting Tasha’s
hideous laughter spell wouldn’t work on me in a million. (beeping) (Brennan laughing) – Oops.
(beeping) – Welcome back to Fantasy High. My name is Brennan Lee Mulligan, these are our intrepid heroes. Say, hi, intrepid heroes. – Hi, heroes.
– Hi, intrepid heroes. – I love it more each time. Guys, last we left off you guys we’re on the roof
of Ostentatia Wallace’s house where you still are. Aelwen Abernant is laughing hysterically. And you guys are surrounded
by Hudol students that are stopping here and
flying and spells are going off. Percival Nevelsvine stops and says: My goodness, what absolutely smashing use of Tasha’s hideous laughter.
(Brennan laughing) It looked from what I could see, obviously, time and its movement had been somewhat subjected
to a transmutation effect. But you had rather a terrible conflict. The combat seemed quite gregarious. (beeping)
– Push him off the roof. – Yeah, yeah.
(group laughing) – All right, there’s no need for that. We already trashed these men’s houses. – I think first of all we need to make sure that Aelwen
cannot do any more magic. (Brennan laughing) So, I would like to– – I have a hold person. – A sock and shove it into her mouth. – Cool, we could do that too. – And then tie up her hands in such a way that her fingers are also– – Yeah. – Yeah, let Fabian tie her up. – Isn’t she wearing a little
crop top or something? – So, she is. She has that sort of
shirt tied to midriff. – I’m gonna create a minor illusion to make it look like she
has a little fat bold. To try and make her feel bad– (group laughing) – I’m knocked down on the
ground right now, I think. – Riz–
(beeping) – Oh, my goodness everybody get– – No, no, what were we doing it for? – Riz, in the process of making
some death saving throws– – Nine. – [Brennan] Gets nine hit
points from a healing word. – [Brian] Nice. – Oh, and then another 11. Why not–
– Another 11? Out of 20, great. – You guys see all the
Hudol kids start going like: Well, as per usual a Hudol house party has ended in elemental
chaos and destruction. – Do these cheerleaders
come to your parties a lot and cause trouble? – The young women at our
school hold their own parties that are obfuscated from divination. And they don’t invite us. So, we pay Aelwen Abernant to come and create these elemental cheerleaders so that the party is
not a sausage festival. – Will you–
– Festival. – Say that again but to my parents? – What’s that? – Will you tell that to my parents? – Ooh, can I take out a crystal and record what he’s saying? – Yes, please do. – I take out a crystal and
I say: Just say it again. – As I’ve just previously
stated, myself and my friends are repugnant to those of
the fairer sex in our school. – No, no, no, not insulting yourself. Talk about her sister having parties. Ah, very well. In order for our parties to
not be such a sausage festival we have paid Aelwen Abernant to come here, sell us drugs and liquor and
create elemental cheerleaders that we might kiss upon
the mouth and dance with. – Isn’t that a thing that
is against school rules, the kind of thing that might
get you kicked out of school? – Well, to that I would simply say. (Brennan making explosion sounds) Gone, the Hudol students
start disappearing. – This could’ve been your life, Adaine. – Adaine. – Wait, do we have the
crystal that that girl– – Yeah, can we search Adaine for– – It’s in Adaine’s pocket. In Aelwen’s pocket. – I would like to thaumaturgy myself into some sort of demonic goddess, look Aelwen in the eye and use my whispers of terror
on her to intimidate her. – Go ahead and give me
that intimidate roll. – Do I get, ’cause it’s
whispers of terror, do I get advantage or anything? I don’t even need it.
(Sioshan laughing) I don’t think at least. – I would like to thaumaturgy and be behind her with matching eyes. (group laughing) – I got a 24. – You got a 24?
– Hell yeah. – You see, Aelwen looks
up at you, terrified. She’s been restrained,
she’s been fully defeated. She looks up at her sister
who’s hit her with this spell, looks terrified. – I take one of my nails that’s been filed to look
like those vampire nails ’cause I did that in the time we had. I brush her hair out of her eye and I say: Where do you and your–
(beeping) Party? – They party here. – No, they have a different party. – Have different parties. – You see, Aelwen goes
(Brennan murmuring). – Oh, is right, the sock. We have to take the sock out of her mouth. – Pull the sock out. – She’s gonna cast a spell. – I party here, I get paid to come here as the young student said. This is where I go. – So, you don’t even go to the fun party? What a waste. – You guys hear a noise of a car pulling up into the driveway with magical spiderwebs
hanging from the windows, smashed windows, things are on fire and have been electrocuted
and otherwise destroyed. And you hear a voice say:
Oh, god dang, my house. And you see there is an
unemployed dwarven dad in a sort of jacket going: Oh, god. I couldn’t afford the
insurance this month, oh, no. – Can I use my mending cantrip to mend everything that I can? – You’re like, putting some,
like, shingles one by one back on the exploded– – Can I just do minor illusion to make it look like
it’s better than it is? – I’m so sorry, sir. And I think that you might
want to call the police because I have very bad news, your daughter is unfortunately
trapped in this crystal. And this girl did it. – You see that he says: Thanks, I guess. Oh, god, Ostentatia, my sweetheart! First that dang poison tea. I can’t keep her safe. Maybe I should probably
just put her in Mumple. – Oh, no, no, no. – Don’t do that. She’s, no, she’s– – She’s such a good student.
– She’s so promising. – This is not on you, this is on the world within you inhabit. – Oh, god. He takes the crystal out of
his pocket, dials a number. And within a moment or two you
guys hear sirens approaching. (beeping) – [Brian] Well, let’s ask Aelwen– – [Emily] Yes, Aelwen,
why were you putting– – Why are you putting
girls in the diamonds? – I’m still intimidating
her, whispers of terror. I’m whispering in her ear. – You see she says: This was my first try. – Where did you get the idea to do it? Can I do an inside check?
– Was it Penelope Clearwater? – Sure. – I can’t get lower than
an eight ’cause a my thing. So, I got, like, a 10. – I think–
– Oh, I got a 24. – Great.
– In safe. – You see your sister
looks at you and says: I think you all well know
where I got the idea from. – Was it Johnny Spells? – No, was it Penelope Clearwater? – Coach Daybreak. – [Zac] Penelope Clearwater? – I mean, you really have no idea. – Was it my dad? – Or do we have all of the ideas we need– – Your dad, the harvestman?
– And we’re just waiting for you to come clean so
that we don’t kick your– (beeping) – If you’re going to
kill me, just kill me. – We’re not going to kill you.
– I’m not gonna kill you. – We’re just gonna make you go to Mumple’s which is much worse.
– Yeah. – You can’t make me go Mumple. – I don’t see why not. – You’d fit in perfectly. – Oh, my goodness. You can learn to be an
innkeeper or a shopkeeper or– – Can I say, hey, don’t
you and your jacket have that Mumple school uniform– – Oh, I do.
– In her size? – I have exactly that, yes. – No, no, no, no, no I won’t go! Listen! Look, I can’t tell you. Adaine, go to my room back at the house. I literally can’t tell you. You with your insight check see a look of genuine fear in her eyes. And– – Has somebody cast something on you? – The cops pull up and you
see that your mom gets out with a couple other police. – Cool. Hey, mom. – God
(beeping) Honey! – Sorry. – [Brennan] What’s goin’ on? – Okay, so this girl,
she put another girl, the Ostentatia in a palimpsest. We were trying to stop her
and here we are, we did. – Well, good job. Please stop taking the
law into your own hands. – Yes, ma’am.
(Emily laughing) – You see, she comes up. She escorts you guys down off the roof they get a ladder up there
to help you guys get down. You’re sort of in the front– – I climb down the chimney. – Yeah, I flip off of my own accord. – I jump into the pool. – Go down each flight of stairs. – The ladder’s for that! – I take the ladder–
(group laughing) Thank you, ma’am. – You see she goes, okay,
she looks over at Aelwen. A car pulls up, Anguin
and Elianwyn step out. – Hello, mother, hello, father. – You see that she. – Such warmth.
– Here I am– – Here I am.
(group laughing) – You see that Anguin, your
father steps out and says: I’m so very sorry, there’s
been a misunderstanding. Myself and my children are
covered by diplomatic immunity. Please release my daughter at once. – This is–
(beeping) – Yes, but she’s gonna get
in trouble though isn’t she? She put a girl in a palimpsest. – What kind of– – She came to a party. I’m not allowed to go to, she’s
not allowed to go parties. She said she was going to study. – Well, there’s no way of knowing that she wasn’t here to study Adaine. – She wasn’t. – Is there any proof of that? – Yes, we have a video, we have a video. – [Sioshan] Oh yes. – I play the thing of
the little kid talking. – I don’t know that little human. – Check her room when you get home. – Hey, can I pull Adaine aside? Hey, shouldn’t we steal your parents car and go back to your house
before they get there because they’re definitely gonna
clean up after your sister? – I mean, why don’t we
just get on the bike? I mean, the three of us can
fit on the bike and then– – Yeah, go. You get in a backpack and then– – You guys go, I have one last
way to gather a little intel. – Detective Gukgak is
speaking to Anguin and says: Excuse me, madam, if you would care to. You see and she looks
and says: We’ve met, sir. I was in your home earlier tonight. – I’m so bright red with
embarrassment and anger. – He looks at her and
says: Release my daughter from these handcuffs at once. You see that your mom
gets a look in her eye, like, this goblin look, like,
her pupils slit a little bit. And she says: Well, sir,
your diplomatic immunity obviously comes from your
position as a diplomat and extends to your family. However, diplomatic
immunity can be revoked if any member of that
diplomat’s family feels unsafe in the presence of said individual. – I feel unsafe. – Oh, well, we gotta
take her in for custody. Thank you, young madame. You see that she grabs Elianwyn, jumps up to grab the back of her head and puts it into the cruiser, throws her in the back, slams the door. You see that your father turns
and says: What have you done? A member of this family
in a goblin’s jail cell. – She tried to murder me. – Be that as, you, let her go as once! Unapprehend that young woman! You see that your mom turns
and looks at him and says: Your Eminency, with all
due respect, suck my– (beeping) If you have any problems
you can come downtown or I can ask your daughter
if you make her feel unsafe. – Nice, I’m so glad–
– Your mom is so cool. I just love your mom so much.
– She’s a strong mom, just a strong mom. – [Ally] So, will they have to go down? – You see that she gets into the cruiser, looks at you and says: Home. – Yes, ma’am. – She takes off in the cruiser. – And they’re going back to
the, they’re going to the– – They’re going downtown with her? – Downtown? – The Abernants look like
they’re standing here and discussing things for a moment. – I’m talking about where is– (group talking) I’m talking about Aelwen is gonna be in downtown in the prison? – Yeah.
– Okay. – As she’s loaded into the cruiser, right before the door closes
she looks over at you and goes. – Oh. (group laughing) – Fabian we need to go. – Sorry, yes, on my motorbike, let’s go. – It’s not okay. – What’s not okay? – Are we all getting on your moto– – Wait, we can’t all get on the motorbike. – But then I’ll take– – It’s okay–
– I’ll stay. – I think I should go down. I wanna go, I would like to do something at the police office. – Right, I’ll take Adaine
and Riz, The Ball and– – Do you wanna, we can go– – Yeah. – The three of you can
go to the police office. – [Lou] Okay, great. – Those who go to the Abernant home, you arrive there ostensibly
a few, like a minute or two before your parents are gonna head home. What do you guys do when you arrive there? – Go straight to Aelwen’s room. – You go to Aelwen’s room. Anyone who’s here make
an investigate check. – This is what I’m supposed to do. – It’s time, private eye Fabian. – 24. – Nat.
