Funko Haunted Mansion Target Haul & Cast Member Exclusive Merchandise!!

Funko Haunted Mansion Target Haul & Cast Member Exclusive Merchandise!!

Today we’re going to take a look at some of the Haunted Mansion Funko items available at Target and a special haunted mansion fan mail From a Tracy so let’s get started. So Now I’m getting into the target merchandise our first item Is this special Haunted Mansion bowl and spoon set quickly looking at the top? It says Haunted Mansion and has the three pop versions of the hitchhiking ghosts and this is a bowl and spoon set also made by Funko it contains this really big metal spoon with Ezra on the end of it and it says the Haunted Mansion if you look around the sides it is a purple Bowl with the print of the Funko pop versions of the hitchhiking ghosts with the Haunted Mansion logo There’s also the Disneyland Resort 50th anniversary Emblem below just contains all the information about the Bowlin spoon and how to wash them I just thought that this was a really unique item that I did not expect to be released For Haunted Mansion 50 and also made by Funko but Funko is making their own like serials now that have fun stuff with them So I thought that was cool that they made that like especially for their sales that they’re starting to sell really cute item But these other two items that are Target exclusives, I’m so excited about these for the pups I was super super excited about besides madame leota the first ones we’re gonna take a look at are the chrome Hitchhiking ghosts Phineas Ezra and Gus again. These are Target exclusives We’re gonna take a real quick. Look at the box before we open these up the back just shows each one with their Corresponding name the Disneyland 50th logo along with some of the other pops that are available This is a three pack and I will have all of the pricing linked it down below The front just contains the little graphics of the characters with the Haunted Mansion logo as well and you can see them all Shining through the box taking them out really quick They look exactly like the other versions do of these Funko pops very very similar to the mystery minis as well They’ve all of their classic details, but they are a chrome blue. They look amazing. These are beautiful I am so so excited to have chrome Funko pops I’m I said add these to my Halloween display If you guys missed that video, make sure to check it out linked down below You guys can see my whole haunted mansion shelf. You guys are gonna look so so amazing. They’re so shiny They’re just beautiful. The details are all still there You can see all of the lines and everything just makes them look so so cool. They look like they’re made out of metal I love these little guys. I’m again, very big size Add them to my Funko collection and still keeping the theme of the hitchhiking ghosts We have one more Funko pop to check out. This is the 10-inch Ezra target. Exclusive Funko pop. This is number 579 Taking a quick look at the box. I love how this is just a giant version of the smaller boxes You can see the same graphics you would see on the smaller one Just showing the rest of the series the Disneyland logo and pop logo there on the back You can also see the signs with the Haunted Mansion blue wallpaper Taking him out of the box. You can see all of his again amazing amazing details he is that kind of Cleary light blue color and he has these white little brushstrokes just to give the different effects and Shading to the character they did a lot of that on his outfit and he is also tipping up His little hat there You can see his giant Funko pop eyes are Big and white and then there are also all of his little teeth and details as well. This pop looks amazing I’m so so happy that they’re doing Disney Park Funko pops Like available of just Target not being super close to the Disney parks It is super awesome to walk into this store and just see Haunted Mansion stuff. That is thought something I never thought I would see and I’m super super excited about it If you guys missed any other of my haunted mansion videos, I’ll have them all linked down below along with the toy hunts So I hope you guys enjoyed my little review of these new Funko pops. So continuing with the Haunted Mansion theme, I recently received a message from Tracy and they said they had a special Haunted Mansion item to send me so we’re gonna take a quick look at that in this video and So well, it looks like we have an adorable little card with Chip and Dale kind of signing an autograph a book I’m gonna read it. Oh My gosh, thank you so so much Tracy They said that these are cast number only items that they thought that I would enjoy So I may see some other items in this video as well. So thank you so so much for sending this to me This is very very kind and thoughtful of you. Thank you so so much for thinking of me I really really appreciate it. And thank you so so much for sending these out So, let’s see what they said. There. Is this Disneyland diamond anniversary bag inside Whoa, whoa. Oh my gosh. There’s some items in here. These are cats number exclusive Wait a minute. These are jasmine were exclusive If you guys don’t know I really want to be a Kasimir. I really want to work for Disney So this is just a dream come true right now He sends These ears and it has the Haunted Mansion silhouette on it. And it says ghost Relations Department. Oh my gosh These are like custom like Kasimir exclusive ears just like tag and all and the back says ghost host There’s the Disney tag in there. Oh my goodness. Oh, my Goodness, I can’t believe I’m wearing this right now. I would never seen this before. This is Catherine Are you kidding me? As you guys know, I’m working on my honey mansion displays You guys saw from this video some of your figures I got this is definitely going to be added to that display There are two other items in here No way what this next item is a Disney theme parks cast Member limited release lanyard series. This is the new happy Halloween. Lanyard. This is like what? Casimir’s put their cards like ID tags on and this is a cast more exclusive and this is limited release It is the vampire Mickey Mouse Halloween like little Like pin on here almost. It feels like a pin but is on like the lanyard and it says happy Halloween You’ve got a bunch of candy Super well detail. I hope to collect these lanyards. I collect a few of them I have a Pixar one of these and I love it so so much. I’m so excited to wear this Oh my gosh, I’m gonna add this to my Halloween display for sure I’m so excited just to wear it and display it and our last item is oh My gosh, this is the keychain that they were telling me about in the ghost Relations Department. This is a keychain Really really really well detailed. This just makes me so so excited. It says cast member on it. I Love this he’s so so much guys, as you know, I hope to work for Disney and Disney Something I just this is so so cool to me Thank you so so much Tracy for sending me these amazing casimir exclusive items I really really really appreciate it. This is just amazing. Thank you guys so so much for watching this video I really really appreciate all of your support. This is just so so amazing. I hope you guys enjoyed it please make sure to subscribe to my channel for new videos every Tuesday and Thursday all about Disney my Disney collection and Just everything Disney I hope you guys have a wonderful day and remember to do what you love and do what makes you happy and I’ll see you Guys next time bye

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  1. I don’t know how you have room for all of your many many things. My space where I have my collections is basically filled and I wish I had more space. Also, talking about Haunted Manson you can get new and cool merchandisers at Walgreens I just recently saw.

  2. I want to be a cast member to. I would truly love to work for Disney. I am Disney obsessed. Another fantastic video.

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