FUNNY MAGIC TRICKS REVEALED || The Best Tricks and Pranks by 123 GO! GOLD

FUNNY MAGIC TRICKS REVEALED || The Best Tricks and Pranks by 123 GO! GOLD

Looking to piss off an ex via social
media? Nothing says you are doing great like showing them what they’re missing
out on then your booty is looking awfully a healthy beat states! Have you
been working out? Wow lifting pots and pans isn’t much of
a workout but it can help you enhance things if you know what I mean Oh don’t
forget a good filter! Check this trick out looks like two regular derrieres
just pop into a tune right wait a second the but on the right looks a little
funky oh hey it’s Hailey’s front pretending to be a back to do this just
pop some cushions into a pair of jeans put on backwards along with a hoodie to
cover your face hey want to make a water bottle disappear okay put your arm out
and place a water bottle in your hand tap the top three times now quickly
slide it back onto your arm covering the top with your other hand better take off
your glasses for this one check it out from this angle tap 1 2 3 boom see it
looks like it disappears go ahead and show your friend give her some peace of
mind pretty rad right another night another awesome party to
get to now if only Sophia knew how to put on her jacket
come on a girl we’re already running late why is this taking you so long hey
AMI check this out breathe in breathe out
three Hin breathe out wow talk about a head scratcher how are you doing this
can’t figure this one out tada it’s her hand tucked in there see
um I knew that kind of hey Sophia didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play
with your food hey where’d my Apple go oh you mean this Apple right here Amy
give it back I was gonna eat it well I’m sure you have more in the fridge right
oops would you look at that I bit it but it’s
okay because I’ll just wipe it right off huh
what are you some kind of fruit magician to do this trick you’ll need an apple
and a crumpled-up piece of paper towel stick the scrap of paper to the Apple
and pretend to take a big bite now quickly wipe it away as you wave your
hand over it super sneaky isn’t it huh look at these girls getting their party
on thus dancing has been sweating like a
pig I gotta take a break yes cool beverage oh wait a sec I’m
about to make this party way more interesting hey guys check it out um are
you seeing what I’m seeing oh well that dancing must have gone to
our heads how are you doing that I think our friends up which no he is not a
witch but she is clever take a piece of double-sided tape and stick it to the
straw and your middle finger now clasp your hands together and when you wiggle
that finger mr. Oh moon see gotta finish up this assignment before class starts
oh good Sophie’s here I gotta ask her if she wants to study after school today oh
it’s that crisp $50 bill that she’s looking at while taking money is always
tempting it’s never right to steal especially from your friends Mia
talking about you here want to teach your friend a lesson try this sneaky
ploy quietly dropped their money next to them on the floor okay what was that did
she drop something Mia Hugh dropped a $50 bill did you
notice oh thank you so much for catching that you’re such a good friend Sofia
ticket has a thank you it’s yours after all what oh no it’s gone
yeah I’ll take it yes thank you little snake okay
it’s time to get Helle back quietly sneak in there blanket in hand
Shh and we’ll rub that blanket on your
girlfriend’s head don’t be shy yeah that’s it whoa okay there heli
we’re having a little too much fun with that Vicky Oh what is this sorcery that
static-electricity gave heli a whole new hairdo ha hilarious um we have a hair
emergency somebody called hairdressers stat this
next trick involves a little bit of water and some top-notch acting skills
oh hey Helle getting some cleaning done all that dust is making me – oops sorry
I must be catching a cold well it was an accident ah-choo
Yahoo gross Oh Vicky you’re gonna get it finally an afternoon off with nothing to
do but relax under the Sun Vicky come with me real quick
there’s this awesome hula-hoop trick I want to try but I need your help please
okay you stand here and hold the hula-hoop out okay perfect now I’m gonna
jump through the hoop and into the water ready let me get a running start one two
three gotcha let’s see the action in slow-mo shall we Oh what happened I’m all wet Olivia well
there goes my relaxing afternoon a little help please
okay we kind of saw that one coming and Olivia definitely deserved it why so
glum girls nothing to do today it’s such a nice afternoon I’m sure you can think
of something to do wait a minute I have the best idea in the mood for a little
injection Vicki I have the perfect way for you to get back at Olivia oh I’m
definitely in for this prank you’ll need a big shallow bucket like this one fill
it up about halfway or more with water put the bucket in between two chairs
outside just like this Helly come help me drape this blanket across the chairs
for this you need a nice long blanket like this one to fully cover the area
its most important that it drapes all the way down to the floor completely
hiding the bucket and legs of the chairs lastly take a seat and get ready for
some serious prank egde Olivia come here girl oh hey guys come sit with us we see do a spot boom
see why it’s important to do this prank outside it’s a little well it’s safe to
say Olivia definitely didn’t see that one hope she brought a change of pants
oh man okay you girls are dead meat Hey happy
Wednesday it will get it done take a big tongue and stick it right on
to the lollipop like so now it’s show time oh I’m sorry was that joking pork case
oh hey Vicki jeez she’s really running all over the place someone had a big cup
of coffee this morning okay yeah I gotta go bye hey what did
all your bag quick put it put it on my foot okay Wow how did you do that that was
incredible let’s check it out again in slow-mo you
just kick the backpack up and catch it on your arms see pretty awesome right
it’s such a time-saver why don’t you give it a try Emily looks
like pulling a stunt like that takes a little bit of practice okay maybe a lot
of practice man Emily give it a rest you’re gonna hurt yourself let’s face it
when it comes to this trick Emily definitely failed ah there you go you

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