– Nat 20. – [Brennan] Nat 20 and a 24. – 12! – Riz, Riz you discover
tons and tons of drugs, money hidden under the bed. There’s like handcuffs. You see there’s a couple of loaded guns. – Oh, my god.
– Whoa! – Ah, you carry one. – Can I take those handcuffs? (group laughing) – [Brennan] You absolutely
may take those handcuffs – I don’t even know you anymore– – I hide them from Fabian. It’s weird, nothing sexual found here. – You guys, what you find is in the books. You find inside of Aelwen’s spell books, the spell you saw before, modify memory. You see another spell, conjure elemental. You see another spell that it looks like Aelwen has researched and crafted herself with your notes on the margins of it, things that she’s copied
from your divination books. The spell has a very disturbing name. It is called: Detect maiden. – Ew.
– Detect maiden? So, she can tell people are virgins. Ew, ugh. – It’s not so bad to be a virgin. – No, I know but why do you wanna know? – [Brian] Why would you detect them? – No one who’s detecting
maidens is a maiden, by the way. – You’re not here. – Ooh, ugh, you’re right. I shut the–
(beeping) Up.
(group laughing) – I had a crazy dream where
my babysitter who is missing said that her time was running up. So, I think this is all, this is all bad. – All right, well, I mean, is there anything else to collect. I mean, otherwise we can– – Yeah, what– – Riz, you also find
that little runic thing around the ship in the closet that Adaine found earlier, The Harpy.
– Yeah. – Do you know anything about
these little runes or anything? – I don’t, can I cast detect magic on it? Oh, can I cast identify on it? – Ah, yes. An effigy used in the casting of long range evocation spells. This storm summoning sigil uses a carving of the object meant to be ensorceled that has been made to look as though it is the larger object. The wood used in this
rendering of The Harpy was taken from the actual Harpy itself, making the spell almost
impossible to avoid. Notice the runes around the
outside of the evocation spell also include an element of illusion magic to hide the spell from powerful diviners such as prophets and oracles. – Oracles? How, is there a timing on it? Does it say when the spell
is gonna hit The Harpy? – It appears it already has. The date in question,
September 1st of last year. This has been another use
of the identifier spell. – [Lou] I mean. – But the ship that went
down wasn’t The Harpy it was The Cerulean. Unless there was some
sort of trickery involved which I guess is also, a lot of stuff that’s
happening is trickery. – Do you know anything about The Harpy? – Do I have any ship knowledge? – You know who does. – All right, well, my father would. – Well, I mean, let’s get
back on the bike before– – All right, fantastic. We’ll head to my house and
I’ll text the rest of the group that that’s where we’re headed. – Roll to see if something
good or bad happens. Okay. – Can we take pictures
or anything of this– – You can snag it all
on your phone, no sweat. – [Group] Great. – You guys walk out the front door to your two parents
coming up the garden path. – I’m gonna hide. Let’s go out the back. You got a back door? – You see your father says: It was a very brilliant
move at that house, Adaine. A diplomat’s child cannot
be taken into custody. It is an insult to the Nation of Fallinel. There will be consequences for
this, drastic consequences. Your foolishness, taking Aelwen. She is your sister. – You have treated me like
a second class citizen in this house for as long as I remember. She has been treated like
some sort of golden child. And she is no better than me. And, in fact, is in many ways worse. She’s putting children in crystals. She has a spell called:
Detect maiden, that’s creepy. – I understand that sisters are jealous. But maybe if you applied yourself to your studies a little more. – I cast invisibility on myself. – Your father looks around. She’s teleported away, that’s fine. And he walks up the garden path. Your–
– Goodbye. – Your mother stays. I don’t know if you’re still here. Your father was never very
good at recognizing spells. He’s not a very talented practical caster. I believe you and I’m very sorry. And you see a little tear
forms in your mom’s eye. And she walks into the house. (group laughing) – Great, well, with that we should be off. – Oh, by the way I’m still here. – Oh, okay good because
your mom just stared out, instead of saying it to us to like relay she just stared off into the abyss. – I was like, we were the only
ones who were there for that. – At first I was like:
Is she talking to me, is she talking to Fabian? – Exactly. – She’s talking to, okay, great, cool. – Cool.
– Let’s go. – All right, yes. – You guys head out. The other three, you’re
still at the crime scene, Kristen, right? Or? – I went with them to the– – Yeah. – You three went to the precinct. Cool, you guys arrive in the precinct. – I–
– What are we doing? – Disguise myself as Penelope Everpetal. – [Brennan] Cool. – I cast disguise self
as Penelope Everpetal and I want to try to talk to Aelwen. – Aelwen. Cool. Do you walk into the precinct
looking like Penelope? – No, I walk in looking like Fig. Well, I’m looking. Like, if she’s gonna
be there, if I see her I’m gonna go back and then
come back in as Penelope. But I might just wait ’til right before I go in to meet with her. – You take a look in. You don’t see an obvious cell
where Aelwen is being kept. You could try to make an
investigate check to find her but that would involve you
going in to the precinct. – Okay, I’ll just become
Penelope Everpetal. I’m Penelope Everpetal. – But isn’t she missing? Aren’t people gonna freak out? – I thought–
– Penelope’s not missing. Penelope’s in– – Penelope was at her house earlier today. – Gotcha, nevermind. – So, I go in. – You walk in as Penelope. – Hi, I like heard that, I
heard that Alewen was here. Can I speak with Aelwen? – You see there’s a sort of
thick necked half-orc guy in kind of a highway cop
getup, looks at you and says: Aelwen Abernant? – Yeah. – Yeah, she’s not accepting
visitors right now. – She would be if she knew it was me. – Can I make a insight check on this guy? – [Brennan] Sure. – Oh.
– Is he my dad? (group laughing) – You look at this dude,
half-orc, right age, every possibility that
this guy could be your dad. It would be so simple for
this guy to be your dad. And you see that he looks
over at him, looks over at you and he has a weird
familiarity in his eyes. He goes: Gorgug? – Oh, my god.
– Yeah. I’m Gorgug. – Oh my god. – [Zac] Who are you? – You’re that freaky kid
who steals backpacks. (group laughing) – I think there’s been,
some wires got crossed. – Get a Nat 20 and then got dunked on. (group laughing) – I don’t steal backpacks. It’s sort of this, my
friend was being funny. (Lou laughing) – You don’t think this guy’s your dad. Bummer. But you do notice that he
seems generally just like as antagonistic and
kind of not into helping as these guys generally are. – I think you’re gonna
wanna talk to Aelwen and if you need I could bring
Mr. Everpetal down here. – Go ahead and make an intimidate check. – It’s gonna be another 24. – 24.
– Yeah. – You see he goes– – [Emily] I tap my fingers on– – Rich girl, all right. You see that he gets up,
says: Come on with me. – Okay. – He leads you into this
room where you see Aelwen is all done up in, you know, chains. She’s sitting on a bench
in a little jail cell. It’s like a general holding thing. You see the cop walks you back and then just sort of stands there. – Like, what happened? – She looks up at you. Make a deception check. – I have advantage, right? Because I’m an actor. – You do.
– I have the actor (feet). Well, that’s gonna be a 29 or a– – How do you roll so well? – Or a 26. I have plus 11 to deception. – Yeah, wow. – [Ally] That’s crazy. – And advantage on it. – You see, she looks up at you and says: My little sister and
her friends caught me. – Did you get her? Where is she? Where’s the crystal? – She looks at the cop standing
right next to you and says: The evidence locker, I imagine. – They caught you? – Yes. – He is not gonna be happy. – I know. – What are you gonna tell him? – I don’t imagine I’ll be saying
much of anything to anyone. – Do you want me to go to talk to him? – Yes, I think you should. – Okay. (Brian laughing) (beeping) My crystal’s actually dead. Do you know where he lives? My crystal–
(beeping) Because I’ve been running around all night trying to find you. – I don’t, my crystal’s not, I don’t have anything on me anymore. – But I’m saying where is he tonight? – You know that I don’t know. – How did he get in touch with you? – You got in touch with me. – Cool. I need to use the bathroom, sorry. (group laughing) – The cop says: Okay. And lets you go use the women’s restroom. – Okay, I climb out the window
of the women’s restroom. And then knock on the front door to tell you guys. – What?
– To come out. – Why are you outside?
– Is that Fig? Okay, yeah, let’s go. – You’re knocking on the front
door of the police station. – Yeah. We run out. What happened? – Penelope Everpetal–
– Let’s, keep going. – Okay, we start walking. Penelope Everpetal put her up to it. – Okay.
– Penelope? – Yeah. – Okay, so let’s go get– – Yeah, let’s go rendezvous. – Her?
– With the other people and just consolidate intel. – Hey, what do we call
our group, by the way? – The Dads.
– The Dads? – I don’t think that fits at all. – The Daddyless Daughters.
– Group with Daddy Issues. – Anyways, let’s all meet back up. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, they texted– – So, I think we probably
text you guys that we’re going out– – [Ally] So we all meet at the Seacaster? – [Brennan] You guys
meet at Seacaster Manor. – Guys–
– Can I ask you a question? – Yeah. – About the thing that
you saw with the runes. Do you think that’s the thing
actually casting the spell on whatever the ship is? Like, what would happen if you broke that? – The Harpy? But it already happened. – The spell was cast on
September 1st of last year. – But isn’t it keeping something hidden? – No, as far as the identifier
fellow, he explained, it kept anyone from knowing
that the spell was being cast or that it had been cast. – Can I do insight to check on that? – Yeah, you can make an insight check. Actually make a perception check. – [Sioshan] Can you do
detect good and evil on it? – 11. – You look at it, it seems
like a piece of arcane magic that is not really either good or evil. It seems like it was a
powerful storm evocation that sunk a ship. – So, it doesn’t feel like
it’s still continuing? – No, it looks like it was a– – Why would she hang on to it, right? – Can I call for my papa? – You get to Seacaster Manor. You see that your father
is in the drawing room with this banker guy again. You see this guy, Mr Hughes is in there, they each have like a glass of brandy. Your father looks at you and says: Ah, young Fabian, my boy, my darling boy. – Good to see you. – Oh, you and your young friends here, you seem to have some battle scars on ya. – Yes, papa, another one well fought. (guys laughing) – That’s what I like to hear. Now, young reedy Mr. Hughes here would know nothing of battle would you? You see the banker goes: No, I would not. – Well, it is fine Mr. Hughes, everyone has their lot in life. Papa do you know of a ship known as– – Oh, wait, hold on.
– Oh, ugh, maybe we could– – Can we talk over here?
– Yeah. – Do you mind if we talk
over here for a second? – I’m gonna chat with Mr. Hughes. – Cool.
– Wait, guy. – Just to get a vibe from. You guys can go. I don’t have anything–
– Oh, maybe, yeah– In particular to say.
– We probably shouldn’t– – I just wanna learn him.
– Mention all this stuff in front of the bank guy. – Oh, I was just going
to ask about The Harpy. – No, don’t, ssh.
– I just feel like the, are we out of– – Sure, you’re out of earshot, yeah. – I don’t know what that guy’s deal is because remember there’s weird
stuff going on with the bank. – Yeah, the bank might be the epicenter. – We don’t know which bank he’s from. – Maybe we just don’t have a conversation in front of him.
– Yeah. – Well, young lady, I represent KVX Bank. We’re based out of Bastion City. – Is that the bank that
doesn’t have free lollipops? – We have a policy about
not handing out sweets or pens to people. – Oh, okay, cool. You work out a like an office? – I work out of a skyscraper, the financial headquarters
down in Bastion City. – I’m bored.
