First Look: Prodigy BP-1 V2 Backpack

First Look: Prodigy BP-1 V2 Backpack

– What’s up guys? This is Will Schusterick,
3X United States Disc Golf Champion, and
we are here to introduce the brand new BP-1 V2 into
the Prodigy Disc bag lineup. The first new feature that
we have on the BP-1 V2 are the expandable pockets. The expandable pockets are
actually a second zipper on the inside of the
farthest outside zipper. The zipper extends the
pocket by about two inches. The next feature on the brand new BP-1 V2 are upgraded zippers. We’ve added pull ties onto
each zipper to make it easier to open and close your pockets. We’ve also reinforced
the waterproof zippers to make it to where no water can actually go into the pocket through the zipper. The magnetic pockets are
one of my favorite additions to the BP-1 V2 because you can fit your wallet, your phone, your
mini, your keys, anything, and it’s quick easy access
on each side pocket. Some of the best features
about the new BP-1 V2 are the structure
improvements that we made in relation to the previous BP-1. We’ve added two steel
rods at the top of the bag to improve the stability
and to improve how it sits up throughout the life of the bag. We have reinforced the
side pockets, and there are two ground rails on the bottom of the bag for whenever it’s muddy or
whenever there’s a lot of dirt on the course that you’re playing. As an addition to the BP-1
V2 we have a brand new release of our rain fly that fits perfectly on to the BP-1 V2. We took our feedback
from the team players, the new rain fly to the
BP-1 V2 fits perfectly, and is very easy to install. One of the biggest
questions we get whenever we come out with a new bag
from Prodigy is how many discs can the player fit into this bag. In this bag we have a deep,
and large putter pocket up top that can fit comfortably four putters. In the main section, depending
if you carry more drivers or putters, you can fit
between 20 and 24 discs. In the expanded pockets
on the side, you can fit at least five discs on each side. So that’s 20 to 24 in the
middle, four putters comfortably up top, and then five discs on each side. Each water bottle holder
is insulated, and can fit up to a 32 ounce bottle or canteen. In addition to a redesigned
rain fly, we have kept the umbrella sleeve
that is now accessible with the rain fly on. All right guys, one more time,
this is Will Schusterick, I’m very excited to get
out onto the course with this brand new BP-1 V2,
thanks for watching this introduction video. Make sure to stay updated
with, so you can grab your own BP-1 V2.

12 thoughts on “First Look: Prodigy BP-1 V2 Backpack

  1. Looks great. I know you used to be sponsored by big hyzer bags. Any interest in developing something like the Ergo 3 with a built in seat? I have been looking for one forever but cannot even find a used one.

  2. I'm very happy with my original BP1 but this looks like a good set of improvements. Especially the wide opening so it's easier to access discs, which can be quite a hassle with the original unless you stick to the discs in the middle of the bag. Reinforced structure also seems good because the original tends to "slump" a bit.
    One question though: How's the balance? The original tips over if placed on even the slightest slope.

  3. You guys absolutely nailed it with this bag, I genuinely like this bag more than any of the other bags I’ve seen on the market, it just seems like it was made tailored to exactly what players have been wanting! I want one so bad!

  4. Why does this bag require complex assembly? I've never seen such a requirement for a disc golf bag.

  5. This bag is ok but for $50 less you can get the fitactic bag that has way more features and holds about the same….check that bag out if you aren't a brand whore. I passed on this bag and got the other one and couldn't be happier. They have a review on YouTube and you can judge yourself. Love him as a player though!

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