100 thoughts on “Game Day Gone Wrong for Bailey and Asa?

  1. What is your favorite holiday?? Comment below! ✅

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  2. New Yorkers and Texans all think they know what cold and snow is, they should come to Minnesota and experience our winters!

  3. I was really rooting for Baylor to win against OU lol. But I'm also a big Jalen Hurts fan, so I was fine with the outcome of the game

  4. 1:46 is sooo funny! I live in Canada 🇨🇦 and it is -6. On the local news today it was saying we’re expecting a nice hot day tomorrow, 6 degrees!!

  5. I don't have bad luck traveling because I'm a poor person who hasn't traveled anywhere in 20 years. And even then it was 18 hours by car.

  6. My college state K-State beat OU at our homecoming game and knocked them down from 5th in the country!!! Awesome that y’all got to play them too haha

  7. I just realize I’ve been a cute girls hairstyles and Brooklyn and bailey subscriber for eight years now I’m 15 now I watch your guys channel since I was an elementary school. PS can I get a shout out I’m Jamie Cox I love you guys so much❤️

  8. Love your vlogs so so much this was amazing I literally get scared that easily to omg you scared her so many time haha 💕😂😂😂

  9. As much as I love the McKnight family (and have for years) and want to see more of them, Sana is so underappreciated and needs her own segment cause I love her. I'm willing to start a fan club, that's all, carry on 🙂

  10. for anyone wondering, OU ended up winning & it was INSANE!!! boomer sooner ♥️ born & raised!! while watching w my family, I told them I knew people who went to Baylor referring to Brooklyn & Bailey, even though I’ve never met them 😂

  11. It was kind of funny to hear Dana scream. I'm Dana lol, I'm the one who always startles easily and people are amused. We're not boring lol! This does make me get Christmas wish list ideas;).

  12. Wait a second. Y'all missed out on the part that OU came back and won baby!!!! BOOMER SOONER BABY!!!! I was at that game and sat in the Baylor student section and let me say it was a crazy historical game!!!

  13. My fav holiday is _'Durga Puja'_, cauz here we get almost an entire month break from school/college & its also a tradition to buy new cloths for this & my b day🎂 occurs this season as well & many more…. Its the best!!!!❤️

  14. How does the title of this video have anything to do with the content? Bailey and Asa were barely in it….Click bait? If so, it worked on me lol.

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