– Oh, wow. – Right? All right, what are you gonna do tonight? – Bill Seacaster looks
over at you and says: Young lady, why are you bored? – Oh, no, I was just kidding. – He says: Don’t you know
that me and this fella here are in the same line of work? – No way. – That we are, we’re both thieves. – I thought you were a privateer, sir. – What?
– A privateer? – Privateer. Who said I was a privateer? – But papa– – Who put those words,
I young lady am a pirate through and through. – Papa, sometimes when in mixed company I’ll describe your chosen
profession as a privateer, that you might come off
as more of a gentleman, that, you know? – More of a gentleman? – In mixed company it’s just, I’m not, sometimes the word pirate
can be construed as a, you know, something negative. – Fabian made out with a hot girl tonight. Trying to help, sorry. Trying to help. – So did I but she wasn’t real. – I’m going to table how proud
I am of you for making out for a moment.
– Sorry, I tried. – Are you ashamed of me boy? – I could never be ashamed of you papa. – Then why not say what I am? – I mean– – Does this man shame you? You see he draws his rapier and holds it to the banker’s
throat who just stops. Does this man shame you? Would it bring shame to any of you to have this man as your father? Because let me tell you something, what this man is, I am but more honest. You ever take someone’s home
away from them, Mr Hughes? So, he goes: We occasionally
foreclose on a property. Aye, I’ve robbed many things in this world but never someone’s dwelling place. I am the courageous version of this man and every man like him. – I mean, I certainly think
that you’re better than my dad. – My dad too. – I have two dads and they’re both great. (group laughing) – You see he looks at you and says: You and I were raised very differently and I’m realizing that now. There’s no shame in being who you are. I’m a pirate, lad. And I’m sorry that that gave you pause and felt like something
you had to conceal. And he sheathes the sword. – I’d like to just adjourn
to my room for a second. – I am so sorry I got you in trouble– – Does Mr. Hughes have
a briefcase or anything? – He does. Bill Seacaster goes to walk away. You see Mr. Hughes says: I’d better be. And Bill Seacaster kicks
him right in the head, kicks him out of his chair, gets on a rope and swings, sadly off into a crow’s nest. I’m going to be going, I’ve
been kicked in the head by one of my– – Can I make a insight check on him? – [Brennan] Sure. – Yeah, I would like to do that too. – All right, I got– – I’m just memorizing what he’s wearing. – I’d like to pretend to be like helping him get up and stuff but try to swipe anything
I can out of his– – Give me a stealth check
and a sleight of hand. – [Sioshan] Nice. – I’ll also, I’ll just play some music to try and distract him. What’s your favorite song, Mr. Hughes? – Not now.
– Stealth. 19, sleight of hand. So good, 21. – What do you wanna grab for? He’s got his wallet, business card. – Let me grab for his,
just somethin’ quick. – You grab a card out of his coat. Fabian, do you head off to your room? – Mm hm.
– Mm hm. You guys see Fabian walks
off into Seacaster Manor. – So we should probably leave, right? ‘Cause we’re just in someone’s house– – Maybe we should just
go to Fabian’s room– – We should go to Fabian’s room. – And just talk to Fabian. – We need to get this information. – Let’s just try to cheer him up. – Let’s just go to Fabian’s room. – All right. – We’d like to go up to Fabian’s room. – The card you get says:
Alston Hughes, KVX Bank. You see that the KVX
is this little slanted red logo, KVX Bank. There’s a, his crystal number on it. The location’s an office
down in Bastion City. The department that he is a
part of is special investments. – Can I do an arcana check on the logo? – Give me an arcana check on the logo. – I like that that’s a sassy move. – Seven. 14.
– 14. – KVX, like Roman numerals, like, V. What is V, 50? – No, VX is five and then 10. But it’s not how you would– – Doesn’t it minus if
it’s on the left side? – Yeah.
– Oh. – No, but if you, I mean,
10 minus five is just five. So, it would just be five. So, it’s not Roman numerals.
– Right. – You guys head over to Fabian’s room. You guys haven’t been to Fabian’s room. Fabian, what’s your room look like? – It’s like, very like, cool. It’s like, there’s not
like a ton going on. Like the floor is like clean as hell. The bed is absolutely massive. And then there’s just a massive picture of my father over my bed. And then like a bunch of heirlooms and like different trophies that he’d won or that I especially liked
all over and hung up. And I think I’m just
like, on my side in my bed like looking away like out
the window, very, very sad. – I am so sorry I got you in trouble. – Everything’s fine. – But also, like, you
made out with my sister. – Have some gnomish whiskey. – What?
– Have some gnomish whiskey. – Fine.
(Lou puking) God! Oh, that’s disgusting, oh, my god. – I stole it from the hospital. (Lou coughing) – Do you have any of the elvish wine left? – Yeah, fine elvish wine, yeah. – I think I would like– – I have a flask for each.
– To have a drink. – I’ll try some alcohol. – Should we all just get drunk right now? – I guess, is it the mood? – I’m not gonna get drunk. – Why do have, could I try some of it? – This tastes crazy.
– I’ve got fine elvish wine. Dwarven vodka and gnomish whiskey. – I’ll have some of the elvish wine. – When we do like wine and bread at church they always use grape juice. I’ve never had actual wine before. – Go to town, girl.
– This is crazy. – You see that Cathilda,
the halfling maid walks in with a bunch of shot glasses. All right, children, well, hello there. And would you like something to drink? – How did she know?
– I guess I’ll do a shot. – I believe that we have a little bit of tequila here if you’d like and there’s a little,
I can cut some limes– – You have a tray of tequila? – Little tray of tequila
for the master’s son. – Please and Cathilda, could
you make my favorite snack? – Of course I can. You see that she takes a
little tin, unwinds it, little thing of kippers
right in front of you. – Thank you.
(Emily laughing) – And any snacks for the rest of you? – I’ve only seen this on movies. Keep ’em comin’. – Yeah, I’ll take some snacks. – Am I allowed to smoke in here? – Of course.
– Okay, cool. – I’m good on snacks, I
think I’m not gonna eat. How crazy that we were at a party and we’re just now partying. – Hey, Cathilda.
– Yes. – I wink, I gave her a
little Bardic Inspiration. – And thank you very
much, I appreciate that. – Cathilda, would you leave us? – I’ll do that right now. – Thank you so much, Cathilda. – [Group] Thank you. – Oh, and right and you’re welcome. She walks away. – I’d like to lock the door. – [Brennan] Mm hm. – I don’t wanna be this guy
while we’re having a party but Fabian we should, why
do you think your dad’s talkin’ to this bank guy? – I don’t know, all right. My father’s in all sorts of business. He’s stupid wealthy. I know none of you have wealthy parents– – I have wealthy parents. – You have wealthy parents. But you know what it’s like, our parents are involved
in all number of things that I have no idea about. – That’s terrible. – Special investments, is what that guy– – Should we go to Bastion City? Road trip. – Or we can just maybe borrow
Bill Seacaster’s cell phone and text this number. – Or we can maybe look up what
special investments means. – Yeah, can we see– – I think I’m still kinda hurt. – I am still kind of hurt as well.
– I am hurt too. – And I don’t have any spells left. – Should we, do you have
like a dope computer? – Of course. I’ve got multiple dope computers. I mean, what do you want? I’ve literally bought
anything I ever wanted. – A whole wall lights up. Avast! Hello, Fabian. – Good to see you computer. My friend was hoping to use you. – Oh wow! – Hi. – Hardy, har, har, har. Lower the main sail. – Ah, ahoy. – Please don’t talk to
my computer like that. – Yes, I’m sorry, so sorry. Sorry, I’ve never spoken to
a computer like this before. Can you do a fantasy Google
check on KVX Investments, KVX Bank, special investments. ♪ 16 men on a dead man chin ♪ – Oh my god. – You go to KVX’s homepage. It’s a large, private bank. – Do they have, like, a mission statement on their website or something? – Ooh yeah, let’s get into the depths. Let’s get into the about page. – You go to the about section. Who ever thought a game, I’m teasing. Who would ever get to
looking at the about section of a bank’s website? – Is there an FAQs on this website? – Can we haack into the actual– – Yeah, is there a profile of this specific banker who was here, like, his–
– Oh, yeah. – Picture and all that? – Alston Hughes. – You find Alston Hughes. It has a little thing for him, says, head of special investments, helping the bank make specific
individual investments to further the dynamic mission
statement of this bank. – Is there a Reddit equivalent where people can talk about–
Oh, yeah. – Conspiracy theories? – Hold on, computer pause. What exactly are we looking for? I mean, I’m unclear as to the information that we are hoping to acquire. – Well, we know, here’s what we know. We know that Penelope
Everpetal is involved somehow. – Yes.
– Yeah – We know that she is the reason that Aelwen did what she did tonight. We also know that bank is shady as hell. – We have one maybe thing
and one very clear thing. – Do we know what Penelope
Everpetal’s parents do? I don’t know anything about her except that she wants to be- – She always hangs out with Dane, right? – Computer, please fantasy
Google search Everpetal. – Dead men tell no tales.
(Brennan singing a jig) You see there’s a little
social media profile. Penelope Everpetal,
she’s got a little filter that has like a crown on her head and she’s kissing Dane. And there’s another thing of
her on a trip to High Court. And a thing of her on a trip to Fallinel, trip to Kalembrimor. Also she’s sort of making
the same face in each one. – She takes a lot of vacations. – There’s another one of her, a young one with her and
Sam Nightingale on it. – That’s one of the missing girls. – Who are her, we knew
that Sam Nightingale– – Go ahead and give me
an investigate check. – We wanna find out who her
parents are and why she’s rich. – 27.
– 27? You dip into these, you go
not through her tagged photos but you find a way going
through like a mutual friend and dipping through to get
to one of her photo albums which says, like, old photos that she’s untagged herself from, they’re these little sort of
best friend forever photos of her and Penny Luxstone. Her and Katya Cleaver, her
and Danielle Barkstock, her and Antiope Jones,
her and Sam Nightingale, her and Ostentatia Wallace. You see one posted earlier
today of her and Zelda Donovan. – Zelda!
– Zelda! – Wait, what? – Your girlfriend.
– Your girl. – Oh, sure, we’re not dating but– – He does not have a girlfriend. – He has more of a girlfriend
than you do, Fabian. – All of these girls are missing and then there’s a picture of Zelda. So, Zelda’s in danger.
– Yeah, Zelda’s next. – Do you know where Zelda lives, since she’s your girlfriend? – Did you ever get a number from her?
– She’s not my girlfriend, guys.
– Did you get a number from your girlfriend? – I didn’t get a girlfriend. – You didn’t get a girlfriend. – [Zac] I didn’t get her number. – Okay, so, we think that
Penelope’s a bad guy, right? – Oh, she’s definitely bad.
– And we know that she’s a bad guy. But what do we know that’s
going on in the world? I took notes about what
we had in the past. – Okay, let’s see. – We had, you had the stuff
that you told us about which is Kalvaxis was the
main bad guy in the Red Waste and he owned the, was in
charge, he was using as pawns the Nightmare King and the Necronomicon. And then there was a big showdown and then Alexandria defeated
him and disbanded the monarchy. – So, what does that have to do– – ‘Cause we know that Coach Daybreak– – Wait, what is Kalvaxis? – He was the bad guy.
– Was the demon guy. – Was the demon guy who the knight– – Kalvaxis? – Kalvaxis was like– – Oh, KVX! – Oh!
– Okay. So– – Like, the bank.
