Gadget Backpack with a Special Trick!

Gadget Backpack with a Special Trick!

What’s up guys, Lew here back with
another video, and today I’ve got something for you that from the outside
looks pretty standard, but it’s got a special feature that might just surprise
you, but before we get completely inside let’s take a look around. It’s got a nylon construction, very slim.
Very slim profile, zipper on the outside… Put your stuff in there, that’s kind of
the point. Backside padded back, padded shoulder straps. Relatively standard
compartment here as well, for a laptop – that is very soft… I’m enjoying them… “All right Lew, I get it, what’s the big
deal here?” It’s a backpack! No no no… no!
From a company called Cocoon… Excuse me?! What am I looking at? This
GRID-IT organizer is what makes this Cocoon company famous. Now, you could buy a standalone GRID-IT to slide into your bag, or you can buy one of their products
that has it built-in. You’ve got this series of elastic bands in this weave formation. And what that allows you to do is set everything up, and for each object you decide to take with you a home, a little nook, a little cranny, a
place to relax. Could be up here, could be this little corner, could be somewhere
else. Let’s load this baby up! Ok, so i’ve got a
bunch of stuff, now stuff that I normally travel with… These are the objects that
get dumped just into the main compartment of the
bag and are essentially disorganized most of the time. Let’s go ahead and see what happens when I try to fit them all into the GRID-IT system. Whoo-hoo-hoo… Ok, so here you can see the setup, a rough idea of what I might be traveling with… There’s a dedicated spot
for everything. Now, in the first place when you’re mapping it out it might be a little bit confusing as
you wonder what to put, where I actually found it useful to kind of like mentally
place them out… What do I have here, okay, so I have my Nexus 6P, a power brick for
my Macbook Pro, portable little battery to which i will carry then this tiny
little USBC cable… I’ve got some toothpicks, I’m a big fan
of toothpicks in general… These are my little earplanes, earplugs – earplane’s
earplugs. That’s one of my most prized possessions, I know that sounds crazy, but these things have saved my brain so many times… I have a space pen which is a new addition, it will write upside down, these are cool little portable pens, got
some gum… Of course the secret wallet, you guys
know this from that previous video. This, my favorite cable on the planet
which has every connector in the world, an extra power brick. That’s pretty much it, you could use this
for anything, it doesn’t even need to be tech or gadgets. Whatever it is that
you’re trying to organize then this guy flips up on top, zips down and when you hop that back
open, it’s where you left it and where you
expect it to be. You want to remove something real quick – you got it. It could be tools, it could be
survival stuff, it could be tech stuff… It’s up to you, that’s the beauty of it.
What will you put inside of your cocoon?

100 thoughts on “Gadget Backpack with a Special Trick!

  1. This could possibly one of the best pc backpacks out there, however their shoulder straps are total crap.
    Stay away from this product, it will fall apart in 3 months.
    Read the Amazon reviews

  2. This man keeps getting me to spend to much money all the damn time! I can keep doing this shit, but that's perfect for work God damnt!

  3. legit picked up the cocoon pad version of this to completely organize all the electronics i carry with me and its a lovely treat

  4. I heard the straps tear easily on some reviews. Is this a cheaply made bag? or is there a higher price higher quality version?

  5. WAIT!!! He says it's slim, it's black so it's shady, it can wrap your stuff up, therefore a wrapper. THIS BACKPACK=EMINEM/SLIM SHADY IZ AMAZING I'm sorry…

  6. what's the thing above the toothpicks? You did not mention it and it looks interesting. Like a U lock.

  7. What is the silver and orange thing that you put in the pack? It looks interesting, but you don't mention what it is.

  8. I love your videos thank you very much I just have a question to ask you what is the best charger for your laptop on the go if you don't want to carry cords and all that

  9. I'm looking for a backpack that will let me carry tech and hold binders and textbooks (for school). Can someone tell my if this is a good purchase for my use?

  10. Would literally have to flip the bag on its side and unzip it fully to access something. I prefer eBag's side fold organizer. Accessible if folded flat or vertical and no sacrifice to quick grabs. Grid it's are only appealing to those people who want a single good Instagram shot of their gear bag.

  11. This whole backpack craze, which has suddenly been popular the last 10 years or so, needs to end! Why did people suddenly have the need to carry so much stuff with them when they aren't even hiking or traveling? People wearing backpacks have no business in crowded subways. They need to either take them off and put them between their feet, otherwise, take a damn taxi! Quit being inconsiderate!

  12. That face when you get to the airport security and they demand you to take everything out to be scanned alone in the x-ray machine…. -.-'

  13. I’ve had a couple of the bigger versions of the bag the traveller, one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. My go to carry on now

  14. HEY Lu love your show, was wondering can you do a review on these 2 "BOPAI 15 inch Super Slim Laptop Backpack Men Anti Theft Backpack"? There are two of them one is $56.00 USD and the other is $86.00 Wanna buy but not sure which one I'm a gamer and I commute a lot either on the bus or via car going to work can you help me find out which backpack to get?

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