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– Yes. (beeping) – Riz, there’s something
I need to tell you. – What’s up? – I know something about your dad. – He worked for the state department. He was like a, had like
a disease and he died. – No, he died on the ship that sank. He was in the secret service and he died in the ships that sank. – Your dad died on September 1st? – No, your dad died five years ago. – So, he died in a
different ship that sank? – My dad died in a ship that sank? – Wait a second, sinking
ships throughout history has been used to start wars. – You’re right. Who were they trying to start a war with? – Coach Daybreak was probably
trying to start a war when he did the perditional
controdoxy thing because that’s technically– – Right, breaking down barriers
between the two worlds, the two countries, Spyre and High Court because High Court is a
religious country, right? It’s, it’s kyriarchy. It’s run by the church.
– Yeah. – Maybe we don’t have all the answers. – I don’t think that we do. – I don’t think that we do
but I feel like we’re closer. – But KVX, yeah, I think
that’s the biggest thing. – Is Kalvaxis, I mean, if
he’s some kind of demon that means that he’s immortal, right? – Can you ask your dad–
Can you kill a demon? – About Kalvaxis? – Yeah, can I text my dad? – Sure.
– Can I text Gorthalax? Can I FaceTime him, actually? – The FaceTime doesn’t go
through but you can text him. – I have an idea, too. Maybe Gorgug, you could
try to find Zelda’s online profile.
– Can I use your computer? – And start texting with her and see if– – Yeah, can you text Zelda? – Just be suave, just like woo her. – Can you you guys kinda help me out?
– Ask her to meet you. – Okay.
– Tonight. – Tonight? We should, all right. You guys, mind if I use your computer? – Your crystal won’t do? (Emily laughing)
– Wow! – All right, you’re right. I can pull out my crystal. – Let him use your computer, man. – Let him use your computer. – No, nobody just gets to
use my computer because– – You have a–
– There’s a bunch of porn on there.
– Texting device. – No, there’s not a
bunch of porn on there! – There’s a bunch of porn. – There’s not a bunch of porn on there! – We don’t have to look at your porn. You’re right.
– There’s so much porn. – I search porn. – Yo ho ho accessing pornography. – Stop! Stop! Stop, pause! Pause! Everyone look away, look away! Do not, do not! Computer, pause! Computer, I’m not into this! Stop! This is my father’s stuff. – Privatear me a new one, wow– – There’s no need for puns, all right. – Wow. You guys, this is a wild night for me. – Your dad is looking at
porn on your computer? – Well, it’s a, it’s a central hub or something, I don’t– – I’ll try to find Zelda on my crystal. – After that. – You find Zelda on your crystal. There’s the little add friend button. Her profile photo is a black and white, like filter blurry ink
rendering of just like an eye and a piece of her hair coming down. – She’s really artistic.
– So, cool. Such a cool picture. – You have to, don’t let Fabian talk yet. Add friend. – Don’t take dating advice from Fabian. – Okay, I added her. – Okay and then send a
message too, just to like– – Yeah.
– Or will it go into her spam? – You need to chat her. – I have to wait for her to
accept my friend request, right? – You see that the request is confirmed. And then you are immediately unfriended. And then a friend
request comes in for you. And that friend request is deleted. – [Zac] What? – And the friend request comes back. And then deleted. And then the friend request comes back. – Can I do an insight check if she’s just having like a panic attack or if someone else is controlling it? It’s not gonna be the best. It’s gonna be a 10. No, sorry, 11. – I got 18.
– 18. She’s freaking out. – Oh, cute.
– Oh. – Just send her a message that says: Hey–
– Message saying: I don’t wanna freak you out. – Hey. What? – That’s it.
– Just hey? – Tell her you just got a tattoo. – I didn’t get, do I have
to go get a tattoo now? – We need to meet up with her. – Don’t listen to Fabian. – Hey, what’s up?
– Do you wanna see some art? Ask her to go and see some art. – I don’t know– – It’s nighttime though. – I can’t believe I just found
out my dad sank in a ship and we’re helping him flirt right now. – Take some gnomish vodka
and shut up, all right? – I will play your favorite sad song. – I say: What’s up? How’s your semester going? – What?
– That’s so bad. – Tell her you got a tattoo. – She’s actually in danger right now. Say that you need to meet up. – You need to meet up.
– Okay. – Don’t say you need to meet up. – But, all right. – Yeah, that’s thirsty. Don’t say you need to meet up. Say you would like to meet up. – This isn’t a date. – Tell her the tattoo got infected. – She doesn’t even know I have a tattoo. – What does the message say to her? – I say: Hey, what’s up? – And then, my tattoo got
infected, to whatever this is. – Hey what’s up? How’s your semester? We need to meet up. – We would like. – We would like to meet up. – We?
– We? – No, that’s weird.
– You, you, you, you, you. – Hey, how’s your semester? I think you might be in trouble, LOL. – No, no, no, no. – No, keep that LOL in that. Be casual, be casual. – You get a response back that says: Not much, you? Asterisk, good, not, not much,
asterisks, not, not much. I didn’t mean to type not much. I meant to say: Good, my
semester’s going good. – What does that mean? – Just tell her you need
to meet up right now. – She says: I’m in
trouble L-O-L, like how? Do you… L-O-L… what? – Oh my god, she thinks that you’re, like, being flirty with her. – Okay say: Let’s meet up tonight. I now this sounds crazy but where are you? – What if we just went
to like get ice cream? – Just say that you wanna– – Invite her, invite her– – [Sioshan] Yes, invite her to ice cream. – Hey, do you wanna get ice cream tonight? I now that’s wild.
– L-O-L. – LOL.
– LOL. There seems to be a thing between them. I’m sorry, I’m emotionally distraught. – Uh huh, yes. – There’s a long pause, like
about a two minute pause. – Maybe she’s like– – Maybe they got her. – Oh no, don’t say that. – All because you couldn’t nut up and tell her that you got a tattoo. – You get a message back from her saying: So sorry, I dropped my
phone in the toilet, I’m on my computer now. – Okay. – She says: L-O-L, forget
about the toilet thing, that didn’t happen,
something else happened. I took a pause in the conversation
for a different reason, not the toilet. Forget about the toilet thing I said. – You cannot date this person, Gorgug. – You absolutely have to date this person. – Who else is he gonna date? – Invite her to ice cream and say you’re, say we’re gonna pick her
up and go to ice cream. And then you two hop on the bike and you pick her up on the bike. – She says: On my way to
Basrar’s right now, L-O-L. Hope that you like banana
sundaes because I also like them and then that would be a
thing we had in common. – That’d be a good for me to. – Let’s rush over there.
– A good for you too? – That would be a good thing for me too, to eat a banana split. I guess I like them too. – I guess? Commit, man!
– I got it. All right, all right. – Cool, let’s go to the ice cream shop. – [Emily] How are you doing, Riz? – Why are the ships five years apart? Why was my dad on the one ship– – Did your dad die on September
1st is what I’m asking. – No, he died five years ago. – But I’m saying was it five
years ago on September 1st? – Did my dad die on
September 1st five years ago? – He actually died on that first Saturday after September 1st if you remember. He died a couple days later
in a September five years ago. – But maybe so, maybe
it’s like a weekday thing. It’s like a, the first Sunday
in September type thing or lunar calender or– – Is like a prophetic time for– – Let’s talk on the way. – Yeah, let’s talk on the way. – Let’s talk on the way. Can I text Gorthalax and say: Hey pops, what do you know about– – Maybe have him join us at ice cream.
– Kalvaxis? – Kalvaxis. – Oh, I could say, hey pops, first off, we’re going to Basrar’s, I
know you got that sweet tooth. If not, what do you know about Kalvaxis? – Cool. You guys head off to Basrar’s. You don’t get an immediate
response from your dad. Did you guys wanna do anything before you left Seacaster Manor? – Can do I better job of
hiding my pornography? – While he’s having his pornography I kinda wanna whisper to these guys: Hey guys, isn’t there something with like how doing something through that gate might not bring about the apocalypse but might bring back the
monarchy or something? – That’s what I’m thinking. – Like a captain– – You know who wanted
a monarchy is Penelope. – Yeah, that’s.
– Yeah. – Yeah. – The prom king and queen?
– Mm hm. – Jesus Christ, that’s nuts. – You think she wants to be, like, eternal prom king and queen? – Eternal prom king and queen. – They wanna be, her and
Zane wanna be king and queen of the entire land. – There’s no way that they
could ever reach that level of– – Wait, if someone is
trying to bring the– – What do Zane’s parents do? (group talking) How does font of inspiration work because I’d like to heal
us all while we’re– (Brian laughing)
– Yes. You guys head off, you can
do your short rest stuff if you want to. You guys go to Basrar’s. – It’s like five D6s. – But I’m supposed to give an extra D6– – Actually, I’m gonna say you
guys are all back in full. You guys are all back in full. – What about spell? – We’re not.
– What about spells? – Spells are not. It’s like getting late and it’s about like 11 o’clock at night. You guys go into Basrar’s. Soda fountain’s all set
up, it’s lovely here. Pretty empty, it’s getting late at night. In a little booth that’s
just one of those booths that’s like small like in
the middle of the thing. You see Zelda is seated. She’s got a little green hoodie that has a little like black silhouette of like a fairy sylvan creature on it. Her hair’s kinda hanging
down in front of her face. You see that she’s got little
earbuds in and is sitting. You see that she has a
little rose in her hand, a little flower. – I put on that leather
jacket I’ve been carrying this whole time. – Gorgug, can we just pop
in with Gorgug really quick? Like, hey, make sure you
ask how she knows Penny, how that goes back. Maybe try to find out if anyone’s done anything weirder lately. Like, you got this but–
– She’s not your dad. – Just don’t get sidetracked. – You’re a good guy. You’re a catch, okay? – Yeah, you are. Yeah.
– Thank you. Okay.
– You’re good. – Can I use like a little minor illusion to like gel his hair in a nice way? – Your hair kind of pops
back and immediately it falls back in front of your face. – It looks great, it looks really great. – It looks intentionally worked. – I gotta do it. All right, I gotta go over there. – You go sit down. Are you guys making anything to hide? – We’ll just be in, like,
a couple booths over. – No, we gotta hide,
he’ll feel embarrassed. – We’ll be on the other
side in the corner. Do you wanna just wait outside? Do you guys just wanna
wait in the parking lot? – I’m gonna get a root beer float– – I’m gonna get the sundae, I mean, hello. – I would like to as we’re doing this look up a little check
on the lunar calendars of when the first and second ships sank to see if there’s any sort
of significance there. – Cool. As you look it up going
back through your notes you realize that what Sklonda was saying was not that Riz’s dad
had died in a shipwreck. You’re like going back
over what you’ve written, it all happened very quickly. – Right, yeah. – But that he had died on a mission and you realize that her
wording makes it unclear if the mission was on the ship as though he was physically on the ship or if his mission was on
the topic of the ship. So, you just assumed ’cause you’d seen that little
ship in your sister’s room. But suddenly you realize that it might be even more complicated than that. – Riz, I might have made a mistake. It might not be that
it’s he was on the ship, that maybe he was investigating the ship. – Interesting, I wonder
if I should talk to my mom and see if she’ll. – I mean it’s, hmm, it’s
weird that she hasn’t told you already, so maybe. – Yeah, I am fourteen. But now that I’m a renegade
detective maybe she’ll tell me. – You see that Gorgug goes
and stands over there. Zelda looks immediately terrified. You see that she’s
noticed your friends here and she’s just like wincing ahead of time. She looks up and goes: Are your friends here like
as like a prank or something? – No, no. Oh, they’re just, they were like, when they heard that I
was getting ice cream and wanted ice cream too. So, they’re just, it’s good to see you. – Oh, cool. Yeah, my friends they all peaced out. They didn’t want, they were all like: We all live in different
homes we have to go home. – Right, all my friends live
in different homes, too. – I message him: Tell her she looks nice. – You, I look at my, you look nice. – Are you bored? – No, no, no.
– What did you say? – I said: You look nice. – Go ahead and make a persuasion roll. – I wink at him.
– Wink at him, cool. With Bardic Inspiration. – My last Bardic. – This is actually just a
charisma check, a charisma check. – Gorgug’s charismatic, right? – Wait, do I get– – You add a D6.
– You get to add an extra D6. – Flat five. – Flat five.
– What? – She looks at you and goes: Oh. – I’m sorry, I’m nervous. – It’s cool, I’m nervous too. Your friends are popular and loud. – Yeah, they’re really loud. – I take out a violin bow
and start playing my–. (group laughing) – Sometimes I feel like they’re
just so loud all the time. And I would just love to be quiet. – Yeah, I get that. My family’s super loud too. And I’m like the least loud one. – That’s me, too. I like to be quiet. Do you want some ice cream? Should I get some ice cream? – Yeah, Basrar comes over,
ah, hello to the young couple. Congratulations on, what is
this, some sort of anniversary? I notice you have a flower. – Oh, yeah. – You see Zelda looks and she goes: I actually just, I.
(Brennan chewing) And just eats the whole
rose thorns and all. – Oh. – The Ball did you see that? Did the girl just eat the flower? – Yeah sometimes people eat flowers. – I’m part gullet, so, I
can eat super anything. – Do you want more flowers? – No, do you want some? – Can we get a sundae
with some flowers on it? – I can only do ice cream is the thing. So, I can do, like, a flower flavor. – Okay. – But I can’t do my very
specific wishes, okay? – I get it.
– Okay. – Yeah, whatever. Does flower flavor sounds good to you? – Flower is okay. Do you wish to use your
wish for ice cream later or is someone going to pay. Zelda says: I can, I’ll pay. – I got it, I got it. I can, I’ll pay. It was my idea, so, yeah. – Okay. You pay for the ice cream. It comes out to be one gold piece. You see that Zelda looks over at you. Yeah, my family all worship
the god of wine and ectasy. – Oh, cool. – I’m training to be a battle dancer. – A battle dancer? – Yeah, sort of my ancestors
would go wild in the hills and forests and they would drink wine and they would experience a deep ecstasy and they would rend men limb
from limbs with their hands. – So cool. – Really? Some people think it
makes you like a freak. – Oh, I don’t think so. I think it’s cool. Yeah. – That’s why if I was weird
when you flipped out on Ragh it was just that I got super, like when you flipped
out it’s like that’s hot. – Oh. – Because I also–
– What? – No, it’s stupid. – Cool. I mean, awesome, that’s awesome. – Yeah, whatever. – [Zac] That’s really awesome. – I just, like, I flip– – Do you flip out? – Yeah, I have to practice with Porter because I can’t be in the
regular barbarian classes ’cause I flip out too hard
for the other barbarians. – Really? – Yeah, ’cause it’s like a divine thing where it’s like powered by
the god of wine and ecstasy. – [Zac] No way. – And so, it gets really disturbing. So, I have to– – I bet it’s awesome. Hey, I, this feels like
annoying thing to ask but do you know Penelope? – Only not super well. She asked me to hang out
earlier today but, um. – She’s been like doing weird stuff me and my friends were
just kind of noticing. – Yeah, I didn’t super get it. She actually asked me about you and if like we had like hooked
up at all or I don’t know. She like thought, that’s weird. I haven’t hooked up with anybody. – I know what you’re thinking
but yeah, me neither. This leather jacket and stuff. – I’m like asking Fig
to spike my milkshake so, I’m on one right now. – [Emily] Yeah, yeah. Drink up, girl. – But is she weird? She’s like not cool? – I think she’s like maybe. I don’t wanna like freak you out but I think she’s like
maybe like a psycho– – Weird.
– Killer person. – Like, she like might be
like doing some crazy stuff like putting people in stuff. – Oh, I’ll super, she asked
me to hang out tomorrow but I’ll super not. – Wait, what? Yeah, maybe you shouldn’t. But also where did she say
that she wanted to hang out? – Just like at school.
– Okay. Cool. What kinda music do you like? – I like a lot a different stuff. Like, I like screamo, I like emo, I like like punk and some pop punk I like. I like metal. I like rage metal, I like death metal. I like scream metal. I like mad metal, I like hate metal. I like mad metal, you know, crazy metal. I like thrash metal, smash
metal’s, some of it’s good. I like the older stuff. I like, slice metal is good. I like, chop metal is good. – I throw something–
(group laughing) At Gorgug. – Ow, ow. – How ’bout you? What kind a stuff are you into? – Like the same stuff. (group laughing) – You guys watch the rest of
this very cute ice cream date between Gorgug and Zelda. – Can I sneak out and see
if there’s anybody outside like following Zelda? – Give me a perception roll.
– Cool. Five. – Coast is clear. – Everything’s all good. – Have I heard back from Gorthalax? – You have not heard back from Gorthalax. – Can I–
– That’s really weird. – Do a ritual detect magic on Zelda just to see if there’s anything– – Weird.
– Weird going on there? – Nothing that seems to be weird. She has a little bit of a trace
of divine magic around her but that’s about it. – That’s pretty normal
for somebody who’s a. – What should we do, like,
someone at all times follow her, like, keep tabs on her to and from school? – Tomorrow we just need to shadow her.
– Zelda waves and she goes up and says: All right, well, it’s
getting late and my parents honestly they get mad at
me if I get home too early ’cause they’re like, live life, you know, rip your clothes off, kill,
feel the rush of blood, feel the hot warmth of what
it means to truly live. And I’m like, dad shut up, shut up. – Cool. – My parents are gnomes. – What?
– Yeah. – I’m drunk and I yell: You
should go home together. – I gotta go. – Oh, okay. – Bye, it was super nice to–
– Yeah. I’ll see you at school tomorrow. – Yeah, I’ll see you at school. – I’m probably not goin’
to school tomorrow. – Awesome.
– Awesome. Bye. She runs away. – Should we follow her? – I think we should. We cannot let her, here’s my thought. – I just got out of that so smoothly. – Okay, well, how ’bout you
show up with Gorgug on the back, give her a ride home and
then you and your elvish ways can stand guard at her house, maybe. – Well, Ball is really good at hiding. – He needs to sleep. – I need to sleep as I have
no higher level spells left. – Yeah but didn’t you say that
Penelope was planning on– – She was saying she just
wanted to meet her tomorrow. – I mean, I feel like it’s when school or tomorrow morning early
is when we’d be on guard. – Most of these things
end with these people not showing up to school. – Yes.
– Yeah. – I think we gotta, this is just one night we gotta sacrifice. Who feels most comfortable
with staking out the place? – I can probably just sleep outside. – I mean, I only got Gilear to go home to. And he won’t notice if I’m not there. – Actually my mom will be super pissed. She told me to go home six hours ago.
– She did? – Yeah, I need to get eight hours otherwise I’m very cranky. – I need to get eight hours but, I mean, we could do shifts. – I feel like I could go but I don’t– – Why don’t we do a quick
lap on the motorcycle and make sure she gets home okay. – All right, everyone
you don’t get to dictate what happens on my motorcycle, the Ball, all right.
– Just a quick lap on Fabian’s motorcycle. – All right, who’s gonna stay– – Me and Fabes.
– Staking out her house all night? – [Emily] I can’t do it all night. – I’m down to be up all night. (beeping) – We wouldn’t have any
healing spells left. – I think you’re really drunk. – You should go home. – You for sure need to sleep the most. – If you guys could only feel
what I’m feeling right now. – You know what, fine, me and the Ball will go and case the joint. – The Hangman says: Master,
I neither sleep nor rest. – Perfect. – I can keep my watchful
gaze upon the girl. – Okay, all right, fine. My motorcycle will go watch for the girl and make sure that everything’s all right. – And you can go home and watch porn. – Good night. – The Hangman begins to
roar down the street. You see that Zelda has her
arms up on her backpack and has her headphones in. Turns around, sees this flaming motorcycle chasing her down the street and goes.
(Brennan screaming) And just runs screaming as the motorcycle chases
her down the street. – No. – We should have been
more specific with our– – Yeah.
(beeping) – Hangman, not in the moment, just keep an eye out on the house. – The house, very well master. I will destroy the house.
– No. – I will protect the house. – Keep watch. – I shall keep eternal vigil on the house until every rock has been reduced to dust. – All right, thank you Hangman. – Can I give it a little treat? I wanna give him like a– – Do not give treats to
my motorcycle, all right? – You guys head home. – Can I stay at somebody’s house? – Yeah, some sleep over with us. – Can I sleep over at your house too? I hate my parents. – Everybody lives at the
crappy apartments now. – So, the four of you, so you
go back to the Thistlespring– – Vending machine party again. I’m just eating a million chips– (beeping) – Hey, Fabian if you wanna sleep over, I know you got a kind
of a situation at home. – Just do any of you have
a king plus size bed? No, all right, fantastic. I’m going home. – You go back to Seacaster Manor. – Can I talk to my father
before I go to bed? – Yeah, you go up to the crow’s
nest, you see he’s up there. – Oh, can I give you the, I’ll give you the model of the Harley. – Wel, well, well. Playing me shanties up
here in the crow’s nest. How goes it Fabian Aramais Seacaster? – It goes well, father. I want you to know that I am
your son through and through. I mean, only last week I
literally thought about cutting a man’s heart out of his chest. – Don’t try to patronize me
with things you know I’ll love. – I was going to do it. He was constantly making fun
of me for having no heart. And then I literally thought about taking his heart out of his
chest and showing it to him because then I would have heart. It’s not worth it. Father, you’re a pirate and I’m not. But I am your son. And that means more to me than anything. – What’s that you have there in your hand? – It’s a ship. It’s called: The Harpy. Are you familiar? – Aye, I know The Harpy well. Cursed ship that. Some centuries old that was the flagship of the navy of Kalvaxis,
Emperor of the Red Waste. – Oh, you don’t say. Fantastic, but it’s gone, right? Wait, hold on. Did you say it was Kalvaxis’ ship. – It was the flagship of Kalvaxis’ navy. – If I were to tell you
that this model here was made out of the wood of that ship would that be surprising or? – That be cursed wood then. And I’d see it out of me
house as soon as you please. – All right, well, it’s not, it’s not. – He says: The Harpy was destroyed along with all the rest of
Kalvaxis’ wealth long ago. But the Harpy was the most
fearsome ship on the seven seas. It was made with illusory magic, could go invisible,
look like another ship. It could cloak itself, disguise itself. It was a true devil on the
seas, far before my time but any sailor knows
the legend of The Harpy. – And now I do as well. All right, well, father, I must be off. – Are you truly the
captain of the Owlbears or is Dane Blade still the captain? – I, am I the captain of the Owlbears? – Yeah you are. – Well, it was the talk of
everyone being the captain. – Yeah, Gorthalax seemed
to be really uncomfortable telling anyone they couldn’t be captain. So, he was like, if you feel
like captain, you are captain. – Okay, great. – That’s my dad. – Well, father, I’ll tell you this, I killed the coach of the
Owlbears which in a way, I don’t know, makes me
king of the Owlbears. I mean, I took down the previous ruler. And though I don’t sit in
his place and wear his crown I have his soul in some way another. (morose piano music) – You journey with those friends of yours and I see the way they look at you. A peer, no fear in their heart of you. I do not know what you are
the captain of, Fabian. Leave your father be now. Make a perception check for me. – A three. – Get along then. – Yes, papa. ♪ We’ll roll the old chariot along ♪ ♪ We’ll roll the old ♪ – You walk away from the crow’s nest swinging down to your room. You see that Cathilda pops
in real quick and says: Right, Master Fabian,
is everything all right? – It’s fine. I’m not used to papa being mad at me. I don’t know. – Well, you’re growin’ up. Every parent gets mad at their
children as they get older because they’re really mad that they’re seeing their last chances
to make a difference. – Well, when you put it that way Cathilda. – You see, she pinches
your cheek and says: Well, go get some kippers. – Thank you. – We cut over to the
Thistlespring Tree real quick. You arrive home late,
so, your parents are out. Your dad’s in an undershirt. Your mom’s in sort of apron and has little sort of wrap around. It’s hot, they’re welding together, sweating, building this big apparatus. They look over at you and say: Well, hi there bud, well, how you doin’? – I’m good. What, you guys are up late. – Yeah, we’re workin’
on a big, ol’ project. – Oh, what, what is it? – Well, it’s a big, ol’ power source for the new arcade down
at the Elm Valley Mall. – Oh. – Yeah. – Goodnight.
(group laughing) – You head to bed. Anything exciting happen today? – Well, I kinda went on my first date. – Waah! Fireworks. Oh, my goodness! Who’s the lucky young lady or fella, bud? – I’m glad that you’re open minded but it’s Zelda, she
goes to school with me. – Well, golly that’s so lovely. Well, what’s she like? Could she come over? Where is she now? – I think she went home
’cause it was lookin’ late. – If she wants to come
over, she can come over. If you ever wanna, hey. Hey, let me tell you something, I know you’re a teenager,
you ever wanna have a drink, you ever wanna smoke, you
ever wanna kiss somebody I’d rather you do it here under the tree where we know you’re safe, all right bud? Where we know your safe, okay? – Okay, all right. – Oh, golly, so happy.
– Thank you. – How far, what base? – We just talked? – What’s that? You docked?
– We talked? (group laughing) We talked. – You talked, oh, that’s lovely. – Wait, what is docking, what’s dock? – What’s that?
– Docking mean. – Wilma, you wanna handle? Sure, sure Digby, I’ll handle it. Docking is when two uncircumcised men put the tips of their penises, erect penises against one another and they sort of fold the foreskin back, sort of on top of each other. So, almost like a docking. Sort of an insertion. And they are kind of linked
together by that foreskin there. – Huh, we didn’t do that. (group laughing) – Well, I would hope
not, I would hope not. It’s a little bit much for a first date. – We shared some ice cream. – That’s great, too. Hey and whatever you wanna do
as long as everyone involved is having a good time
and you’re talkin’, yeah? You know you’re talkin’
you should check in. Because here’s the
thing, you’re a big fella and one of the important
things you gotta know is that you gotta be checking in with each other’s feelings. Make sure that everyone’s
havin’ a good time. Make sure that everyone
likes what’s happening. And there’s, hey, don’t buy into the hype. There is nothing sexier than being clear about what you like and what feels good. – Okay. I’m gonna go to bed I guess. – You know what the number
one erogenous zone is, bud? Bing bing bing. It’s the brain, okay? And everybody bein’ on the same page. – I’m like halfway up the steps. (group laughing) – All right. And you know about birth control, right? You know about, you know about condoms? – Huh, yeah. – ‘Cause that’s your job, bud. It’s not just the lady’s job. – Okay, okay, yeah, I hear you. – All right, wrap it up every time, okay? – [Zac] Okay, goodnight. – And keep checkin’ in,
that’s two rules for you, bud, check in and wrap it up. – Okay.
– All right. – Night kiddo.
– Goodnight. – You see, you hear them outside sayin’: Okay, we better, let’s
go put some music on. You know he’s gonna be in there. He’s gonna be–
(Ally laughing) You know what he’s
gonna be doin’ in there. Let’s just give him a little privacy, huh? It’s a small tree, come on. – Polishing my ax. – Google confirming docking. (group laughing) – They play some music. We’ll cut over to
Strongtower Luxury Apartments with the other four members of the party. (group screaming) – This is the best.
– Is Gilear there? Is Gilear there? – You see that you guys
open up, Gilear is in there. You see that he is washing a bunch of what looks like some kind of steak sauce out of the little wisp of hair. – I cast mend on his hair.
– Gilear, you had steak. That’s good. – Yes, one of the more unruly
children at the school today saw fit to take the Salisbury steak and dump a plate of it on my head. – Who? – What’s that.
– Who? I’ll–
(beeping) – I believe it was Ragh Barkrock. – I’ll
(beeping) Too.
– I thought he’d change. (beeping)
– Mumple bound moron. – He’s goin’ to Mumple. – He’s a piece a–
(beeping) You guys wanna know a secret? – [Group] Yeah. – I think I like girls. (Sioshan laughing) – You definitely do.
– We know. – You guys wanna know a bigger secret? I haven’t told anyone that, okay? – Yeah, I think, yeah, I’m, yeah. – I figured it out.
– Yeah, no, we figured it out. – Don’t tell anyone. – I mean, I think everybody knows. – Yeah, I think you should tell everyone. I think you should tell Thrasher. – What, who’s that? Oh, Tracker?
– Tracker. Sorry, I just gave her
a slightly cooler name. – You, hook me up with Thrasher, maybe. I fall asleep–
(group laughing) On the ground. – Kristen is totally asleep. Gilear looks at you and says: Adaine, you’ve come to spend the night here at Strongtower Luxury Apartments. – It’s very luxurious. – Has a room opened up in your home? – Why don’t you try and
ask my parents that. Actually, I’m not even
gonna put you through that. No, I’m just staying here for the night. – Gilear, this is the place to be. She’s comin’ here because her house sucks compared to what we’ve built together. – Ah, that’s true. This is the place to be. – Gilear, can I ask you a question? Do you know about The Harpy? – What’s that? – The Harpy? A boat, a ship. – It is a partially nude bird woman. – You don’t know about
the ship, The Harpy? Oh, do you know anything
about the oracle’s ship that sank last year? – Terrible accident,
although it’s sort of like, you’re an oracle. – That’s what I said. – Yeah, how do you not. – [Emily] You should know that. – If I’m an oracle and I’m
walking towards the ship and bing bing, all right, wait a minute. I’ll catch the next one. I’m gonna go get a hotel room for a night and just sail tomorrow. – Well, you know, they
did all lose their lives. Perhaps we could be a bit gentle. – All right, all right. – Fig, why don’t you
pack it in, all right? – Gilear, I took you back. I took you back as my dad.
– I’m somehow having dreams about the harpy,
the nude bird woman. (group laughing) – I’m gonna turn her on her side. – I have a big smile. – You see, you do the responsible thing of turning Kristen on her side so she doesn’t throw up in her mouth. – Gilear, where’s Gorthalax? When’s the last time you talked to him? – I talked to him earlier today. He went to go have a talk with your mother for the first time. – Oh, dear. Okay, cool. – They’re probably, I don’t know, boning down on each other right now. – Ugh.
– Ugh. – Speaking of boning down,
have you seen my mother lately? – What the–
(beeping) – I figured you guys were, I don’t know. – Me and your mother?
– Yeah. – Kind of in the. – I’ll be very honest with you. – I’m in the market for another dad. – Brutal. I’ll be honest, Riz, your mother is too much
woman for me to handle. – Gilear! – Kiddo, I’m standing
here with steak sauce on my hair.
(group laughing) – Steak sauce. – What I’m going to offer
you for dinner tonight is an order of garlic knots that mistakenly came with a pizza I found. – How do you know it
was a mistake, Gilear? – I checked the receipt
on the outside of the box. Things aren’t going great for old Gilear. – Gilear, we need to do– – Free pizza, that’s pretty good. – Gilear, come to the mirror with me, we need to do some affirmations, okay? – All right.
– This is too sad. Look yourself in the mirror
and say: I am strong. – I am strong. – I am powerful. – I am powerful. – [Emily] I believe in me. (somber electric organ music) – Does it have to be true when you say it? – The idea is that it becomes true if you keep saying it. – I believe in me. – Okay. That’s enough affirmations for tonight. I’m proud a you, Gilear. – All right, I’m going to go
jiggle the vending machine to see if anything falls out. If anyone wants any of that. All right. You see he walks down the hallway. – He’s in a rut.
– All right. – Should we go talk to my mother? – Is your mother there? – Do I know if my mom gets off soon? – She gets off in a little while. – I think we should just go to sleep. – I think these three head to sleep and Riz, you head home. – Cool. I like to set up a chair
in the middle of the room and a lamp next to me. And I’d like to pour myself a little drink sitting in the middle of the room. – I’m gonna kind of platonically snuggle with Kristen Applebees. (group laughing)
– It’s so confusing. – I’m chirping. – Here’s what you guys see. At this place your mom’s full case box is on the kitchen table. (Brian groaning) – Am I there? Or, no, we’re at– – No, you guys are all asleep. It’s just Riz.
– Chirp, chirp. – Well, my mom told me to go home. And she left it out. I open it up. – Go ahead and give me
an investigate check. And you roll the advantage
’cause the whole– (beeping)
Case is here. – Okay. Oh, pretty good, 24. – Your mom’s case is being shut
down at the end of the week. It’s moving Federal. They have not been able to work on the extradition from High Court. There’s a lot of dead ends they’re hitting trying to get the palimpsests
back from High Court. It seems there’s a lot of wrong
information for some reason and it’s unclear to you what the– (beeping)
Is going on. But it’s like there’s a
bunch of weird dead ends in their attempts to get
those palimpsests back. It covers taking down The Harvestmen and how they got all The
Harvestmen arrested in town. The chief feels like
that’s the accomplishment. So, the chief is pressuring your mom because we got Daybreak,
we got The Harvestmen. This is a win for the
department, let’s move on and not keep it as an open case. So, they’re handing it off to the Feds to handle the palimpsests stuff. You see, you look at something and that little scratching clue in the back of your head triggers. You’re looking at when Biz Glitterdew went to the hospital from
his attack months ago and Zane Darkshadow’s time of death. You see that they have attributed both of these attacks to Coach Daybreak, that because the scarecrow
mask, the sweatpants, the sweatshirt, all this stuff. You realize that’s impossible because the time of death on
Zane Darkshadow is incorrect because time of death is
measured from body temperature. – So, he was takin’
them cold pills, right? – Takin’ them cold pills. So, you realize that his time
of death would not have been way sooner as they say it is. Or sorry, way earlier. ‘Cause they were like, oh,
he died a long time ago for his body to get that cold. – But he was like fresh dead. – Fresh dead. It’s just that his body
was already that cold. – Got it. – So, you see that their
time of death is wrong and that the time of
death of Zane Darkshadow would have been at the exact same time that Biz was attacked in his home. Meaning that two different
people had to have done this. Coach daybreak could only
have done one of them. You also see that an
amount here was paid back from KVX Bank to William Seacaster. And that there is a
amount of money being paid from KVX to William
Seacaster in this portfolio. – And that’s part of the evidence? – Part of the evidence in this case. Doesn’t seem to be that
they’re going after Seacaster but it’s part of the trust’s information that they were able to obtain from KVX. – Does it seem like
Seacaster is the one that’s stoppin’ the High Court? – Doesn’t look like.
– Okay. – There’s coach’s handwriting
to a contact in High Court about the palimpsest which seems to be the main
thing they’re going off of, is a handwritten letter from the coach talking about picking
up the next palimpsest. Okay. The coach wants the palimpsest or High Court wants the palimpsest? – He’s talking to, it’s
the coach’s handwriting to a contact in High Court that they haven’t been able to locate that is about getting
them another palimpsest with another soul trapped inside it. – Got it, okay. So, he’s a supplier. – You see that Edgar, the rat sort of jumps out of your
bag, your little briefcase and goes over to a little
area behind your mom’s desk and starts pawing at the wall. (Brennan squeaking) – What the–
(beeping) Edgar. I go over and I check it
out, I investigate it. – Yeah, give me an investigate. – 24. – You move your mom’s desk. You feel a little bit of
air coming out of the wall. You push and the wall of
the apartment opens up. – We are not gonna get
our security deposit back. – You walk inside and you see there is
a little desk in here. It’s a dark room, there’s
like a hanging lamp. It all looks like super collected dust. You see that there is a little chair here with a picture lying
down of it of your dad as though someone comes
in here to look at it and have a drink. There is another desk up against a wall that has a little picture of you as a baby and your mom on it. So, someone had a picture of
you and your mom on their desk. Looking around you see that
the desk is clearly your dad’s. – Okay, can I investigate his desk? – For sure, go for it. And it’s all his shit, so, just
give me roll with advantage. – Oh, my god. Nat 20. – Your dad, you see that
there’s a photograph of him in here with your mom. Your mom is dressed in a sleek black gown and she’s holding him. Your dad is looking like you
never saw pictures of him. He was always like a clerk,
kinda middle management guy. You see that he’s in a black tux. He has a little pencil mustache. He has sleek hair, combed
down, big, long goblin face. And you see that he has a gun, think of a holster, under his tux with a little arquebus
with a silencer on it. – Dope. – You see that in all of
this stuff on his desk there is an investigation
he was going into. Your dad was a foreign agent. He went into other countries as a goblin perfectly able to join up with evil armies to become just another minion. He would infiltrate places
for the Solacian government. And spy on them from the inside. There is evidence here
that he has collected talking about a ship called: The Harpy. And going into a whole detail
of how the wealth of Kalvaxis had to be destroyed at
the foundation of Solace. You see that there is a
note in his handwriting circled around and around
about a dock certificate where The Harpy was
supposed to be destroyed. And he says: Wrong ship,
dud, never destroyed. On another thing he goes,
there’s a side by side picture of The Harpy and a ship
called: The Cerulean. Underneath it he says:
Illusory capability… same ship, underlined. You see that there’s also a crystal here, there’s a ton of banking
information, wealth, following money trails. And you see there’s a
tiny, little crystal. You also see, you sort of lost
track of it a long time ago but you see in here that it sort of like, fell and rolled away. You see that Edgar is
looking for something. So, there’s a little
crystal on your dad’s desk and then Edgar’s sort of scrounging around for something as well. – Cool. I’ll leave the crystal for now. I’ll see what Edgar’s looking at. – Edgar finds a little
necromancer’s pearl that is gray. And you realize that you haven’t
kept a track of your pearl, your mom must have grabbed it
for evidence a long time ago. This is Zane Darkshadow’s
necromancer pearl and it is gray right now. – So, that means he’s not dead. Or black is dead? – I believe black is
dead and white is alive. – Oh, so, he’s like maybe lost somewhere. Or, interesting, okay. Edgar, is this your dad? Is he?
(Brennan squeaking) You think he might be alive? Maybe, all right. I’ll check out this crystal. – You see your dad, a little
image of your dad appears setting up a crystal. You see that a little version of you in the background in the apartment, climbs up on a sofa with
a little magnifying glass. Your mom comes in and says:
Riz, get off the couch you’re gonna, there’s nothing back there. There is something back there, one of your blocks went back there. How did you find that? And she takes you off to the room. And your dad looks over and says: Okay, this is Pok Gukgak recording. It is August 31st. About to head out on a dangerous mission. Bud. You see little nine year old
you in the back running around. Bud, you’re nine years old right now. I’ve already said goodbye to you but I don’t think you really
know how dangerous this is and I don’t really wanna tell you. God, I had a whole thing prepared and now I, it feels kinda stupid. Kiddo, there’s a lot
that I wanna be around to be able to tell you. The world’s a hard place for goblins. We’re small, people look at us and see an image of a certain kind a creature, something that is wicked and disposable, threatening but also kind of a joke. It’s the worst of all worlds. It’s not really fair. But you have a ton of work ahead of you, that in a more just world
you wouldn’t have to do. Knowing how hard a road
you have ahead of you I wanna say this, I’m not worried about you at all. I got nothin’ but hopes for you, kid. And hopefully you’ll never have to see this. The clues are always out there. And the one thing nobody’s counting on is that you’ll never give up. When you’re smaller than
everything else in the world the one thing that you can
have bigger than everybody is will and grit and that’s you, kiddo. Love you, pal. – Love you, dad. I’d like to find his gun, ’cause I wanna kill whoever
did this, with his gun. – You find an incredible midnight black arquebus
with a silencer on it and a bandolier of 20 magical
bullets on the side of it. – Dope. – You hear the key in the
front door of your apartment. – I’m just gonna let my
mom find me like this. – Your mom walks in,
you hear her bag drop. The front door doesn’t even close. She just walks into this secret room. – Hey, mom, I know about dad. – Hey, kiddo. I thought there was a world where you wouldn’t walk
down the same road. – But mom, we’re all super–
(beeping) The whole family is super–
(beeping) At first I thought it was
just like me and you were– (beeping)
But dad’s a– (beeping)
Too. We’re just like this
trio of freakin’ goblin– (beeping)
Mom. Do you see, this is so. – This is so keen. – Honey, your dad was the
most badass man I ever knew. – This is so–
(beeping) I know you thought it would make me sad but it just makes me happy. – You see her, she says:
This is my greatest fear come to life. The reaction you’re having even more than you being angry at me, this is what I was trying to avoid. Because the world will knock you on your– (beeping) Are you ready for that? – I’ve got a nimble escape, so. (group laughing) – Your mom kisses you
on the head and says: (beeping) No fighting destiny, I guess. Do I smell alcohol on you? – I had a little bit of alcohol after, after, well, oh okay. First of all, all my
friends were drinking. I only had a little alcohol
after I found out about dad. So, sue me. – All right. Let’s go visit dad some time and I’ll tell you all about him, okay? – I would really like that, mom. And I’m sorry that I
went through your stuff. – It’s fine. Honestly, I think your dad
would’ve approved of you finding out this way more than any other. – That’s really–
(beeping) – She kisses you on the
head, goes off to bed. And you sleep that night as well. The next morning you
guys meet up at school. What do you guys do? – Guys, I broke the case, all right? My father told me about
The Harpy, all right? And The Harpy, there’s runes on the ship, all right?
– Ssh. – Fine, there’s runes
on the ship, all right? And that means that the ship
can’t be seen by divination. So, that’s how it snuck by the oracle. – But have we thought if the ship’s wealth is being laundered through the bank? – Guys, I also found out some stuff. Turns out my dad was a super–
(beeping) He was kind of a special agent type guy, he was going in real deep. I found, his gun’s really cool. – Whoa.
– Whoa. – It’s even more magic than my gun. But anyway, apparently
I found some evidence, there was a false wall in my apartment. I guess we have a two bedroom. – I hope Gilear has one of those. – So, I went in there and
I found my dad’s desk. And it turns out that The
Harpy didn’t really sink. – That’s what I said. I said the exact same
thing and nobody cared. – Right but it’s The Cerulean. – The Cerulean was the ship
that had the oracle in it. – Yeah, The Cerulean did sink. – The Cerulean– – Unless it didn’t sink. And it had these runes on it of illusion. And it just was an illusion that it sank. And actually it’s just sailing around. Why would they want– – That makes sense because
everyone’s been saying: Why would oracles get onto a
ship that was going to sink? – Right but why did they need an oracle? Except that maybe they need
the oracle to stop the– – I found out something too. – Is it that you’re gay? – I think I might be gay. – [Group] You told us. – Okay but really though I just wanna say something really quick. I’m a little hungover
and maybe this’ll take me 10 minutes to say. I hope it doesn’t take that long but I just wanna say–
(Emily laughing) We are friends and for
a while, you know what, the corn god was my religion but now seeing you guys as my friends, that’s what I believe in. And you guys were there with me through, from kisses to kiss. So many kisses. I can’t sleep sometimes I’m
thinkin’ about all the kisses. Kisses to come, kisses that passed. – I’m just quietly thinking about realizing I’ve never kissed anybody. – Just so many kiss, I’m
drownin’ in kisses at this point. Older people kisses, young people kisses. Kisses for all of you, I kiss everyone. – Ooh, yeah. That’s my second.
– You love this. – That was my first kiss. – Well, I’m gay. So, you’re gonna have to talk
about this in therapy later. How I set you up for failure. – I had a– – Did we deduce that The
Cerulean is The Harpy? – You guys have deduced that
The Cerulean is The Harpy. – And we believe it to be missing. – You believe it to be
missing or that it’s illusory capability was–
– To show that it was sinking. – Was what allowed The
Harpy to become The Cerulean without anybody noticing. – Can we assume that you filled us in on everything you read?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – So, perhaps the, did
you tell us everything about Seacaster? – Yeah. – So, perhaps they are,
perhaps the bank is bribing your dad because he knows
it’s still out there. – I didn’t wanna say this but
it took another strong man beating the–
(beeping) Out of someone. Do you think they convinced your dad to commit the other rough up? – My father couldn’t be
beaten into anything. – Oh, I have something. Two things. I learned about, first,
this thing called: Docking. I don’t know, it’s just very interesting. But second, the more important thing is my parents are working
on this big power source. Are we still looking for a
power source or anything? Or does–
– Oh, for the palimpsests. – Well, Biz says he couldn’t– – Wait, are they making it for the bank? – She said the arcade. But– – Or maybe they’re making it for the bank. – You guys hear The Hangman say: Master, trouble at the girls house. (beeping) – There’s trouble at the girl’s house. – How do we get there? – Go in a car? Gilear!
– The bus. – Let’s get Gilear to drive us in his– – Gilear, we need to borrow your car. – Well, you guys are at school right now. – [Emily] Yeah, yeah. We’re goin’ to the– – Oh, he says–
– Sorry, sorry, lunch lad. – No– – I have to try to pick
his pockets for his keys. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– I got a 23, sleight of hand. – He says: I can’t go right now I have to warm up the Hot Pockets. – Oh, okay, well, then
you keep doing your job and thank you for everything you’ve done. – Thank you, so much. – [Brennan] Very well. – Gilear, sometimes I
prefer you to Gorthalax. – We run. – Gilear, you have a open
Hot Pocket on your head. – Gilear, I actually don’t want you to– (beeping)
Anymore. – What? – I don’t want you to be my dad anymore. – Hurtful. – I make you smell the whey bread that I just pulled out of– – Everyone’s introducing a
different topic to me right now. – I might be gay! – Oh, my god! – You said you were, for sure. – I mean, I’m leaving my options open. – Okay, goodbye Gilear. – Are you still drunk from last night? – No, I’m fine, I got
some coffee, it was Irish. I’m not Irish. I thought it was funny. – You guys jump in Gilear’s car. – Wait, on the way out
do I see Ragh at all? – Let me roll. You do not see Ragh on the way out. – I just wanted to blast him real quick. – You guys dip out of there. You grab Gilear’s car. You head over to where The Hangman is. The Hangman is in the
front yard covered in blood surrounded by a whole
bunch of shirtless satyrs that have tattoos and look insane. And there’s a bunch of just like dead what look like weird elemental creatures, like summoned fiends and stuff like that. Just off of the Suburban there’s
like a scene of slaughter. (beeping) – Hangman–
– What happened? – What happened? – Master, these rad satyrs flipped out and killed all of these
summoned beings here. You see that the lead
satyr comes over and says: Hey, which one of you,
which one of you is, you are the boyfriend. – I don’t know if I’m her boyfriend. – He grabs you and kisses you
firmly on the mouth and says: I am the father of your woman. – Okay. – Was that your second kiss? (group laughing) – You’re babbling.
– Two kisses today. – He says: Someone put
my girl in this ball. (beeping) – Is it a crystal? – You see there’s a palimpsest. – ‘Kay we have lost every
other palimpsest, we have to– – We can get her out of there. – Yeah, we think we can get her out. – He says: You can get
her out, I trust you, when you get her out, you
know what you must do. – Yes, I do. I will. – I think he means the
honorable thing is to marry her. – Oh. I will.
– What? – No, we worship the
god of wine and ecstasy. – We have wine. – Yeah, I have a bunch of fine elven wine.
– Then you know what you must do. – I have to get drunk with her. – That’s a start, my man. – Oh, okay, all right.
– Oh, my god. – Very well, we will return to our home and continue to watch daytime television. – Is it cool if I have some of this punch? – Oh, that is a religious hallucinogenic. – Oh! It tastes good, there’s some melon in it. I didn’t expect that. – You guys dip out and
you have this palimpsest that apparently Zelda
has been sealed inside. – Can I just detect magic on
the things that got conjured? – Yes, you can. Go ahead and give me an arcana check. – I can do the same thing. – 21. – 21, these were conjured
by your sister’s magic. – How the hell? This is Aelwen. – [Zac] Get out of jail. (group talking) – [Brian] Maybe Penelope
is the one that’s. – Wait, I bet Penelope is your sister. I bet your sister’s in
disguise as Penelope, maybe. – But she’s in jail. – Yeah, so I’m saying– – But she got out. – I hate her so much. – I also didn’t tell
you guys that Zane and Zane and Biz were attacked
at the exact same time. – Oh, yeah.
– Right. – That’s what I was saying. Do you think maybe Bill Seacaster
was that second attacker? – I don’t think so, I
think it was another– – Someone strong enough. – I think he’s just muscle for something. – I don’t think Seacaster
would beat up a child. I think he wouldn’t see
it as an honorable fight. – We have to find Penelope. – We have to. – You get a little bing on your crystal. It’s an article from your
mother being sent to you, a little news article. – I hate it when she
sends me articles to read. – It’s probably about marriage.
– What’s it say? – Yeah, it’s probably, just close it. – War declared between
Fallinel and Solace. The government has discovered
that an elven strike team liberated a diplomatic
family member from custody. And Solace has declared war. – That would be your sister. – So, I think I maybe
accidentally started a war. – That had been fast. – They broke her out.
– Well, they want a war. – Should we just–
(beeping) – That’s what started the war. – Let’s just text Biz and see what he says we should do with the crystal. – Well, there’s a war, should I– – Should we pick a headquarters? We don’t have to go to school, right? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – There’s a war–
(beeping) School. Should we call, should we find out, ’cause Aelwen must have got out of jail. That’s what it said, right? She broke free. – I know this is crazy but I think Strongtower Luxury Apartments should be our main headquarters. – Great. Can we, can we, let’s go. – You’ve stolen Gilear’s
car, so, you’re good to go. – Yeah, let’s go to. – I think, what we needed
earlier and we can ask Biz to see if this makes any sense. And also I’m so stupid so I don’t even know
what I’m talking about. But we need a– – We have the power
source from your parents. – Right.
– Yeah. Yeah, bring Biz to your
parents house and we can. – Okay, yeah, let’s go to
my parents house with Biz. – You go to your parents house. And do you guys text Biz as well? – [Group] Yeah. – This shows up there– – Maybe we shouldn’t text him. Maybe we should show up to his house and make sure it’s not
getting intercepted. – Cool. You pick up Biz, he goes:
Hey, guy, what’s goin’ on? – Get in the car, Biz. – Can I do a check to
see if it’s really him? – [Brennan] Sure. – Oh, yeah, I would like to do that too. – I have a six. – Oh, I didn’t do my rolls for the day. – You see that, yeah, it seems
like it’s Biz to you guys. – I got a 26, insight. – Yeah, it seems like it’s Biz. – All right, Biz, you check out. – You see that, you guys are driving. You’re looking on your phone. It’s like a weird, scary day. You see like this–
(beeping) Sudden declaration of war because an elven military
unit performed an operation on Solacian soil. (beeping) An immediate, you know,
that’s a act of war. – I mean, it’s insane that my parents would just text me an
article to tell me this and not be like: You should come home. – Can we look more information. Like, what preceded this happening? We see that she broke
out of the jail cell. – She was broken out by
an elven strike team. – [Lou] Yes. – That means that Fallinel sent a crew. – Deeper in the article
it says that your sister has been remanded to elven
custody which is interesting. – She’s remanded to elven custody. – Meaning that they also are like– – I think she’s just at home. – Should we go to your house? – I don’t think we should go there. – Let’s break out this pal, let’s see if we can get this palimpsest– – You guys remember
the Thistlespring Tree, big, ol’–
(beeping) Power source. You see that Biz is there. He goes: Oh, baby. Okay, daddy like. – I throw up a little bit in my mouth. – Should one of us be
spying on your house? – I’m gonna be the muscle. I’m gonna go into bouncer mode
and just kinda strut around, in my German Shepherd mode. You see the Thistlespring’s are there. Your parents come out and say: Hey, bud, how’s it goin’? – Kinda bad. You remember that girl I told you about? – Yeah. – She’s in here. She got stuck, some magic put her in here. But I think if we use the
power source that you have here we could maybe start to get her out. – Biz looks at it and
goes: I’ve got an idea. Check it out. We can’t move this thing in a car or I don’t know if we can but can you guys meet me
tonight at the Elm Valley Mall? Because we could hook this
bad boy up to the new arcade they’re building there. And that’s gonna power this bad boy. We could get this–
(beeping) Palimpsest cracked in no time with the amount of juice
running to that place. – But this was already
going to the arcade, right? – You see the Thistlespring’s
nod their head. He says: Bingo–
(beeping) Bango, guys. – Wait, that’s weird.
– Hacker. Back at it again. Wild. – That’s wild, Biz.
– Yeah, Biz. – That’s kinda weird though. Why was it already going to the arcade? Is someone else trying to do something with these palimpsests? – We just gotta get her out, I think. So, let’s just go. – Well, we have to
protect the palimpsest– – Yeah, definitely. – How are you guys going to, oh, actually you see that,
yeah, the Thistlesprings say: We already have a van
to move it if you guys– – Yeah.
– Yeah, we’ll load it. – We’ll accompany you to the old mall. – I’m gonna text Gilear and tell him I’m still borrowing his car. – He texts you back and says: I have made several reports
to the police today. You need to tell me
these things in advance. – I say call the pigs off, Gilear. – You guys roll over to the mall. It’s after hours, you see
the Thistlesprings go in. There’s this giant arcade,
skeeball, bing bing bing bing, all these–
(beeping) Wild machines everywhere. – Mom, dad, I think. – Yeah. – I’d like if you guys got outta here. We can handle it from here I think. – Okay, if you think that’s wise, sure. – Riz, you got it, right? – You see, Biz says: Do I got it? – You got it, right? (Brian laughing) – Oh, yes, I got it. Yeah, for sure. – I text my mum: ‘Kay. Like, several hours later. I just text her: ‘Kay. – Guys, I got a slushie
if anyone wants ’em in it’s like one of
those long yard things. – That’s a margarita,
who gave you a margarita? – What? – It’s war time, so, I’m
sure everything’s looser now. – You guys are walkin’ in here, see there’s this giant glass case of all the rewards and
shit that people have here, huge reward casing that’s super rad, different prizes and shit in there. – Hey, Biz. – [Brennan] Yeah. – You got dark vision? – Yeah, I do. – I do too.
– Me too. – Can I cast detect good
and evil in this arcade? – Sure, yeah, absolutely. – [Ally] I cast it. – You detect good and evil. There is a faint malevolent presence in some of the games as you, like, one or two of the games has like a sort of faint
malevolent presence in it. – Can I do an arcana check? – [Brennan] Sure. – I’d like to German Shepherd case it. – [Brennan] Cool. – 22. – You start looking around
to the arcade stuff. You see that Biz quickly
wheels the sort of like thing into the back and says: Riz, do you wanna give me a hand, dude? – Yep.
– He goes. (Brennan making a popping noise) And sort of wheels it back. Starts setting it up
in like this back room with a bunch of machines around there. Make a perception check for me. – Sure. – I have a crazy idea. – 17. – As he’s setting up he goes: All right, well, we get this puppy purrin’ I’ll be able to crack this
palimpsest in no time. You see that there is a
little video game console and you see that it’s
called: Lucky Stones, on it. And you see that a little halfling girl appears on the screen and goes:
Hi, I’m Penny, wanna play? (video game electronic beeps) – What the–
(beeping) – You start to examine one of the games. You see a powerful conjuration on it. You detect a sort of malevolent presence from the game that Adaine is looking at. – There’s, what are you seeing? – It’s some kind of powerful magic on it. – And you guys are in like the
front room kind of area here. – Can I press the buttons,
see what’s goin’ on with this? – Yeah, you look at it– – Put a little silver in there. – You start to put the game in there. You see that, it says: Hi, I’m Katya. I’m here to chop. Fighting game. – If I cast guardian of faith
at a point in this arcade it lasts for eight hours. Can I cast that– – Yes!
– Ahead a time? ‘Cause it feels crazy and I
want something on our side. – You cast guardian of faith. You see that Biz looks
over at you and says: Riz, what’s goin’ on my man? – That is one of the missing girls. She used to be my babysitter. And she’s in that game. – You see, he looks at you and says: Hey, could I be super
honest with you for a sec? Guys like us don’t really
get a chance to be cool. You know what I mean? – Sure. – And you know it’s not fair. Hot guys always get all the attention. – Oh, my god. – [Brennan] But like– – Are you giving me a
nice guy speech right now? – He says: But here’s the thing, dude, here with these, you see
that he takes a blank palimpsest out of his pocket. He says: We get to call the
shots when they’re in here. – Oh, so we make the games. Got it. Dude, are you the one
that’s hookin’ all these up? – What can I say, dude,
I’m good at what I do. You see, he says: – You son of a–
(beeping) – I got one extra one
from our new supplier. And I’ve had my sights on
Miss Abernant for some time. – Can I see it? – Are you in, dude? ‘Cause you feel like a cool guy. – Dude, I am in. – You see, he says:
Take a look, go for it. What do you think? – Take it, I pull my gun out on him. (group laughing) – I’m gonna need everybody
here to roll initiative. – That little creep. – That’s it for this week on Fantasy High. See you next week to see exactly
how the game gets played. – I’m gonna ring his little– (beeping)
Neck. – We find ourselves at the arcade in the back room around
this giant power structure filled with glowing crystals. An insane phantasmagoria of rainbow colors begins to enshroud the arcade. – I run up, I grab Fabian
and I say: Trust me. – What the–
(beeping) Are you doing? – Get ready to find
coins or else you’ll die. Welcome, player one. Fight. – What’s happening, where am I? – Riz, Riz, is that you? – That’s me. I think we’re–
(beeping) – How many dice you pickin’ up, dude? Hey, put those dice down. – No! (Lou screaming) (group screaming) – [Emily] Oh, my god! – That’s it for this
chapter of Dimension 20. But wait, what hearkens on the wind? Speak to me, bird. More full episodes of
Dropout.TV’s own Dimension 20 available with a free trial that you could sign up for today. Hopefully our viewers are brave
enough to answer the call. There he goes. Biz Glitterdew and Riz Gukgak face off. Last session Riz pulled a gun. We are going to begin
with a box of doom roll. – What? – Already?

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